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  1. It’s nice to see SDSU and UNLV in a first round game. It’s also nice to see the winner get Nevada. All the dangerous teams get to knock each other out.
  2. Things could fall into place for UNM. Similar to last seasons MWC tournament.
  3. I’m pulling for AF. Don’t care for San Ho. They already won their Super Bowl when they beat us.
  4. Things sure have changed over the past decade. I feel like our fan base looked down on New Mexico State and other old WAC programs for making these kind of deals. Yet here we are.
  5. The second half was trash. The Lobos went away from getting the ball inside which got them the lead. Credit Rebels defense and attacking the zone. They did a good job. Overall good game Rebels.
  6. Mathis did not attack. We had UNLV in the bonus with 10 minutes left in the half and couldn’t take advantage. Push the damn ball and attack the paint like you did the first half.
  7. Like I said not Mathis game