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  1. #38 Air Force vs #82 South Alabama. I am Sooooooo excited.
  2. Point taken. But two things to consider. The TV deal was struck with sdsu and bsu leaving. And our conference is unproven then with 10 or 12 with sdsu and bsu back. The biggest problem was that Thompson didn't negotiate properly. Especially if there was a chance of sdsu and bsu coming back. I don't think the TV contract is that good. Its never been good over the last 10 years. But this is a totally new conference. An unproven conference. The only hope, which I doubt, is that if as a conference we prove ourselves, that Thompson forces renegotiations with the TV contract. Renegotions is always an option. He just has never pushed it.
  3. Well; if we're going to be truly honest; then you should at least admit that the only reason San Diego State was invited to the Big East in the first place, was because Boise wouldn't accept unless there was another western school. If you remember correctly, the Big East started with Air Force and tried to team with Navy and Army. They also wanted Boise to also team the west with air force and the texas teams from the CUSA. SDSU was only invited because air force turned them down and Boise wouldn't accept without a western school. After Boise choice to stay in the MWC instead of the big-east, I don't believe SDSU had many choices remaining I do admit that SDSU could probably do well in any conference they went to. But without an invite to one of the big-5 (Which SDSU is not going to get), their best chance of success is in the current MWC. I've said it a number of times already. This current MWC is a blessing in disguise. No matter what anyone thinks of any of the schools "Individually", a 12 team conference made up of these schools will be noticed. If the schools do their part; "Have winning seasons"; then the TV contracts will come. I know that this isn't the MWC of 2010. I can only imagine what things would be like had the PAC-10 gotten the Big-12 schools they were going after, and Utah, TCU, and BYU was still in the conference. But knowing Thompson the way we do, we know we would have never grown. He made that clear. But we have a chance now. Accidental as it may be.
  4. King James. U make some valid arguments. And had Boise and sdsu not first thought of the big east, usu and sjs would never had been invited and as a 10 team conference you would be 100% correct. But the variable that you aren't accepting is: being usu and sjs were invited and bus and sdsu decided to stay, this conference is a much stronger conference than any combination of 9 or 10 team option. The TV deal currently sucks. But then again it has sucked for the last 10 years. I think with the current 12 team conference and our ooc games, this is the best option available. The key to a successful TV contract in the future is whether Thompson uses a winning conference against other conferences as a chip to renegotiate when appropriate. That is the one part that will fail if anything. I have zero faith in that moron. But with the exception of Boise or possibly air force being invited to a better conference; which I doubt is any time soon; this 12 team conference is our best option. Not split. None of the teams could survive in a smaller and worse conference. And they would surely become a worse team, not better.
  5. True. But that team with value will only be recognized if they have a strong SOS and strong OOC schedule. That's why Boise wasn't seriously looked at when they were bin the WAC. This is why Utah and TCU were seriously looked at. Because of certain marketing, Boise and to a lesser extent, air force, could successfully leave the MWC and land in a better conference. But overall, the rest of the teams won't have such an option unless the MWC is successful. And with the current 12 teams, albeit not planned by Thompson, has a very good chance of proving themselves. As a conference and as individual teams. If Utah state and San Jose stayed in the WAC, they'd never be seriously looked at. They will now. Same with sdsu and Fresno. Win with a strong conference and get at least 5 or 6 of the 12 to bowl games and you will be looked at. Having 2 conferences like above with 9 teams each will forever keep the teams as mid or mid major teams. At least in the eyes of the other conferences and the TV execs.
  6. If the mountain west split up and turned into 2 conference by adding some more teams, both would be AA conferences in quality and only D1 A in name. The MWC spent over 10 years trying to prove we belonged in D1 A and could compete with the other conferences. We have been given an accidental gift by being at 12 teams to succeed. This 12 team conference is our only and last chance to prove we are equal and competitive. The only way a team does better is to leave and join one of the big 5. Splitting the conference into 2 is a step backwards.
  7. He's a "Knob Bobber". He should be in the movies.
  8. The truth is, the current MWC lineup was an accident. The MWC WAS at 10 teams, but 2 were leaving. "SDSU and BSU". We couldn't stay at 8. And with half the MWC teams coming from the WAC already, and the other half having had ties with the WAC in the past, it made sense to bring in 2 more WAC teams to get back to 10 teams. USU and SJS seemed the best choice. Louisiana is too far; New Mexico state would have been OK, Getting san jose kept us in the california market along with fresno; with SDSU leaving. Utah State seemed right because of basketball and because of location to both San Jose, Wyoming, and the rest. When Boise State and San Diego State changed their minds and decided to stay in the MWC, that actually made the conference better. I have ALWAYS SAID that we needed to get to 12 teams. I'm not dogging Utah State or San Jose, but if SDSU and BSU had NOT chosen to go to the big east originally, then I doubt that the MWC would have invited Utah State and San Jose State. Thompson has convinced our university presidents that 9-10 teams was the perfect lineup. He's had them convinced for years. He's WRONG, but they listened to him. Once Boise and San Diego State chose to stay, Thompson was screwed. He couldn't "UN-INVITE" Utah State and San Jose. Personally; over the last 5 years, this is the BEST ACCIDENT to happen to the MWC. Everything with BYU, Utah, and TCU leaving, and almost losing Air Force, Boise, and San Diego; was mostly Thompson's fault. I will believe that til the end of time. He is the most complacent moron in the league. All of his recommendations to the university presidents and AD's have always been reactionary. Hawaii, Fresno, Nevada, Boise, and now utah state and san jose have all been reactionary. The MWC GOT PHUCKING LUCKY!!! I hope Boise and San Diego State stay in the MWC for many years to come. With the current lineup of 12 teams, I think the MWC actually has some strength. I'm looking forward to a great MWC future. Again; the way we stand today was a pure accident. But sometimes the stars align just right. If the Big East hadn't crashed and burned, we would be losing boise and sdsu and the MWC would have been basically "WAC Part Deux". But the current lineup has at least 5 very consistent winning teams every year. Throw in another 2-3 teams each year with some good seasons and I see the MWC getting stronger. For ALL teams. I personally would love to see BYU come back to the MWC. But in order to do that, we'd have to add a 14th team. My choice would be New Mexico State. That would give us: 2 teams Utah 3 teams California 2 teams Nevada 2 teams Colorado 2 teams New Mexico 1 Hawaii 1 Idaho 1 Wyoming Of course, if BYU came back to the MWC, maybe Hawaii would get invited to the PAC or another western conference. Then we could stay at 12 and not invite new mexico state. But either way; I like today's MWC lineup. WITH ALL 12 TEAMS. I wish we had never lost utah, tcu, and BYU, but having 12 teams is what we've needed for years. The fact that we have 12 now; TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT; is fine. It makes all that's happened ok now.
  9. I have no problem admitting that air force basketball is pretty inconsistent. Many times, we're in the middle of the pack. But we've been in the cellar just as often as we've been towards the top. So I'm able to recognize air force's shortcoming in basketball. But your reply is typical of many Utah State football fans. "Rising Football Program". The same thing was being touted last year when it was Utah State's FIRST winning season in 13 years. All I'm saying, and all I've ever said, concerning Utah State, is that 2 winning season is a little early to start praising them as some "Up and Coming" team. Or in your words; "Rising Football Program". Even SDSU and MWC fans needed to see 3 winning seasons in a row before they would overlook SDSU previous 12 years of losing seasons. As for the WAC having a stronger football conference last year, vs the MWC, we'll just leave that as an opinion. I personally consider Utah State having one Quality win: "Toledo" in the bowl game. San Jose was definitely a decent win, but nothing to brag about. And a win against Utah was definitely an emotional win. They're the "BIG DOG" in the state. Even if they had a 5-7 record last year. But the rest of the schedule, we'll simply have to leave as an opinion. You can believe in the "Human Opinion Polls". But the point here is still:the claim that Utah State is a "Rising Football Program". Why isn't San Jose a "Rising Football Program". They had a good season last year. Maybe it's because the last time they had 2 winning seasons in a row, was in 1991 and 1992. By the way. The LAST TIME Utah State had 2 winning seasons in a row was in 1979 and 1980. It took them 13 more years to have a winning season. (1993). I am NOT cutting down Utah State. I don't think they suck. I don't have anything against them. I'm simply replying to the original poster and saying; Utah State ISN'T HATED! Simply that "SOME" of their fan over rate them quite a bit. When you get 3 winning seasons in a row, that shows that you PROBABLY have a program that is headed in the right direction. 3 years in a row gives plenty of time for turnover through graduation. That's the thing about college football. You get a 20% turnover every year. If you can have a winning season most of the time, even with the turnover, then you have a "Winning Program". (Whether or not you are conference champion or such is another topic with many other factors). But to have a rising/winning program, you have to have winning seasons. I'm simply saying that 2 winning seasons in a row (out of 13+) isn't really a lot to base such a claim on.
  10. You're such a moron. You can't read. You quote things people never said. And you twist meanings beyond comprehension. You keep assuming that if someone doesn't jump on the "Choo Choo bandwagon", then they automatically are saying that Utah State sucks. I've never said that Utah State sucks. That's simply your exaggeration because you can't discuss anything without letting your emotions kick in. The "FACTS" ARE: 1. Utah State has had 2 winning seasons in a row. Prior to that, they hadn't had a winning season in the previous 13 years. 2. MANY Utah State fans believe that Utah State has "PROVEN THEMSELVES" as being a great football program. 3. SDSU was given the EXACT SAME CRITICISM at the end of their 2010 season when "some" fans reacted similarly to what many Utah State fans have. (That their team has "PROVEN" themselves). After SDSU had 3 winning seasons in a row, then was it accepted that they are out of their losing string. 4. You PICK and CHOOSE your single game or single season to make your point. (But you fail). Your defense is that Air Force couldn't beat Army or UNLV in 2012? That's your defense? Even though air force beat Army the previous 6 SEASONS in a row and UNLV the previous 5 SEASONS in a row. But you prove my point. You take single games and single seasons and make conclusions. 5. No matter how many times I or anyone else says they HOPE Utah State has a good season; or how we hope they CONTINUE to win; etc. the fact that we don't automatically accept them today as a "WINNING PROGRAM" makes you believe that we hate Utah State. You are a phucking joke. I, and most others here, have forgotten more about college football and sports overall, than you will ever learn in your life time. You are a total immature a$$hole, because you can discuss any topic without letting your emotions get the best of you. You really need to get a life. Or at least get laid. The truth is: Utah State has had 2 winning seasons in a row in the last 15 years. NOTHING MORE...... NOTHING LESS. Only YOU are making more of this than it is. And it's because of people like you, that the original poster even asked this question. No one here really HATES Utah States. That's your phucking ignorant imagination. Reading into things that aren't there. But as long as people like you respond to threads/posts the way you do, instead of recognizing the truth, there will be arguments. To the original poster...... The answer in my first post SHOULD have been. (There is NO HATRED here towards Utah State...... Only towards SOME of their Ignorant, stupid, mental midget, phucking idiot, fans. (Emphasize SOME).
  11. Utah state is not hated here. Neither is San Jose State. The truth is; Utah State has had "2 Winning Seasons" in a row. That's great. Unfortunately, those are there only 2 winning seasons in "17 YEARS". Yet, many of their fans/posters come across as if utah state is some great program that the rest of the MWC should feel honoured to have in the conference. And San Jose is not much better. Maybe Utah State is on a roll. Maybe they'll have winning seasons for the next 10 years in a row. That would be great. But 2 winning seasons in a row, with 14 losing seasons in a row prior to that, is nothing to be bragging about. Basically, with the exception of UNLV, there isn't any team in the conference with as bad a football record/history/program than Utah State. Maybe they are on a positive roll. But that won't mean anything until they have a few more winning seasons. For what it's worth, the same attitude was given to San Diego State in 2010 when their fans starting talking how great they were because they had a winning season. (1st winning season in 13 years). Most of the SDSU fans were humble. Now that they've had 3 winning seasons in a row, in a Tough MWC, that included BYU, Utah, TCU, and Boise; they've earned the right to brag. Utah state;... They just aren't there yet. Especially considering that last year they played in a conference with no competition at all. But I'm sure if they do well this year in a "Solid" MWC conference, they'll get the respect they deserve. The MWC is NOT the WAC. It may now be an equal split of 6 "Old WAC" teams and 6 "Old MWC" teams, but there's a big difference in the MWC. All 4 of the current WAC transfers saw this on the field. Boise, Fresno, Reno, and Hawaii. It's not like playing one or two of the MWC in your OOC season play. When you have to play this level every week, it's a different world. But hopefully, Utah State will do real well; have a great season; and earn the respect they feel they deserve.
  12. Not sure if dollars from ticket sales is a great measure of fan support. For instance; Air Force charges about the least amount of money for tickets. (No, it isn't because of all your tax dollars. But your tax dollars does take care of some expenses like utilities). Point is; air force charges $275 for season tickets on the 50 yard line. Roughly $45 per game. We don't charge booster fees like MOST schools do for season ticket holders. The price is the price. No taxes, no additional fees, etc... Hell, we don't even charge for parking. And ALL of our money goes back to the athletic department to support ALL SPORTS. And the air force academy has 27 sports. We don't choose which sports to support based on income. We support ALL OUR STUDENTS. And while our ticket income puts air force at #7 our of 12 teams; our actual attendance usually ranks us in the top 2-3 teams every year.
  13. No; it doesn't have anything to do with me or the MWC. It's simple facts. 20 years of not having a winning season, and having 1 win against a significant team this season; doesn't make LA Monroe a good team. It doesn't mean they're an up and coming team. It simply means they have 1 win against a team that they should have lost to. Every team has lost to at least 1 team they had no business losing to. And every team has won against a team they shouldn't have been able to. But that doesn't make them a good team.
  14. They lost. To a sucky team. Neither team in the game had defense. It's a moot point. Unless we want to talk about more "Moral Victories". Like so many other teams, they win a couple of games. Sometimes they get lucky and beat a good team like Arkansas. That doesn't mean they're good. Doesn't mean they are coming around. Every team wins games. I don't know any that have gone 0-12 year after year. But just because they've won a game, doesn't mean they're good. Hell; even UNLV has a better winning record than LA Monroe. LA Monroe hasn't had a winning season in about 20 years. They did have 2 6-6 record seasons in that time. I guess that counts for something. Just don't get it. Why claim a team is doing so good when they aren't winning games and having winning seasons? I think too many people in the MWC are use to the moral victories, so when we see another team getting the same type moral victories, we're attracted to them. Too many teams like this.
  15. Troy. While I know you will miss your dad so much, I hope that you can find one final bit of peace knowing that your dad, in his passing, provided one final post. This final post is the last 7 pages of this thread. And in it, he has brought ALL of us closer to each other. We've had threads recently talking about the new mountain west conference. With 3 new teams this year and 2 more next year. Many asked if it would be better or worse. It was mentioned how in time we would grow closer and unite as a conference. Your dad started this for us in the last few days. That shows how much of a leader and friend he has been to all of us. This forum and the future mountain west conference is his opus. As we grow and become stronger, we will not forget that he helped bring us together in a time of confusion. God bless your father TIM, as well as you, your sister, and your mom. Mike.