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  1. I'd rather have JTT back over Dembele - JTT isn't an offensive weapon, but he's a big body who can get rebounds & eat up space in the lane Diong same thing - He's a shot changer in the lane
  2. If LV should land an MLS team, I might try to give soccer a chance ...........a little chance, but a chance Can't sit thru 90 minutes of the USL League LV Lights endless trotting around 2 acres of grass
  3. Fox's Napolitano: Mueller report 'might be enough to prosecute' Trump https://thehill.com/homenews/media/439770-foxs-napolitano-mueller-report-might-be-enough-to-prosecute-trump Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said Thursday that evidence detailed in special counsel Robert Mueller's report “might be enough to prosecute” President Trump. “Depending upon how you look at them, it might be enough to prosecute,” Napolitano said on his series “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers.” “But it did show a venal, amoral, deceptive Donald Trump, instructing his aides to lie and willing to help them do so. That’s not good in the president of the United States,” he added. “On obstruction of justice … the president is not exactly cleared,” he also said on the show, pointing to nearly a dozen instances of potential obstruction detailed in the report.
  4. 1) the OLC was tasked with two things - Finding out the extent of Russian interference in the 2016 election and if there was any collusion between Russia & the trump campaign 2) The OLC passed on criminal findis to outside jurisdictions which is where the indictments of Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, Stone, Gates, Papadopoulos, van der Zwaan, Pinedo and others came down for their various crimes discovered during the investigation 3) The OLC report confirmed Russian involvement in the 2016 election cycle 4) The OLC report, despite what AG barr said, does not exonerate trump from obstruction 5) The OLC found evidence of trumps obstruction of justice but due to OLC guidelines that a sitting president can't be indicted, opted to leave it to congress 6) The OLC report leaves the door open for a possible indictment when trump leaves office 7) After all this is said and done, trump & clan have more to worry about from the SDNY & NY State investigations - those are outside the protection of presidential pardons and could be the most damaging things trump faces in the coming months & years
  5. Youse guys should focus on AOC for the next 20 months - it's good material to stir up the base
  6. New nazi's without the little mustache !!!
  7. AOC is your main focus in the coming year isn't it - Good man, you're spot on message from Fox news & your handlers !!
  8. Chalk that one up to the blind squirrel theory - No collusion with trump & Russian govt but not between trumps camp & Russians
  9. You wouldn't believe anything from anyone, but you sure buy into the trump lies - stick with trumps reality, you two dwell in a place only you two can see the things you see
  10. Anti-Fact'er are you ?!?!? Get it....anti-Vaxxer = anti-Fact'er !!!!
  11. Don't disagree - Mueller probably did the right thing by leaving it up to the House & maybe Senate - Now if they do anything or act on anything is a different matter
  12. Well let's see what we have 1) Nazi rally goes bad & your president says "fine people on both sides" giving credence to his nazi backers 2) Alabama ran a guy in his 30's who prowled high schools for dates 3) Steve King is pretty open about his racist ways and his GOP returns him to office regularly 4) trump panders to the racists in his base This is your party Nostradamus !! embrace it !!