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  1. For some, this goes WAY beyond politics. It’s about basic human rights. As a white man, I personally have never experienced racism, but I have black friends, who are highly educated and contributing members of society, who have. I applaud the movement in the NBA and find it very admirable. I don’t applaud the opportunists who are creating havoc, however.
  2. Loved it. For all the Yankee fans claiming “rent free,” let’s not forget the chant “We want Boston.”
  3. Pearce, Price or Evoldi all could of easily won it. Eovaldi was probably the favorite, up until Pearce just went out and continued to Mash.
  4. Congrats to you too, bro! Super hungover today....🤢
  5. Agree. Once we steam rolled through the Yankees and Astros, I knew it was ours for the taking. 119 wins, baby!
  6. I wish this guy would just shut up already. Classless
  7. Rich Hill spun a gem, indeed. But we’ve been great once we reach an opposing teams bullpen. Now, time for a drink. It’s been an emotional 11 hours of baseball the past day.
  8. It’s the World Series. Pitchers are on short leashes. He’s managing for the win.
  9. I don’t think it’s just his pitchers he’s handling poorly. He started all righties against David Price. He let Price get into a rhythm in game 2 against an all right handed lineup. He was never made to feel unconfortable. Meanwhile, Muncy and Bellinger were riding pine. Price must have been licking his chops.
  10. Former pitchers aren’t typically very good managers. Tommy Losorda was an exception. John Farrell sucked in Boston. Also, I heard today that Dave Roberts doesn’t have full control of his starting lineups and that he’s being forced to stick to a script based solely on Sabermetrics. If that’s the case, there’s a bigger problem right there. You have to give the reigns and let your manager manage.
  11. You live by the Homerun, you die by the Homerun. The Red Sox have discipline at the plate - something the Yankees and now Dodgers don’t have. Sabermetrics ain’t the end all be all.
  12. To back up your point - The Red Sox are 19 and 8 in 2018 vs the National League. 5 of those NL losses came at home.
  13. At most LA takes 2 at home. Nothing has shown me that the Dodgers can handle what the Sox are throwing at them. Buehler will be very good, we can assume. But the Dodger bullpen and poor management by Dave Roberts will ultimately be their demise.
  14. JBJ will be the odd man out. Betts will slide to center and JD will play right. JBJ will then pinch hit and our bullpen will most likely have Price, Eovaldi and Sale in it Sox fans are WAY ok with that. Sorry, no breaks for you.
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