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  1. True - Would be a last ditch effort to salvage the RB program ........if not the only option might be fold FB and join the Big West again & try to see if BB can become relevant
  2. This is where UNLV will need to make their $$ - Bring in teams that travel in serious numbers & make it a package deal for a weekend in Vegas. - The Wisconsin games were a bonus boon because they were buying UNLV season tickets & selling or tossing the rest of the games If UNLV can pull that off a few times it could make or break a season financially especially in the early going of the stadium
  3. Good Jobs numbers released to day and trump & wing nuts cheered mightily Remember just a few short years ago these numbers were all cooked, made up and fake
  4. That's how and where I see UNLV FB is with this move.........for the first time ever there's a brand new FB complex on campus and a big new stadium - This is not the time for UNLV to sweat a $$ - If this stadium ends up being a drag or if the Raiders opt to screw with UNLV then the entire program is in jeopardy of being driven out of existence - There's an obvious lack of parking, traffic could be a nightmare (Note: the I-15 / Tropicana / Dean Martin Drive interchange will undergo a three year redesign and rebuild AFTER the stadium is open) & some remote parking lots could be over a mile away .........that right there won't entice people not die hards from attending UNLV FB games. Unless, for some miraculous reason UNLV gets invited to the PAC-16 , I could totally see UNLV starting a campaign for the on-campus 30,000 seat stadium over at Tropicana & Paradise Rds .......no offense meant to any MWC programs but realistically only BSU & Hawaii would bring enough fans to come close to filling 25% of Allegiant Stadium .......so basically for a % of the UNLV FB season the Rebels could have more visiting fans than home fans, and that will surely be the case when any decent P5 teams come in - So there's basically little "home field" aspect to UNLV FB going forward ......and it's been that way for more than a few games at SBS as it is Give the kid a break.........he forgets to turn off is audio recognition application during his masturbation sessions ..........so while doing his thing to Porn Hub on one screen, the voice app is recording and typing out his verbal grunting and typing it to the MWC Board tab he has open in the background
  5. Fox News?!?! Phuck no.........I try and watch a few minutes of Carlson or Hannity, but my eyes glaze over and the drool starts to drip and my mind feels the searing ache of epic stupidity and off it goes. Those shows you post from are literally for morons, village idiots and cult 45 members who can't discern reality from the bulls1t they've been force fed by trumpTV
  6. With so much on the table for this next era for UNLV FB the only way I see DRF & UNLV garnering any excitement is to somehow get a known name that has some cache' to bring in the casual fan........otherwise this new move to Allegiant could end up being a disaster if there's 8,000 people in the lower bowl - And there is literally nothing UNLV can do about being in the MWC & those 8 games per season. so the revenue will depend on somehow getting major P5 programs to agree to home & home's with UNLV and marketing the opponents fans on a weekend in Las Vegas so they can make some $$ - UNLV might as well get in bed with the LVCVA & LV Events right away to try 7 sign some package deals with serious P5 programs over the next decade. The bump in scheduling would probably help recruiting and certainly get more casual local fan attention than playing LA Tech .......but eventually UNLV would need to rise enough to be somewhat competitive or it will just become a college football joke about UNLV sacrificing itself to P5's just to fill the stadium once a season While I'm happy UNLV is getting a new stadium deal..........there's some serious questions as to what the outcome of this move will be and it's affect on the UNLV FB program. If there's ever a time for UNLV to lay down all the chips it has and go all in, the time is right now with this coaching hire..........basically this could be a one time chance to get this FB program out of a 30+ year slump.
  7. Funny thing about all this is that there's zero chance trump testfies or even lets some of his closes associates testify - trump can't go under oath and not purger himself, then he's up on that charge too
  8. To anyone not in Cult 45 & more than a 3rd grade education can see there's evidence of impropriety by trump & cohorts