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  1. Buncha Mormons in the review booth tonight
  2. Why doesn't Utah st throw every down
  3. During the preseason the media pundits said that the secondary would be the strength of the team. Definitely puts the QB play in perspective.
  4. LOL only a total dope like Arroyo would burn a TO on that
  5. Arroyo is a f*cking smooth brain. Could it be any more obvious you're calling a designed QB keeper when you sub Martell in?
  6. Yeah no shit, not even ruling out UNLV losing this game by 2-3 TDS
  7. It needs to go. At the very least the ejection part of it is wayyy too harsh
  8. UNLV truly is the cornerstone of this conference. No one can leave us!
  9. The last Run it Back Episode featured Baby Kruger's coaching style, this one focuses on Carlin Hartman coaching the defense. For those who haven't heard of him yet, he was the associate HC for Daddy Kruger at Oklahoma and was rated the #3rd best assistant coach in the Big-12 in a poll by his peers. The athleticism on defense definitely seems ahead of Krugie's offense...their play-style will produce some grindy, low-scoring games until the offense catches up w/ recruiting.
  10. What happened to W, X, Y to deter Coach Z though? Did Sanford, Hauck, or Sanchez not get a fair shake or something?? It's the same deal at UNLV as anywhere else: you have 5 years to show significant progress in positively building the program or you're fired. How's it UNLV's fault that these guys couldn't get it done given half a decade to work with? There's schools out there with less resources than UNLV that haven't been nearly as bad. They all got 5-years at a school with middle-tier mid-major resources: Sanford went 16-43, Hauck went 15-49, and ironically the highschool coach who UN
  11. What if Fresno shits the bed guys? Dare I say UNLV moneyline?!
  12. I agree now that baby Krugs got the monkey off his back by finally busting his cherry, sealing the deal w/ recruits should be much easier going forward! You would know that as much as anybody! Let's just hope that Kev didn't have to pay for it though. Lol
  13. Baby Kruger finally got one! 2022 4-star PF KyeRon Lindsay just committed to UNLV! https://247sports.com/player/kyeron-lindsay-46117831/
  14. DRF overpaid and fell in love with Arroyo as the lead candidate because he's exactly like her. Someone that doesn't build anything anywhere, they just bounce around and fall upward. The guy wormed his way around at SJSU, Wyo, Cal, S. Miss, TB, Okie St for 1 year at time until he stuck around at Oregon for 3 years and his welcome was just about worn out until UNLV took him off their hands. What does history have to do with the present and future at any football program? What happened under coaches w, x, and y has no bearing on what Coach Z can do at UNLV. Unless there really is some mysti
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