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  1. Marshall, Martin, baby pitino, manning, or hell even Mike Miller would make me pretty jealous ngl
  2. Remember when people were sweating UCLA was gonna poach her? LOL. Can anyone name a single one of her accomplishments? Oh, she caved and let PC police kill Hey Reb! She (was) a hot commodity as an Athletic Director for, and let's be honest: for no other reason than she's a woman...yay for progressive-points. She lucked into Sanchez fundraising the Fertitta Football Complex and football moving from Sam Boyd to Allegiant Stadium. She only got the scratch to pay for Otz/Arroyo's bloated contracts because of the $60 mill multimedia deal with Learfield IMG. She's done less with more money, facilit
  3. Do you accept crypto? Bringing muggy's reign of terror to an end would be tantalizing...there would be some MAJOR changes around here. Starting with banning the menace @toonkee And anyone who ever Facepalmed or Idiot emojied any of my posts and I MADE A LIST....pretty much 98% of the board Lord Rebels18...no..no Highlord Rebels18....Overlord Rebels18....his Godliness Rebels18 hmm
  4. No kidding, he's already setting up his retirement pad back in Vegas. UNLV just needed to come close. JHC
  5. Around Kruger's last year UNLV was rated by ESPN as the 8th most profitable basketball program in the country, with a gross profit of $8 mill per year. It was a money-maker fueling the entire university during the worst economy in Vegas history (2007-2010). Instead of giving Kruger a $1 million pay raise to sustain that, they licked their chops over his $1 mill buyout and Rice offering to work for $500k/yr...nice little boost in the books for UNLV Athletics. That little manuever guided UNLV Basketball through a steady degradation of tens of millions of dollars from 2009 to 2021. Pro
  6. that was my biggest peeve with Otzelblamer too. Although he can't make the shots for his guys in the final 5 mins of the game, the scoring draughts in what should be closing time have been a prevalent problem. That's on the coach---they have great shooters but they all pucker up <5 mins. They left wins against Fresno, BSU, UNR, and a sweep of CSU on the table because of this--and that's not even diving into their OOC schedule. There is probably gonna be an exodus starting with Jenkins Jr, Bryce, some of the guys riding bench, and I wouldnt be shocked if even Grill and Diong used their
  7. Mr. Potato head..er...Potato head's days in the MWC are numbered.
  8. UNLV manages to not choke one late. What does Otz say to these guys in a timeout? It's always some horrible heave with the shot clock expiring. Fresno didn't even score FG in the final several minutes...got really nice looks at the FT line tho.
  9. That was clearly out of bounds on Fresno..how does UNLV get f*cked at home?!
  10. Little ticky tack fouls sending fresno to the line. Bailout city
  11. F*ck it, it's #MillerTime otz had his turn, he got his 2 years to get us back to the final four and he blew it!!! He had it all at UNLV and he blew [email protected]
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