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  1. Geeze, does Kruger really think pulling benchwarmers off the Boise St 0-10ers is what's gonna move the needle to get us in the Dance??
  2. In an offseason where many non-P4 coaches are complaining about the transfer portal----Odom is calling it the 'great equalizer'---and the proof was in the pudding with getting guys like Ricky White and Jackson Woodward who were riding pine at programs like Michigan St and Arkansas---and transferred to become 1st Team ALL-MWC performers on offense and defense respectively. Using 24/7 recruiting rankings as reference, his HS Freshman class was on par with SDSU/BSU at 3rd in the MWC and 75th nationally. But where he really scored was in his 56th ranked Transfer Class. Other than Maiava, UNLV didn't lose much----but patched up critical weaknesses with 3 Transfers from Arkansas, 2 from Texas, and a slew of guys from Oregon, NC St, Texas A&M, and Kansas, St. Plus some all-conference performers from NMSU, JSU, and Yale. Crown Jewel transfer? Matthew Sluka. Remember that kid's name. F*ck adding wrinkles---he was the missing piece. A true Dual-Threat. Maiava was a fantastic pocket passer for a Freshman. Sluka has the arm and the legs to showcase the Go-Go offense's true potential.
  3. I'd like to see what Cotrell can do with a healthy off-season conditioning l.
  4. loooooong hiatus for him. wish him the best now that he's at the level he is competent for
  5. Cut Kruger loose We can curse the world and the changing landscape but if CSU, unr, SDSU, unm, etc can muster continuity then why can't we? DTJ doesn't want to play for Kruger anymore. Neither did Gilbert. Neither did Hall. I wouldn't want to play for the goof either
  6. dedan is GONE the basketball program is dead we're a football school now
  7. Retain Whaley and DTJ----rebuild the rest
  8. In a similar way UNLV was outclassed against Southern and AF....team was just completely unprepared and bonehead turnovers
  9. That's the season. Ups and downs and ending the year on another wet fart performance. I don't want to jump on them after they lose when they were playing with promise for the future but how does Kruger fix these Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde performances? Coaching seems like the biggest issue here.
  10. UNLV once again carrying the torch in the postseason for the natty-less peasants of the MWC
  11. theres no way he's getting another gig, the writing is on the wall with the guy-like three Sweet-16s in 30 years and otherwise a perennial early bounce in the 1st Round without any sustained success in the dance outside of a few years at UCLA where he had absolute filthy talent and still underachieved
  12. Dutch was the juice for the last decade or so of Fisher's reign.
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