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  1. I won’t ever have grandkids since we only have 11 years left.
  2. At this point most sports are an upgrade in the WCC. A few years back I wouldn’t have included basketball in that statement but the WCC is consistently outranking the MWC there lately too.
  3. I anxiously await the march on Washington... 😂
  4. So you’re on record that he wouldn’t? Do you also believe he won’t step down after a hypothetical 2nd term?
  5. So if Trump loses later this year will he concede or not? If/When he wins, will Trump willingly step down at the end of his 2nd term? I say yes to both. What do you say?
  6. I also think Boise would also have a more difficult time than BYU when it comes to scheduling... and it was tough for BYU (but looks pretty good now).
  7. It is really stupid - and not my argument.
  8. Just checking in... has Trump been removed yet? The anticipation is killing me!