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  1. UNLV at Colorado State

    There will be a lot of fans at Moby wearing orange but disguised as green seats.
  2. OT Bill Walton

    My Walton impression stems from the days when his son was playing at Arizona. It goes: "Luke Walton. One of the great young minds in all of college basketball."
  3. Larry Eustachy Says It’s About the Players

    More than one person has described Sideshow Larry as the most miserable person they've ever met.
  4. Sorry Wyoming Fans

  5. Air Force VS CSU

    I'm debating whether I want to go to any more games this season. After watching Sideshow Larry's post-game presser, I'm thinking I might be done. He's completely clowning the CSU fan base.
  6. Air Force VS CSU

    Not so fast! Prentiss Nixon will be out due to injury.
  7. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Marvin vs Sideshow Larry on Saturday afternoon at Moby. Sideline Mensa Convention.
  8. Air Force VS CSU

    That's all fine and dandy. But next year will be the tipping point when a large number of season ticket holders bail.
  9. Air Force VS CSU

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sideshow Larry has been running the CSU program into the ground and should have been fired two years ago. His teams have become completely unwatchable from a fan perspective. I dont enjoy it anymore. My wife and I have already decided to not renew our season tickets that we've held for more that 15 years.
  10. Air Force VS CSU

    There's a reason I have been calling them SIdeshow Larry and the Misfits.
  11. Air Force VS CSU

    Congrats to Air Force. They deserved to win as they played harder that Larry's Misfits.
  12. More problems for UNC?

    Wanna know how bad the NCAA is? I know a guy who was on the Northern Colorado staff who quit coaching because he was uncomfortable with what was happenening there. He knew he did wrong but quit because he knew he'd be fired if he didnt comply with the head coach's requests. That same head coach told him that since he was no longer employed that he didnt have to talk to the NCAA when they came calling. The guy stepped up to the plate and came clean with the NCAA even though he didnt have to say a word. The NCAA gave him a 3-year show cause ban for his honesty.
  13. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Nevada is very good. SAN is effin awful. How much the Pack wins by is dependent on how much effort they feel like putting into the game.
  14. Las Vegas Sun Starting to Charge

    The Block/Charge call can go either way.
  15. Air Force VS CSU

    Sideshow Larry has never lost to Air Force since he's been coaching in Fort Collins. I suppose there's a first time for everything.