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  1. I feel bad that I’ve posted so many negative things about Spartan Basketball. I’m ready to eat some crow as it looks like they’re on track to earn a coveted NCAA At-large Bid. I’m ready to give Jean Prioleau the MWC COY for bringing honor to our conference. Go Sparty!
  2. Upside down picture. Dude stands on his head.
  3. The wear and tear on the Av’s has come via injuries to key players like Donskoi, Calvert, and Johnson. And Landeskog last night with that freak injury.
  4. Avs played their best game of the playoffs last night in winning Game 6. They controlled the front of the net defensively against a tough and physical set of Stars‘ forwards. And were creative And fast on the offensive side. Cale Makar was unbelievable last night on both ends; he’s a lot of fun to watch. Keeping my fingers crossed about Game 7.
  5. Dryden was the best back then. Growing up in Binghamton, NY, I was fortunate enough to see him play at Cornell.
  6. Way back in 2003, CSU won the MWC Tourney and were placed in Salt Lake CIty for the NCAA Tournament. We ended up staying in the hotel where Arizona was staying. On the morning after the first round games, we were sitting in the lobby drinking coffee and I ran into the moms of a couple of Arizona players (Luke Walton, Richie Anderson). While talking to them, Lute Olsen and his wife wandered by and I was introduced to him. He was a warm, soft-spoken man. As an aside, I believe that First and Second Round of games in Salt Lake was one of the greatest in NCAA history. An epic OT affair be
  7. No doubt about Caroline being deserving. Same is true for Marvelle Harris of Fresno State. And off the top of my head, I can name a player from every school in the conference more deserving than a Skylar Spencer who never once was good enough to make an All-MWC 3rd team in his four years at San Diego State.
  8. CSU has NCAA and NIT Tourney wins as part of 2 NCAA and 3 NIT appearances in the decade. How’s about Boise? By the way, choosing Skylar Spencer as a 3rd teamer is a complete joke. Advanced stats and win shares are BS to justify his selection. The guy scored double figures all of twice in 70 MWC games. One year of Colton Iverson in 2013 and 4 years of Nico Carvacho from 2017-20 easily surpass any of Spencer’s accomplishments.
  9. Hard to believe that the multi-talented Mosie Boyd outlasted Kamala Harris in the California primary.
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