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  1. Nevada a 2 Seed in the Mid-West. http://m.espn.com/ncb/bracketology?src=desktop
  2. Didn’t see a thread on this, pretty cool for him and his family. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/25062275/carsen-edwards-purdue-boilermakers-headlines-preseason-ap-all-america-team
  3. NVM, info from Bubble Watch posted above.
  4. AF won that game, we just got lucky. Good game Zoomies.
  5. It's definately not my favorite, I spend 90% of my time at Northstar, with Rose mixed in every now and then. Trying to get to CO sometime this year to see what the Rockies have to offer.
  6. I usually stay north shore but if I have friends that are in town and want to stay the night in Tahoe and party we will usually hit up Heavenly. I haven't been to Kirkwood since I was a little guy, might have to head back a few times this year and check it out.
  7. 90 minutes, maybe depending on where in Reno you are coming from and if you are going to north shore or south shore? 30 minutes from my front door to Northstar parking lot even in the winter. For me to get to south shore it is probably close to 45-1 hour.
  8. The motorcycle rally is in town this weekend as well. Still not sure if that will hurt or help attendance. Could have a lot of out of towners wanting to check out the game or could have a lot of locals avoiding the area because of the visitors.
  9. IMO UNLV, NM, Nevada, and Hawaii would all be ahead of CSU and WYO for all sports (UNLV/NM based on potential for growth and Nev/Haw based on BCS numbers at this time).
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