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  1. "" trump fears idiot lawyers are making him look stupid"" = Yes, donny, they are making you look stupid, which is pretty much what everyone not immersed in Cult 45 expected to happen
  2. No sequester - due to the defendant being already incarcerated on murder charge it actually went fairly quickly during the penalty phase post conviction of our trial
  3. Odd that I remember that much of the trial after 30 years - So it if was 1990-91 I was 30 -31 ........60 now
  4. Here's a blurb on how he went out like Mark Emmons, age 38, who decided to end it all by eating his own food utensils at Ely. He died of intestinal hemmoraging in a Nevada hospital 7/10/2000 https://nevadaprisonwatch.wordpress.com/category/mercedes-maharis/
  5. Yep - That's the case & guy David Sheick was defense attorney Saw the photos of the murder in Elko of his prior conviction which was an execution style killing where the victim was bound & blindfolded
  6. Did jury duty twice - both times between 28 & 33 years old...............robbery trial that was one part of a larger LV area crime spree.................murder trial of a murder committed in Clark County, after conviction during penalty phase we find that the convicted is already serving a long sentence in NV prison for another murder in Elko County.............Death sentence levied. but some 10+ years on i read a small blurb that the guy offed himself by breaking up silverware & swallowing it................Still remember the convicted's name = Mark Stuart Emmons
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