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  1. Which makes me think this is deeper than just the payout & associated things.........this could go deep into the companies fiances & other suspect financial involvements with certain foreign entities and some general financial fraud / falsification crimes over a number of years
  2. My guess at this point, is that this indictment contains more than just the singular payoff to Stormy Daniels..........i'm betting it's a multiple pronged fraud / payoff / tax / financial thing..........and the LOSS's former in-house accountant, Alan Weissleman (sp?) sudden ousting of LOSS hired lawyers might mean he's coming to the table with some goods
  3. Lunatic Fringe was a good tune from Red Rider back in the day !! But you make a good point..........there was a time the GOP lunatics were a fringe in the party ............since 2008 to present day the LUNATICS are in the majority throughout the GOP
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