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  1. TDS is for the people who still support this narcissistic, authoritarian, anti-democratic, anti-republic, anti-constitutionalist, demagogue.
  2. I’ll crawl over broken glass to vote for a sentient turnip to cast a vote against Trump.
  3. A Republican friend of mine said of Trump today, “He’s the primary disease vector for misinformation in America today.”
  4. Close! I predict a close election...and much gnashing of teeth.
  5. It's possible for two concepts to reside in one's mind at the same time: peaceful protests often turn violent when they are attacked by the police, and there are sometimes violent protesters among the throngs of peaceful protesters.
  6. Heavily armed protesters march through Louisville demanding justice for Breonna Taylor While there was an injury from an accidental discharge of a weapon, the protesters weren't met with tear gas or rubber bullets. Interesting. Might explain why so many progressives I know are buying guns.
  7. He's not going to replace Pence with Haley. He's just stringing Haley along so she'll say nice things about him on Twitter. 150,000 dead, double digit unemployment, most schools closed, most of the rest of the world approaching the other side of this; to replace Pence would be seen as an act of profound desperation.
  8. I've resigned myself to the idea of no sports this Fall. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we have sports in the Spring.
  9. 1. The fact that he was killed is awful. 2. If it was politically motivated, even more so.
  10. This is a great article on the issue of the Fermi Paradox from the always entertaining Wait But Why? tl;dr 1. We are rare -or- 2. We are first -or- 3. We are F$&KED