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  1. The new student apartments are f*cking nice---and the basketball players get to live in the 1500 sq ft models? What a perk for recruiting. Everything remains to be seen for success on the court. But one thing I've noticed is unlike what we saw under Rice/Menzies---I seriously doubt team chemistry is going to be an issue under Otzelberger. You can see these kids genuinely really like each other and there's a team-first culture at UNLV we probably haven't seen since Kruger. It's not going to take long for these guys to win-back the heart of this city. also props to the marketing department. These videos are good.
  2. WIll the vote ever happen? Or are they just going to drag this out as long as possible. Didn't they vote first then investigate after w/ Nixon and Clinton?
  3. Rebels18


    the bald look is fine. I'm just saying the guy is just a labcoat short of looking like Dr. honeydew from the Muppets.
  4. wow things are escalating, check out this video of a Kurdish fighter being shot-down over northern syria courtesy of ABC:
  5. Rebels18


    $100k for a win. Not bad Bohl. Now he can finally afford a eyebrow hair transplant.
  6. Wow! CNN has a strong liberal bias and is blatantly anti-Trump?? Also in late breaking news: water is wet. I don't watch any major news networks, but for as much shit as Fox gets for being biased, they routinely have had left-leaning and moderate commentators like Shepard, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace. And have held Town hall meetings where they've allowed Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to use their platform to explain their policies to their base.--Something the other major networks severely lack as they have made it clear they are at war with anyone right of center on the political spectrum. Fox definitely has more credibility than CNN, MSNBC, and ABC has had lately.
  7. I just remembered that Robert Smith's number still isn't retired. What a f*cking travesty. UNLV never gets anything right. Smith was arguably the best PG in UNLV history and unlike most other players---stayed in Vegas and contributed to the program and city long after his playing days. His # needs to be retired as soon as he recovers.
  8. No they do not. If you compare the two videos you can even see ABC cropped out shots of the crowd.--So they can't even claim they were mistaken, it was deliberate attempt to pass off the gun range footage as actual war scenes. But this is common practice with ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc these days. Post the fake story with zero verification or investigative journalism and it gets 500,000 views, retweets, etc tjhen post the retraction a few days later and it gets 20k. Oh well, the damage was done.
  9. Randal Grimes has been criminally underutilized. He's a 6'4 210 speedster that should be targeted atleast 15 times/game. Armani overthrowing him when he's got his man beat, or opting for a 4 yd checkdown when he's wide open 20+ yds down the field was frustrating as hell. Luckily, Kenyon Oblad is starting to find his groove as a freshman and is beginning to stretch the field w/ Grimes (like we saw with that beautiful 63 yd TD pass against Vandy) I think UNLV is going to be much more successful throwing the ball going forward than what we saw in the previous 4 losses.---Hopefully not too successful as UNLV sneaking into a bowl game w/ 6-wins would be a major Pyrrhic victory if it means it buys Sanchize another year.----Although my guess is Sanchez is a deadman walking regardless.
  10. Ohh, I stand corrected. Sorry zoomies--I tried! It's never worked out.
  11. I'm not defending it at all. I brought up the story about the woman and her dog as another example of police excessive force that no one could possibly support/defend. The overall point being: no one supports police brutality you halfwit. Understand now? Good. Now go back to the unemployment line you fat loser.
  12. He aimed for the dog, missed, and hit the the woman in the crossfire. Firing at the dog wasn't an accident (which was horrible on its own)--but killing the woman clearly was. Try to keep up, fatboy. My point is no one likes excessive force--trying to perpetuate that anyone/"Ya'll" does because they might have an overall positive opinion about the police is just strawman bullshit.
  13. you caught me, all republicans love police brutality. So get this, some cop went into a woman's backyard a couple months ago and started open firing on her dog and shot and killed the woman accidentally--- all republicans everywhere were like "Yay! GO POLICEMAN!! GO! #Blueline!" fat idiot.