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  1. I'm not buying all 4 daughters were on board. Hopefully none were. I've heard all 5 on board were killed, but I assume that includes the pilot. I guess we'll know for sure soon. Just horrible.
  2. My call: the Dolphins sign him to mentor Tua for a year or two.
  3. I think Boise absolutely wants to stay in the MWC. There's nowhere else to go. Maybe, in the end, this will lead to Thompson being fired. We could use a new commissioner.
  4. I am NOT a Niners fan. But as much as I'll be pulling for the Chiefs, I think SF wins. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Don't like the Niners, but a KC/SF Super Bowl should be a great one. Hoping for the Chiefs, but typically quality defense beats quality offense.
  6. Patrick Mahomes is on a different level sometimes.
  7. Well that's sort of it right there. Hair is basically threatening to break a contract. Boise has 3 options: Give in to the MWC. Find another conference. Sue the MWC for breach of contract and see what happens. But, as mentioned, there are several years before this is even an issue, so it's not worth worrying about right now.
  8. I wish Boise had an open slot. I'd love to see them play at USC.
  9. Well, our conference has officially lost half the football coaches. Crazy.
  10. Another one I can't believe isn't already in the HoF.
  11. Yeah, she has an amazing catalogue. Can't sing like she used to (her high-end is pretty shredded), but definitely one of the greatest female Rock vocalists ever.
  12. Man, there are a half-dozen on that list who should already be there. Pat Benetar is one of them.
  13. CBS All Access is only $10/month if you do no commercials (which doesn't apply to live sports anyway). I actually just subscribed to watch Star Trek, and it's $5.99. Not a bad deal, but I haven't used it for sports, yet. But it is supposed to have CBSSN. Agreed on ESPN+. There's a ton of football on it. It' actually quite nice.