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  1. SJS implodes & helps UNLV hold to a FG
  2. Meanwhile in Nevada....voter fraud was indeed found.........it was by the CFO of a local major GOP / trump donor (Ahern Rentals) https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/prosecutors-clark-county-man-touted-in-republican-election-fraud-allegations-voted-his-dead-wifes-ballot A man who described a ballot cast in his dead wife’s name as “sickening” and was cited by the Nevada GOP last November as evidence massive voter fraud swayed the results of the 2020 presidential election has been charged by prosecutors with voter fraud. A man who once described a ballot being cast in his dea
  3. I'm thinking this game might be entertaining - back & forth like the UNLV USU game - But then, UNLV's QB situation
  4. Good advice here for those hunters that are married
  5. Yeah, how Sacramento is being left out is odd.........it's so close that it makes sense and even puts more room between the A's & Giants -- that whole area from Sacto, to Stockton to SJ to the north bay could be considered one conglomerate metro area - they already draw eyes & fans from those areas
  6. Good points both........... had there been at least two crabs encased to bring us the plural needed to make it work................otherwise Amber is infested with crab & Amber's got crab just doesn't cut it
  7. Obviously UTEP has FB & WSU doesn't so they aren't apples to apples Doesn't look like the MWC is wanting to add any FB, so that leaves UTEP & NMSU out along with UTSA, SMU & N Tx..........basketball means Gonzaga (first) and then maybe Wichita St - But if the MWC can land Gonzaga, not sure why Wichita St is a need
  8. Could be coverage of various counties - or the way that the whole Ogden (north) down to American Fork (south) is a long stretch of distance I think Reno/Sparks is one alone but can also be combined into a multi county region - I know that in some cases LV "Metro Statistical Area" includes Nye County NV & Mohave County AZ along with Clark County NV....which if taken to extremes means Lake Havasu to the south to Kingman SE to Mesquite NV north to Beatty NV (NW) & Pahrump (West) - Mesquite to Havasu is about a 4 hour drive
  9. Only way i'd want Wichita is if Gonzaga came in also - the two would give the MWC a bump in BB Gonzaga should be target number 1 ......if Wichita is interested they would be a good number 2, but they aren't a must have like Gonzaga
  10. Problem is, there isn't any BB programs that would help the MWC unless the conference footprint gets larger Gonzaga isn't that far off from Boise, but it's on the edge
  11. Yeah, guess that's their one outlier - UTEP is a better fit in the MWC & with schools they used to be tied with
  12. UTEP in TX is is a 4 hr drive from ABQ & a 40 min flight - also the same time zone Wichita is not that far from Missouri
  13. No probably not, but also they are within or just one time zone removed - it's all CT & ET MWC would have PT MT & CT for BB ......which the MWC has MT PT & HT for football, but FB is a once every other year trip
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