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  1. UNLV footed the bill for the 5-year $7 million Otzelberger contract without a dime of booster/donor cash (When DRF went rogue with Otz the donors pulled their pledges....typical UNLV boosters--all flash no cash)---Luckily, UNLV is actually pretty flush right now because they inked a $60 million multimedia deal with Learfield Communications for TV, digital, radio, signage, etc--- You can thank the Las Vegas Stadium for that sweetheart deal, its already paying dividends for UNLV and its still only a steel/concrete frame right now. So to answer your question, yeah I think UNLV will be poised to offer a very competitive salary to land a big splash HC to go along with their elite facilities.
  2. He is literally a placeholder that only kept his job this long because he's a great salesman/fundraiser. With UNLV Football's tradition of failure, there's no point in trying to lure a good coach until we can use the $35 million football practice facility and $2 billion stadium as bait. Unless Sanchez pulls a bowl-win season out of his ass, he's just a warm body to roll a team out there this season while the new facilities undergo construction.
  3. Ryan Reaves has mindf*cked Evander Kane in this entire series. Basically allowed a 4th liner to nullify a 30+ goal scorer.
  4. Sorry you had to go back to Reno after such a nice time.
  5. UNLV shout-out from hockey fans. Amazing how Tark's teams are still remembered internationally to this day.
  6. Doesn't UCLA still use Nike shoes despite getting a $230 million deal with Under Armour? I'm sure UNLV can work a similar agreement if the UA shoes are as garbage as everyone says.
  7. Passed on by Utah Valley....wow. I think it's going to be some time before Rice ever gets a HC job again, if ever. His reputation as a nice guy and good person is fantastic, but his reputation as a HC and leader is still in tatters. The clusterf*ck Rice preceded over at UNLV still lingers in the minds of the college basketball community. IE:(failed expectations despite embarrassment of riches in talent, lockerroom schisms, mass exodus of players every season, coaching blunders, etc)
  8. You didn't ruin Star Wars directly, but your political party did. These two are basically your spirit animals.
  9. Because the Fertittas bankrolled him. Specifically the focal $10 mill donation from the Fertittas that got the ball rolling on our $35 million football practice facility (Fertitta Football Complex) that will finish construction later this year. Plus he raised a lot of cash to renovate Sam Boyd Stadium, lockerrooms, and the Lied Athletic Complex to D1 standards. He should of been fired after Year 4 but there would've been no point when the football program is in such a transitional state right now. Between 2019-2020, UNLV will be moving from shabby Sam Boyd Stadium in Henderson to the $2 billion dollar Las Vegas Stadium on The Strip. Additionally, the Fertitta Football Complex will be finished by then as well. In one year, UNLV will go from having among the worst football facilities in the MWC to arguably the best. We're just keeping Sanchez around as a placeholder/warm body to field a team for UNLV right now, then fire him after this season, and then use the shiny new stadium and practice facility as assets to attract a more viable head coach for the future.
  10. Some of my pals are Sharks fans and they are b*tching endlessly about the officiating.. (Even though they got 8 powerplays to our 3) I'll admit I've only been watching hockey for the last two years, but how is this not goalie interference?? His butt is still in the crease and Fleury got hit twice (once in the shoulder and then again with the elbow to the head)
  11. The last 3 minutes or so of Rogue One was good (the Vader scene), but the rest of it was just meh. SJWs ruined Star Wars. Thanks alot @retrofade @happycamper
  12. Awe, did I catch you in the frame bud? By the looks of it, there must be a bare minimum of 4 people in that picture named Lester. I forget how sensitive you fellas are up north, if I take certified pre-owned Subaru for a test drive will it ease the pain?
  13. Reno might not be able to retain their MWC Championship next season....but you guys definitely still have the MWC's Ugliest Fanbase on lockdown forever