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  1. I agree, I thought either team could be #1 but I also thought it would be a lot closer of a vote.
  2. You got me down for the wrong team, just an impartial observer commenting on that decisive burn…
  3. He is a great recruiter, really strong in the LA area if I remember correctly. It is hard to tell how he is on the X’s and O’s for me because because I don’t know enough about the WR position. But I know the players loved him and he will be a huge loss for the Pack.
  4. I don’t know if he makes it in or not if he tucks it, all I know is that he had a habit of extending at the goal line with one hand (and not switching to the outside hand at that). Now you can hammer his technique as extremely flawed in that he needs to better protect the ball but that doesn’t mean he was trying to showboat.
  5. Ok buddy, you know what they say about opinions and a**holes….
  6. I don’t see that as hotdogging at all, not even close. Reaching for the end zone trying to make a big play to get your team back into it. Just unfortunate timing and a good defensive play.
  7. I was sitting front row when one of those guys (Army I believe) slammed hard into Mackay Stadium a few years ago. Dropped like a bad habit from 50 feet. They have some serious stones landing in stadiums with all of the crazy wind effects and what not. I’m not sure how much money it would take to convince me to jump out of an airplane but it’s a lot…..
  8. I know Nevada Southern has distanced themselves from the Hey Reb mascot but I’m wondering if this new law will affect the Rebel name and force a complete change? https://www.npr.org/2021/06/06/1003794836/nevada-law-bans-racial-mascots-sundown-sirens
  9. Nevada is going to be in a rebuild next year with so many starters leaving, I’d rather turn the reins over to Millen and let him learn in a year without high expectations and become the next multi year starter.
  10. Whoa, take ‘er easy there Big Shoots, we aren’t going to let our Little Brother be homeless, what kind of Big Brother would that make us. We will talk to the Dogs and Pokes and make sure you can borrow our home away from home for another year, just promise not to embarrass us again please.
  11. Regardless of what the rental agreement is can you really call where you play your home games “your stadium” until you win a game there?? If Nevada Southern doesn’t pull out the upset against Eastern Washington those poor souls will have to wait until week 6 to get another shot! An 0-5 start is absolutely a possibility and who knows where the team’s motivation will be at that time. There is only so many weekly dancing competitions the Coaching staff can organize to keep morale up. Back to back winless seasons won’t be good for attendance, no matter how shiny and new your borrowed home is...
  12. I feel great for Coach Bruce, there were a few knuckleheads on social media calling for his job earlier this year, team rallied and just went to another level down the stretch! Now time to show up big in the postseason!
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