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  1. With UConn getting the win tonight it seems to me unLv will be número uno in the ESPN Bottom 10 right? Unless Arizona sneaks past them to take the top spot.
  2. Yes, on that late pick. Looked like he came down hard on his left knee.
  3. There is the good ol’ Nevada Southern we have grown to love!
  4. What’s up with all the extra hash marks on the field?
  5. And it needs to only apply to attacks against the head, not simply using your helmet like in this case where the impact was to the player’s back.
  6. Remember, nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like unLv…
  7. Why is he smiling?? That was just about as bad of clock management as you could possibly have…
  8. refs, coaching decisions, nothing makes sense in this game.
  9. That’s some bad end of game management…
  10. I think this will be one of those weeks that we look back and see there was a massive impact on the end of year tie breakers. Head to head between BSU and AF in the Mountain, Fresno trying to avoid a second Conference loss in a tough game, first of many games between the West’s contenders, Nevada on upset alert. Should be a fun weekend!
  11. Who?? I think he goes eventually but I don’t think it will be because he fears a rebuild. The team next year may not have the name recognition but there will still be plenty of talent on the roster. If the Oline can replace the losses next year the skill players are there to keep the momentum going forward.
  12. Interesting concept, won’t go anywhere unless somehow Aresco has a major Scrooge like ghosts of FBS future style visit and becomes generous. He could just kneecap either of those conferences so why join in with them?
  13. I missed that, must have been during a fridge run for refills, how was the cadence? Been noticing this new generation going too fast.
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