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  1. Audiobooks

    I'm a big fan of the Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton. It's just two books, Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained. Hard scifi.
  2. Audiobooks

    Pro-tip. Listen at 1 1/4 speed. You'll get through books a little faster and it's still easy to understand.
  3. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    “Deep state actors within the FBI trying to stop #MAGA”
  4. Instead of arming teachers what about

    To be fair, above and beyond this particular incident, Dana Loesch and the NRA are colossal pieces of shit.
  5. Reaching Across The Aisle

    Here, let me try this: “Banning abortion is not going to stop abortions.”
  6. And so it begins... 'Murica ain't nothing if not predictable.
  7. Can you imagine the firestorm from the Conservative Entertainment Complex if Obama had given a speech denouncing "Russian efforts to sway the election to Trump"?
  8. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I don't think he's going to leave for anything but a West coast job in the next 12 months. His son is in high school in the Bay Area and plays basketball. Muss goes over the hill to watch games as often as he can. He turned down Cal which, location wise, would've been a perfect fit, but the AD and culture weren't. Stanford? USC? UCLA? Anything can happen but I feel pretty good that he'll stick around at least another year. Next year, barring multiple early exits or injuries, on paper will be the best team he's ever had at Nevada.
  9. Our Olympic Team blows this year.

  10. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch 1:30 pm EST

    Pushed back to 12:45pm PST. Launch window ends at 1pm PST so very likely going to be scrubbed until tomorrow.
  11. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    I understand police have an incredibly difficult job and every situation is a potentially life threatening one but this is one of the more disturbing videos I’ve ever seen. Be warned. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/454504/police-murder-daniel-shaver
  12. Bitcoin

    I think the Block Chain is a big part of the future but Bitcoin makes me think of these...
  13. Nevada at Texas Tech

    I had no illusions they’d go undefeated. I’d rather they didn’t. I think undefeated teams don’t fair well come tournament time.
  14. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Some thoughts about last night. Texas Tech has the #10 rated defense according to KenPom and they are #5 for bench minutes. Nevada is #316 in bench minutes. Clearly that factored in late in the game. Tech had fresh legs and they are good defenders. Not sure why Muss refuses to play his bench more. During the first 25 minutes Nevada looked like the clearly better team. I wasn’t crazy about the uneven whistle on the offensive side for us, seemed like we got the short end there. But C’est La Vie, that’s life on the road. Major missed opportunity for a resume building win but clearly this team can compete with the top 20 teams in the country. Tech’s Keenan Evans reminded me a lot of Deonte Burton in the 2nd half.
  15. Arizona at UNLV

    Is it too late for me to keep screaming "DOUBLE AYTON! DOUBLE AYTON!! DOUBLE AYTON!!!"