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  1. Mike Miller to UNM wound be fun.
  2. You left some FEELINGS in that post, chud.
  3. The grass field is on a mechanical tray that slides on/off field so it can get proper sunlight outside...the tray structure is about 5 feet tall and weighs 10,000 tons so it does require some effort to facilitate the end zone to open up to slide in&out over the artificial turf. It was designed to get seats on the endzone right up to the field for both fields...it's either because of COVID-19 precautions or penny pinching to why they're f*cking over the students by backing up their seating in no man's land.
  4. Blake definitely more upside than Coleman, but Marvin is the leader of the team...which he can still be from the bench. I like us as a dark horse MWT winner. Gotta shut these boise fans the f*ck up
  5. Beating the sh*t out of Utah St at home was definitely the turning point in the season last year. Although I would be feeling a lot better about it if we had Marvin Coleman. Stress fracture in the bodybag game? UNLV can't catch a break this season.
  6. Dave Rice's teams were lost against the zone, TJ's teams excel against zone defense. Rice's teams played their best ball OOC and fizzled out in conference play, TJ's teams don't find their groove until conference play. We won't see if UNLV has turned a significant corner this season until they play Utah St.
  7. Diong set too good of a screen so it's a foul?
  8. I'll be selling some of my Tesla shares and bitcoin to buy UNLV's access to the Pac-12. So long, peasants!
  9. Hey, we only scheduled these guys because we had like 6 games cancelled from our 30 day rona' layover... SDSU actually scheduled these guys for real, and we beat them by more than they did. #moralvictories
  10. Not much. He's given 100x more to the University of Macau than he ever has to UNLV. Same w/ Wynn. Those assholes did everything they could to f*ck UNLV out of the UNLVNOW Project that would've been a $900 million for a on-campus stadium, dorms, student retail village w/ student-run hotel, housing, shopping, restaurants, etc that would've been a game changer for the school.....They didn't want any venue of that size near the strip unless they had their dick in the pie. Which is why it took so long for Las Vegas to get a large venue on the Strip. It's not like Sands Corp is gonna suddenly s
  11. well they have two bunnies coming up to build their confidence high enough to maybe beat few run of the mill MWC teams. The bar cannot be any lower for UNLVmbb these days. Everyone was acting like CSU was a world-beater that a 1-4 UNLV team had no chance against after 33 day layover....and they should've won both games. Up by 13 late in the 1st game and they blow it? CSU isn't good, they're not a NCAA Tourney Team. UNLV should be winning and they're not. This is on otzelberger, can't sh*t the bed early in the year and make up for it on the 2nd half of the season in a push for pitiful .500 reco
  12. You squishy smoothbrains have really got suckered into all this political theater LOL
  13. good job CSU, when you needed a run--the refs answered
  14. Where was the shooting foul on these shots in the paint by Roddy? Lol just send him to the line every possession. Just give CSU the game refs
  15. Great research by the announcer's on the history of Ali farokmanesh's NCAA Tourney exploits...maybe include that it started against UNLV in the first round when he hit like a 35 footer buzzer beater against us.
  16. I do not like David Jenkin's game AT ALL.
  17. Script flip so far, UNLV scoring inside and CSU lighting it up from 3. UNLV's talent carrying them, we'll see if their lack of conditioning from the 33 day rona' layover plays a factor in the 2nd half
  18. i said STRIPPER, not prostitute. Even I draw the line somewhere. besides, we definitely don't bat in the same league
  19. UNLV fan betting against UNLV? Degenerate.
  20. 4th zone is if you're a hot chick they let you go w/ a warning every time. Ex-girl of mine who was a smoking hot stripper, probably got pulled over once per month and at least 3 times while she was on the phone with me at 2am after her shift....she would be slurring, speeding, and on the phone. Not one ticket. Never buy into the white-male patriarchy bullsh*t. Most privileged demographic on earth are hot white chicks.
  21. about damn time, hopefully the Rusty Rebels can atleast split the series up there seems like CSU likes to play small-ball, that suits UNLV considering they have no big men outside of Diong getting in foul trouble 5 mins in
  22. I don't think Collins should he judged too harshly for his rap-sheet...Pretty small potatoes. Whatever happened to getting teenagers shitty cars to cut their teeth with? He probably got the Challenger brand new in 16' as a Freshman gift at BG... Putting teenagers behind the wheel of a 500hp+ sportscar is a recipe for disaster. Before any of us get on our high horse, I think all of us have gone vroom vroom at least a few times in our life... Plus the cops see a kid under 20 driving a shiny sports car and they're not going to cut him any slack. This situation was a tragedy all-around---No
  23. Hey, every pvt school cries poverty to spur more rich donos. They got $100 million in football facilities alone, the athletes are driving around in way nicer cars than the teaching staff. Everything at that school is the best of the best. The money the Fertitta's threw in to help pay for UNLV's $35 mill practice facility was a drop in the bucket in comparison to what they've invested in making all those national titles at Bishop Gorman happen.
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