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  1. Whataboutism is relevant because it shows that people use a double standard when measuring someone on the their team vs someone on the other team. In other words they are hypocrites.
  2. Your 'you know he's guilty in your heart of hearts' speech was funny. He has a little dirt on his hands ... so what. Use the same standards on Trump as Hillary and Obama got. If Trump deserves impeachment then Obama should be in jail and Hillary should be hung.
  3. Well, dairy farmers are very happy about the USMCA trade deal that opens Canadian markets. https://www.dairyreporter.com/Article/2020/01/16/Positive-dairy-reaction-as-USMCA-passes-Senate Its nice to have a president that puts US workers first instead of just saying 'F U your jobs aren't coming back, go learn to code.'
  4. I love the new star witness .... a guy headed to jail whose bombshell testimony is second hand info that Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Biden. Who cares? Another nothing burger
  5. Have Sanders, Warren and Klobuchar recused themselves yet because of their obvious conflict of interest?
  6. Trump's tariffs on China worked out. About 80% of posters here should be eating crow.
  7. I can't watch anymore. They need to narrow it down to three.
  8. Bernie is against USMCA. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.
  9. Peace and prosperity ... how will we survive five more years of this?
  10. Solid tweet. I'm not a fan of twitter diplomacy but in this instance its a good one. We've put the screws to Iran and want to see a regime change but don't want the citizenry to hate us.
  11. Is impeachment still a thing or has it been canceled?
  12. Of course Iran shot it down ... this isn't rocket science ......