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  1. SDS FSU USU CSU AFA Nevada SJS NLV Wyoming UNM UH boazy
  2. Actual numbers announced by the school.
  3. So now we'll never be mellow.
  4. If we pull out a map and measure the mean distance from Manhattan, it tells us which league will (a) bring in more TV $$ and (b) periodically get somebody in the "playoffs."
  5. Araiza is a deep pocket (soon to be). That's why Phineas T Schuyster brought him up. Evidence matters, even in civil courts.
  6. Things are a lot looser in Logan than people have been led to believe. Just be discreet in the tailgating zones and believe what they say about bringing nothing into the actual stadium without a clear plastic bag. Also: USU is a Pepsi campus, if that matters.
  7. You know, I haven't been back to pwovo in probably fifteen years. Just can't stand the place or the people in the place.
  8. I can't imagine the campus cops are any more or less incompetent (because of political pressures) at any American campus ... Pwovo, of course, excepted. Not knocking your school at all.
  9. You've got quite the well developed faith system there. I've been watching Old Main Hill rapist after Old Main Hill rapist come and go and rarely get caught. bHo's new toy hasn't done a dang thing to make undergrad gals safer from undergrad guys. All it's done is further impoverish the tax base.
  10. So many issues. Title IX, as applied here, was a naked power grab by sleazy politicians using XOs to buy votes from a particular voting demographic. Congress never intended it as creating a quasi-judicial bureaucracy without a hint of due process before someone, on the strength of the merest sliver of evidence, the uncorroborated accusation, gets bounced from school. And there's no remedy upon exhonoration. And it imposes duties on colleges to do things they're remarkably ill-equipped to deal with. So the sovereign imposed expenses and liabilities on the States and privately funded entities without giving them funds, as they always do, adequate to the task, all without getting Congress involved with nothing to show for it but political payola.
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