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  1. The first game is always super important. I don’t expect the teams to feel each other out either. I think it’ll be a 40-minute war.
  2. Bubble I think. That BYU road win still stands out. But if they get swept, they’ll most likely be the 4-seed in the tournament and have to meet San Diego State in the semi’s if they make it past a Nevada team that beat them twice. Lose that and I think that might put them out of an at-large.
  3. I dont think the Aztecs can afford to be swept either. With 0 Quad 1 wins, a pair of losses to Boise will probably end up producing 2 Quad 1 losses. They’ll probably have to win out all the way through the MWC Tourney. I think a split is best for both teams, especially as it relates to both al-large bids and the MWC Tourney. A sweep by either side will most likely result in one team getting the #1 seed and the other getting the #4 seed, setting one team to lose to the other in the semi’s. I’m not sure I’d want to be the loser of that semi-final game having to sit around for the Selection
  4. I really dont have a feel for this one. CSU split with both teams but it took a miraculous comeback against SDSU. I like both teams a lot and think it will be a highly competitive first game with such big stakes on the line. I’m taking Boise +6.5.
  5. You should probably study the game a little more. NBA teams have run versions of the Princeton offense. If you knew anything, you’d know that CSU runs a modified version of the Princeton when they’re in the halfcourt.
  6. The CSU and New Mexico women got it even worse. They get regularly scheduled road games at Utah State and Air Force respectively on Sat/Mon, fly to Las Vegas on Tuesday, play each other on Wednesday and Friday, then begin the MWC Tournament which runs Monday through Wednesday. 7 games in 11 days if they want to win the conference championship and go to the NCAA’s. They don;’t have a TV contract to fulfill. Thats not looking after the health and safety of student athletes.
  7. At least the 3-point streak is alive. 😀
  8. 32-30 Fresno at the half. Fresno makes 7 three-balls. Diong gives Fresno a point with a technical for hanging on the rim. That point cost me the under of 61.5. Eff Marvin Menzies for recruiting Ding Dong. And eff Otz for allowing Fresno to make 7 of 17 from beyond the arc.
  9. 27-25 UN LV at the under 4 TO. Fresno inexplicably shooting 7-13 from beyond the arc. My first half under in jeopardy
  10. Barn burner in Clune. 34-32 AFA at the under 12 media TO. 11-5 in the second half.
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