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  1. Rebranding? The Silver Flakes? Me likee!
  2. Roll of dimes? Tube of lipstick? Rolled up nylons?
  3. Nobody needs Crisco™ anymore.
  4. Should I load up on ethereum? You seem the guy in the know.
  5. Congrats to an amazingly tough and talented bunch.
  6. Nice to see our branch campus doing well
  7. Just exploring how far you're willing to go with your professed libertarianism.
  8. And masks and mass innoculations and shutdowns and removing the noncompliant crank from the flight to Cabo?
  9. Your thoughts on seatbelts and motorcycle helmets?
  10. Awfully nice win against a decent opponent.
  11. Since the transitive property of college football applies (yBu having been thumped by Coastal), I guess Liberty } yBu.
  12. Frohe Weihnachten, Jungs!
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