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  1. Swoll Cracker

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    Moore does not have a steal. Edwards had one.
  2. Swoll Cracker

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    He doesn't look polished but he can score near the rim with both hands. And he doesn't have any big bodies to make space for him.
  3. Swoll Cracker

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    Solid first half for both teams. CSU doesn't have the mature bodies to hang for 40 minutes with Nevada. I'm pleased with the performance of our two freshmen, both of whom are skilled but really overmatched physically.
  4. Swoll Cracker

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    He's a great rebounder. The problem is that he's CSU's only rebounder.
  5. Swoll Cracker

    SDSU @ Fresno

    "This Aztec team be losing too much, I think it might be time to fire Dutch." peace out, yo.
  6. Swoll Cracker

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    Nevada's bigger bodies will slice and dice the Rams in the paint.
  7. Swoll Cracker

    New Mexico at UNLV

    This is actually a springboard game for both teams. UNLV is at the top of the conference and A win gets New Mexico back above .500. I look for a lot of energy by both teams.
  8. Swoll Cracker

    Hazelton to K-State

    Stanard was not just an asshole and a screamer but he was a shitty LB Coach when he was DC at CSU. He had no idea how to coach filing proper gaps and when players asked questions he'd scream at them some more. Many of the players knew the position,better than he did. I'll never forget Stanard at the booster club golf Tourney one year. He was there on a tee box to help us with our distance. We could use his tee shot if we wanted to. He crushed one and proudly stood there with her chest puffed out. And then watched as everyone on our team blew it by him by at least 30 yards.
  9. Swoll Cracker

    MWC highlights

    Our coach at CSU said he's the best big man CSU has faced this season. That's high praise considering CSU has faced Arkansas' Daniel Gafford who is projected mid 1st Round in this year's NBA Draft.
  10. I guarantee they have guys in the football program who were All Conference basketball players in high school that could help out. Way back when I was in school, some of the frat intramural teams were loaded with scholarship football players and scholarship baseball players who were good enough to play D1 Basketball.
  11. Remember when everyone thought Sparty was headed in the right direction because of close losses at Stanford and Cal? Their average scoring margin is -27 in MW play.
  12. The first ever meeting by two MWC teams with kenpom.com ratings of 300+. Only Sparty has produced a 300+ rating in years prior but injuries have really taken their toll on the Cowboys; Justin James was helped off the floor with a knee problem last Saturday and that could be the final blow for them. Both teams are coming off 30 points of more road losses. They do have a return meeting scheduled later in the season so I'm hoping that the home fans are rewarded for their loyalty. I'll be rooting for Wyoming on Wednesday. Who ya got?
  13. Swoll Cracker

    Fresno Boise game

    I watched a good portion of the game on my IPad while flying home from Orlando. I thought Fresno played a great road game. Great defense, very connected on both ends of the floor and timely shooting. Boise looked half a step slow all night, mostly due to Fresno but I think they had a little bit of a hangover from that tough loss the other night. Fresno seems to be on their way to a Top 2 finish. Boise still Top Half; Broncos really need another scorer with RJ Williams struggling so much in conference play.
  14. Swoll Cracker

    LOL @ UNLV Basketball

    At a Best Buy parking lot?