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  1. Swoll Cracker

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    Weed, crackpot analysis, blah blah blah. Canvas Stadium is the jewel of the Mountain West right now. Most people are smart enough to see that.
  2. Swoll Cracker

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    Jim's Wings exists for people like you.
  3. Swoll Cracker

    Gallup off to a good start...

    One of the misses was a horribly underthrown deep ball where Gallup had the DB by 5 yards.
  4. Swoll Cracker

    More Summer Expansion

    The BYU Womens basketball team played in Fort Collins twice in the last 3 seasons. They seemed to enjoy it.
  5. Swoll Cracker

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    CBS Sports has more confidence in Craig Thompson's ability to secure bowl berths that any MWC fan does.
  6. Swoll Cracker

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    I heard a great line at a comedy performance the other night. "Fort Collins. Where even the air is gluten free." #SuperiorLifestyle
  7. Swoll Cracker

    More Summer Expansion

    BYU would immediately begin to espouse the benefits of being an Indy in basketball.
  8. Now that both schools are Indy and the great states of New Mexico and Utah share a border at the Four Corners,I anticipate this becoming as great a rivalry as exists in the Mountain Time Zone. Technically the two states do not share a border. It is geometrically impossible. In essence, their border is smaller than the head on a pin. Hence, I would suggest that the game now be referred to as The Miniscule Border War.
  9. Swoll Cracker

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    Should have come to the Boise game last year. While the outcome wasnt what CSU had hoped for, the stadium was absolutely electric that night when CSU entered the field wearing their special State Pride uni's with the stadium lights strobing. I'm not sure it will ever be better than it was that night.
  10. Swoll Cracker

    Skilled !!

    The world needs more Aggies.
  11. Swoll Cracker

    Yo Jalapeño, you got some 'splainin' to do...

    Fum McGraw would disagree. "I'll sing you a song of college days and tell you where to go. Aggies where your knowledge is and Boulder to spend your dough. CC for you sissy boys, Utah for your times. DU for your ministers and drunkards School of Mines. Dont send my boy to Wyoming U a dying mother said. Dont sent him to ol Brigham Young, I'd rather see him dead. Just send him to our Aggies, ''tis better than Cornell. Before I'd see him Boulder, Id see my son in Hell." -Fum McGraw, Fum's Song
  12. Swoll Cracker

    Urban Myer might be bye bye

    It would have been more fun if they named Otis Day the head coach.