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  1. Iblis means devil huh? Thats quite a reach to create an anti-Trump story. Meanwhile dems can thank Russia, China and Iran for supporting Biden.
  2. I voted for Obama once and supported Bernie in 2016 so I'm not the drone you're looking for.
  3. People have been brainwashed into thinking Trump is the antichrist.
  4. Has anyone told you that you're an idiot yet?
  5. She actually did a nice job as a moderator, albeit with some biased questions. Best moment .. Trump calls out Biden on his "sitting around the table " touchy feely bullshit.
  6. Foreign policy is a disaster for Biden and strength for Trump. Didn't he just get his 4th nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize? Yeah, lets not talk about that or how the Biden's got rich by making deals with Ukraine and China. This debate commission is a joke.
  7. Is that how the left is spinning it? Trump said no to a zoom call and asked for more debates. Meanwhile Joe is in his basement for days resting for the debate. No public appearances .. there has never been a candidate who doesn't campaign until Biden. Its remarkable.
  8. You don't just change the rules on the fly without both parties agreeing. The debate commission is disgustingly partisan.
  9. Of course they're democrats. Dirty republicans don't make it that far without losing their base but dem voters don't give a damn about corruption. They think lying, cheating, and stealing is normal behavior.
  10. Victims family will own Pinkerton's
  11. Polynesians are the real enemy.
  12. I'm ready for baseball!
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