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  1. Seemed unlikely he was going to win that appeal, looks like being Muhammad Ali's grandson has its perks. He was as integral to that 35-0 run that Gorman had as Tate Martell--- Glad he decided to come back home.
  2. Hmm that's surprising, It seems like we've had extreme player turnover every single year since 2012. I wonder how many players we've had transfer in/out and/or left early to pursue pro-ball (whether they left for NBA/D-league, or international since 2012.
  3. id take charlie manson out looking for poon before I'd take your weird ass lol
  4. There can't be another D1 school that's took in and produced more transfers/journeyman players than UNLV the last 7 years. I would be surprised if any other program came even close.
  5. You're a pleb, I make way more money than you.
  6. Assassinated. The CCTV footage of his cell will 100% never be released.
  7. Considering UNLV was only established 61 years ago and UNR has been around for 140+ years and UNLV is about to become the only school in the state with a Medical AND a top-50 Law school and #1 hospitality school-----I'll take UNLV's rate of academic progress over UNR's any day. Don't delude yourself, the rest of America has a hard time concerning the whole "UNR/Nevada" just as much as any UNLV grad. UNR should just drop the "Nevada" shtick and embrace Reno just to the limit confusion from everyone. Everytime 'Nevada' even shows up in the media people either confuse it with UNLV or automatically assume "Nevada" is in Vegas.
  8. Forget the mascara, what was the deal with Carr baby oiling his arms for the cameras at camp--- then denying it and saying it was sunscreen when his teammates called him out on it. That was funny ass shit.
  9. Says a fan from the school with those gay ass "battle born" helmets that they lost the cannon wearing ­čĄú
  10. This. Besides, any ad revenue Mug would of made from me is offset by all the insightful and engaging content I've produced on this board over the years TEN FOLD. You're welcome @mugtang
  11. The content and production is really, really good. But I have to say, whoever is doing the marketing and optimization for their Youtube channel is absolute trash. 2.2k subs for as active as the channel is and the quality of content is inexcusable.---Doesn't matter if there's only 2.2k UNLV football fans on the face of this earth, they should have more than that. I would have it at 10k in a month.
  12. the details haven't been released, if I had to guess-- UNLV probably doesn't get shit
  13. Ehhhh, ever since UNLV lost the great Mike Sanford, the quality of MWC coaches really got watered down. edit: shit wtf happened to the volume of this classic