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  1. lol or when cocktail servers start bringing a guy out drinks before he's even half finished drinking the one he has. He thinks he's getting the VIP treatment but in reality it's because his drunk pavlovian ass is throwing her a couple red or green chips everytime she brings him a drink.
  2. LOL your ego is so cringe its unreal @Wyovanian is the literal guy that thinks he's a Vegas player because he tips 30%+ sometimes when he doesn't realize he's just getting put together by strippers, bartenders, valets, etc. You're a mark, bro Try being a good tipper without being a weirdo about it
  3. He wanted a shot at a NCAA Tournament so he goes to UCF? Sub .500 program whose pinnacle achievement in 52 years of basketball is 1 Round of 32 appearance in the history of their program LOLOLOLOL DING DONG indeed
  4. Yeah, in exchange for titanic tax breaks. As opposed to Sofi, Allegiant is going to be a tax revenue powerhouse for Las Vegas for the next half century. Vegas is one of the only city's in the country where a stadium/arena venue is win-win for everyone. Just for example, look how big of a money-maker the Thomas and Mack Center was over the years...that was $30 million investment 40~ years ago. It produces about $20 million in tax revenue for Nevada/Clark Country PER YEAR. So very roughly $800 mill ROI on just tax revenue alone. Out-of-town vistors have spent $200 million at Vegas hotels,
  5. yeah...thank you for the economic analysis, random wage slave on the internet. I'll forward it to the vegas chamber of commerce asap..lol We'll be just fine.
  6. LVCA allocated funds go to creating more tourist dollars. That $750 million investment will produce billions over the years. The stadium was a drop in the bucket in comparison to the $1 billion they dropped on the Convention Center Expansion project. Tourism dollars for more tourism creates more jobs, sales tax, property taxes, merchants, etc that creates public funds for everything else. You see many potholes in Vegas? No? Ok then.
  7. Only city in America with the capability to get an NFL team/$2 billion stadium at zero expense to the resident taxpayers. Raise hotel room taxes another buck, get MLB? Sure!
  8. "People are able to like and support multiple sports categories"
  9. yoink! thanks for the baseball team, bay area! Bulldoze the Rio, it's been deader than disco in that joint for years. Leave it to Vegas to revitalize baseball
  10. He'll play like he's 7'3 in the baby shit soft MWC. Chicago ballers are tough! This might be my favorite pick-up!
  11. Universities run on handouts. Can't even have a bench to sit on campus without the school begging someone to slap their name on it for a few G's. UNLV just hit the motherlode and everyone is f*cking JELLLLLLY
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