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  1. If you want to go back to that thread, I also posted 15+ articles of reports of people arrested for arson in forests in California, and the pacific NW. Many of which were also arrested for inciting violence in Antifa and BLM protests. I never said they were the root of the fires, just contributing to it to pursue the political narrative the media was using the fires for.
  2. Maybe for the S2 protein, but not the S1. The S1 protein is eaten by the classical monocyte, but it making the monocyte change into intermediate and non-classical monocyte which are refusing to go through apoptosis. If the S1 presenting non-classical monocytes undergoes apoptosis, the S1 protein is destroyed and the clotting, inflammation, etc go away. However, in certain cases in vaccinated and non-vaccinated--this just isn't the case.
  3. Wrong. If that was true there wouldn't be vaccinated people who weren't previous infected with COVID showing symptoms of the monocytes passing through the blood brain barrier and entering the body causing increased size of blood vessels (vasodilation), inflammation of blood cells, and blood clots. The chances of these side effects are small, but enough for me personally to pursue other options.
  4. You and @Billings are embarrassing yourselves. You keep posting that irrelevant study like it's is some kind of "gotcha" when repeatedly keep missing the point and then get frustrated with me for repeating myself over and over when you're the one that's too stupid to realize it's not about the S1 spike protein lingering in the body, but the non-classical monocyte build-up they produce that knocks down your immune system. This is why people who are vaccinated can still be susceptible to health risks. Is it going to sink in this time? Probably not.
  5. The spike proteins diffuse, the non-classical monocyte build-up that the spike proteins produced DOES NOT. That's the problem......... for the 10th time. @Stealthlobo I literally posted a link to the study in this thread two times and suggested you look at the independent studies done by Dr. Bruce Patterson as well as mRNA vaccine researcher Dr. Robert Malone. Your reading comprehension is bad or you're just being willfully ignorant.
  6. Wow, you said the word ignorant 4 times. Good argument. What did I say specifically that was "anti-science"? Your brain is too squishy and smooth to to illicit any future responses from me. I was hoping @bornontheblue would tag in someone like you. Since Trump got voted out, it's been awhile since we've had internet beef! The vaccine has barely been released long enough to extrapolate that kind of information yet.--and let's face it: the media/bigpharma/government agenda is clearly taking the stance of everyone get vaxxed and we'll kick the can down the road of any possible conse
  7. @bornontheblue is your anus still bleeding from the beating I gave it? LOL. thanks for including me in the title, but I'm not antivaxx you retard.
  8. You guys shouldn't watch that shit. It's bad for your soul.
  9. Post one study that says no spike proteins are showing up after vaccination and that non-classical monocytes aren't building up. Whether you catch COVID or get the vaccination, your body will produce the S1 spike proteins. That's literally the action of the vaccination and why it's effective against immunizing against COVID. It makes your cells produce spike proteins to illicit an immune response and create antibodies to prevent you from future infection. This isn't the problem I'm presenting if you fully read what I posted: it's the S1 proteins presenting monocytes that aren't going away. W
  10. Other than skeet shooting, the shooting events are a joke. Seems like every Olympics there's some new gear they're wearing to make it easier. Super stiff, heavy jackets to reduce sway, zero recoil, ultra light "rifles" with holo sights and gadgets on their face to eliminate peripheral vision. These dweebs would shit their special shooting pants if they shot a real rifle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTmiMwQnres
  11. Completely forgotten. No more protests, no more media outrage. No more threads on MWC Board. I wonder why? Oh yeah, you all stopped caring the moment Trump was out of the White House. Once again, black people were completely used for the interests of the mainstream media and the Democratic party and then dropped like... yesterday's news. Mission accomplished. You can all resume completely forgetting that you pretended to care. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_in_the_United_States,_January_2021 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_
  12. Baby Kruger definitely looked and sounded like his old man out there
  13. I give you published medical journal(s) that back-up everything I've claimed and what did you bring to the table in this debate? Nothing. You're an ape, and I used my huge wrinkly brain to rape your soft, squishy brain. Now that I'm done using you for my entertainment, I'm bored with you now. Now BEGONE! You are beneath me. My brain won't even leave your brain cab fair on the dresser. Walk home, b*tch
  14. @bornontheblue -- Here. I'm done demolishing you. God I haven't served up this much internet smackdown in months. You should be embarrassed. Abstract The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a treatment challenge in the acute infection stage but the recognition of chronic COVID-19 symptoms termed post-acute sequelae SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) may affect up to 30% of all infected individuals. The underlying mechanism and source of this distinct immunologic condition three months or more after initial infection remains elusive. Here, we investigated the presence of SARS-CoV-2 S1 prote
  15. Dr. Bruce Patterson has hundreds of cited and peer-reviewed medical publications. Same with Dr. Bruce Malone who did foundational work on the creation of mRNA vaccinations. https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/Bruce-K-Patterson-80290232 https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Jf1bApYAAAAJ&hl=en
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