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  1. I think that’s literally the ONLY chance SDSU has. Say if they just curb stomp the Aggs (52-3 or something) and Houston squeaks by UC in a highly controversial way (or something). But unless SDSU somehow extends their lead significantly in the “poll” (which I don’t see happening) I think the chances are 1) Slim and 2) None. If only the Aztecs could find a way to beat Boise and Fresno in the same season…
  2. I honestly can’t see a scenario where SDSU gets the NY6 bid. Obviously it all depends on how much of a “lead” the Aztecs have on Houston in the CFP poll this afternoon but I doubt it will be enough to overcome the jump the Cougars would take if they manage to knock off Cincy. No I think SDSU is either in the LA Bowl or somehow matched up with Houston (or possibly UC) in another bowl.
  3. If you’re talking about Houston that was the 2016 Vegas Bowl. The Aztecs stomped Cincinnati in Hawaii the previous season.
  4. And SDSU has been sporting all black home unis since 1963. The ONE exception being the 1980 season when they wore white pants and the fans wanted to fire Claude Gilbert for it. Back to all blacks ever since.
  5. I take back all the disparaging things I’ve said about the Aztecs these past few weeks . Well deserved CCG.
  6. Looks like it. I’ve been curious why Shavers hasn’t been a bigger part of the offense.
  7. Man the Aztec offense is SO BAD. How is this team even in a position to get to the CCG?
  8. Boise BIG! Aztec smoke and mirrors do NOT deserve to be in the CCG. Discuss
  9. To have a guaranteed (almost) 8 point lead and a worst case scenario of OT… NO BRAINER DUDE.
  10. No, no, no it's MAC teams SDSU has trouble beating in bowl games (until 2019). The Aztecs are 2-0 vs AAC teams in bowls.
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