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  1. Fresno’s computer numbers were similar to UCSB.
  2. The overall disparity between the MWC and Big West is about the same as the disparity between the Big East and the MWC. The MWC had 6 Top 100 teams and the Big West 0 in the kenpom rankings. Other than UCI and UCSB, the Big West in 2020 was in the class of AFA, WYO, and SJSU. League strength is irrelevant when it comes to individual players. Gomez has scored well against teams at all levels.
  3. Perhaps BYU could schedule NMSU for an entire season, much like the Harlem Globetrotters scheduled the Washington Generals.
  4. He was a little over .500 at DU. His 2013 DU team was ranked higher in the Pomeroys (47) than your beloved BYU Cougars (57).
  5. SJSU Football fans have been operating under a Stay at Home order for years.
  6. I’m not defending either WYO or AFA, both of whom fired their head coaches. CSU is in its way up after replacing Eustachy folllowing the 2018 season. Like I said, only 4 teams in the WCC were better than them last season and 6 were worse. Four of the Toip 10 underclassmen in the MWC in 2020 played at CSU, including FOY Isaiah Stevens. Keep an eye on them in the next two years.
  7. Ummm... CSU was better than 6 of the 10 WCC teams this season. The Rams return 4 of 5 starters next season. Nice troll job.
  8. Top 5 prep from Illinois Isaiah Rivera
  9. Somebody found this and posted on Twitter yesterday. CSU’s Micheal Morris burying a pair of three’s in the final second to down Purdue way back in 2003-04 season.