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  1. The UConn AD claims their priority is their football program at this point and landing in a geographically fit conference. The fans never got excited to play schools half way across the country and the AAC hurt recruiting. UConn has even invested heavily into their football facilities, the last 10 years, which are better than even most ACC facilities, so I have to believe that’s true. And as far as the Big East goes, irs a geographic fit, but with no Pitt, BC or Syracuse, it just doesn’t have that feel of prominence.
  2. Thanks man. That was a fun season and most diehard fans didn’t think the pitching was going to be as good as it was. Ultimately, lack of bullpen arms, and question marks on the 4 and 5 spots of the rotation did the Sox in. I’m hopeful we can rectify most of it through free agency. But, we’ll see.
  3. Actually, most of what your saying is pretty accurate. A couple of corrections though. I have a little knowledge on this topic and have been following it for quite a number of years. In 2011- it was going to be Syracuse and UConn to get the ACC bid, but BC didn’t want UConn, claiming they didn’t want to share part of their market with them. BC lobbied against UConn to the rear of the conference hard. So they ultimately moved on to Pitt. The ACC’s first choice was UConn and Syracuse, because they wanted to dismantle the Big East basketball stronghold and move it to the ACC. In 20
  4. Oh, I agree 100%. That’s exactly how it played out. Most people don’t know that history though. UConn really shot themselves in the foot with that lawsuit.
  5. It isn’t a stretch at all. They were actually passed twice. Once blocked by BC and the other time Jim Calhoun took them out of contention, after his program fell under NCAA investigation. That’s when Louisville was then selected instead. I also can’t argue with your assumptions. It’s probably best you do the research yourself. UConn Mens and Womens basketball have more National titles than Louisville’s entire athletic program. (20 vs 2) Their athletics facilities are some of the nicest in college sports. They’ve invested heavily over the past 20 Years.
  6. The ACC wanted them. Boston College blocked them with their vote. It’s a really easy Google search to confirm that.
  7. UConn still has aspirations for the ACC. Geographically they fit, as well as their basketball. They also have the facilities and the ACC budget. Not too mention rivals like Pitt and Syracuse are there. Boston College is the only thing standing in their way.
  8. I hope you’re right. I also think baseball needs to be much more of a priority for the new AD. There is no excuse for SJSU baseball being such trash. We’re in one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country. Our baseball program should be on par with SUDS at very least.
  9. I hope you’re right. But Northeastern is on the bottom of the college sports world - even in Boston. The bar is low for me after Tuite. I’m hoping he can get our facilities squared away.
  10. I’m seriously underwhelmed by this hire, but I was too over Brennan.
  11. That match was completely rigged. I was sold at the end when Floyd started sucking up to him at the end. Clearly it was just a payday to go 8 rounds
  12. I sure hope he recruits better than this. Doesn’t seem all that impressive, once you do a Google search on these recruits. Seems like more of the same, but I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day...
  13. Loved it. For all the Yankee fans claiming “rent free,” let’s not forget the chant “We want Boston.”
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