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  1. Pence was in our neck of the woods in Windsor, CO yesterday doing some campaigning/fundraising for Sen. Cory Gardner. A buddy of mine was held up by his motor procession. We did get to see Air Force 2 departing from Fort Collins - Loveland Regional. It was quite a sight from the golf course.
  2. Do people realize that donations for the purpose of purchasing tickets are no longer 80% tax deductible? The number that matters most is Total Revenue. Whether it comes as a seat tax or booster club donation doesnt really matter. How you get there is not as important.
  3. Some food for thought. The empty seats that you see on TV are mostly in the student section and those aren’t revenue-generating seats. Canvas Stadium has a ton of premium seats with revenues generated beyond the typical cost of a ticket. Many of those premium seats and suites were sold with 3-5 year contracts. Heck, the New Belgian Porch generates an additional $250K on top of season ticket prices to 1200 people. Roughly 1 out of 13 season ticket holders leaves their purchased seat to go hang in the New Belgian Porch.
  4. The approval of the word “queer” has always puzzled me because it’s more traditional definition is odd or peculiar.
  5. I guess this means that CSU will never get an invite to the American until they change their name to the US Citizen Conference.
  6. Good player. I know the CSU staff was interested in him until it became obvious he was headed to UNLV. Word is that Minnesota was in on him late but he stuck with UNLV.
  7. He’ll be just fine as long as they turn off the lights during team introductions and affix the spotlights on him.
  8. You are correct. Pomeroy shows 22 starts for Diong and 19 for Hardy.
  9. Is the illiteracy rate high in Wyoming? That’s the overall ranking for first time home buyers, not the ranking for quality of life. Had you followed the instructions properly in the OP, you would know that. Or maybe not. Hint: Check out the very right column of the table.
  10. Ignas Sargiunas was a 4-star who transferred from Georgia to Colorado State after his freshman year. He’ll sit out this upcoming season, then have three to play. Prepare thine anuses.
  11. Someone playing a ukulele on the beach surrounded by surfboards and outrigger canoes. Everyone else digging into a bowl of poi. Kailua Pig chasing chickens.
  12. Click on this link, then sort based upon Quality of Life Rank. https://wallethub.com/edu/best-and-worst-cities-for-first-time-home-buyers/5564/ #SuperiorLifestyle 😀😀😀 P.S. Congrats to Boise and Colorado Springs for showing up and keeping Fort Collins on its toes. As for AlbyQ showing near the bottom, I blame it on Bob Davie. No cities in Wyoming were evaluated- shocker.