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  1. The Effin’ Streak Killers. Fire Otz!
  2. The worst play was the Javonte Johnson missed dunk where he could have passed it ahead to Matos. Immature freshman clown show.
  3. Normally with that many bricks you’d expect the paint to be gone from the rims. But UNM throws up so many airballs that the rims came out of the game just fine.
  4. Next up for the Lobos. A two game set with Sparty. Oh, the humanity!
  5. No fans allowed for COVID19 turns out to be a good thing tonight.
  6. If ever a game needed triple OT its this one.
  7. Some of these fouls are just bad fouls committed at meaningless parts of the floor.
  8. Give credit to UNM. They dont shoot it very well but they are scrappin’
  9. Back to back airballs by Francis. That was sublime.
  10. If I was addicted to meth I’d blame Wyoming.
  11. Hamilton and Jenkins looking completely content to split 1-1
  12. They’ll be doing it with a new coach if they do. I just called up DRF and told her to fire Otz for cause. Dereliction of duty. She agreed.
  13. 28-27 UNM at the half. Streak is over. Fire Otz.
  14. Referee Eric Curry is killing the Rebs tonight. Double dribble on one end of the floor. Same play on the other end not called. RFight in front of Otz.
  15. The turnover magic number for AFA is 10. Anything over that and they are inviting trouble. I’m sure thats what Joe Scott has been preaching in practice. He finally got it on Saturday.
  16. I’m gonna keep it simple. I like WYO to win but the game is too close to call with the spread. I have zero feel for how the first half will go and I dont have a great feel for the O/U. Maybe I’m just gunshy to bet anything WYO since they were my last loss. I don’t see things changing for UNLV-UNM vs the first game. I had the Rebs at -6.5 for the first half and I get the same for the second game just 2 days later? Sign me up! The Rebels are usually good out of the gate and UNM has been poor, especially in second games. Give me the Rebels -6.5 in the first half. Fingers crossed for 16
  17. My last loss was Wyoming -5.5 in the first half against Omaha. Wyoming led by 6 when a guy from Omaha nailed a three-ball at the buzzer. That sucked. But my worst bad beat happened a zillion years ago (sometime in the early 80’s). I had nailed the first 5 games of a 6-game college football parlay. The last game I had Miami -7 against Maryland. When I left for dinner with my wife, Miami led at half 35-7. A $20 bet at 50:1 and it was a lock. We were young and just getting started and that $1000 was a ton of money to us. When I got home I learned that Maryland had come back and won 42-38.
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