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  1. No one on this site except for maybe 4 people are registered D or R.............everyone is a nonpartisan centrist or libertarian because it's cool to not be one of the D or R Sheeple !!
  2. That's another issue with older hotels..the rooms are dated & basically a Motel 6 type of room - they can't compete with the new hotel rooms & amenities
  3. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2020/jul/05/analysis-david-jenkins-is-star-scorer-unlv-needs/ Analysis: David Jenkins is star scorer UNLV needs
  4. Think the difference is that statues are generally honorific gestures .............not sure confederate traitors need to be honored - fine in museums as it is history & their deeds can be seen in that historical light It's the public display of honoring those who took up arms against the US & the main underlying cause is the problem - At least where these Confederate statues are concerned With statues & monuments to the likes of founding fathers, Teddy Roosevelt et al.............I don't have a problem with those remaining, Those are historical figures that played major roles in the creation & formation of the USA.................there's few people of any ilk from 1700 to 1960 that could meet the standards of 2020 when looking at them from from a modern perspective
  5. Can't erase the history of the US as it's got good and bad But you're right on the confederate statues - these weren't put up right after the south's failed treason, they were put up years after as a tool of oppression & as a FU to the rest of the USA I'm fine with removing confederate statues but not really with removing other statues just because someone from another era did something that offends people in 2020 - If that's the case, then we might as well just erase humanities entire history & start anew in 2020
  6. If Kanye makes it on all the state ballots he would get more votes than Jo - more name recognition & there's a % of Americans who would vote for a moron (see trump)
  7. Ivanka would be the one woman in trump's circle to worry about - between working together during the day & quickies at night shes got more exposure