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  1. It would be nice to play Wyoming after this and get Boise in the final. One can hope. It’s March.
  2. Yeah there’s always next year.
  3. Lobos taking over like you thought they would. USU wetting the bed on its whole season
  4. This USU team looks like a CBI bound team if that. Not impressed.
  5. Taco Thursday? Whose got the blue paint?
  6. We need to paint the court blue after this.
  7. At least this game means nothing this go around.
  8. Going to be a battle to the end. Not a lot of points out there.
  9. Boise State the blue turf! What a great football program. I was at that facility last month in fact.
  10. At least it’s not a home game or anything like that.
  11. Yeah, at least it’s not a home game.