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  1. Here's a bigger picture for the small minded: Trump is keeping the most radical lefties in the news with a few tweets and no one is talking about the democratic presidential candidates. The media is being played and the fab four is becoming the face of the democratic party. That is what Trump wants to run against in 2020.
  2. Hey dingleberry, you're the one that follows Trump 24/7 and posts his tweets.
  3. Obama sent Iran pallets of cash. Trump drained their bank account. Which POTUS do you think Iran prefers??? ..... take your time.
  4. Iran is praying to Allah for another democrat in the white house.
  5. Very interesting escalation. I think the Brits will show restraint as long as they get the tanker and crew back safely. Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
  6. Just another democrat leading with the race card. I expected better.
  7. My opinion? I quoted her. Do you understand those were her words and not mine? .... some people did something I quote a liberal congresswoman in a thread about her and people want to censor my post, call me names and of course I lack any objectivity.
  8. I quoted Omar's comments about the 9/11 attack ... some people did something. I guess CNN and the late shows didn't mention it because you all seem so clueless.
  9. So the quote and pic are not out of context. She was referencing the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks with "some people did something". She was dismissive and disrespectful. Truth
  10. The chant is kind of junior highish but IMO pretty harmless. I think its being over analyzed. I didn't see this much outrage when people threatened to blow up the white house or showed a pic of the Trumps severed head.
  11. So its okay to call out the stupidity and racism of Ilhan Omar then. Thats basically what they did. Or is she untouchable because of the color of her skin? If she is untouchable, and the left certainly believes she is, then who are the racists?
  12. It must have really tore you up when they chanted Lock Her Up. Do you guys need some tissue paper?