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  1. Someone call the National Guard

    Yep. Last season was an anomaly created by Clavell getting an extra year. I saw where this program was really headed during the 2015-16 season. Eustachy quit after the 2015 season. You should spend more time with everyone else in the Athletic Department to learn what a cancer the guy has been.
  2. Someone call the National Guard

    Sorry excuse. Players started mailing it in before the MWC schedule began.
  3. Someone call the National Guard

    It started 2+ seasons ago.
  4. Dave Rice to CSUN?

    Talk about a strange love triangle. Tim Miles - CSU to Nebraska Larry Eustachy - Southern Miss to CSU Doc Sadler - Nebraska to Southern Miss
  5. Selection committee mumbo jumbo.
  6. A starting five of all walk-ons versus SJSU

    Sideshow Larry was undefeated against Sparty.
  7. New Mexico @ Wyoming

    I couldnt watch. Did one team wear shirts and the other skins?
  8. OT: Louisville loses NCAA National Title

    Vacating wins is stupid. They should lose all NCAA Tourney credits acquired during the period in question. That 2013 championship team was a great team. I remember watching them from about 20 rows up dismantle North Carolina A&T and sending a text to Niko Medved, CSU's assistant who was scouting Louisville for the next round from courtside. I asked " Does Louisville look as fast down there as I think they are." His reply was "Faster." I knew the Rams would struggle with them and they did.
  9. Dave Rice to CSUN?

    Three hours of vaping with Steve Barnes behind the wheel is Sideshow Larry's definition of nirvana.
  10. Dave Rice to CSUN?

    Sideshow Larry and Steve Barnes would be a good fit at CSUN. Eustachy can commute from his home in Newport Beach. Barnes is a great chauffeur. And since CSUN isn't very good Eustachy could probably get away with browbeating and calling his players worthless pieces on sh!t.
  11. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Lets not forget that his team got rolled up pretty good by Sideshow Larry earlier this season.
  12. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Problem in Logan is athletic budget relative to the other schools in the MWC. I'm not sure Stew could have overcome that.
  13. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    They love him in Logan. He's the guy that built the Utah State program up in the 90's before Stew Morrill took over.
  14. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Eustachy should be available pretty soon.