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  1. The more I think about it, there's only one vulnerable power conference and that's the B12 - The B12 is the only P5 conference with a few top heavy schools (mainly Texas & Oklahoma) ......so this move to bolster the top of the B12 against the other power conferences is a move to make sure the B12 holds together. We pretty much know that the B12 status of OU & Texas are probably the linchpins of any future conference moves.............and I honestly don't think there will be any big moves in the coming years as there's not a lot of "must have" value in the G5 and there's already some dead weight in the current P5 conferences And if these B12 moves work out, they give their top level teams a better shot at top national bowls Biggest threat to the G5 & under is if (and this might have already started) the P5 programs don't schedule G5's and start staying within themselves - The PAC12 cuts out some games in BB & some P5's have said that they won't schedule FCS anymore So either there's no moves much at all or the P5 will go to a stronger P4 format and kick their dead weight to the curb and go with 4 divisions of super strong programs - But this brings up the question of: Would this be for football only?
  2. NV really got the better from the small school transfers - Not that the MWC has been that great, but NV got guys from school & conferences lower ranked than the MWC & they did great. Transfers can be hit and miss - UNR hit way more than miss under Muss Caroline's Southern Illinois team was 12-21 in his lone (FR) season in 14/15 .......14-19 in 13/14........ 14-17 in 12-13 ...........8 -23 in 11/12 so not very good with or prior or Caroline playing his one season..........then they went 22-10 in 15/16 ........17-16 in 16/17 ............20-13 in 17/18 finishing 2nd in the MVC which was weaker than the years before Caroline played his one season ............So not a team or program any MWC program should fear (ok, Maybe SJSU should fear them, or any team in Division II or higher) Granted I didn't go back 20 years, but the years right before & after Jordan Caroline played his one season were nothing special
  3. John Blanchette: Firing Don Verlin puts Idaho in contention as college basketball’s No. 1 laughing stock https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/jun/14/john-blanchette-firing-don-verlin-puts-idaho-in-co/ Too bad for Don Verlin that he wasn’t caught on an FBI wiretap complaining to a sleazy agent’s middleman that his “strong-ass offer” to a basketball recruit was rebuffed. He’d probably still have his job at the University of Idaho today. Hey, it worked for LSU coach Will Wade. Even if he was on tape saying that his, uh, strong-ass offer was “tilted toward taking care of the mom” and despite the obvious implication, he’s still out there landing four-star prospects for the Tigers. Same for Arizona’s Sean Miller. His trusty assistant is headed for three months in jail, but Miller’s free to put together another primo recruiting class at the University of Plausible Deniability. Pretty much anything goes among big-time college basketball coaches anymore, unless the NCAA ever gets around to sweeping up the FBI’s droppings. But Don Verlin? He’s headed to the gallows for spitting on the sidewalk. This may be Idaho doing the most Idaho thing ever. So far. But as misbegotten as Verlin’s firing is, even worse is the suspicion that it may have been dragged out to limit the options of Idaho’s incoming junior college recruits. Three enrolled in summer school this week, meaning that if Verlin’s departure dissuades them from staying, they’ll have to sit out a year under NCAA transfer rules. Two other JC imports are luckier: They aren’t scheduled to enroll until the second summer session. But then, kids are always collateral damage when the adults can’t get out of the way. “You know what this makes Idaho look like in the basketball world?” an area coach offered on Friday. “They just fired the winningest coach in school history for having the ops guy play on the scout team in practice.” Quite a punch line, if it wasn’t so pernicious.
  4. For NCAA violations, Verlin wasn't getting much return for the risk Might have averages one win per violation
  5. This is the mystery with transfers I can say that UNL:V has had some hit & misses with transfers - Greg Anthony being one of the top transfers as he came to UNLV after 1 season at Portland or Portland St UNR did pretty well with transfers from little known programs that played way above the level of their original schools - Jordan Caroline is the best - He signed as some N S E W Illinois program and pretty much had his way in the MWC - The guard from Portland or Portland St - the guy from Nebraska Omaha ........Don't count the Martin Twins because they stepped down from NC St & ACC to NV & MWC where the other stepped UP from small conference schools
  6. Get behind the 2019/20 Stanley Cup favorites It's the right thing to do
  7. UNLV: OT Donovan Outlaw - leaving LB Jacob Rominger - leaving RB Biaggio Ali Walsh - added to UNLV from Cal (grandson of the champ - fitting that he's back in Vegas - will sit one) WR Randal Grimes - added to UNLV from Southern Cal (will have to sit one) Looks to be a net gain for UNLV - Outlaw started at least half of the 2018 season at OT and losing a local player isn't good, but he might be a victim of being recruited over .......Rominger played on 6 games as a JR & might have been buried on the depth chart ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,overall the adds way out weight the losses I'd say UNLV FB is pretty much untouched for 2019 by these additions & deletions
  8. https://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400945286 Thomas scores go-ahead TD, UNLV stuns Fresno State 26-16 FRESNO, Calif. -- Lexington Thomas scored the go-ahead points early in the fourth quarter on Saturday night and UNLV hung on to hand Fresno State its first Mountain West Conference loss of the season 26-16.