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  1. It's all based on fables & superstition --- then you have the more modern religions like some guy in NY State in 18?? found some gold plates & that Jesus suddenly showed up & started a money making religion that makes fortune 500 companies blush in envy .............or the guy who wrote a science fiction book & decided to make it a religion..........or the guy who cajoled some fools into thinking there was a space ship following a comet & they would be whisked away .........or the lying orange shit stain who found a gullible bunch of fools & convinced the morons he was the answer to a countries problems It's all a fvcking scam
  2. What was it that trump did that got you excited? The conservative value of banging a porn star while his wife was prego & then paying her hush money? The conservative value that he hung around with a child trafficking predator in Jeff Eppy? The conservative value that until he found out he could fleece the gullible suckers in the religious right, trump was pro-choice on abortion? The conservative value that trump created & used charitable organizations to fleece the gullible & skim money? The conservative value that everything trump stands for flies in the face of your supposed savior Jesus (not Joe Smith who dreamed up a money making machine called the Latter Day Saints) The conservative values of bankrupting multiple business venture which were little more than scams The conservative value of lying pretty much every time trump opens his mouth ? The conservative value of being married & divorced multiple times? The Conservative value that he organized & led an coup in the USA ?
  3. Not sure you know how these things work - Check back later
  4. The kid -- Ron Watkins was running for something in AZ https://www.dailydot.com/debug/qanon-ron-watkins-arizona-debate/ QAnon guru Ron Watkins, who is currently running for Congress in Arizona, is being mercilessly roasted online over his performance during a primary debate on Wednesday with his fellow Republican candidates. Appearing alongside candidates Walt Blackman and Andy Yates, Watkins attempted to convince the state’s voters why he should be chosen to represent Arizona’s Congressional District 2. But as soon as his opening remarks began, many argued that Watkins’ not only lacked charisma but was painfully awkward as well.
  5. Wife goy it two weeks ago tonight - I tested later that night & was negative........we separated as much as we could.........I tested the following Tuesday & was Negative ...........then tested Monday & was negative, so How I avoided it is beyond me since it's impossible to 100% separate when in the same house Never had any symptoms either, so maybe the Vax worked on me better than her ?!?!?!
  6. Could be a boon for NV's eastern border - Wendover, Ely, Laughlin
  7. Pro sports guys can afford it.............this will hit the red states budgets like a hammer once these kids are born
  8. Wonder if these justices can be impeached on perjury charges -- Every one of them lied under oath during their confirmations
  9. Why a good sized cactus garden is the way to go !!
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