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  1. No, no, no…. I’ve been assured that if/when the B1G and/or SEC look to expand in the future that they will look to the BigXII rather than those new large non-overlapping markets and bigger brands of the ACC and PAC.
  2. Ironic... LOL, want to make a bet on that? If the new BigXII TV deal is closer to the MWC than it is to the ACC or PAC then I will leave this board forever. If it is not, then you leave forever. I'm 100% confident I win that bet. You in?
  3. No thread about somebody "losing it" would be complete without @retrofademaking post after post about Trump...
  4. 26-17… see you guys on the field in 2-3 years. Until then savor the loss to BYU in your best season as a member of the gangsta PAC.
  5. Why would either the B1G or SEC consider UVA or UNC when Iowa St and Kansas are available and willing? That’s the stupid logic I hear on this board all the time - that these conferences will pick BigXII leftovers in small overlapping markets instead of going after new larger markets and more valuable brands of the ACC and PAC12. Hell, I believe even you were pimping that lunacy so hilarious to see your tune change.
  6. BYU vs the PAC12 this year in both major sports (5-0 in football and 2-0 in basketball):
  7. Is a handful of victories against bottom feeding WCC schools (and middling Santa Clara) the pinnacle of success and achievement in the Big West? Congrats…. I guess.
  8. maybe too soon for some of you, oh well…
  9. I don’t know. I get the impression they might be fine with the conference makeup as is after BYU departs. I don’t think expansion is a given yet for the WCC.
  10. You must’ve missed the news…
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