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  1. Congratulations to the 2020 MWC Champion SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY SPARTANS!!! Nicely done boys!
  2. Short memory? You don't recall what a big deal it was having Mitchell coming off the bench after being a starter his first two seasons? Wetzell, Mensah, Shakel, Feagin and Flynn were indeed the starters to begin the season and in fact that line up started every one of the first 13 games until Mensah missed the Fresno State game in San Diego with what turned out to be a blood clot on his lung. That game is when Mitchell entered the starting line up and stayed there for the remaining 19 games. Again, Wetzell started ALL 32 of SDSU's games last season, look it up. Here ya go: https://www.spo
  3. Wetzell indeed DID begin the season in the starting lineup (started in 32 of 32 games) along side Mensah. Yanni was primarily playing the 4 and Nathan at the 5. When Nathan left with the respiratory issue Yanni slid to the 5 and Mitchell (who was the sixth man to start the season) moved into the starting line up at the 4. Yes, Creighton lost Alexander but NO other key players from last season. Again, SDSU lost three (Wetzell, Flynn and Feagin) of their Top 5 scorers from last season.
  4. Ummm, different season, different teams. Both Creighton and Iowa returned almost every key player from those squads. SDSU lost three starters including our 1st Round pick starting PG. Remember the Aztecs were 10 games into the season before even being ranked last year.
  5. LOL at guys who talk about big dicks.
  6. Nothing more predictable than your left-handed compliments of any MWC team succeeding where Rebs just underperform every year.
  7. Given his penchant for prognostication it looks like SDSU is ticketed for another Sweet 16 run.
  8. Looks like “Guard U” got posterized.
  9. Two games into the second edition of "Brady's Aztecs" is too early to be making comparisons to almost a decade of Rocky's teams.
  10. And that won't change until they play BYU (and yes, I know you probably meant conference teams).
  11. It was Chris and No, he didn’t bail on his senior year. And to be fair the kid had a ton of injury issues during his years on the Mesa.
  12. Yeah I recall that. Know it was a loooooong time ago but I remember that win over #19 Stanford back in the day.
  13. You're always good for a few laughs Robert. That alignment makes ZERO sense for Houston and SMU. Will NEVER happen.
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