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  1. Shocking result. I thought wyO would have more than enough to win this game by double digits. Is there something wrong with Valladay? He doesnt seem to be very engaged right now.
  2. Wind is killer for outdoor ice. Lots of erosion. I’m not kidding. And it gets really cold up there. My son played a bunch of youth hockey comes on an outdoor rink in Laramie and his feet were always numb.
  3. CSU played Denver today. There will not be any info available as they will not disclose any results. Its meant to be secret.
  4. They’d have a hard time maintaining ice. Too much wind for an outdoor rink.
  5. Considering WYO’s defensive pedigree, I’m shocked they’re getting absolutely smashed by the UNM offense. obviously surprised by what the Lobos are running but its not exactly a killer scheme and killer talent.
  6. Your point is a good one though. Coaches get fired when they start losing home games and there isn’t a lot of confidence in Addazio being anything but an average coach. And when teams lose home games, attendance usually drops.
  7. Attendance this year has been fantastic. CSU has the 3rd highest G5 attendance only trailing Cincinnati and Boise State. They had 34780 for San Jose State after two home losses to South Dakota State and Vandy.
  8. Kudos to Coloradoan beat writer Kevin Lyle for telling it like it is. It will be interesting to see if CSU gives him the cold shoulder like they have in the past to others who have been tough on the program.
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