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  1. My favorite thread. Remember a month or so ago when someone wrote an article saying that CSU was one of the few schools to never have a black QB. It was a true statement until someone informed the author that Anthoney Hill quarterbacked the Rams from 1992-94, leading the Rams to a WAC title and #14 ranking his senior year. And now someone has written an article saying that CSU has never had a black head coach. WHich is probably news to Ritchie McKay who was the Head Coach of the CSU Men’s Basketball team from 1998-2000. I not a big fan of the term Fake News. I do believe a better description is Shoddy Journalism.
  2. Is there anyone who appreciates the value on @slappy ‘s posts as much as I do?
  3. New stadium, big donations, quality of life. San Diego is making a strong move for claiming #SuperiorLifestyle.
  4. Bohl would be a misfit in Fort Collins. The #SuperiorLifestyle has no room for a closet full of Carhartt.
  5. Parting with Bobo was a done deal. Losing to AFA sealed that decision. Joe has been pursuing this new head coach track for more than a few days. Urban Meyer didnt just show up in Fort Collins out of the blue. These meetings were scheduled once the decision was made on Bobo. And they are on record as wanting to move fast because of the December 18 signing date. Joe is smart and wouldn’t set himself up for failure to meet that goal.
  6. Joe wasnt at the basketball game last night. I had hoped I would be able to show him my support. The signs are pointing in a direction that CSU has already found their next coach. I dont think they’re messing around.
  7. ? Have you watched San Diego State?
  8. Urban Meyer may not be our next coach but he is consulting.
  9. Best Aztec team since 2011. I was impressed. I was happy that CSU could hang for 33 minutes but they got overpowered at the end. Malachi Flynn is awfully good. Matt Mitchell is much improved and a beast off the bench. No weaknesses among the starters AND a strong bench. As for CSU, only Nico Carvacho was up to the physical task tonight.
  10. The joke might really be on you. Its rumored that Rolo has expressed interest in the CSU job.
  11. I’ll be sure to tell him when i see him at the basketball game tonight.