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  1. If you're a corporate-type, take notes on DRF on how to rise to the top with zero talent or marketable skills. Just walk over people and take credit for things you had zero hand in creating. Lands at UNLV where there was nowhere to go but up as both football/basketball were in the gutter, made two ineffective coaching hires and both sports showed zero improvement, athletic budget still in the red....BUT she got to take credit for facility upgrades/fundraising that were already in place well before she even stepped foot on campus, then leveraged her 'accomplishments' into an SEC job. She also states she was integral in negotiating the joint-use agreement at Allegiant Stadium when she didn't even show-up to the meetings and thus the deal was less advantageous for UNLV than it could've been. A long-time booster died and left $8million in his will to UNLV and on her resume it reads "secured the largest estate gift in UNLV history" She should seriously give politics a run someday
  2. Give me a break man, Kruger somehow managed to downgrade from James Hampshire....Even I can't spin this sh*t. We didn't need anymore practice guys/depth...needed someone who can score in the post that forced Muoka on the bench into a situational shot-blocking role. I think Shane Nowell will end up being an extremely underrated pick-up that will be an upper-tier player in the MWC.....giving this guy a schollie was the result of incompetent recruiting. Kruger went to the bottom of the barrel after whiffing on like 10+ other PF/Cs before settling on some mid-tier JC guy who only said yes because we were his only offer.
  3. LAME! Would've preferred to save it
  4. I think when it's crunch time on offense, McCabe is gonna be the guy bringing up the ball in the halfcourt. His ball-handling skills are the best part of his game, was always able to escape the press and set up the halfcourt. Only problem was if BHam wasn't red-hot, there wasn't anyone to pass the ball to that could do anything
  5. FINALLY SOME F*CKING JUICE!!!! They get their chemistry together in Canada and then we rule over this pathetic shitheel of a conference ONCE and FOR ALL!!!! The Dark Ages are over, a Rebel Renaissance of enlightenment will put an end of playing down to the filthy bowels these dredge MWC PEASANTS that have besmirched the reputation of our mighty program for long ENOUGH!! Our dominance begans today!!! Reapply that lube f*ckers!
  6. He's basically Donovan Williams +20 pounds.
  7. MAN! Frankie Collins was wayyy to hasty picking ASU to play for Hurley. LAME!!! He's a Vegas kid and everything. Should've been a lock for Collins/Cottrell/Gilbert to reunite in Vegas.
  8. Hold on, DRF was the highest paid AD in the conference prior to this lady?! WHAT??!
  9. BOOM! That's big, Arizona was f*cking loaded last year, he was a Sean Miller recruit that got lost in the shuffle when Tommy Lloyd brought in his own boys. Shane will have a huge Sophomore year here. Ultra-athletic lefty 6'6 guard, former 4-star Top-50 prospect. I think he's a DIRECT upgrade over Donovan Williams. There's our SCORER. f*cking FINALLY! I don't want to be greedy but get a 4-5 star caliber center and we're F*GGIN' DANCIN'
  10. Only the remainder of his entire salary on the 10-year deal. $8.25 million if they fire him after next season.
  11. You changed your tune on Cottrell, you weren't too keen on him initially when rumors were floating around he may be coming to UNLV. I agree though, Cottrell had a Achilles tendon tear that hampered his explosiveness all season. He's also looking MUCH leaner. He gets that hook shot to fall and uses his weight to throw around in the post he can be a force. Gotta remind himself he isn't in the Big-12 anymore tho, in the MWC if you show too much athletic talent in the paint you're gonna be drawing 3+ weak charging calls every game...and we can't afford to have Muoka/Cottrell in foul trouble and let's face it--that's gonna be the problem with our frontcourt depth all season unless baby Krugie brings in reinforcements. McCabe is PG1. Let's just hope he works on his alley-oop lob accuracy.
  12. We need a SCORER. Otherwise we're banking on Elijah Harkless/Jackie Johnson III to step up and be 14ppg~ scorers for us. I can maybe see Harkless putting up those kind of numbers...he had a few games last year where he popped off for 15-20+ Not sure how much Jackie Johnson is gonna put up at 5'10 in the MWC vs A-10. Even though the conferences are at the same tier, Duquense is a bottom feeder and a lot of his 9.5ppg last season was as result of "f*ck it we're down 15+ let me bomb this 30-footer 3" --Kinda like with Webster, his 12.5 ppg in the WAC meant 5.3ppg in the MWC. Who knows, maybe Keshon Gilbert has a Bryce Hamilton-esque Sophomore year. That kid has DRIVE and if puts the same effort rounding out his offense as he does on defense he can be "the guy" for us too.
  13. Haven't watched Kimmel in ages, late night TV is still so devoid of quality entertainment/content that they're still tapping into the Orange Man Bad well? It's over people, move on and enjoy the recession the new administration is ushering in.
  14. What's Boise St's juiciest NIL deal? UNLV has NOCAP Sports which helped guys like McCabe get brand deals with Puma, Oculus, Ridge Wallets, Soylent, etc and Donovan Williams with substantially less Instagram/Tiktok followers promoting the steak sandwich at the Fiesta Hotel & Casino....lol. Oh and Cliff Findlay giving the basketball team $500/month or a free car lease of their choice. Pretty small potatoes over here so far but still probably better than most G5.
  15. I wonder how she'll transition from nigh unlimited resources at a top SEC program to a bottom-tier G5 school in terms of $$$. Not a knock on UNR, they have always overperformed relative to their budget but she's going to need to prove her worth as a fundraiser and forging NIL deals. She did spearhead some major social justice movements, so that's always exciting. She def doesn't have to worry about any major coaching hires anytime soon. Reno's locked-in with Alford/Wilson for atleast the next 3-4+ years regardless if they suck.
  16. The Freshman from Memphis is still available. He's probably out of Krugie's league tho
  17. They sure as f*ck do. You know why UNC, Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas, Michigan St, Louisville, and Ohio St account for like 65% of Final Fours since 1985? Stacked with upper tier 4 and 5-STARS. Top-15 recruiting classes year-in and year out. You know why programs like BYU have the record for most NCAA Tournament appearances (30) without a single Final Four appearance? Yeah, they don't get 5-star talent. Plenty of seniors with loads of experience though! That's what wins games in the dance. lol. get real Anyway, this is the year for Hardaway to get his shit together otherwise get filed into Dave Rice territory.
  18. The Chair of the Nevada Ethics Commission is a UNLV grad. I wish we were actually this petty. Would be pretty sweet.
  19. He's got David Chesnoff/Richard Schonfeld defending him. Zaon is gonna walk.
  20. Zaon Collins released from ankle monitor, hopes to enroll in college. https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/courts/zaon-collins-released-from-ankle-monitor-hopes-to-enroll-in-college-2592090/ He had 3 nanograms of THC /per mL of blood in his system at the time of the accident. To put that into context, a single hit of marijuana cigarette can put anywhere between 7-18 ng/mL of blood. The defense is correct that's a such a negligible amount that he could of consumed marijuana days before and it would've read the same. So the DUI charge obviously isn't going to stick. Can't excuse him for going 88 mph in a 35. even though the victim did pull-out infront of him, that's reckless driving resulting in a death. He was just an 18 year old kid, I think he's suffered enough for his mistake. I know UNLV hasn't been "Second Chance U" like it was during Tark's days, but I'd like to see Kruger give him another shot. He's a 5-star local kid that chose to play for his hometown--- he did a bad thing but some other school is going to give him a shot at redemption. It might as well be UNLV.
  21. That was the FanFuture cast, as in a prediction made by randos on the internet.
  22. Wait till baby Pitino starts slapping Kruger around in next installment of THE 22/23 MWC NEPOTISM BOWL! Baby Pitino inherited a worse mess than Krugie, brought in a Top-50 recruiting class and had a big head-to-head recruiting battle win for the Wichita St big-man Morris Udeze...who some UNLV fans were huffing HUGE amounts of copium that we "passed" on him in favor of better prospects like Keba Keita, WHIFF, Adrame Diongue, WHIFF Mouhamed Gueye....WHIFF.
  23. Kruger really dropped the ball if this is what we're rolling with in November. He whiffed on every big name in the portal and HS, lost his best HS commit w/ Lindsey, and our best on-bench and recruiting assistant in Hartman. He still needs one big IMPACT signing and the portal is dried up and it isn't gonna be a True Freshman. So we got Harkless/Johnson III in exchange for Hamilton/Williams? Royce Hamm's by committee of Rodriguez and Cottrell/Iwuakor/Muoka who accounted for 9ppg combined in their respective roles last year. Going to come down to Cottrell/Rodriguez stepping up to bigger roles in a weaker conference..... 34.5% in the Big12/SEC could translate into 45% in the MWC. Muoka/Iwuakor stepped up later in the season...maybe a boost from either of them. Which of these guys make 2nd or 3rd team MWC, let-alone 1st Team? Harkless maybe if he's getting all the touches. If Johnson III ends up as a poor man's Dairese Gary I'd be happy. Anyone want to go out on a limb and say this is a 20+ win team? The schedule is easier but downgraded in talent. I think we're looking at a possible 2nd Year regression for baby Krugie. Even with my Scarlet Shades on I'm looking at most of the upper-tier MWC rosters with envious eyes. SDSU especially--they didn't even reload, they just got way better.
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