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  2. my dick is all SHE NEEDS I railed her harder than I derailed this thread
  3. says the guy that can't get a girl to cum with just his penissss you exposed yourselffffff don't turn this around on meeee
  4. dude you should just quit while you're ahead you can't lay pipe, it's alright. I just feel bad for you now and it's not funny for me more anymore
  5. oh yeah she was cruisin' alright, cruisin' this diiiiiiick
  6. hey don't get defensive little guy, it's not my fault you can't sexually satisfy your wife with your penis alone!
  7. you poor bastard actually i take that back, your poor wife
  8. ones that are proven to actually occur with sufficient evidence and/or legitimate collaborating witnesses!
  9. whatever happened to using your johnson soldier!? you just lack proper VIGOR you limpdick weenie!
  10. and the fact you can't get your ol' lady off without help from toys is the least surprising thing I've ever heard!
  11. When the crimes or rather the accusation of crimes are legitimate and not blatantly politically motivated. Innocent until proven guilty. If there's hard evidence/legitimate collaborating witnesses for a conviction to prove guilt I'll gladly change admit I'm wrong. But I'm putting my chips on the table now and stating that there won't be. But the rest of you are more than welcome to discuss it for 100+ pages until the case slowly falls apart.
  12. because I view this whole ordeal is just yet more political theatre like the trump/russia/mueller shitshow was? I'm right. I don't watch mainstream news--it's a waste of time regardless of the channel. Nothing will come of this because nothing ever does.
  13. ORANGE MAN BAD ORANGE MAN COLLUDED ORANGE MAN IMPEACHED ORANGE MAN INSURRECTIONALIST ORANGE MAN INDICTED Weaponized political theatre you NPCs get spoonfed and you lap it up every.single.time. Another sideshow.
  14. landing guys in the TOP-100 MATTERS the only top-100 transfer Kruger got last season was EJ Harkless and he was served up on a silver platter by papa Kruger via Oklahoma.....and Harkless CARRIED this team. SDSU landed multiple guys in the Top-100 and now they're in the fking final four Maybe a shake-up at Oklahoma can send a few more of their players our way---that's krugie's best shot imo
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