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  1. None of us are running for POTUS...well, except @mugtang I hope I’m not jumping the gun here. I doubt Trump’s tax returns will show much of anything, other than the fact he probably paid very little in taxes, because he’s a real estate investor. I give him points for being smart enough to invest that way. However, I think in the interest of transparency, they should be released.
  2. And there is absolutely NOTHING in college basketball, more entertaining than a UNLV coaching search!
  3. No, I’m not actually. He lost his cool. Not ok. The staff lost their cool. Not ok. But for Aggie fans to continue to act like this happened in a vacuum, like Caroline just snapped, unprovoked, is obtuse.
  4. I’m not going to speculate on what was said other than to joke about it. And if I was being serious in speculating about what was said I’d be accused of besmirching the entire Agge fan base. I think the MWC was wise to move on and let the two programs handle it internally.
  5. Notice that the Nevada coaches come out of the locker room and react to something being said down the hall before Caroline even reacts, and the Utah St security or facilities guy reacts to it as well like, “Oh F here we go!”
  6. So, Caroline goes from despondent about the loss to “I’m gonna kill me an Aggie” because a Utah State assistant down the hall yelled, “Hey NevAHda! Good game NeVAHda!” Caroline was like, “Oh! MFer! You did NOT just say NevAHda! That does it!!!”
  7. So, Caroline tried to enter the USU locker room, to what? Finish off a white board after he made mince meat of that fire extinguisher case? The Aggies were still out on the court! Moving the F on!
  8. LMAO! His source “100% impeccable!” And not in any way slanted. SMH
  9. First of all, search “charge or block” on Twitter. It’s hysterical. Second of all, sigh. Fuel for the fire.