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  1. Rebels18

    Sin City Angels

    The Vegas Angels of Los Angeles of Henderson
  2. Rebels18

    MLB in Vegas?

    Its dead as disco in there these days.
  3. Rebels18

    Fire Sanchez

    UNLV just cannot play football. So we're.... cursed? lol. By 2020 we'll have among the best facilities in both FB and BB in the country....certainly the best in the MWC by far. The best Wyoming can ever strive for is mediocrity. The only reason Wyoming even has a football program/funding is because you geriatric f*cks living there have nothing else to do or spend their kids inheritance on. You're probably right about UNLV being cursed tho, we have been post-Tark. But Vegas loves a winner and UNLV is one coaching hire away from winning. Winning solves all of our problems, a few good sustained winning seasons and they'll win over fans in Vegas and turn UNLV into an athletic powerhouse. UNLV has untapped potential that other school has in this conference has.
  4. Rebels18

    Fire Sanchez

    The last team we need any advice from is f*ckin Wyoming. Your sleepy ass program doesn't even the potential to be great in anything, ever.
  5. Rebels18

    Fire Sanchez

    No we're not. In hindsight they gave us chump change in contrast to USC and Notre Dame. and you're right, the local billionaire family that made every dime they have thanks to LAS VEGAS never wanted a dime of their money even associated with the University of Nevada, LAS VEGAS until they hired Sanchez. f*ck them indeed. The point is, when Sanchez is eventually fired, at least he left the program in better shape than he found it in....lol its the only silver lining one can possibly find in with UNLV Football following yet another coaching hire disaster.
  6. It's comical at this point. Now that we can file Kavanaugh Slander Campaign L snugly between the Russian Collusion L and the Omarosa N-word tape L.The democrats have just lost so much credibility during the last 6 months. First they protest the nominee before they are even named (The "Insert Name Here" Soros signs protesters had so they could just write the name in of the nominee the moment the decision was leaked...LOL) Secondly, they delay the documents, then Feinstein delays the accusations for 2 months, then delay the hearing, then finally delay with an FBI investigation. So pathetically obvious. Their next mistake was battering up and committing their smear campaign on a boring neo-con who just barely breaks from the status quo (even said he would uphold precedence Roe vs. Wade) Even with their efforts, all they could muster to slander his good name was some baseless accusations and some ice cold brewskis with da boyz. I can't wait to see the next epic fail the democrats have cooked up before the election to stop the Republicans....Its like Wile Coyote trying to catch the roadrunner.
  7. Rebels18

    Fire Sanchez

    I hope he is fired, but he'll likely get one more season. Sanchize was a great salesman when it came to pumping people up on what he wanted to build at UNLV. But that was the problem, he was just a salesman--not a D1 HC. By the end of the year his salesmanship had a direct hand in raising over $40 million in donations for the Fertitta Football Complex, and towards renovations for the Lied Athletic Complex and Sam Boyd Stadium....and he's brought in better recruiting classes than any other coach in recent memory. One shred of optimism UNLV football fans can get behind after yet another head coach fire FLOP is unlike HAUCK.... who left the cupboard completely bare after his departure at UNLV----at least Sanchez will leave the program to the next coach with a team with some depth to be competitive and a $32 million practice facility...plus a $2 billion stadium by 2020 will help things along.
  8. Rebels18

    New Mexico at UNLV

    We were due for this when people were enthused that Armani got hurt. He was carrying this team.
  9. Rebels18

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

  10. Rebels18

    Life is Good.

    We would like to think the fed is independent...but is it though? Trump may regret attributing himself to stock market growth so much. He's been a major boon to private sector growth, which in turn had a positive effect on the market. But if the Fed rate begins to exponentiate, the stock market could tank and the blame would surely fall on Trump in the eyes of the MSM.
  11. Rebels18

    OT: The Puck Drops Tonight on the 101st NHL Season!

  12. Rebels18

    Life is Good.

    No, my first post was poorly worded. The point of my original post was to say the economy only grew under Obama in thanks to low interest rates.
  13. Rebels18

    Life is Good.

    Im not wrong
  14. Rebels18

    Life is Good.

    The difference being Obama's economy only grew in thanks to the Fed keeping the effective interest rate at about zero percent throughout the entirety of his presidency. Conveniently, the moment Trump won the general election the Fed began to raise rates rapidly.
  15. Rebels18

    Raiders say Sam Boyd is Beneath Them

    If that's sh*tting on UNLV, it would be a slight to this whole conference. With the exception of CSU's stadium---all MWC stadiums are pretty much interchangeable with Sam Boyd. (Except Reno and Hawaii's are dilapidated sh*tboxes) They just don't want to have their inaugural season in some mid-tier college stadium..especially if they're going to be the following act of the energy and excitement from the VGK's inaugural season.