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  1. Whoa whoa whoa.....we are also close to Tahoe, don’t forget about that!
  2. I think JB and Hymes would be a 5 in name only. I haven’t looked at Alford’s past teams much but a coach as good as him adjusts style to players abilities. Neither Hymes nor Brown are true centers like Carvacho or Porter so I could see more of the “positionless” basketball we saw under Muss.
  3. Obviously only JB knows for sure but I don't see us as a long shot. I think the uncertainty of sitting a year at a Kentucky type school while other 5 stars get to play ahead of you or get recruited may swing it in the Pack's favor. Regardless I wish him the best, I feel he was done a disservice by his usage last year and I want to see the kid succeed, hopefully in the Silver and Blue...
  4. Is he a legit one and done? To be honest I haven't seen him play. It would have been really special for you guys to land/keep both of the brothers. I know they were saying that about Brown but he never really got a chance to prove it under Muss...
  5. One more down, just a couple more to go.....Jazz and Jalen really stepping up into the leadership roles.
  6. Chambers confirmed he is coming back, don’t know about the other two.
  7. Omg, they’re getting the band back together!! This is setting up like a Road Trip style buddy comedy..... https://mobile.twitter.com/TheJalenHarris/status/1119674518400720896 https://mobile.twitter.com/Jazz_Johnson22/status/1119707159669796864
  8. Good for him, kid can play. I was looking forward to at least one year of him and Brown going head to head but now it looks like the conference may lose both!
  9. Coach on Campus yesterday meeting with players, hopefully the he can get the Twins on his side and they can help keep some of the others around. https://mobile.twitter.com/Chad_Hartley/status/1116506436421296129
  10. Official, welcome Coach Alford!! https://mobile.twitter.com/NevadaWolfPack/status/1116498355545411585
  11. The real question that nobody has been asking about this potential hire, really the only question that matters....is this a big enough splash hire to push Nevada’s coaching hire thread count above UNLV’s???
  12. Especially because that is such a great memory for this community. A community that fully embraced their family and welcomed them and from what I have seen has been supportive of his moving on.
  13. Yeah, I understand him moving on to bigger and better things and all of the other photos and Arkansas gear changes I am fine with, but for some reason this really rubs me the wrong way.
  14. Now that Jalen is leaving any thoughts from our Aztec brethren on how it affects Jaden’s decision? I wonder how much of a draw playing with his brother was keeping SDSU in the hunt and if they lose a little momentum, or if he was high on SDSU on their own merits.
  15. I think it’s a great hire, he was my number one hope if Muss punches out. Should recruit high level talent and identify/develop the diamonds in the rough.