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  1. yeah normally to gain FDA approval, a new drug takes about 10 years of pre-clinical and clinical studies before it is deemed safe for the public but let's just make it required to take this new vaccine shot out of a cannon in 8 months or so
  2. This board could really use less of your strange personal life.
  3. if unlv basketball is cancelled I will burn the governor's mansion to the GROUND edit: also if he closes gyms again I will burn the governor;s mansion's gazebo to the GROUND, i was in montana in 3 weeks and I lost some of my gains
  4. Cheers bro, we def dont agree on much, but whenever I see you pop up in my notifications I always know it's gonna be something almoooost as clever as something I said.--which to your credit, is way, way more than everyone else here.
  5. Oh Yeah let's compare what Reno has does historically over UNLV--- Reno's greatest accomplishments in hoops (what painfully few there are) would be a footnote in comparison to the heights UNLV has been to. Same goes for the rest of this conference. We have a f*cking NATTY big boy. And with the way TJ Otz is recruiting to go along with his coaching chops, we're gonna win another one. We're not pulling in top 15 recruiting classes in the country with doofus robo-rice this time.
  6. It was by far the most scared ive been during a weather incident, born and raised in Vegas afterall and only come by butte occasionally to visit family and show these hicks how to throw darts and shoot pool some good ol' boys were telling me to stop being a puss when I was talking about our war story until I showed them the "rig" we were rockin
  7. Bro i just drove my girlfriend's v4 Nissan versa with her from Vegas to f*cking butte, Montana tonight coming in at 5am with no chains or snow tires through a blizzard 1ft+ of snow where i couldn't see 2 feet outside the windshield I'm just happy to be f*cking alive @Joe from WY
  8. Biden wins 270-268. Trump demands recount. Brings it to the SC. SC rules that votes arrived after election day shall not be counted Biden loses in recount get f*cked !
  9. sorry about the loser 30k comment you get my shtick by now, you bruise my large yet fragile ego then i hit below the belt
  10. In every single state Trump was leading by a significant margin, overnight magically Biden got all the votes he needed while we're sleeping at 4am.
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