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  1. Holy crap ... This makes getting out faces kicked in that much worse. on a side note, I'll take Memphis and the points
  2. Wyoming vs UTEP in New Mexico Bowl. It makes too much sense for the bowl game and television.
  3. Now Wyoming can say they beat two conference champions this year ... Which is just so ... Wyoming of us.
  4. Every once in a while someone chimes in: "Screw you, we'll make our own bowl game!" Well, it finally happened...
  5. Memphis is already set to go to the Hawaii Bowl. What's stopping the MW?
  6. D- on the reply. There's plenty of accurate slams to come back with. I expect better next time.
  7. They need to change the name to 'Eastern Football League'. They're missing two time zones.
  8. Boise and Air Force to Wyoming.
  9. Wyoming to the Mountain Division.
  10. This board figuring out the Mountain Division title.
  11. We lose a touchdown ... They get an interception. WTH?
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