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  1. Got my first dose of Pfizer yesterday. Not worried about any reaction and so far nothing. Arm is sore but no worse than a tetanus booster so not sure what the big deal there is. They put a 3” needle deep in the upper arm muscle - to be expected I think.
  2. Is “Man Vaccine” a thing... kinda like a “Man Cold”?
  3. Like UNLV, pretty sure those from USF are made from papyrus.
  4. There are 2 moth-holed banners waving in the USF gym... twice as intimidating as the lone banner at UNLV.
  5. Inconvenient data for some of you delusional folks... below are the Net Rankings by conference standing for the two conferences... WCC is better than the MWC EVERYWHERE except in the 3-5 standing range. The Avg Net Ranking for the WCC is 124.9 and 158.1 for the MWC. Most every conference ranking system the last several years has rated the WCC higher. You all want to talk about the Gonzaga outlier? The MWC has the same thing with SDSU. The ranking gap between 1&2 is actually SMALLER in the WCC than it is here. Gonzaga is exactly 1.25 standard deviations from the conference average w
  6. UNLV? LMAO! It’s not 1990 anymore. UNLV is no more difficult than Portland. Zags get plenty of road trip testing in OOC. They don’t need the MWC.
  7. Gonzaga is not here and they DECLINED the MWC and aren’t currently considering it. So yes, it’s stupid. SDSU is an outlier school in the MWC with somewhat similar impact. The Net Ranking gap from #1 to #2 in the WCC is smaller than it is in the MWC this year so there goes that argument. Let’s evaluate the WCC including SDSU. See, stupid.
  8. Isn’t much? LOL, it isn’t at all... What would it do if we put SDSU into the WCC? See how stupid that sounds?
  9. Sour grapes. Gonzaga told the MWC “thanks but no thanks”. To act like posters here wouldn’t be thrilled if Gonzaga shockingly decided to join this lesser conference is more evidence of your delusion. Again, go look at conference rankings the last 5 years. Guess which conference consistently ranked higher? LOL at this notion that the MWC is anything superior to the WCC. If you really want to be surprised go look at what programs spend on basketball top to bottom. The WCC is investing in its product and has been on a steady upward trend. The MWC has been trending downward and NCAA tourna
  10. WCC Net Rankings: Gonzaga - 1 BYU - 20 St Mary’s- 62 LMU - 99 USF - 105 Pepperdine - 110 Pacific - 131 Santa Clara - 144 San Diego - 250 Portland - 327 MWC Net Rankings: SDSU - 18 USU - 39 BSU - 50 CSU - 51 Nevada - 96 Wyoming - 162 UNLV - 179 FSU - 191 UNM - 302 AFA - 319 SJSU - 332 Data doesn’t support the delusional claim that the MWC is better than the WCC in the middle or bottom - certainly not the bottom when almost 1/3 of the MWC is ranked in the 300’s. Which conference
  11. Trust me, I don’t take your delusion personal. Your inflated view of MWC hoops is charmingly naive. Gonzaga isn’t looking. They have no better options at the moment, including the MWC. Like BYU, if they wanted to be in this conference they would be.
  12. BYU beat SDSU and USU - the top 2 squads from this conference. I don’t care about UCLA, it’s irrelevant. It’s laughable for fans of the MWC to act like the MWC would be so much more of a test to Gonzaga than the more highly rated WCC.
  13. They just did a reunion here in Utah not that long ago at the field the movie was recorded on. I wasn’t able to make it but my nephews and nieces all got photos with a good chunk of the cast.
  14. BYU beat the best this conference offered this year in SDSU and USU - yet beating BYU is no accomplishment and this conference would offer such better competition and “test” them? 😂 You people are nuts. Have you even followed conference ratings the last several years? The WCC has pretty consistently outranked the MWC.
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