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  1. The Warriors are 31-1 without Durrant. Not sure him being injured is a reason for the Warriors to lose.
  2. Personally, I never had a problem with Rafter. I just got annoyed with a number of asshole posters over there. Stopped being worth dealing with them.
  3. My understanding is that the glare is because of the angle of the stadium lights. Didn't used to glare too badly until the Sky Center was built and the lights were moved higher and to a bad angle. I don't know if that's true, but it sounds like a good reason. Which would suck, because the glare sucks.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I was excited at the idea and watched that first weekend. But like you, I found I was ready to do other things. I kind of like the break from sports this time of year, so I doubt I'd give much attention to any new football league.
  5. 2 of the 3 in football were FBS competition. No clue about Basketball.
  6. Well, it didn't involve athletic scholarships. Just coaches in lesser sports agreeing to say the kids was being recruited to their team to help push the admission. I don't think the NCAA will care about this one in particular. That said, I can't wait to see where all this leads.
  7. I signed up for Hulu Live a couple weeks ago and really like it. A bit more expensive than I like, though. But I'll keep it for a while.
  8. Geez, Fresno gave up 81 point to San Jose...?
  9. Dimwhit

    AAF Games

    I agree, but with the changes made to kickoffs, runbacks are too rare. It's mostly touchbacks now. Getting rid of them is interesting. Don't know how I'll like it long-term, but I'm interested to see this play out.
  10. Dimwhit

    AAF Games

    I liked it. The SD/SA game was a bit on the boring side, but it was over in just over 2 1/2 hours. That's a plus. I do like some of the rule changes. I was hoping SD could score toward the end so we could see the onside conversion attempt. Love ditching the extra points, and I definitely want to check out an overtime game. Those rules are intriguing. All-in-all...more football is good.
  11. I didn't actually watch this game, but I just looked at the box score. 555 yards to 250 yards, and that 250 includes the garbage-time 75 yard drive. How was this game that close? I know LSU had a ton of defensive injuries, but they still held UCF to 250 yards. That's impressive. I guess without the Pick-6 the score looks a fair amount different. Maybe that's all it was.
  12. I agree. But Boise hasn't been winning the big games lately. That's not helping.
  13. We only schedule FCS games when we end up with a single-game open slot in the schedule and can't get it scheduled. The one this coming season was a pretty late fill for that reason. Easy to get an FCS one-and-done in those situations. Ends up happening every 5-7 years, I'd say.
  14. Agreed. If UCF didn't proclaim themselves National Champs, I definitely would have been pulling for them. But they got really obnoxious really fast. Made it impossible to root for them.
  15. Yep. It's hard to do, for sure. Boise made it about as far as they have before the 2011 Nevada game. Almost two full seasons.