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  1. I’m a first responder. I was 1A. Seniors are 1B
  2. Where do you get your “facts”’from? Might want to get a better source.
  3. Hoping for your and your wife’s health, man. I’ve had multiple exposures and tests. It’s nerve wracking. Glad to have a vaccine now.
  4. They’re recommending wearing masks, because they’re not sure if we can still be carriers of the virus. I’m sure they’ll know this tidbit soon enough though.
  5. The Pfizer. No sore arm- yet. But I always get that will the flu vaccine too.
  6. Sorry, didn’t see the “Vaccine Forum.”
  7. Let’s just say - I work for a Fire Department in a big city. 🤣
  8. It’s been a bit now and I feel completely fine. It was just like a flu shot. Don’t believe all the hype out there. Hope we can get more people on board for it, so we can get to watching live sports. Cheers
  9. I see I haven’t missed much here in 2020. You’re still here annoying everyone.
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