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  1. cherrycrush

    Iona at UNM

    Good wi, we struggled out the gate last year. It’s nice to start off the season with two wins.
  2. cherrycrush

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Man, I think we found a QB. I really like Jones. He played solid has a good arm and can pick up first downs with his legs. He seems to be a solid leader too, I loved his post game interview. 1-0 on top of the mountain division baby!
  3. cherrycrush

    OT - Keto Diet

    I’ve lost 23 pounds on Keto. I started a month ago.
  4. cherrycrush

    MWC Lines for Week 2

    Unless there is significant improvement with the Lobo defense between week one and week two, I can’t argue with a 34 point spread verses Wisconsin. I think if our offense can move the ball it will be a much closer game however.
  5. cherrycrush

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    I forgot some of the teams I picked
  6. cherrycrush

    Great Paul Weir Podcast

    MWC will be a lot better this upcoming season.
  7. cherrycrush

    Josh Allen Impressing at Bills’ Training Camp

    The guy is throwing bullets man. Zipping them into tight spaces. Gunslinger!
  8. This is exactly why I cheer for NMSU to succeed. Having two division one schools is important for the state.
  9. Doug Martin is a great coach. Keeping NMSU football competitive is a tall task. I am glad he is there keeping your heads above water as you venture into independence. I am a Lobo fan who pulls for the Aggies outside the rivalry.
  10. cherrycrush

    The Mike Locksley Alabama Bio

    👍. 😆😆😆😆 Almost forgot!!
  11. cherrycrush

    The Mike Locksley Alabama Bio

    He also guided New Mexico to consecutive 1-11 seasons as a Head football coach. Blew apart the program punched coaches and left Albuquerque having had numerous scandals. And the Lobos have never been the same prior to his arrival.
  12. cherrycrush

    UNLV is Still The Flagship MW BBall Program

    New Mexico and SDSU have had the most MWC conference championships. New Mexico will be back on top this season. We have a ton of talent going into this year. Last year we were not expected to compete and we almost came out on top in the MWC tourney with a mix of Neals leftovers.
  13. cherrycrush

    UNLV is Still The Flagship MW BBall Program

    UNLV’s attendance numbers have really gone downhill these last few years. Your calculations may be spot on. This is just a middle of the road MWC team since BYU has left the conference.
  14. I feel bad for all those loyal Rutgers fans.
  15. cherrycrush

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    I’ll take Western Kentucky