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  1. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Niko Medved about recruiting, the transfer portal, NIL stuff. His belief is that his All-Conference level players will come from the high school ranks and developed within the program. He’ll still use the portal to fill in his roster but that is getting tougher and tougher with all of the NIL money flying around. just for fun, I went back and looked at the last few seasons All MWC teams. About 70-80% of the First and Second Teamers were high school recruits.
  2. All of CSU’s practices are open. Part of the staff philosophy of reaching out to the community at large.
  3. I’m old enough to remember him broadcasting games when Sandy Koufax pitched. Both the best at what they did.
  4. 6’10” big who really came on this summer with multiple offers including Utah State and Missouri. Most recently, USC showed interest. I’m hearing there’s a chance he could reclassify to 2022 and join the Rams for the upcoming season.
  5. He has done a great job building theBroncos into a consistent winner in the MWC. I remember talking with Leon during that first year in the MWC when Boise was having a really tough go of it. Leon knew what difficulty he was up against. He has done a good job upgrading the talent and hiring some very good assistants.
  6. Some great additions and incredible depth. Last years minutes split up something like this: Ike -32 Maldonado - 37 Jeffries -37 Oden - 27 DuSell - 28 Wenzel - 23 That leaves 16 minutes plus Jeffries 37. Which means the newcomers have 53 minutes among them or they’re taking minutes from the 6 important holdovers.. How do you see it breaking down?
  7. There should be at least 5 CSU games on there where Addazio had the audacity to lead them onto the field.
  8. Guaranteed about $2.2M for two years with a team option for $2.3M in the 3rd year.
  9. Nevada looking for a pathway to the SEC.
  10. Based on your post, I thought you might like this. The young broadcaster is a CSU grad whom I met during the pandemic when only media could attend hoops games.
  11. Hedman was a -3 in Game Two. The thing is that I do believe that Hedman is as good as it gets when it comes to a traditional defenseman. And the Av’s are making him look silly. Even more remarkable was the performance of the Lightning’s #1 line of Stamkos, Palat, and Kucherov who managed one shot on goal between them; I do give the three credit for demonstrating strong supernatural powers of invisibility. Clearly a strength over the Av’s roster. Here’s a hint when considering rosters of the two teams. Cale Makar is the best player in the world.
  12. I wasnt a big Dr. McConnell fan during the COVID lockdowns. CSU policies were draconian at best and she became a slave to the Pandemic Response task force. Larimer County was allowing a small number of fans to attend high school games during the 2021 season and she never overruled the pandemic response team to allow even parents to attend CSU games. That being said, she was getting much more involved on the athletic side in the past year. I talked with her a bit during the Bigger Than Basketball event and also during a 5K run sponsored by Norvell’s wife on the day of the Spring football game. She was becoming an enthusiast. I have zero insight into her leaving.
  13. 23% career three-point shooter. I saw him live against St Peter’s and wasnt impressed.
  14. Teams like St Louis know how to muck it up properly. Edmonton is built to be a fast attacking team and doesnt know how to muck it up.
  15. NBA teams are starting to give guaranteed contracts to early 2nd rounders. As much as 4 years for $7m with the first two years guaranteed. Roddy worked out for the teams that hold the first three picks in the second round (Indiana, Orlando,Toronto). I’m pretty sure he would have come back to CSU if he didnt get some kind of handshake agreement with a guarantee out of one of those teams.
  16. Only some fans of inferior programs thought of him as a bully or a jerk. I think its safe to say he had the respect of the fans of the top programs. There aren’t too many players that would stay an hour after a game to make sure that kids got autographs and pictures like David did regularly.
  17. Smack talk is unbecoming for a fan from a team that lost to both Air Force and New Mexico last season and failed to qualify for post-season play.
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