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  1. I'm an expert in cyber security - I turn my computer off when i leave the office Hack that mofo's
  2. VGK will finish 2nd in the division & face the Minnesota Wild On to the playoffs !!!!!
  3. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2021/may/12/analysis-is-jordan-mccabe-unlvs-point-guard-of-the/ Analysis: Is Jordan McCabe UNLV’s point guard of the present? So what is UNLV getting in McCabe? He never lived up to lofty expectations at West Virginia, averaging just 3.8 points and 1.9 assists in his three years under Bob Huggins, but there are some traits that suggest he could fit better with the scarlet and gray.
  4. Thankfully the Raiders stadium can't configure to baseball !!! So that isn't an issue !
  5. Based on population alone, I'd agree that LV is a reach for MLB.............but based on tourism that wipes out the "small market saturation" thing..........Baseball playing series of 2 to 4 games is perfect for those who want to come to Vegas for a series & stay a few days - THe VGK games are filled with people from outside the market or those living here who moved from other markets This is a reason that if UNLV went P5, there'd be lots of fans of the opposing team because they hold their old home state allegiances and don't care about UNLV, especially as a G5 MWC program And
  6. Giants & A's claim the LV TV market as theirs, as does Dodgers, Angels, Padres & D-backs We have blackout on 6 MLB teams in the Vegas market - But we get Padres on local COX YUR-View, get Angels on their regional cable feed and get D-backs on their regional cable feed........Can't get Dodgers, Giants or A's hardly at all unless they play the three teams that get pumped into the LV cable
  7. Vegas is an isolated market with not much around it, that's why it ranks lower even though it's roughly similar to Sacramento - Think Sac gets TV eyes from north to Oregon, into Mountains and south towards Fresno.................Vegas has very little in NV to the north, maybe catches some of SW Utah and NW AZ, & there's nothing in CA except for Needles on the CA/AZ/NV border to the south .going SW, the LV market line runs into the LA line probably just outside Barstow.
  8. Fully agree with this - plus the strip is more central in the overall area - Can count on a decent % of attendance to be visitors
  9. That's the way I see it, the entire Wasatch front string from Spanish Fork up to Ogden - That's a good 100 miles of pretty solid urban area
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