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  1. LA also has a metro population of 12.5 million.
  2. The West is going be absolutely brutal this year.
  3. I get the sentiment behind it but I would have left it off, feels like a self applied * to me, but congrats anyway, hope the Pack can finally get one this year!
  4. Nevada takes the first two of the weekend from Nevada Southern.
  5. Aren't you a sad angry little man....and if Nevada Southern is our Super Bowl I am very happy to be the Champs http://whatcoloristhefremontcannon.com/ Good luck in whatever conference Nevada Southern ends up in, if we don't get to play you every year the only reason I will be sad is we lose a guaranteed win on our schedule....
  6. Can anyone more in the know about the NSHE advise if the Regents would ever let Nevada and UNLV split conferences again? For some reason I think they were dead set against that so I automatically dismiss any of these realignment threads that split the Nevada schools but I could be wrong...
  7. Every sport except Basketball, still can’t get over that hurdle for some reason!
  8. Your ability to fire off a thread killing comment is really amazing, like a weird super power or the Kool Aid Man smashing through the wall of fun that this thread could have been.....
  9. Both of the Martins are in the NBA, a real feel good story to see them still getting to play together.
  10. Anytime these type of conversations come up I do a thought experiment: What if the HOF was capped at “X” amount of players per position and in order to put a new player in you have to kick out one current HOF’er. Who are you kicking out to put in Edelman?
  11. I think we all agree he never got a fair shake, not sure we have the minutes to go around if he did decide to come back and all (except KJ) of the guys who went to Cali to try and bring him back are gone, but I would love to see him back in Reno. Time to come home Jordan!
  12. Oh I didn’t mean to imply he was actually going to get the job, I agree he doesn’t have the juice yet.
  13. Spot on, it is complete lunacy to think if UNC calls he is not on the first thing smoking out of Arkansas, and nobody would fault him. Anyone would do the same but especially Muss who is the definition of a rolling stone.
  14. The way the tiebreakers work I think favor Barbershop, we shall see though!
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