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  1. that most be old af, are e-sports payouts in the millions of dollars now?
  2. how did this thread turn into a Reno neighborhood pissing match? what a pointless argument---Newflash: your entire city sucks balls. anyways, I'll be glad when those tacky eyesores are erased from the Strip. Although this will be delayed to hell due to the big rona causing Vegas's unemployment rate to be higher than Detroit. We finally got rid of the last dirt patch from the great recession after like 13 years....last thing we need to do is add 2 more during this shit. plus i have bet that the luxor is going to be destroyed via laser beam independence day style by aliens to ring out 2020 in style over new years.
  3. I think in light of the one-sided atrocities committed by the Christians..and the Christians alone against the peace-loving Muslims in the Crusades that it's only a matter of time before the "Holy War" moniker is dropped via complaints by the oppressed™
  4. If there's fans allowed at games, watch UNLV shoot to #1 in ticky revenue in 2020.
  5. I don't know if you could give the tickets away any cheaper than they currently are.
  6. Keep telling yourself that. No race ties in America?? Lol Try the 2nd largest racial group in America Racist af!!! I'm rallying the karens of the world to be offended on behalf of native Americans for this this racist and stereotypical depiction!!!!111!
  7. Meh, actually I thought that was a pretty snappy line. I think you're being a tad sensitive, but they do call you BABY boomers for a reason. I've been self-employed since I was 23 years old so no worries from any employer. Glad your rant is over it was kinda weiiiiird.
  8. again, making decisions in the heat of the moment vs. what's right are unfortunately very rarely the same
  9. Any opinions on how this could've been handled better 😂
  10. My picture didn't say anything about cops. The only point there is to make is "white on black" crime is the only violent crime that exists in the eyes of the media---and it's dishonest and gives black america a victim mentality that manipulates them into believing white people only exist to keep them down. It's inciting racial tensions that's literally tearing this country apart. I'm 100% in favor for police reform, especially in the form of decriminalizing drug possession and rights-infringing stop and frisk laws. And are cops really that discriminatory in gunning down unarmed people? how many unarmed black people were killed by cops in 2019? 9. how many unarmed white people were killed by cops in 2019? 19.