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  1. Never got into buying cassette tapes from stores.........always bought the album, recorded the albums on each side of a 90 min cassette & used that in the car tape player - Glad I didn't invest $$ in cassette tapes because they didn't last long - like 10 years then CD's killed off cassette tapes
  2. No...........if God was so concerned about you toot's he wouldn't have created the virus & stuck you with it along with 150 days of suffering & the medical bills you probably can't pay - As a "loving caring ,"god" would not allow any of this to happen so you could survive while 500,000+ others died from his virus - But somehow you come up with this convoluted thinking that your imaginary friend decided you were the only one worthy of his mercy, help or free pass
  3. New hotel in Vegas is basically a huge video screen VGK game up on the building
  4. Kinzinger already has two trump cultist ready to primary him next election
  5. Zeppelin managed to get the album cover & sleeve design rights, which was pretty amazing for a relatively new group in '68 - Page had some rep from his Yardbirds days , but the other 3 were mostly unknowns - Once they got going on LZ II the album covers had to be expensive to produce ......but I think they paid off in the end
  6. But can you then contemplate a Led Zepplin album cover via CD or Digital ?!?!
  7. Yep - Think the vinyl comeback started with DJ's mixing on turntables - gave a 30 something many of my old 70's & 80's many of my old vinyl albums Basically a CD is just digital on a plastic disc & now with downloads we don't need the disc hold the digital anymore
  8. If that's the time line.........did Judas ever get a ticket to heaven or was he in that Pre-Jesus Died for our sins era going way back into the BC time line where no one got the word of Jesus ?!?!
  9. Think I was baptized Presbyterian or something - don't remember because I was in a diaper. Think it was just a "thing" parents did back in the 50's & 60's - was an only child, but as a family we never set foot in any church.......dad was pretty much non-religious & we actually never even discussed it..........Mom was a "Jesus basics" type of religious, i.e. she knew the basic Sunday school, Cecil B DeMille Biblical Epic types of things but as far as I can recall we never went or belonged to any church In all my 60 years I never had the urge, desire or any reason to question
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