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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap.
  2. Ziggy's my go-to candidate:
  3. He's a Utahn. Whaddya think?
  4. Rob Clark, one of my best friends' oldest son, has been hired away from Long Beach by the Spartans to head up development. He did his PhD at aTm, while working for their program, and went to Georgia State to oversee development projects in advance of their making the jump to D-1. Great kid and has been very effective wherever he's been. Congrats! I'm thinking this is the guy you needed to address the long-term operational and facilities issues.
  5. You're all forgetting the Uintah Basin; though, of course, the Salt Lake County Watermelon Greenies file eternal and infinite lawsuits any time anybody puts together a business plan for extraction and delivery (as recently as last year):
  6. On Hwy 89/91 just south of the I-15 Exit towards Logan: https://maddoxfinefood.com/ Menu: https://maddoxfinefood.com/ranch-house/
  7. That is the word we all got, that he'd had too many concussions. So
  8. I'm up for it, but let's take care of another historical oddity and reconstitute Utah as nearly was. Let's return: Uinta Co, Wyoming (yes, we'd like Evanston back); Oneida, Franklin, Bear Lake, Bonneville, Bingham, Caribou, Bannock, Jefferson, Madison, Teton, Fremont, and Clark Cos, Idaho (Boazy has nothing at all in common with the Mormon Corridor, after all) ; Northern Mohave, Navajo, and Coconino Cos, North of the Rivers, Arizona (with Southeastern Utah, South of the River returning to Arizona) (Snowflake? Flagstaff? the I-15 corridor? they're all Utah anyway; Colorado west of the Continental Divide; All of Nevada (you know we'd run things better than the crooks presently running the state); and San Bernadino, San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial Cos, California (no great losses here ... other than La Jolla, maybe, and you keep most of the decent beaches and Orange Co) to the Utah nest. It makes as much sense as the alleged pan-Idaho movement, and actually has an historical hook.
  9. yBu basketball players drop N-bombs on and otherwise rough up USU's center in Pwovo in about 1961-62. yBu player then clocks USU's center, resulting in a benches-clearing brawl in the old Pwovo Fieldhouse. USU football players, including some future NFLers, join the fray and clean up. yBu prez states afterwards that he'd do anything in his power to get back at USU. yBu guy is carrying the water for Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico in putting together the initial WAC. Surprise! Surprise! USU is left out of the WAC, left out of the MWC, and never once got serious consideration for membership in either league until ... yBu was no longer a part of them. No. We're not remotely friends with the Parochial Stench, and never will be.