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  1. Wouldn't they need to get a bond rating first?
  2. Curly Joe, Curley Joe DeRita, and Shemp.
  3. It's kinda sad, really. City kids growing up with country morals don't pick up the niceties that a half hour in the barnyard teaches. I have a cousin from La Mirada ... His big brother, on the other hand ...
  4. I predict line in [email protected] tightens to USU -11.0 pretty quickly.
  5. Huh. A toddler. A precocious one at that
  6. The 60s and 70s were a magical time for Aggie athletics
  7. http://idahonews.com/news/local/idaho-is-dumest-state-in-america-study-says 🤡
  8. USU's production so far, sorted by minutes played (sans Queta): 30.2 Sam Merrill (Combo G) 17.4 ppg 4.6 rpg 22 assists 3 steals (starter) 27.6 Abel Porter (PG) 7.0 ppg 2.6 rpg 23 assists 3 steals (starter) 27.0 Brock Miller (Wing) 13.0 ppg 3.0 rpg 10 assists 3 steals (starter) 26.4 Justin Bean (PF) 13.2 ppg 11.0 rpg 12 assists 4 steals 5 blocks (starter) 24.2 Diogo Brito (Wing) 11.0 ppg 4.8 rpg 14 assist 8 steals 21.8 Fonz Anderson (PF) 12.0 ppg 6.0 rpg 9 assists 5 steals 0 blocks 18.2 Jakub Karwowski (C) 3.4 ppg 5.4 rpg 6 assists 4 steals 11 blocks (starter) 11.0 Sean Bairstow (Wing) 4.0 ppg 1.2 rpg 3 assists 1 steal 10.0 Trevin Dorius (C) 3.8 ppg 2.8 rpg 1 assist 0 steal 2 blocks There are two other guys (both posts) who don't figure and average < 4 mpg without significant numbers. As you can see, the two PFs are taking minutes from the C position, with the two 7'0+ newcomers only combining for 28.2 mpg, 7.2 ppg, 8.2 rpg, and 13 blocks When Queta finally gets on the floor, it'll be interesting to see which of the PFs will be the loser on minutes played. They're both playing very well, and it'll be hard to keep either on the bench.
  9. Don't you all admire a man who reaches for the stars like that? Makes a man plumb proud!
  10. Ag AF ROTC students doing well. http://www.usu.edu/today/index.cfm?id=58742&fbclid=IwAR36TV3rMJ0XqNjlwtfYdq5OdYZpi8VwyBkKDodXclMIbNQPLMETpDT5kjo USU "Souls of men dreaming of skies to conquer gave us wings, ever to soar!" 78