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  1. Sadly true.........certainly the majority of R's won't think anything but to stay in their lane Maybe there's some thinking voters left out there, but who knows
  2. That's proof how sad the intellect is on that side - She's got so much out there that's wishy washy, if she ever runs nationally there's gigabytes of video opponents can use against her
  3. Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Republicans say they will not vote for any candidate who admits Biden won 'fair and square' https://news.yahoo.com/poll-nearly-6-in-10-republicans-say-they-will-not-vote-for-any-candidate-who-admits-biden-won-fair-and-square-162231610.html Despite a mountain of evidence showing the 2020 presidential contest wasn’t rigged against Donald Trump, nearly 6 in 10 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (57 percent) now say they will not vote in upcoming elections for any candidate who admits that Joe Biden won the presidency "fair and square." Only 17 perce
  4. Exactly - McConnel could shift blame for his planned inaction to the Q Cult & trump cult within his caucus ..........blame them, McConnell wants to stall this one out too
  5. Poor Nikki isn't the smartest tool on the GOP shed
  6. Same with the stock market indicators - trump always talking up the record DJI, but now you never hear about it much
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