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  1. What happens if they play this fall, and the Big 10 does, in fact, play in the Spring? Does Nebraska play in the Fall, Spring, and again Fall? Or are they then disqualified in the Spring? The whole thing is a mess. I think Spring football has way too many logistical issues to be practical. I think they should just cancel and play next fall, and any teams that want to play an Indy schedule this fall are welcome to.
  2. My wife and I go to SLC Comic-Con (FanX now, I guess) every year, as well. Except this year, of course...
  3. If there's a season, it's going to have a big asterisk by it. I hate that. Kind of like the early 80s strike season in the NFL. Not a real season if it's not a full, normal season, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. They should just have every conference play only conference games. Then take every non-conference schedule for every team and push them back a year. That way, no games are lost. So for BSU, Florida State comes in 2021. Conferences can decide how they want to do it from there for this season.
  5. It's the world we live in now. Doesn't even have to be a massively hate-filled rant like this one. One wrong word at the wrong time, even years earlier, can ruin you.
  6. At this point, if the NCAA wants to keep football, they should cancel all non-conference games and just push all non-conference schedules one year out. Independents would play teams on conference bye weeks. I guess. Maybe they'd just be screwed.
  7. Yep. It's hard to do, for sure. Boise made it about as far as they have before the 2011 Nevada game. Almost two full seasons.
  8. Maybe. They'd certainly be one of the better teams. But I think our Top 3 teams could beat them.
  9. Glad you were treated well! We had good experiences with all the USU fans we met.
  10. High of 38 degrees (probably down to low 30s by kickoff) with a good chance of rain/snow.
  11. Not nearly that many. Not going to be good weather.
  12. There was no option. You kneel down, and USU has 5 or so seconds to try a miracle play. You go for the TD. Aggies, great game. Your fans really represented well. Very loud and very numerous.
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