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  1. And yet we've got the third best in conference record. As for that newmag game in Arizona ... welcome to our neuroses.
  2. Quite so. It's fun to dream about championships. Life rarely gives them to us, though.
  3. So, for example, a team that played yBu, Wazzu, and No Dakota (top 20 FCS) in preseason and went 2-1, is that a stud or a dud?
  4. How many of the West's wins are attributable to the SuckDoggies?
  5. Pounding quarterbacks is how the game is played.
  6. Fair enough, yet USU should have beaten CSU last week by 10 or so, yet sat on the ball on offense and played prevent defense late. And CSU dang near won. How does one guage when a score does or doesn't reflect a "true" outcome? Such arguments take us into ad hoc country.
  7. This makes no sense. Fresno either plays USU or at very least three or more teams that play USU every season. That's worlds different from a once in a lifetime game against an SEC top dweller. Raisins to hex wrenches.
  8. The same argument got made in 2013, the first year in this league. Yet the Ags lost to heavily favored Fresno by 7. Hardly being rolled. This year's Aggie bunch punches above its weight class. Has all season. Capable of being beaten by and beating everyone on the schedule not named Boazy. Who knows what these idiots would do against whoever comes out on top in the west?
  9. By what metric? If you choose to discount league records, what do you replace them with?
  10. USU's chances of winning each of our games against the remainder of the schedule per ESPN FPI: San Jose 48.5% Wyoming 58.5% Hawai'i 74.6% New Mexico 74.7% New Mexico State 84.4% That's a 9-3 regular season. GoAgs! PS: USU is now 3-2 against higher-rated teams on the Sagarin Predictor. Yeah.
  11. There will come a day when a USU-CSU game will not end in weirdness, but it is not this day.
  12. Lammies now my 2nd favorite team. What effort! I wanna be like your kids when I grow up. Lotta mistakes, sure, but all effort mistakes.
  13. I can't argue. I'm still angry. My position was fire the instigators. They didn't run 'em off.
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