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  1. lol no, if Biden comes out on the debate stage with his bath robe closed, the democrats will call it a win. even when Ohio St was getting ready to play UNLV in football 2 years ago, Urban Meyer still came out and pumped UNLV up to his players and media.
  2. lol you really can't see the psychology there? Trump is pumping him up so he doesn't chicken out and dodge the debates.
  3. Well you're taking the 3 to 5 figure from an article from May that said 187 miles were constructed when it's up to 321 as of September..so somewhere between 3/5 miles and the 134 miles additional miles built between May and September...and growing. btw, I don't care about demographics change. That is inevitable, and only white supremacists give a shit about that which is a tiny, irrelevant fraction of the population. The point is to confine immigration to ports of entry....legally and to combat human trafficking as well as the drug trafficking. You realize the boy is plugging a hole....i
  4. 3 to 5 miles. Riiiight. lol, you gotta love how Politifact parses information to 'correct' Trump but misrepresents the reality of the situation entirely. The point is to secure the border, and that includes replacing completely ineffective currently existing barrier. Especially when it's replacing countless miles of flimsy fencing and vehicle barriers that could be bypassed in minutes. (pictured below) That 187 miles figure from May is up to 321 as of September bud. That's 134 miles in 4~ months. More being installed everyday, from San Diego to Brownsville Texas. As I said, CRUISING BABY!!!
  5. https://spectrumnews1.com/ca/la-west/politics/2020/09/04/daca-changes-leave-thousands-of-undocumented-teens-in-fear-of-deportation 321 miles , 500,000 tons of the steel. 700,000 cubic yards of concrete. By the way, replacing existing barrier is just as important as new wall---as existing 'wall' in many places was flimsy barbed wire fencing or simply vehicle barriers.
  6. The whole 2018-2019 government shutdown was based on the democratic controlled house refusing to pass an appropriations bill that included a lousy $5.7 billion for the wall in the 2019 fiscal budget and Trump offered to extend DACA and TPS for 3 more years.---Wasn't a good enough deal for the Dems. it worked out for Trump...because he got funding for the wall anyway and if you check the construction it's f*cking cruising....but DACA recipients are in total limbo.
  7. we're talking about convicted felons here. People that seriously lack responsibility and moral judgement, and the vast majority are a complete drain on the system that's supported by hard-working people who pay taxes and make good moral decisions. Felons that shirked their fines/fees until a billionaire bailed them out of their responsibilities yet again to possibly move the needle in Biden's favor in Florida. A vain attempt because these people probably never voted even before they became felons. By the way, many of these felons got released not because they paid their time, but becau
  8. Trump throws a bunch of meatballs, but democrats cant hit them for more than slow grounders or an easy pop fly. The left can't meme ­čś« I always thought telling someone they had good genetics was a very common compliment, but then I look at the profile pictures of the liberals on Twitter calling it racist and realize they probably never heard that compliment in their life
  9. lol Trump pissed that midget off so bad he forked over $16 mill in hopes that he could drum up more Biden votes by tapping into the convicted felon pool. looks like Trump is going to have to cut another $1200 check for the plebs to buy them back
  10. Las Vegas was cemented as a major city last night. NFL is the big-time
  11. *whispers* "thats cuz you live in bakersfield brooo"
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