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  1. I wonder if we never hired Dave Rice, if he would of been the heir apparent to BYU after Rose retired instead of Pope.
  2. What's the worst loss in UNLV history from a points perspective? This has a chance to crack it. Anyway, move over Andy Serkis, that TJ Haws kid could play Gollum from LOTR... no CGI required. BYU really needs to lay-off the inbreeding. Each new generation of these Emerys, Haws, Cummards, etc keep getting weirder and weirder looking. Few more decades and their starting line-up is going to look like extras from Deliverance.
  3. I've been to a few, and more than enough to know that Laramie would be a dogsh*t place to catch a game. It's cold and there's no cute girls...no shortage of little bald men however. Since you're so sure about UNLV's attendance. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and make a $100 bet that UNLV's attendance will be under 30,000 next season for all games that are at Allegiant Stadium?
  4. UNLVnow not happening was a bummer for UNLV as a whole. But Allegiant is still going to be one of the most awesome places to watch a football game in the world. From a technological and amenities perspective, it's the best in the world. UNLV will easily get 30,000-35,000 fans to each game in Year 1. If someone turns the program around they have the potential to bring many more. But for now, just tarp-off the entire upper-levels and get 35k crammed in the lower levels. With the state of the art video/audio technology coupled with the dome acoustics and the stacked seating design the atmosphere will still be top-notch. People need to remember that Allegiant isn't Qualcomm Stadium w/ SDSU. It's an architecture marvel. Normally stadium seating is built at around a 158 degree angle, not Allegiant--it goes straight up. You can be in the nose-bleeds and still right on top of the action.
  5. Pretty good crowd, but this game is going to be packed in Vegas next year.
  6. I dunno, I think he's on to something here....Who wouldn't want a DC that commanded the 103rd ranked defense in yards allowed/119th in points allowed out of the mighty MWC Conference?
  7. Fresno should totally hire our ex- DC
  8. I always thought Terry was a good coach....got some pretty decent talent to Fresno too. Hutson is just like Rice, he doesn't have the personality to be a head coach...very soft-spoken and meek.
  9. Lol the Fresno St hype guy...."EVERYONE MAKE SOME NOISSSSSE!!!! ".........." Although the average age of the fans here must be like 83. Could barely let out a dusty fart during that last possession.
  10. Please no more OT....this is not entertaining
  11. This game truly was a battle of wills between two teams deadset on doing everything they can to not win this game.
  12. Pass up the wide open 3 to dribble it around and throw up a prayer?? Lol these guys are poorly coached
  13. Is Fresno St going to win this game without making a basket in OT?