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  1. Congrats to SDS for a remarkable season and especially that tournament run.
  2. Season ain't over. Fresno's playing somewhere
  3. Is it Fullerton or Fresno we're playing tonight?
  4. Uhhh our program died in the 60s
  5. I tend to put my money on the guy behind the plow carrying a gun and not the marauding canine with eyes on the spring lambs. But that's just me. GoAgs!
  6. Given historical treatment by the committee, I won't believe anything but a 12, and maybe not even that, if USU doesn't make it to the championship game.
  7. Word is he asked for this after being challenged to up his defensive game.
  8. I was talking about who gets left out if a calstate wins tournament. Nevada's been on everybody's list all season long. Quadrants be d@mned.