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  1. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at SDSU, and I was in my dorm and I turned the TV on, grabbed my toothbrush and went to the bathroom. I came back and saw that the news was talking about how a plane hit one of the towers. I called my friend and told him to turn the TV on, and then I went to class. I was trying to get added into a Typography class so I was there early and I had a Walkman so I listened to the news during class. The minute class ended someone ran into the class and said go home, SDSU is closed and America is under attack. I walked back to my dorm, watched TV for a bit b
  2. SDSU sent their Men's and Women's basketball teams to the Tournament. in 2009-10, SDSU won the Men's Volleyball Title in 73
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your father. When I first started reading this board he was one of the posters that I always liked reading his comments. My condolences go out to your family.
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