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  1. It's Happening.

    Sincere gratitude to the MWC for always helping out with BYU’s Oct/Nov schedule any and every time we need it. We couldn’t do it without you! Thanks to @#1Stunner for his tireless work to make this happen!
  2. Finland ends its basic income trial

  3. Is it time to leave the political party?

    Only when this happens...
  4. Clinton Campaign’s Cyber Security

    Shame they can’t find the funds to cure your ignorance too!
  5. You’re talking to someone from Wyoming... where the men are men and the women are too!!!
  6. Clinton Campaign’s Cyber Security

    I can’t figure out if your cluelessness is an act or real... for your sake, I hope it’s an act.
  7. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    None, it just added to the distrust the public already had for her. I never understood this one either but sure find Russert’s dismantling of it enjoyable.
  8. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    To be fair, can anything that comes out of Clinton’s mouth be trusted?
  9. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    Revolutionary, a lying politician!!! Who knew...
  10. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    I think there is a “possibility” this is retrofade.
  11. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    He won’t. He can’t. It would be too painful. It’s one of the most debilitating effects of TDS.
  12. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    Yeah, you post about the topic like you believe it’s a “possibility”. You think people don’t see through that BS? LOL, it’s as obviously nonsensical as your ridiculous claim of leaning Libertarian!
  13. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    He’s not middle, he’s Libertarian!!! LMAO!