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  1. If you’re interested in historical context throughout the Olympics, I suggest giving this person a follow on Twitter: @bambam1729 He’s one the top Olympic historians in the world and often is quoted by major publications. He also happens to be one of my best friends from my college days.
  2. I’m sure Pope will do exactly that; he’s a good coach. On the positive side, Knight is really good at getting to the free throw line. If Pope can fit him in the offense as non-ball-centric and take advantage of his ability to get fouled, he could be a solid asset.
  3. Volume scoring team killer if he plays like he did at San Jose State
  4. Ironically, the Outback in Fort Collins is now closed. Must have led to the high rating. 😀
  5. I have too many FoCo favorites to mention. My wife’s favorite is Ginger and Baker, a restaurant complex founded by former CSU AD Jack Graham’s wife Ginger. Fancy restaurant upstairs and more of a popular restaurant downstairs. And a coffe shop with homemade pies (that was the original plan). Its in a refurbed mill down by the railroad tracks.
  6. Well done Fort Collins, San Diego, Boise, Honolulu, and Albuquerque for Top 20 status. And color me shocked that Laramie is 3rd worst. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Italy completely dominated the match and were deserved winners. England was far too negative, starting with a back 5 and sitting deep after they scored in the 2nd minute.
  8. Too early for me to comment with any real intelligence. I havent had a chance to see the new guys practice. Obviously Isaiah Stevens and David Roddy will continue to lead the way; what excites me about them is that they are both humble hard-working players so I expect to see improvement after the off-season workouts with a top trainer in Dallas-Fort Worth. How newcomer Chandler Jacobs fits is still uncertain. He could start in place of Kendle Moore or maybe come off the bench; regardless, he will add a lot on both ends of the floor and probably be good for 25 minutes on the floor. Center Jame
  9. I watched the entire match. Not exactly a classic. But as you said, a very emotional post-game. I was happy for Messi and it was nice to see Emi Martinez win the Golden Glove award for best keeper. His performance against Colombia stopping PK,s was the top moment of the tournament for me.
  10. Fantastic match between Spain and Italy. Spain were very good and looked to have the impetus after tying the match 1-1 in the 80th minute. For some reason they played a bit more conservatively from then on. Ultimately it cost them because they lost on penalties. Dani Olmo was the best player on the pitch and he sent his penalty out of Wembley. Morata scored a beautiful goal to tie the match and then badly missed his penalty. Italy were deserved winners.
  11. Semi matchups set with Italy-Spain and England-Denmark. England have a little bit of an advantage as they get to play any remaining games in London. The Three Lions displayed their depth with two players getting starts today (Mount and Sancho) and not playing their best player from the previous match (Jack Grealish).
  12. A Russian missile was fired after their radar picked up an unidentified object launched from within the stadium.
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