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  1. UNLV has been stuck in the cycle of hiring lame-duck coaches, rebuilding, firing, hiring, rebuilding, firing, etc with no success for 30 and 40 years for basketball and football respectively. If UNLV doesn't get their shit together right now with the new facilities, stadium, and finally ponying up with competitive D1 coaching staff salaries--they never will.
  2. If the next 10 years are anything like the last 10, when the next conference realignment rolls around SDSU has a pretty damn good argument for being in the conversation for P5. They rack up NCAA Tourney credits, Bowl$, and have the attendance. One more level-up into a higher tier bowl game or Elite Eight would be great on their resume.
  3. Only about 150~ more points to go to replace Clemson for the #1 recruiting class in the country. ­čśÄ
  4. I assume you're speaking from experience.
  5. you sick f*ck lol Agreed. It would take UNLV's most perfect game of the season coupled with a mediocre/bad game for the Asstecs. UNLV can't afford to bury themselves in a hole to open the game and dig themselves out like they did vs. UNM.... SDSU ain't gonna wear down or quit like the Loobs did either. SDSU is bigger, more experienced, way, way more talented, and can reliably go 9 or 10 deep...UNLV goes 7 deep, maybe 8 but Shibel is just a warm body out there. When Diong gets in foul trouble we have a 6'5 walk-on Nick Blair playing the 5..lol. That Yanni kid will have a field day
  6. Oh calm down dude, I made a couple spicy memes about him to levity the mood after UNLV is getting swept by a 11-19 Fresno team with a #1 overall pick on the roster. The guy became a millionaire destroying UNLV's program for 4.5 years---he's doing juuuuuust dandy.
  7. You're right, things are looking up. I'm just a UNLV fan, we love to lament about the past. It's just a lingering administration problem with incompetent self-sabotage at UNLV since the day ex-uni president Maxson ran Tarkanaian out of town. UNLV was robbed of their destiny if being a Duke-level basketball powerhouse.
  8. Weir is John Calipari in comparison to Dave Rice...Weir got it done at NMSU and when he's fired will likely land on his feet at a less demanding D!/DII HC job elsewhere. There's a reason despite some marketable success that Rice hasn't gotten another head coaching gig anywhere else and he's back to being a career assistant....his name is mud as a HC for destroying UNLV's program and the talent he squandered. Otzelberger would've had 2011/12 and the 2012/13 UNLV squads as Sweet-16 or even Final Four with Anthony Bennett at his full potential. It still dumbfounds me to this day how a creep that can barely speak aced the interview and got the UNLV job when it was in such high demand post-Kruger. UNLV had a NCAA tourney-team locked and loaded and T&M was avging 15k/game... Oh wait, I remember---he asked for the least money. F*ckin' UNLV... flushed tens and tens of millions in revenue over the last 9 years trying to save an extra $500k-$1mill/yr with Rice instead of a real HC. He only had the best intentions, but wow UNLV really f*cked up there lol....
  9. Looks like they're adding some size at DE and LB as well. The Florida grad transfer Reyshad Jackson looked like the only player on the team seriously hitting the weight room and he was a man among boys in the second level of our defense as a result--which is why he led UNLV in tackles by landslide. UNLV had a shit ton of seniors graduate on defense, there will be plenty of opportunities for Freshman to start.
  10. Reno probably doesn't have the horses to keep up with the Aztecs---would love to be wrong though. Jazz has to heat it up.
  11. Yeah...he really went out on a limb predicting UNLV would win two home games they were 12 and 6 point favorites to win... He should've fired up and bet $100 moneyline in each game...would've walked away with an easy Hamilton.
  12. UNLV is definitely benefiting from the easiest part of their schedule, and we'll really see what this team is made of in the next 5 games. But it's tough to win on the road when Amauri and Antonio are shooting a combined 5 for 23...considering two our top scorers can't buy a bucket and Boise enjoyed a 31 to 19 FT advantage....I'm just glad they kept it respectable. I think UNLV will beat Boise in the T&M by a hell of a lot more than they lost by in Taco bell Arena.
  13. UNLV was up by 20 against SJSU, they closed out the game playing sloppy and only won by 11....Otzelberger was foaming at the mouth chewing out Armani for fouling late in the game, his team was up double digits with 10 seconds left and he's pissed off. After the game he states the guys need to learn how to deal with success and play a full 40 minutes. Very next game, they play wire-to-wire and win by 21 and forced UNM into full submission-mode. PROGRESS!
  14. Narrator: They could not keep it up. UNM went 8 deep, UNLV went 8 deep. Ran them off the f*cking court!!
  15. What would UNM do without touch fouls putting them to the line everytime they drive to the bucket.