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  1. I’m happy that an American will be home for Christmas.
  2. I The MWC isn’t the ACC either but that didn’t stop Addazio from cratering CSU.
  3. Addazio 2.0. Addazio was a .500 coach at his only P5 stop (Boston College) with a conference win percentage of 39.3%. Odom was a .500 coach in his P5 stop with a conference win percentage of 40.6%. I hope he has a better personality that Addazio who was a clown.
  4. CSU has used metal detectors and clear bag policy for several years now in Moby Arena.
  5. Top 50 Teams by Conference Big 10 - 7 SEC - 7 Big 12 - 6 ACC - 5 MWC - 5 Big East - 4 PAC12 - 4 AAC - 2 Sun Belt -2 WCC - 2 CAA - 1 C-USA - 1 Ivy -1 MAAC -1 MAC - 1 Wac - 1
  6. So far, so good. Next few weeks are really important. CSU took a huge hit over the weekend with that Quad 4 loss to Northern Colorado. They have what looks like three really good Quad 1 and Quad 2 opportunities over the next two weeks.to get back on track. Other MWC teams needs to make sure they don’t pick up any bad loss like that CSU loss and it will be certain three bids.
  7. Former CSU setter and 3-time MWC Player of the Year Katie Oleksak is a Graduate Assistant at USD.
  8. Saw the Lions on Wednesday night in Fort Collins. They are a very physical team that make it very difficult to score inside. And they have a solid pair of guards who can control tempo pretty well. CSU had to play really well to beat them. I’m a little surprised that Will Baker didn’t do more damage inside. CSU’s backup big shot 7-8 in the interior in only 18 minutes.
  9. CSU and Nevada with a pair of big stinkers. WYO produced a hall pass stinker.
  10. LMU has a solid pair of guards who know how to get into the paint.
  11. Until he gets @RebelRobert seal of approval he will continue to mull it over.
  12. Rams bigs combined for 37 points. John Tonje and Isaiah Rivera, who average 29 points as a pair, scored 6 today. The issue wasn’t the bigs. It was the defense that No showed for the entire game and a coaching staff that fell asleep in the second half. it’s hard to get defensive rebounds when you’re always pulling the ball out of the net.
  13. Bummed that the USA lost. Excited by the fact that a team with a rich history like the Netherlands was so concerned about the USA that they played low block, counterattacking football. The USA future is bright. Might take a whole generation to get even further in the knockout stage but you can see it coming.
  14. Tell Todd Graham he’s late to the party. Steve Addazio has already made that claim.
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