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  1. Liberals don’t do whataboutism on this board @BSUTOP25... they call it “making connections”. If you disagree with that then you’re an uneducated, unintelligent, racist, misogynistic homophobe.
  2. NorCalCoug

    Stuff to do in San Diego

    For Utah fans??? I recommend Tijuana, street tacos, and a tall glass of tap water.
  3. NorCalCoug

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    On the plus side, I expect the LDS Church to secure a nice deal on BSA land in the near future....
  4. NorCalCoug

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    Not yet... the partnership with BSA is still in tact through 2019, at which point it will be replaced with another program.
  5. NorCalCoug

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    Agreed, but they clearly bit the hand that fed them. Even if they were already on the path to insolvency, they drastically sped up that timeline with recent decisions that spit in the face of their <by far> largest backer, both in terms of finances and membership. Stupid...
  6. NorCalCoug


    Meh, they need to cut the defense budget in half.... and reform all entitlements while they’re at it to drastically reduce spending. $21T and counting...
  7. NorCalCoug

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    Well, they opted to get political and cost themselves membership and financial backing. They have no one to blame but themselves.
  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who chuckled at that not so clever spin.
  9. NorCalCoug

    Unindicted co-conspirator

    That’s a beautiful (and predictable) partisan interpretation of it... LOL! You live in an alternate reality.
  10. NorCalCoug

    Taxem taxem taxem, rawhide!

    That’s the price you pay to be “enlightened”....
  11. NorCalCoug


    So much for asylum... it’s evident what many of these folks are looking for. It’s a shame as this nonsense undermines those that truly are seeking asylum.
  12. NorCalCoug

    Unindicted co-conspirator

    We know, we know... “any day now, tick tock tick tock!”
  13. But do they require gun registration and insurance? That’s the ace to curb gun violence! Problem solved! Ya’ll welcome!
  14. NorCalCoug

    Name the best movie death or kill

    Probably the entire X-Force parachuting death scene in Deadpool2... 😂