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  1. NevadaAllStar

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    It’s the Magic Dirt....
  2. NevadaAllStar

    UNLV Practice Facility

    A lot of smack about our road record last year, not much about the games we won at home...hmmm, wonder why?
  3. NevadaAllStar

    Nevada fans - Jensen Plaza

    Was there a link or something that I missed or did you contact the Department directly. To be honest I’m not sure exactly what I wrote after three years, but pretty sure it was more than just the family name.
  4. NevadaAllStar

    Tell me what you are hearing about your teams draft prospects.

    The team I have seen associated the most was the Giants, but a few guys already went ahead of him that I didn’t think would so who knows... http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-giants/post/_/id/56935/austin-corbetts-an-under-the-radar-name-in-the-2018-nfl-draft
  5. NevadaAllStar

    Nevada fans - Jensen Plaza

    A few changes from the original plan I guess. Received the e-mail from Knuth about the custom bricks going away. Anyone have any more details than what is in the RGJ? I remember when we did the initial purchase we were able to right a short message for the brick, but now it sounds like we will just have our names on the signs?
  6. NevadaAllStar

    Tell me what you are hearing about your teams draft prospects.

    Everything I have read has him flying up the draft boards. Could be the third OL off the board (after the two Golden Domers) and looks like a solid early 2nd, but I think it would take something a little crazy for him to sneak into the 1st.
  7. NevadaAllStar

    Nevada at large

    NVM, info from Bubble Watch posted above.