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  1. UNLV2001

    Internet question for Vegas people

    I have cox in my office, and it's ok most of the time but there are some hiccups - THink there will be hiccups no matter who you go with it's technology and sometimes it doesn't work
  2. UNLV2001

    New York vs Trump Foundation

    From a leftist social standpoint Pence would be worse on some issue than trump............but as far as stabilizing the country, bringing some rule of law back and normalcy & sanity to the office of the presidency /administration, I could live with Pence finishing out the con mans term and then vote in 2020 for a fresh start to cleanse the stench of trump from the halls of our republic
  3. UNLV2001

    Manafort motion denied. Say what??

    Get ready for trump to be lying about Cohen's depth of involvement with the trump companies soon !! trump: "Cohen was only a part time attorney who handles a few legal items that didn't amount to much"
  4. UNLV2001

    Manafort motion denied. Say what??

    But.................THERE IS NO COLLUSION YET !
  5. UNLV2001

    Stunner's wet dream

    Exactly - When the mothership wants a game, the minions fall in line. Except Utah, they can live without kissing BYU's clean shaven azz & don't need the $$
  6. UNLV2001

    Stunner's wet dream

    Utah St almost has to schedule BYU. If they didn't it'd be like a AAA franchise refusing to play the parent team - That's more political / cultural /expected but there's no reason the rest of the MWC can't tell BYU to FO (except BSU, they caved big time due to both being pawns of ESPN)
  7. UNLV2001

    Albuquerque getting USL team

    The USL Las Vegas Lights play in the AAA stadium which they are sharing this season......think then Cashman Field will be retrofitted some to make it more soccer centric This is the current Lights set up at Cashman Field
  8. UNLV2001

    Albuquerque getting USL team

    Wondering if some of these teams/cities (like Las Vegas) are trying to move up to MLS - I'm not a big soccer guy (being an oldster), so if it's not at least MLS, I'm not really paying attention. The son of a LV based regional care dealer made a push to get LV an MLS team a few years back, but the MLS passed on LV These are some renderings of the effort in 2014
  9. UNLV2001

    Stunner's wet dream

    Good for Wyoming holding to what every MWC program should do - No BYU games after September
  10. UNLV2001

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    UNLV has done ok recruiting Texas despite not having a TX team in the conference
  11. UNLV2001

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Agree - he ship has sailed on he MWC adding Houston & SMU.......MWC would be left with lower level Texas schools like UTEP, Texas St, North Texas, TX-San Antonio etc.
  12. UNLV2001

    MLB in Vegas?

    Who knows - This is MLB's 3rd try in Washington DC - 1st team is now the Twins , 2nd team is now the Rangers - looks like the 3rd time might be the one that lasts