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  1. Glad that Fresno is in the MWC? I’m not.
  2. You couldnt afford him anyway.
  3. We’ve known about it for a few months. My wife and I will probably attend provided that things continue along the right path.
  4. I took this picture at the England-Romania match at France98. It was one of 5 matches I attended over 5 days. Thats Beckham making his first ever appearance in a World Cup. For those who wonder what the attraction of soccer is I suggest they attend a World Cup on foreign soil. It the biggest month long party going. Better than any other sports event Ive attended and Ive been to a bunch.
  5. Does TJ plan to have the team enter the court carrying a sledge hammer?
  6. Is his nickname “Biscuit”?
  7. It was a rebuild regardless of whether he stayed or not. Harris leaving opens up more time for other players. While Nevada will definitely miss a payer of Harris’ caliber, their rebuild will accelerate.
  8. Sounds like a lock for MWC Freshman of the Year.
  9. UNLV is Charo - the Coochie Coochie girl herself. Peaked in 1990.
  10. She grew up in Colorado and had a very successful junior career here but I never saw her play any of those tournaments. I did see her play back in 2014 when San Diego State played at CSU’s tournament which was held at my club. SDSU’s top 2 players were really good. Spiranac was OK but finished way down the list in that event shooting 81-77-71. To put her performance into perspective, I shot 73-71 from tees that were 600 yards longer to win the Senior Club Championship there just two days before. I also don’t remember her boobs being that big and thats not something I would miss.