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  1. Bohl will spend the next two weeks preparing for CSU. All the heat from boosters that comes from a sub-par season will be dissipated with a Border War win.
  2. Swoll Cracker

    MW Preaseason Media Poll

    They got it all wrong. Every team is at least 1 or 2 spots lower than where they should be.
  3. Swoll Cracker

    Cold in Fort Collins

    Two week forecast shows primarily sunny with daytime temps in the 50's and 60's. The storm that blew in on Saturday night was very interesting to say the least. The weather for the CSU-UNM game was beautiful at 2PM kickoff 65* and sunny with a 10MPH wind out of the southwest. The forecast was for a cold front to start blowing through about 5PM with temperatures starting to drop and the wind shifting from SW to NE. It was amazing how accurate the prediction was. When CSU began their last drive trailing 18-17, the helping wind had disappeared and it became very calm; after a few plays the wind was in their face as they continued to march into FG range. By the time they kicked the FG there was a 15mph wind in their face. Their kicker probably would have missed badly if it had come from 40+ yards. It was truly strange to see the weather change so dramatically at game's end. A few hours later snow began to fall and we awakened to 3" of snow on the ground on Sunday to go with that cold.
  4. Swoll Cracker

    Fire Sanchez

    Recently I've leaned that rimming skills are more important than knowledge in Rebel-land.
  5. Swoll Cracker

    This sounds like something SJSU should try.

    Sparty googled "gaping hole" to improve their run game.
  6. Swoll Cracker

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Kirsten Sween anyone?
  7. Swoll Cracker

    Rank Em

    41k includes standing room. 36.5k seats.
  8. Swoll Cracker

    Boise State basketball unveils new practice jerseys

    Lots. Wife beaters are the going fashion on Chinden Blvd.
  9. Swoll Cracker

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    It was a hard fought game that could have gone either way. Easily the most complete game CSU has played this year, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I think UNM is running a way better offense this year and will be a tough out as the season goes on. @LoboMan59 and I had a r4eally good time.
  10. Swoll Cracker

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    It actually was a dumb play by the UNM dB. It happened well before the replay showed anything downfield
  11. Swoll Cracker

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Hanging with @loboman59
  12. Swoll Cracker

    Eight Reasons for All You Knuckleheads to Love Rocky Long

    The original post omitted that Rocky Long is credited with finding the cure for insomnia.
  13. Swoll Cracker

    Boise State basketball unveils new practice jerseys

    So were the players.
  14. Swoll Cracker

    Boise State basketball unveils new practice jerseys

    They'll sell like crazy to Boise natives then.
  15. Swoll Cracker

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    I watched the game early into the 3rd quarter and then fell asleep. Not much offense, especially at the QB position, but the defenses were very good. Howdy Doody whines a lot. Attendance announced at 25326. #ScannerFail