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  1. THEUniversityofNevada

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    My guess is the NFL thought their case was weak or the stuff that was going to come out during deposition was embarrassing.
  2. THEUniversityofNevada

    AMI/National Enquirer tried to blackmail Jeff Bezos

    I feel like I just woke up in an episode of House of Cards.
  3. THEUniversityofNevada

    Rick Pitino: “I’m only here for a short sabbatical”

    I predict Rick Pitino will be the next coach at UNLV. He’ll take them to the Final Four in year one, the championship in year two and a return to the promised land in year three. After that third season, UNLV will wake up to an empty bed, an empty bank account and a missing toaster, possibly also a missing kidney. #StripperGirlfriend
  4. THEUniversityofNevada

    Another insult

    I already hate this ‘league’.
  5. Wait a second! Something very familiar about this guy? Has he ever been a guest on Celebrity Jeopardy?
  6. THEUniversityofNevada

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    That’s what’s so tough about the tournament. Once you get there, the fickleness of that tourney can “ruin” your season in the blink of an eye. See Wichita State’s run in 2014. They ran through the whole season undefeated, got a 1 seed in the Midwest, then lost a heartbreaker in the 2nd round to eventual runner up Kentucky. I don’t care how good a team you are, how well you are playing at the time, a hot team can take you down. See Virginia last season.
  7. THEUniversityofNevada

    That’s not how it works!

  8. THEUniversityofNevada

    Michael Cohen to Plead Guilty to Charge in Mueller Investigation

    OP, I admire your grit but Trump was right when he said that he could murder someone in Time Square and his supporters wouldn’t care. To Republicans, the only thing more dangerous to America than their fellow Progressive Americans are Muslims and Migrant Children. There is literally nothing that Trump could be guilty of that would change that fact.
  9. THEUniversityofNevada

    Pop Up Hotels

    There’s one called The Surf Truck that roams back and for between the surfing beaches of Portugal and Morocco. Cool concept.
  10. Chef Mueller has the butter, the lemon zest, the garlic, the salt, the pepper, the sage, the thyme all ready to go. The oven is hot, the stuffing is ready. Should we pardon this Twurkey or Smoke 'em? Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gents. ~TUN
  11. THEUniversityofNevada

    Cord cutting accelerates

    It’s not “free” the building owner has a contract with the provider and just rolls it into your rent or HOA fee.
  12. THEUniversityofNevada

    St. Mary’s vs USU

    Nicely done Aggies! Nicely done!
  13. THEUniversityofNevada

    6 scenarios this year could lead to 8 team playoff ASAP

    I do. I’m totally with you, I’m just also pessimistic that any of this will turn out well for anyone but the P5.
  14. THEUniversityofNevada

    6 scenarios this year could lead to 8 team playoff ASAP

    They’ll go to an 8 team playoff after the P5 breaks away from the G5.
  15. THEUniversityofNevada

    Caravan stopped in its tracks?

    Silly people! It was clearly a George Soros funded op!