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  1. Thanks! Yeah it's an adventure on AMesa and I'm not as active as I used to be, now I'll check in over there one or two times a week, more during the season. I usually check out this board, see what's going on, and once in a while I'll throw in my two cents.
  2. Name: Chris Hometown: small sleepy town in the Coachella Valley University and Degree: SDSU Art (Graphic Design) Occupation: Graphic Designer Teams: SDSU, US National Teams Pros: Angels, Padres, Cowboys, Bulls, Anaheim Ducks Interests: Sports, Video Games, Buying CDs, Photography, bad reality TV. Dislikes: Folks who don't use common sense Favorite Activities: Thrift Store shopping looking for jerseys, CDs, sometimes records, and audio books. Photography, spending too much time at the local mom & pop music store On my playlist: I listen to pretty much everything, but usually I stick to 90s Pop, R&B, Rap. Currently I've been listening to the Wu Tang Clan's discography on shuffle. Married/Kids/Pets: nope/nope/nope Miscellaneous: I don't post much here, I like to read what everyone thinks. Sometimes I'll check out a MWC team's local sports radio just to see what their fans are saying.
  3. PC/PS4/PS3/Switch. The game that still gets the most time is NCAA Football 14 on the PS3. I pick a random school, try to build them into a power. On PS4 it's NFS Payback, Shaq-Fu on the Switch, and PC I'm just finishing a couple of games.
  4. SDSU sent their Men's and Women's basketball teams to the Tournament. in 2009-10, SDSU won the Men's Volleyball Title in 73
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your father. When I first started reading this board he was one of the posters that I always liked reading his comments. My condolences go out to your family.