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  1. He posts a shocking amount of disinformation on this board.... missed his true calling in life as a Russian Bot. Perfect example of an emotion based rant vs fact based dialogue.
  2. I apparently had it already... just can’t tell you all when. 😂
  3. No, they’re not. No one ever talks about “P5 independents” or “G5 Independents”. Get your trash talk in now because you’ll need to shut your big mouth in 2 weeks after BYU gives your shitty team the biggest beat down of the season. Live with it.
  4. Washington even knew they’d be playing Utah. This is just typical BYU boner material for the idiots. “Right now, we’re really in great shape,” he said. “We haven’t lost a day of preparation. Like I said, we gambled correctly this week and we put all of our attention and our game plan and our prep work at practice on the University of Utah.” https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/uw-huskies-coach-jimmy-lake-on-preparing-for-utah-on-short-notice-and-whether-the-apple-cup-can-still-be-played/#comments
  5. Is this the “forced prayer” Trump rolled out in schools @sactowndog????
  6. I’d rather play Utah - every single time (during covid at least). That game is easier and cheaper logistically in a year where teams have projected financial shortfalls in the tens of millions. And it’s BYU’s rival.
  7. BYU’s original schedule for this year included @Utah, Michigan St, @ASU, @Minnesota, Missouri, and @BSU... not to mention they were very close to signing a game with Alabama to kick off the season.... but they’re afraid to play Washington? The nonsense some of you dolts buy into. There’s more to it. If Washington can guarantee the game then it gets played, period. Here’s to BYU signing a guaranteed game with a high quality opponent - hopefully soon.
  8. Nothing generates talk in the MWC Sports forum like BYU. Guarantee the game and BYU will play. It’s that simple.
  9. It’s all relative... when you run up $4.5T in debt in 3.5 years, of course $421M is going to seem “tiny”. Either way, pretty sure he’s good for the $421M, and not sure why folks even care. Will this unhealthy obsession continue even when the man is out of office?
  10. SDSU... you had one job. You’re not helping BYU look good when we pummel you by 4 TDS here in a couple.
  11. Probably happened during one of the 12 grocery store fights you started over someone not wearing a mask... 😂
  12. I have... didn’t learn my lesson from it either. Crashed my quad at the sand dunes more than a month ago now, and although I didn’t actually break ribs this time, it’s been a fun month or so. 😂. Hang in there, it sucks royally but will get better. A wrap helps, but don’t leave it on too long.
  13. Hmmm... I’ll have to take your word on that one 😂
  14. I agree... you’re a perfect example. You know what they say about those who can’t do...
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