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  1. I'm not sold on Thad Matta. He retired when he was like 49 years old bitching about the stress/pressure of the job.... He's probably only sniffing around UNLV hoping it would be an easy, no pressure, non-P5 school gig. He has no idea that Vegas is home to the most insufferable fans in cbb. He would be walking into a buzz saw. UNLV needs a coach like Tark; who needed to be dragged away, kicking and streaming to leave the game he loves. Pitino is cut from the same cloth as Tark because he lives and breathes basketball.
  2. Rebels18

    UNLV at Wyoming

    man, the crowd was really psyching out Ntambwe on those FTs
  3. Rebels18

    UNLV at Wyoming

    Yeeesh, what a crowd and yet another sloppy MWC basketball game. Announcers are blaming the weather for fans not being there....like the cold has ever stopped those bumpkins from going to a game before...lol. It's the only fun thing to do in a 300 mile radius up there right now. No one's there because UNLV sucks and Wyoming sucks even more. Yet another reason Pitino should come to UNLV. It would shake things up and elevate this whole conference. Arena Auditorium would be sold-out and f*cking rocking right now to have a shot at upsetting a ranked UNLV team led by Rick Pitino.
  4. Oh please, enough about lessons in morals and ethics when it comes to COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Schools like UNC, UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, Louisville, etc all rose to the top because they cheated more than anybody to get the top recruits and win. Are people really worried about hiring a sleazy coach when college basketball *is* the sleaziest sport in the world?? LOL Roy Williams and the UNC just got busted for the worst academic fraud in college sports history.....and not even a slap on the wrist from the NCAA.....Kansas, Oregon, Arizona, Louisville and pretty much any other school sponsored by Adidas are all under investigation by the FBI for cheating and it's all business as usual. It's our AD's job to sell f*cking tickets. UNLV hired DRF because she was some kind of self styled "marketing guru"..So far her biggest move to get butts in the seats is discounted ticket packages & 'All You Can Eat' Rebel dogs....yeah.. not gonna cut it by a long-shot. She would risk her career by not making this move. If she hires Rick Pitino, UNLV fans are electrified and back in the seats overnight.15,500+/game and UNLV retakes the mantle of the 'bad guys' of college basketball and becomes the national powerhouse it was meant to be.
  5. Rebels18

    John Wayne will not be hosting the Oscars

    You're right. But I'd be willing to bet that the John Wayne statue at the Orange County airport is going to go down because of this. Finally, something liberals can be outraged about amidst them faking hate crimes, prominent democrats in blackface/KKK costumes and allegations of sexual assault. They'll take the high road digging through what some dead conservative actor born in 1907 said in 1971, but total crickets when it comes to racism coming from their own party in 2019.
  6. We've been here with Pitino before, except no one is holding him back this time. His wife who pushed him away from Vegas to Louisville to suppress his nighttime activities and so she could raise horses is long gone. UNLV needs to get off their high horse post-Tark and realize hiring "safe" coaches has only resulted this program to falling into irrelevance for the last 25+ years. Pitino and UNLV are the perfect match. They're both black sheep that have been screwed over by the selective enforcement policies of the corrupt NCAA. It would make UNLV into national headliner again overnight. People with no vision scoff at this, but UNLV is a sleeping giant. We have built-in advantages that Pitino could sell to recruits better than anybody. Forget the perks/night life and that it's the best city in the country to be 'famous" in. -- we have Bishop Gorman and Findlay Prep right in our backyard for recruiting (Not to mention Vegas is the AAU Mecca of Prep basketball). We have NBA Summer League inside our elite practice facility and arena that facilitates UNLV players to practice and rub elbows with every major player, coach, scout, and analyst in the NBA. It's the most valuable recruiting tool in the country to a college player trying to get extra exposure and networking contacts with the NBA. Frosting on the cake, Rick Pitino will hire REGGIE THEUS as his lead recruiter. Theus will be dropping the panties of every 5 star recruit's momma in the country, they'll be begging for their son to go to UNLV. Prepare thy anus you MWC peasants, UNLV IS F*CKING BACK, BABY.
  7. Rebels18

    +++++ Light Rail

    Yeah, that worked out great for ASU. These projects always flop, too expensive and not enough people use them. They make awesome toilets/sleeping accommodations for the homeless crackheads though.
  8. Rebels18

    Fake Hate Crime

    They media is supposed to be engaged in journalism....as in critically analyzing the information/facts, and sources of a story before publishing it. Between Trump/Russia, Covington fiasco, Jussie Smollett, Kavanaugh, and countless other stories its pretty clear the mainstream media is no longer engaged in actual journalism. They're engaged in opposition research against Trump, his supporters, and anyone else right of center on the political spectrum. They will lie and spread any hoax that fits the narrative they want to present. They know that they can publish any hoax they want that will go viral tens of millions of people, and if it gets debunked then the retraction will only be seen by thousands. It's a winning strategy. With millions of people as emotionally unintelligent as you, they know you don't have the intuition to be skeptical of a single thing they report. You just move on believing one hoax to the next as long as it feeds into your anti-Trump ideology.
  9. Rebels18

    Rude Not to Respond

    Damn, even your prostitutes are ghosting you on 'Read' now?? That's cold.
  10. Rebels18

    Fake Hate Crime

    Surprise, surprise. Another TDS sufferer claiming harassment by Trump supporters turns out to be a hoax. His story never really did add up: -Walking to Subway at 2am in -20 weather in Chicago during the polar vortex. -Despite getting 'jumped' by two white, MAGA hat wearing guys he barely had a scratch on him. -The two guys referring Chicago as "MAGA Country" -Walking around with the noose around his neck, still holding his intact sandwich after the attack. I hope a judge throws the book at this piece of garbage for perjury.
  11. There are 31 national emergencies currently in effect (including 9 under Obama). Most of them have to do with meddling in the Middle East....But no one cares about that. The crisis at the border isn't manufactured. Democrats refuse the face the spectre of human, drug, and sex trafficking happening unchecked at the border. It's a real problem polluting this country with violent crime and drugs. With that in mind, I think Trump is justified declaring this a national emergency. But I don't 100% support Trump's judgement here. Going this route could be dangerous if a Democratic president exploits it as a legal precedent for something as stupid as the Green New Deal. His best bet was using 10 USC 284 to declare parts of the border drug corridors in order to get the dough for the wall.
  12. The madman did it. It's up to the courts now.
  13. Rebels18

    Fresno State at UNLV

    What talent? Our guys are all low tier 3-star players. Not like it matters, our coaching has been so horrible the last 7+ years even when we had 5-star Mcdonald All-Americans we sucked. Is Fresno still so small-time you guys get super excited to beat us? LOL. Congratz for chipping away at the 15-30 series record you have against us. It'll take another 6-7 years of sweeping us to even it out. Plenty of UNLV fans, including myself (pic related) totally anticipated losing this game by a large margin. It's not like we care, we're literally just running out the clock on this season so we can fire Menzies and bring in someone new to get this sh*t show of a program back on track.
  14. Rebels18

    Green New Deal

    Take a trip into absolute bizarro land with this twitter thread. AOC retweeted this dude making fun of Tucker getting "blown out" by her crazy leftist adviser on some of the details in the FAQ of the Green New Deal: https://mobile.twitter.com/ndrew_lawrence/status/1094046349329338369 They posted it literally as some kind of 'Tucker got BTFO moment'. It’s absolutely insane they literally live in some sort of bizarro opposite world They're acting as if the FAQ page (that they took down off the website after it went viral) is a “fake document circulating by GOP conspiracy theorists” This adviser tries to hide all of AOCs embarrassing GND ideas by saying what they originally listed in the FAQ was a doctored document. Specifically they use Mark Dice’s save toilet water joke screenshot. AOC RTed it implying he’s some GOP leader mastermind Russian agent putting out the equivalent of the piss dossier. These people are actually crazy.