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  1. After the Hillary loss to upstart Obama in 2008..........the establishment pretty much was behind Hillary in 2016 by default.............and in way early polling leading up to the 2016 Hillary was shown beating most republicans when those polls came out in 2013-14-15 ..........so on paper she looked like a pretty sure win, then the trump things came along and shook up the GOP and the "outsider" was enough to win the White House
  2. It's like the gorilla at the zoo who craps in his hand and toss it at the crowd who remain there, laugh and cheer at every fling of feces that comes their way. Cult 45 is so indoctrinated they are going nowhere ........and sadly a once proud republican party has been taken over by a new lunatic fringe called trumpsim
  3. Due to COVID coverage the SUN has removed the pay wall so these articles are open to view - some in depth with video breakdowns
  4. If this poll holds............the orange crap stain is toast for a 2nd term