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  1. Here is the most recent time lapse video from June.
  2. Toyota Stadium was built for the FC Dallas. Just because Frisco schools play there doesn't make it a "high school stadium". That would be like saying Allegiant Stadium is a college football stadium because UNLV plays there.
  3. And how many of those stadiums cost over $200,000,000 to build? Just because they jam a lot of fans in them doesn't mean they compare in ANY WAY to a college venue like Canvas or the upcoming Aztec Stadium or even War Memorial. It's a stupid argument.
  4. Sorry, thought this thread was about SDSU's stadium.
  5. They did recycle the concrete from the "old" stadium to be used in the "new" stadium. At least that's my understanding. The "old" stadium was beyond simple upkeep, having been neglected by the city for years. Part of the sale of the land, the stadium was to be SDSU's sole responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. It was determined that the costs just to have it ready for football last season would have been beyond prohibitive so the decision was made to move the remaining home games to the facility in Carson until "Aztec Stadium" was available. The plan was always to raze SDCCU, the move
  6. The ONLY way the Big XII even considers adding schools like SDSU would be if they themselves got poached by the Pac-12 or BigTen (maybe SEC again). It would be a desperate reaction to Oklahoma and/or Texas leaving with say Kansas or OSU or TTech, some combination thereof. And in that case SDSU or any other G5 schools "invited" would be joining a seriously depleted conference which, in all likelihood, would be soon to lose its "P5" status.
  7. So your assumption is that most fans that have access to lounges will utilize them during game play, or at least enough that it will be visibly perceptible to a TV audience? Obviously SOME will but that's the case with ANY stadium that offers such amenities. It seems you're over thinking this concept.
  8. Last I checked most stadiums allow fans inside the premises before kickoff, you know, something called "pre-game". Oh yeah and there's that "half-time" thing and then of course the post game victory parties.
  9. Pretty sure you're correct but I mean, it's legit enough to be believable so...
  10. Trust me when I say that the Chargers are a distant last on that list.
  11. I don't recall SJSU ever being invited. SDSU was last at Maui in 2018 and I believe the Aztecs lost in the final to Arizona in 2014 in a nail biter. Here is the link to past fields: https://mauiinvitational.com/sports/2013/8/5/past_fields.aspx
  12. It's an Invitational so, no. I do believe the schools have to cover travel costs and perhaps lodging.
  13. They were close to only getting three. OSU wouldn’t have been in if not for the auto and UCLA was a hair from missing the tournament. Here’s the official seed list:
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