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  1. Thank you for all you have done in maintaining the MWC Community
  2. As of now, CSU has lost backup PG PJ Byrd (xfer to Southern) and added G Baylor Hebb (xfer from Loyola, IL). They return their top 7 (Stevens, Moore, Roddy, Thistlewood, Moors, Tonje, Thomas), two others who played limited minutes (Rivera, Jennissen), and add a pair of really talented freshmen (SG Jalen Lake, PG Jalen Scott). I expect that playing time for all players other than Isaiah Stevens and David Roddy will be highly competitive. A lot of us are dying to see if Jalen Lake will be able to crack the rotation. People close to the program believe he’ll give three-year starter Kendle Moore
  3. Do you suppose the people in Ames, Iowa will appreciate my comments on Superior Lifestyle like those in the MWC do?
  4. They love to pair Hawaii in the first round with an old WAC rival. Folks over there still harbor a grudge against the WAC teams that left them high and dry to form the MWC. Hence. Wyoming will probably draw Hawaii in the first round.
  5. Looks like CSU will be losing backup PG PJ Byrd who played about 13 minutes per game.
  6. Seeing her standing there with water, my first thought was that she would easily win an NCAA D-1 Athletic Directors’ Wet T-Shirt Contest.
  7. Collin Hill to the Bengals too.
  8. OK. So here’s the answer: Borzello has them ranked as follows: Bryce Hamilton - 35 David Jenkins Jr. - 59 Mbacke Diong - 67 Mike Nuga - just outside the Top 100. That would mean that in Borzello’s eyes, Nuga is not an upgrade over Jenkins. Thats all I was trying to understand. Whether its true or not, we’ll have to wait and see.
  9. He didnt ignore me. He has the info on ESPN+ which is subscription-based.
  10. ESPN’s Jeff Borzello listed the roster changes of all P6 teams and 20 other noteworthy teams. He listed Boise, CSU, Nevada, SDSU, and USU from the Mountain West. One MWC team is glowingly omitted. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31357458/ncaa-division-men-college-basketball-rosters-departures-newcomers-2021-22
  11. To give you some perspective the Top 5 in that UNLV list (Hamm, Nuga, Iwuakor, McCabe, Williams) total up to about 126 in BPR. CSU’s starting lineup from 20-21, all of whose are expected to return in 21-22 (Roddy, Stevens, Moore, Thistlewood, Moors) have a BPR that adds up to 180.
  12. The guy who does those numbers is a PhD candidate in statistics. His web-site is actually quite fascinating and loaded with all kinds of interesting stuff. (Evanmiya.com).
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