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  1. THEUniversityofNevada

    Should he wait until after midterms?

    In August 2016, the Obama administration went to Congressional Republicans with information about Russian interference in the 2016 election and they wanted it buried. I’m not sure there’s any way this report isn’t viewed as political in today’s climate. If the report is ready, release it. Delaying it makes it look more political.
  2. THEUniversityofNevada

    Nevada Ballot Questions

    I was undecided until just now: 1- No 2- No 3- Yes 4- No 5- Yes 6- Yes
  3. THEUniversityofNevada

    Saudis butcher Jamal Khashoggi at Istanbul Consulate

    I’d love to say any US administration would be different but I really can’t say for sure. Oil makes almost the whole world the House of Saud’s bitch. They wield a pretty massive retaliatory hammer to any possible sanctions. Trump has the added exposure due to his financial relationship with them so it makes his response look like it’s more guided by his own self interest than the country’s.
  4. THEUniversityofNevada

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    I hate you for putting that visual in my brain!
  5. THEUniversityofNevada

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    Was just chatting offline with Mug: Mug: “I just want Elizabeth Warren to quote tweet Trump calling her Pocahontas with a simply “Ok, Tiny”.” 🍄 Me: “That might be the spark that starts the second American Civil War” 🤦‍♂️
  6. THEUniversityofNevada

    I never want to hear the GOP complain about deficits again

    Gotta hand it to modern republicans, two brilliant strategies at play: 1. Cut taxes for the richest Americans, claim it will pay for itself with increased revenue (hint, it NEVER does), explode the deficit, then demand spending MUST be cut once Democrats come to power. Refuse to pass ANY legislation unless spending gets cut. Threaten to shut down the government if spending doesn’t get cut... 2. Campaign on the claim that government doesn’t work. Get elected, refuse to work with anyone in government, shut down the government, point at the mess you made and say, “SEE! Government doesn’t work!” Rinse, repeat.
  7. THEUniversityofNevada

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    Trump: “Who cares!” Making fun of non-white people plays almost as well as my “Lock her up!” chant with my totally not angry mobs.
  8. THEUniversityofNevada

    MWC BB Title Game

    The dunk contest was awesome! Trey Porter over Coach Musselman
  9. THEUniversityofNevada

    Incivility of the left

  10. THEUniversityofNevada

    Bad News Nevada Fans

    That outfit wouldn’t make it out of the senate judicial committee. They do have SOME standards!
  11. THEUniversityofNevada

    Democrats calling for changes to the Constitution / Actions

    Maybe we could make the confirmation hearings pay per view? 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m torn on the idea of SCOTUS term limits. The whole point of lifetime appointments is to isolate them from the political process as much as possible. But we’re also getting to the point that a justice could serve for 50 years. When Robo Ginsberg casts the deciding vote to invalidate Donald Trump Jr’s Electoral College victory in the 2030 election, we’ll know there’s a problem.
  12. THEUniversityofNevada

    Democrats calling for changes to the Constitution / Actions

    If it’s a nakedly partisan power grab it will only beget a counter power grab. Focus should be on voting rights.
  13. THEUniversityofNevada

    The Bond Yield Curve is Flattening...

    Real estate where? Gotta remember, there is no national real estate market. In 2006, when Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada were reaching for the stratosphere, Texas was flat. People who moved out of the boom/bust markets into slow and steady cash flow markets made a LOT of money. Still lots of local markets in the Midwest and Southeast that are not over heated.
  14. THEUniversityofNevada

    The Bond Yield Curve is Flattening...

    ...but “It’s different now!” I can’t see the future ladies and gents but be cautious. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessecolombo/2018/09/19/should-stock-market-investors-fear-the-coming-yield-curve-inversion/
  15. THEUniversityofNevada

    Ben Shapiro at USC this past week

    I like Shapiro. He’s a thoughtful guy. I often disagree with him but I agree with a LOT of what he says here. Especially with regard to free speech on college campuses and I’m sympathetic to his arguments over the treatment of Kavanaugh. His arguments about negative and positive individual rights are compelling but, like pure communism, I’ve always believed they are better in theory than practice. Your individual rights end at the point of my nose. When we have billions of people living in close proximity to each other, your individual actions can have profound consequences to my individual liberty. See pollution. We have plenty of examples throughout our history of individuals working collectively to deny individual rights to people in the name of free exercise of insert action. See segregation. See separate but equal. Government is people. Often flawed people but it is how we resolve our individual collisions between my liberty and your liberty. It’s a terrible system but it’s better than all the rest.