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  1. I hated the Chicken! He drank more than a few of my beers and rolled around with more than a few of my girlfriends.
  2. You should really get those checked out by your dermatologist.
  3. Did the WCC ever “do football”? Or you’re just saying “anymore” because the MWC is basically a sh*t show. Never mind, your point is pretty clear.
  4. Yeah I see the Utes clown stomping the Aztecs next week.
  5. Is Jack Browning the best non-rapey punter in SDSU history?
  6. I’ve gotta say as fun as this is to see Auburn is going to wake up at some point.
  7. What are you talking about? SDSU is taking Idaho State down!
  8. I’m an SJSU alum, yes but grew up and live in San Diego. Been going to Aztec games since the 60s and was at the game last week but couldn’t make it tonight.
  9. Okay so he can run. Put him in the backfield and start Haskell at QB.
  10. Aren’t there like 100,000 alums in the county alone? You’d think at least 20,000 of those would show up.
  11. Why’d they build that stadium so big? You know SDSU is going to average less than 25K a game.
  12. It only makes sense if the revenue generated from a number of teams can support THAT number of teams. That factor is exactly why the WAC-16 fell apart.
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