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  1. GENIUS all of you guys just got dumpstered by a Fresno St alum. i hope youre proud of yourselves
  2. @happycamper wife's butthole is definitely not the same after I got done with it
  3. Okay by the grace of God the only screw driver I have in the house fit the screws on the stove. The source of the problem is in this box under one of the burners. Water must've gotten in there because it's sparking up like the 4th of +++++ing July in there
  4. https://www.frigidaire.com/Kitchen-Appliances/Cooktops/Gas-Cooktop/FGGC3645QS/
  5. no i took a gigantic sponge got it all wet and soapy, and fondled them gently like i did with your wife's titties.
  6. they're all off. I double checked a million times. Stove is working totally normal other than this. this clicking is a totally different rhythm then the normal igniting clicking sound. and sometimes it stops completely and I get my hopes up thinking it fixed itself just for it to troll me and start up again. I read that if too much water/moisture gets in there it can cause this but its supposed to stop when it drys...but it should be dry by now though.
  7. nah its built in too... im fuked. I'm just gonna have to sleep on it and hope my house doesn't blaze up. this is what I get for cleaning. need to leave it to the professionals.
  8. weird flex, but I have a huge VIking fridge that's built in. can't access the plug.
  9. yeah its definitely off. Couldn't get to the plug so I had to flip the breaker to get it to stop. I would just keep the breaker off till tomorrow but it turns off my fridge as well..
  10. So my maids haven't been here in a few weeks because of corona, and I cleaned my stove top for the first time ever today and the igniters wont stop clicking and its been like 4 hours. How do i make the clicking sound go away. Its driving me insane. also im pretty sure this is electrical hazard.
  11. Looks like I'm going to get to the Elite Eight by default on another DQ. Clearly @Joe from WY is stuffing the ballot box with his sockpuppet accounts. @sean327 @ClevelandBrown @Lobo Amor @Mad_Hatter @PackNation @BSUTOP25 @Los_Aztecas @AG Blue ?? Who TF are these nobodies??
  12. What is this sh*t?? The Troll Derby or the 20,000+ post LOSER Derby? Quality over quantity people!
  13. Shameless cheating by a Reno fan. Tsk tsk tsk. Not surprising.