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  1. NorCalCoug

    Democratic Socialists of America

    There may be something to it but it won’t work for the US. Excessive and wasteful spending on entitlements and defense are already bankrupting this country. Becoming more of a welfare state at this point is not an option.
  2. NorCalCoug

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Denmark and Sweden are a couple of good examples where Democratic Socialism have worked out. They’re the shining talking point for all supporters of Democratic Socialism. Unfortunately, there are many other countries in Europe for whom it doesn’t work out nearly as well. But let’s just forget them and focus on the exceptions to the rule like it’s somehow the norm. Let’s compare those other countries to the US as well. It may work for a handful of tiny countries with homogeneous populations. It won’t work for a country as large and diverse as the US that’s sitting on $21T of debt.
  3. NorCalCoug

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Somehow woke up alive this morning despite Trump being president. Hope I live to see tomorrow!
  4. NorCalCoug

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    That son of a bitch did WHAT???
  5. NorCalCoug

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Gosh, I sure hope he shows up on time for Putin after being 15 mins late for the queen. The meltdown would be epic!!!
  6. NorCalCoug

    Should we arm our preschoolers?

    As serious as the OP I’m sure...
  7. Yes but that would put Trump at a potential midpoint of an <assumed> 8-year presidency and Biden at the beginning of one. It’s a big difference - especially at that age.
  8. I actually like Biden as a person, disagree with him politically obviously... Do you think he would really make a run at his age?
  9. NorCalCoug

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    People that obsess that much over politics are pathetic and sad.
  10. NorCalCoug

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    I know you are but what am I??? Seriously, get a grip. Trump is gonna give you an aneurism.
  11. NorCalCoug

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    And you’re a Libertarian!!! LOL
  12. NorCalCoug

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Neither... but this thread is hilarious and a perfect example of the TDS I always talk about. The OP is upset that Trump refers to the EU as a foe while he’s never said anything close about Russia... a country he calls a foe right after the sentence in the article that caused the initial meltdown. Honestly folks, I can’t imagine going through life seeking outrage at every little thing.
  13. NorCalCoug

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Blah blah blah... RUSSIA! Blah blah blah... RUSSIA! Blah blah blah... RUSSIA!