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  1. UNLV at Colorado State

    This right here - McCoy isn't a guy or player you build a program around, as he won't be around long enough to have any program building impact. Time for Menzies to give his bench guys minutes and cut McCoy back some (which seems to be the case over the last few games) McCoy is good for bring UNLV some national press which plays in the recruiting game, but UNLV doesn't need the 1 & done players every year - get some solid talent that can improve and build the program back up - You don't walk away from the 1 & done players but they can't be catered to over the long term health of the program
  2. UNLV at Colorado State

  3. UNLV at Colorado State

    First Rebel win at Moby Arena since 2011 - that's one Dave Rice streak Menzies has ended !!