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  1. No, you need to just take good news for what it is. This could’ve been much worse... BUT TRUMP!!! You people are nuts.
  2. Knock it off. You’re just being ridiculous now. All things considered, there’s little argument that isn’t significant. Relax, your hero is going to win next week. It’s OK to celebrate good things that happen to the country now.
  3. I call BS... was just in a Utah County hospital yesterday and was told their ICU is below 50% occupancy. One of my best friends is over some infectious disease program in another hospital who tells me they too are under 50% occupancy. The Utah Dept of Health reported just yesterday that ICU occupancy in the state is at 70.4%. There may be some hospitals here or there at capacity but that’s probably about it. If a SLC hospital is overrun, transfer patients to a hospital with capacity because there is plenty available for now.
  4. The correct answer is not an option in the poll. Reese’s Peanut Butter PUMPKINS
  5. Trump thinks all those wonderful things about himself too. Maybe you two aren’t as different as you think?
  6. Meh, I was mostly just looking for any opportunity to post that gif b/c I came across it this morning and it gave me a chuckle.
  7. Oh, I fully anticipate that this will be me in 2-3 years...
  8. Hard conservative on fiscal issues... center left on social issues.
  9. I hope we see a much needed correction... went mostly cash back when the S&P was around 3,500.... Looking for a nice discount to get back in!
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