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  1. No, we can't just eliminate payroll taxes. Thats pure campaign talk that Trump may have to walk back if he starts taking flak.
  2. So you think govt checks will bounce .... ooookay
  3. And good luck selling the Medicare/SS fear mongering right after we created trillions out of thin air to boost the economy. I'm not saying the payroll tax cut is a "good" idea but politically I think its shrewd and effective.
  4. Payroll tax deferred! If Trump wins it is likely forgiven. If Biden wins then workers get a HUGE tax bill. Hahahaha ... brilliant move.
  5. Biden is in worse shape now than he was in the debates where he barely held it together and kept losing his train of ... ummm ... well I see that my time is up.
  6. Bernell Trammell was a fine upstanding citizen with the courage to think for himself. But supporting Trump in Milwaukee is a capital crime.
  7. Closing schools is asinine and will do far more damage than the virus. Take a few precautions and get on with life.
  8. Biden will forget who his running mate is during the debates.
  9. Bernell Trammel disagreed but thats why he was killed. Not conforming to fascist left wing ideology is risky today.
  10. Deadbeats need to pay off student loans and stop whining. They should put their stimulus check towards it.
  11. Another hate crime by the intolerant left