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  1. UMBC my favorite team from last year.
  2. Good wi, we struggled out the gate last year. It’s nice to start off the season with two wins.
  3. Man, I think we found a QB. I really like Jones. He played solid has a good arm and can pick up first downs with his legs. He seems to be a solid leader too, I loved his post game interview. 1-0 on top of the mountain division baby!
  4. I would be very excited if I was a Fresno State fan. They have a good team returning and should repeat as west division champs.
  5. I am so tired of the lack of respect Hawaii is getting in the MWC. This program played in a BCS game for crying out loud! They have achieved more then most in this conference! ???
  6. He must be next in line for Pops job. East Tennessee sure plays an exciting brand of basketball. I wouldn't mind seeing that in the Pit. They upset Michigan State who many picked to win the title last year. Give me Forbes over Dooley.
  7. I am warming up to him as well. He is from the area,wants this product to be successful and worked under one of the greatest coaches of this era. I see him working hard to get things right.
  8. That kid saved that game and made plays all over the field that night, definitely a playmaker. Who knows, if we would of had him last year, he could of been the difference between CO-SEC East Division Champion and straight up MWC Champions! ?
  9. I love this guy, he gets me pumped up every time he talks. Thursday night prime time game on ESPN. The conference opener and first game of the week for College football ?. A lot of eye balls will be on this game. Coach Davie already talking about Boise State.
  10. What happened to Gottfried? I am on board with that hire. Is Romar not interested, i would also take him. I want a proven, name coach this go around, not some scrub mid-major coach.
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