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  1. Snapdragon is a stadium San Diego has never seen https://www.eastvillagetimes.com/snapdragon-is-a-stadium-san-diego-has-never-seen/ Exciting times at SDSU.
  2. Didn’t look like the lights came on at all. Video boards on the other hand… and it looks like a few of them in one end zone aren’t working.
  3. You should call this your “dream” conference because that’s the only place that would EVER happen… your dreams LMAO!
  4. I thought I heard/read that they already have plans for stadium expansion if it’s warranted. I know there were early renderings of an expanded venue but not sure if those are the actual plans.
  5. That place is definitely starting to take shape and looks surprisingly impressive (given its capacity) from I-8.
  6. And Major League Rugby’s San Diego Legion.
  7. #70 NET ranking isn’t getting you an invite to the restroom at the NCAAs.
  8. For the record neither coach has lead a team to an NCAA tourney win so…
  9. The land San Diego stadium was built on was owned by the city NOT the county. The 166 acre parcel was sold by the city to SDSU and is now owned by the school for the western campus expansion.
  10. It’s hilarious how these threads devolve into toxic pissing contests.
  11. It was Chris and No, he didn’t bail on his senior year. And to be fair the kid had a ton of injury issues during his years on the Mesa.
  12. Yeah I recall that. Know it was a loooooong time ago but I remember that win over #19 Stanford back in the day.
  13. You're always good for a few laughs Robert. That alignment makes ZERO sense for Houston and SMU. Will NEVER happen.
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