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  1. It kind of makes me think of that scene in Forrest Gump when he decided to stop running, and the big crowd that had followed him was left to ask, "Well, now what do we do?"
  2. "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show more than 475,000 excess deaths through early December, a time frame that also included about 281,000 deaths linked to Covid-19" That was a month ago. Very likely we are over 600,000 dead, not the 400,000 that has been mentioned so much today. We set the frikkin world on fire because 3,000 Americans died on 9/11. 418,000 Americans died during the four years we were engaged in fighting World War Two. The cognitive dissonance of modern America is like the worst acid trip imaginable.
  3. Depends on who has the money to buy a pardon. Trump’s got debts to pay.
  4. The Trumpism cancer is currently metastasizing in the Republican Party and turning it into an entirely new party that is based on authoritarian, anti-democracy, and anti-Constitutional principles. Bravo!
  5. I have a couple of friends who have joined this organization and participated in several of their events. They speak very highly of it. I'm considering joining. Braver Angels "The Challenge: Political Polarization Politics is tough. It always has been. American politics is competitive, thrilling, frustrating – and infuriating. The stakes are high. Issues are important. Outcomes matter. This is why we care, and should care, about our politics. But do our politics have to be demonizing? Does it have to bring out the worst in us? Do our politics have to destroy the goodwill of ou
  6. I got a speeding ticket back in December here in Nevada. I'm guilty. I was going 53 in a 35. I've been procrastinating about my options for weeks. Option 1: pay the fine and take the point. Option 2: pay a slightly reduced fine, take 5 hours of online traffic school, no points. So, this past Monday was decision day, court date was coming. I finally make the decision, F it! I'll take the point. I can't take 5 hours of online traffic school. I go to pay the fine and discover, Option 3: Pay an extra $100 on my fine and get no points. WTF? I paid it, but isn't that like...a bribe? "Pay
  7. I own guns. I like shooting guns, it’s fun. I support the 2nd Amendment. I probably support it even more after our recent brush with an authoritarian regime. That said, I’ve always chuckled at the rhetoric that says, “We need guns so we can over throw a tyrannical government.” Ok. I’m with you. But let’s acknowledge a few sobering truths: 1. The government has drones, tanks, missiles, etc. Persistent overhead satellite surveillance. You’ve got an uphill battle there to say the least. 2. What’s your definition of a “tyrannical government”? Because, I see a lot of people claiming
  8. I was a diehard listener of Rush Limbaugh's right up until January 20th, 1993. On that day, Rush began his broadcast the way he did for the 2,922 subsequent days of Bill Clinton's Presidency; "America Held Hostage, Day 1..." I had worked on the George H.W. Bush campaign in Nevada. I had voted for him. I was profoundly disappointed that he lost, but I found Rush's rhetoric in that moment toxic and I was done with him after that.
  9. Their representatives could start by telling them the truth. The "election was stolen" narrative is a big lie told over and over again by a narcissistic con man who's ego can't take being seen as a loser. This is their chance to jettison Trump and allow the GOP to move on. He claimed the Iowa caucus vote (that "lyin' Ted" Cruz won) was stolen. He claimed the 2016 election (that he won by 77 electoral votes) was fraudulent. He claims the 2020 election (which he lost by 7 million votes, and 74 electoral votes) was fraudulent. He's remarkably consistent in this regard.
  10. Screw the Revolution!! Everybody storm @madmartigan house!
  11. Look, it’s more of a metaphorical hanging. It’s not like they actually built a gallows outside the Capital...
  12. I’m open to suggestions on how to lower the temperature in the country. The first suggestion that comes to mind is a ritual sacrifice of @mugtang but I admit there might be better ideas.
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