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  1. By the way, congrats to the Aggies for laying the wood to the Aztecs and figuring out a way to close out a game properly.
  2. Mensah and Arop have physical issues that cause them to struggle at elevation. SDSU is a completely different team without Mensah at 100%.
  3. Stew lives near Fort Collins these days. He has chosen the Superior Lifestyle for his retirement.
  4. First person to mention Mensah. If youre a defensive oriented team, he makes a ton of sense.
  5. I’m conflicted by this whole PED thing. Plenty of players from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s were selected to the Hall of Fame even though they relied heavily on amphetamines to get them though the day-to-day challenges of a long baseball season. Obviously a different form of Performance Enhancer but a PED nonetheless. I really think guys like Bonds and Clemens are more that deserving for having been the best of their era, regardless of the PED stuff. By the way, I have an amphetamine story to share to show you how powerful they were. My college roommate played professional baseball. I w
  6. Roddy is such an interesting player. Obviously a complete mismatch for teams in the MWC. whether that translates to the NBA is another story. I will say this. His growth in this past off-season was tremendous in terms of his ability to put the ball on the floor and to shoot from the perimeter. Another off-season like that and he’ll be an absolute monster, especially if he can maintain the same level of strength while reducing some body fat.
  7. I have my own thoughts and biases but I’d really love to hear what others around the league think if they were running a basketball program and had first choice of any current MWC player. Let’s hear your thoughts. There are no wrong answers.
  8. I think they’ll both explore opportunities in the Draft. I’m not sure either will be drafted after this season. Both have really upped their games but I’m not sure either is perceived as NBA-ready right now.
  9. I think that one has to be re-scheduled to ensure that they face each other at least once.
  10. Roddy will be back if he’s not drafted. Stevens too. They love the culture at CSU and currently see no need to explore other opportunities via the portal.
  11. I think there’s a wait and see on re-scheduling Boise-CSU. Thompson completely effed up the MWC last season with some stupid final week scheduling that definitely cost the MWC a bid. I think they’ll evaluate Boise and CSU and it they feel they’re both pretty much locks for at-larges, then they wont re-schedule. I can pretty much guarantee they wont re-schedule either CSU or San Diego State to visit UNM. Too much risk and no real benefit to playing those games when it comes to at-larges.
  12. Boise State, Utah State, and San Diego State are going to need great success in the portal if they want to compete at the top of the MWC next season. Aztecs have a long history of doing that. Boise and Utah State do not. The top of the MWC should be occupied by CSU, Wyoming, Nevada, and possibly Fresno next season (if Robinson were to return). New Mexico, AFA, and SJSU are young and will improve but probably wont be ready to compete at the top unless they make some significant additions.
  13. What a great slate of games yesterday. Action really picking up at the top of the standings. Tonight is a key game for San Diego State. They have had some recent difficulties in Logan and they typically have some difficulties at elevation. That being said, this isn’t the same Aggie team that we’re used to seeing. Not a lot of depth, not a lot of physicality. And they’ve developed a horrible habit of losing in the final minutes. I’ll take the Aztecs at -1.5.
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