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  1. Excellent job Pokes. You represented the MW well and our state of Wyoming. Looks like some really good returning talent for next year. Good job. Come on Reno, finish the season off right.
  2. This was definitely one of the best teams we’ve had. Not to take anything away from many of the others. 2008-2015 when we went bowling almost every year had some great teams. So did some previously. It’s hard to judge Air Force in this regard. We will never be the conference leader like Boise or SDSU. Even with larger than normal players this year, we won’t ever get the really big boys or the 4&5 star players. Those players just don’t go to the academies. But we try and make up for it with speed and smart play calling. Could you imagine what we’d be like if we had a good pass defense? We’ve done well over the years developing an offense that pisses teams off, controls the clock, and scores points. If we could even have a middle of the road pass defense, covering receivers, and putting pressure on the QB, we’d have the total package. Unfortunately, we can’t totally bring in players to learn a style completely. We have to see what strengths our players have and adapt the play calling to them. Some years, like with Tim Jefferson in 2008-2011, we passed a lot more. With players like our running backs now, we run more. That’s actually one of the reasons I believe Air Force is usually a decent team. Each year there’s enough difference to keep teams guessing. But what I wouldn’t give to have the Boise and navy game back this year. But that’s the life of college football. All the would of, could of, should of’s don’t mean Shiite. That’s why the game is played. Great season for the falcons, and a great season for the MWC overall. Come on Cowboys and Reno. Finish the season off right and make us proud.
  3. Yo brother. Saw you and your better half on tv twice! Good game
  4. Yea, make your priority to hire a coach that looks like the players. That’s smart. Then you can perpetuate the racism and sexism of female coaches for female sports, male coaches for male sports, black coaches for basketball and football, white coaches for hockey, etc. yea, that’s brilliant.
  5. What a stupid topic. A school should be hiring the best coach for the money they have. They shouldn’t be looking at skin color, balls, or vaginas. If the are looking at those things, then their priorities are wrong. They are thinking with a PC mentality that is racist and sexist by its very nature. And don’t argue that there are plenty of good black or female coaches out there. You’re not looking for “Good”. You’re looking for the best that you can afford based on those who apply and are interested in the job. Hiring a coach for any other reason is bad for the team, fans, and the school. Until people stop this PC mentality, stop believing in restitution and making up for past discrimination, and start concentrating on a person’s capabilities and achievements, we will continue to have warfare between races, classes, and economic levels. PC needs to die, and ALL those that believe and support PC need to grow up, grow a set of balls, and stop blaming everyone else their own and other’s short comings. The things I’m great at, and the things I suck at, are entirely 100% because of my own efforts, interests, and talents. They have nothing to do with my skin color or gender. There is no such thing as white privilege or male privilege. Only people making excuses for their own shortcomings. This is not to say there isn’t discrimination. It happens with all colors, genders, religion, etc. When it happens, make it known publicly, address it, and hold the person who is discriminating accountable. But stop blaming others for your own shortcomings and for god’s sakes, end the PC mentality.
  6. No one is hiding behind a flag. We're out in the open. And "Insulting" only exists if it's false. We're stating a fact. You're an idiot. That's not an insult, it's the truth.
  7. Let’s start a poll on whether I get banned or not. bluestools009, it’s ok to disagree with others..... but you are a phucking idiot. I can’t even reply to any of your posts in a respectful or serious manner. You are useless and give a bad reputation to the great fans of Boise and the beautiful state of Idaho. You really should just go off into the mountains and get off the grid. You’re not worthy of the freedoms you have. You’re a useless piece of Shiite.
  8. We lost to navy. We don’t get the trophy. If navy beats army, they get the trophy. If army wins, they keep it because of a 3 way win/loss
  9. All is good. Unfortunately, the remainder of air forces schedule is the weakest part. They’ll beat army which will only emphasize the army navy game for the CIC trophy, but the army win won’t help Air Force with votes initially. same when Air Force beats a CSU and UNM. However, as Air Force maintains their 2 loss record against 2 formidable teams, Boise and navy; and when the beat wyoming at home on thanksgiving weekend and final game of the season, their 10-2 record will reward them with poll rankings and a decent bowl game. The problem is, Boise also has the easier part of their schedule ahead of them too. So they’ll probably win the division. SDSU and Hawai’i bothhave games they can lose. Including to each other. Boise will probably finish 11-1 and Air Force 10-2. All is good. MW mountain division is still the better division, as they usually are.
  10. There’s only one real gimme game there. Definitely Utah state and the points. I know Utah state won’t win, you know it, Utah state knows it, LSU knows it. The entire world knows it. However...... LSU is going to treat this like their FCS/AA game. They aren’t going to risk injury to their key players. They won’t run up the score. They will play tough the first half and sub a lot of 2nd/3rd string in the 2nd half. LSU will win by probably 17-21 points. of course, Utah state could mess up a wet dream, in which case the score could be 56-7. But I’d put money on Utah state with the points. LSU has too many games left to risk injuries with key starters.
  11. Utah State, Hawaii, Air Force, and Wyoming getting votes. I think that’s pretty impressive.
  12. #38 Air Force vs #82 South Alabama. I am Sooooooo excited.
  13. Point taken. But two things to consider. The TV deal was struck with sdsu and bsu leaving. And our conference is unproven then with 10 or 12 with sdsu and bsu back. The biggest problem was that Thompson didn't negotiate properly. Especially if there was a chance of sdsu and bsu coming back. I don't think the TV contract is that good. Its never been good over the last 10 years. But this is a totally new conference. An unproven conference. The only hope, which I doubt, is that if as a conference we prove ourselves, that Thompson forces renegotiations with the TV contract. Renegotions is always an option. He just has never pushed it.