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  1. Rebels18

    Sunsy in Vegas?

    Yeah, RIP UNLV basketball if this happens before they get the program back on track. The only reason UNLV can still be relevant despite having pro hockey/football is we're still such a basketball town. If we get an NBA team and the Rebs are still garbage then basketball fans will turn their back on UNLV for good.
  2. Rebels18

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    You brag about the weirdest shit sometimes.
  3. oopsie. I forgot sexual assault/rape allegations only have merit with people like you as long as the accused is a republican. Oh well, aren't you going to go catch that Marvel flick with Retro now?
  4. Actually, I'm a little hazy on the definition, I should look it up.... Holy shit! No way!
  5. No I'm just calling you what you really are. Now go sperg out to another Marvel movie.
  6. As long as it keeps hitting a nerve with you dweebs.
  7. Clinton used his power and position to pressure young women into sex...basically rape them. He's had to settle out of such rape accusations in court. His wife Hillary Clinton went on a crusade to discredit and harass his victims. A little different from some billionaire paying a pornstar for consensual sex.
  8. No. Aren't a beta SJW that gets off on letting other dudes pork your wife? You seem like the type.
  9. Maybe in the eyes of a beta male like you Trump "got his ass handed to him"--- Schumer couldn't even make eye-contact, he was hunched over with his eyes to the ground or darting to Pelosi for help. Trump is going to get the wall funded.
  10. So ultimately, between the hush money and this---he got laid and netted a $63k profit. Art of the Deal.
  11. Rebels18

    UNLV Basketball

    The good ol' days.
  12. Rebels18


    Reno fans sure got on their high horse pretty quick after some minor success. Its kind of pathetic, all you guys did was go to a Sweet-16. LOL. Also you're projecting here. Reno is a stepping stone job. No matter how good UNR basketball is at "this moment", it will always be the 2nd most relevant college basketball program in this state. Reno is the perfect testament that any program can be successful (no matter how garbage the city, fan support, tradition, and facilities) if you pay-up and hire a real coach. But since Reno's program does not have the infrastructure, their program will never have sustainable success after Muss eventually moves on to a more ambitious job. UNLV is an elite job because we have elite facilities (Mendenhall Center and Thomas & Mack Center), and the capability to bring 15,000-18,000+ fans per game if they win, and elite recruiting potential. Again, Forbes listed UNLV as one of the most profitable mens basketball programs in the country just several years ago before Rice and the UNLV admin. destroyed all the progress Kruger had made. Again, what Muss did at Reno and what Kruger did with UNLV is the perfect example of how quickly a coach can turn a program from a loser to a winner. But by far the biggest advantage UNLV has that even Power-5 conference schools don't have is our location. How do you think "Mr. Charisma" Dave Rice was able to reign Top-5 Recruiting classes with 5-star Mcdonald All-Americans? How do you think despite all those mediocre seasons Rice coached for, we were still getting so many players drafted or sticking to NBA rosters? (Anthony Bennett, Patrick Mccaw, Rashad Vaughn, Khem Birch, Christian Wood.)---The answer? EXPOSURE. UNLV is home to the NBA Summer League. That means every year, UNLV MBB players get to meet and practice with NBA players, and even more importantly network with every NBA coach, recruiter, and trainer in the league. That's how Anthony Bennett got selected #1 Overall. That is the most priceless recruiting tool in all of college basketball. We just need a real coach with the intelligence to utilize it.
  13. Rebels18


    No, you're just so cloaked in failure that you have no concept of how anything you support could succeed.
  14. Rebels18


    UNLV needs to learn that in order to be successful, you have to spend money to make money. A few years ago UNLV was avging 15,500/game at T&M and the program was netting $8+ million in profit each year. UNLV was listed by Forbes as one of the most profitable mbb programs in the country. Why? because we went out and found a real coach and paid him a competitive salary. We were paying Kruger $1.2 million/year in 2008 in WAY worse economic times than today. Oklahoma was smart, they offered him $2.4 million and UNLV thought they could do better for less and didn't counter their offer and let Kruger walk. How is Oklahoma rewarded? Kruger turns around the program and makes them a perennial contender. Why? because they spent money to make money. That investment had paid dividends multiple times over. So what does UNLV do? They choose Rice in large part that he was cheap and only collected a $500k/yr salary. (Kruger's buy-out was $500k so Oklahoma paid for Rice's 1st year) A decision that ultimately cost UNLV tens of millions of dollars in revenue in the long-run. UNLV was smart and at least offered Beard $1 mill/yr but the regents made him beg for it and he bailed. So we go cheap again and get a discount coach at $750/yr for Menzies. UNLV will never be successful again unless they stop being short sighted and make a big investment to hire a real coach at a $3-4 million salary. UNLV still has built-in advantages to be one of the top-basketball programs in the country. This "sit and wait" game with Menzies will only further kill this program until its dead for good. (Which will happen if they don't turn things around before Vegas gets an NBA franchise) ..