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  1. Teams will progress at different rates for awhile. None of us know what kind of practice restrictions exist from county to county and state to state.
  2. There goes the undefeated season.
  3. Beat me to it. In all honesty I think he’s a good coach. But with only three players returning and 7 freshmen, its going to be tough sledding early. Amauri Hardy was a loss and Mitrou Long was a much more important player than Rebel fans realize. And as much of a beating Antonio took for missing shots, he was one of their better defenders.
  4. Rebels still foul too much. And bounce the ball way too much on offense.
  5. Rebels will take over inside of 10 minutes. It’ll only be a matter of whether they run out of time.
  6. Is anybody around to check up on @ph90702?
  7. Solid start to the season for the Pack. Any double-digit neutral court win is good. And I’m jealous they got to play and I have to sit a bit longer to see my team play.
  8. Its COVID. It happens even to people who practice that.
  9. So two teams bang each other for 40 minutes and then there’s no post-game handshake line? COVID Science I guess.
  10. I’m glad he didnt hurt himself. It was pretty awkward.
  11. Timeouts seem to last forever.Are they doing COVID testing?
  12. Nice burst by Nevada to blow the lead up to 10. A couple of nice hoops by Sherfield.
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