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  1. We know…. If this happened with any frequency there’d be tons of cases with >70M estimated infections in this country. I don’t doubt that this has impacted a few unlucky folks but let’s not get carried away.
  2. No stats around frequency, wonder why? This is probably such a rare occurrence that it’s barely worth worrying about unless you’re feeding some sort of fear porn agenda.
  3. Yeah, UCF just “didn’t want to be there”, right? 😂 The only context that matters is UCF got their asses handed to them and that the game wasn’t even as close as the score makes it look.
  4. It’s the “Pillow PERSON” you un-woke bastards!!!!
  5. I think it’s funny how many of the same folks who spent the last year screaming ScIEncE!!! are now supportive of removing the notion of gender from “mother”. 😂
  6. The last several years have been tough for you…. It’s sad.
  7. Nope, but something about a TIC meme meant to elicit a chuckle (or eye roll at a minimum) sure irritated your vagina. Talk about triggered. 😂
  8. Triggered? 😂. Get out of here. It was 15 second edit that gave me a chuckle. Triggered indeed. Some of you on this board are so obtuse at times.
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