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  1. Don’t knock it. The alcohol absorption is great. You get crazy drunk after a single butt chug.
  2. With the disappointing UNLV game in the rear view mirror, USU turns focus to game prep for BYU…
  3. I don’t get the big deal of what they’re arguing but I heard the reference plenty as well in my 10+ years living in the Bay Area.
  4. I wonder if Kick Ass George is concerned about travel costs, climate change, and student athlete mental health here with this proposal?
  5. The Oline has provide awesome pass protection all season but they struggle with the run game. That was true even against Oregon. I don’t know what the issue is there. On paper this is the best BYU Oline in forever.
  6. The fact that you and others still obsess about reasons for BYU decisions from 10+ years ago says a lot too.
  7. Another inconvenient tidbit from the link provided earlier on the topic for the folks who claim that the only reason BYU went Independent was because Utah went to the PAC10: https://www.deseret.com/sports/2020/8/29/21404261/byu-football-byu-independence-the-project-byu-mountain-west-conference-karl-benson Emails showed the parties involved discussed it for weeks — even before BYU’s biggest rival, Utah, bolted the Mountain West for the Pac-12. BYU was exploring Independence and making plans with the WAC before Utah even bolted to the PAC??? So the idea that BYU wouldn’t have gone Independent if Utah hadn’t gone to the PAC is proven to be just another MWCBoard fairytale. @King Spartan @AztecSU
  8. Not nearly as sad and delusional as the inability of folks to provide any proof to back up their claim of BYU actively recruiting teams to come with them.
  9. Know what isn’t included in ANY of that paper trail? Anything about recruiting other MWC members to join BYU in the WAC, and certainly nothing about BYU leading any mythical recruiting effort. Folks cry about BYU’s fiduciary responsibility and stabbing conference members in the back. Go back and reread what Fresno St and Nevada did to their conference mates, but that was all upstanding behavior for the the crybabies on this board. It’s only bad when BYU acts in its best interests. Hypocrites!
  10. Yeah, so screwed. The WCC proved to be an adequate home for Olympic sports and Independence afforded BYU an opportunity at way more $$$ and build its brand leading up to a BigXII invite. Doesn’t exactly sound screwed to me at all.
  11. Where is proof that BYU was actively recruiting anybody?
  12. OK, that doesn’t support any of the popular claims here about “The Project” - nowhere states in the article an active plan to bring MWC schools with them to the WAC just speculated some would follow. Heaven forbid a program look out for its own best interest, have you even followed college sports the last 20 years?
  13. I remember the reports at the time of Benson casually meeting with the UNLV (IIRC) AD who was a long time friend and associate and he floated the idea of them joining the WAC. The normal crybaby crew spun that as BYU actively recruiting UNLV/SDSU to join them in the WAC despite no mention of BYU in any report. That was the “proof” they came up with. The whole rewrite of “The Project” on this board to be actively driven by BYU was one of the most hilariously stupid things I witnessed in my almost 20 years here.
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