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  1. Well as it turns out, Kellen can't personally lay hands and heal, but he's drawn up a couple of schemes for a more athletic healer to effectively lay hands.
  2. Meet our new AD...deficit will be taken care of by other MWC teams!
  3. This is the best analysis. Nobody knows due to the strangeness of the season!
  4. It's the inverse of what happened to BYU. In BYU's best season in recent memory, they're so-called signature win (at the time) amongst the array of cupcakes was a blowout of a handicapped Boise State team. CCU showed the true level of BYU. The never correct transitive scores between BSU and SJSU are interesting: SJSU v Air Force 17-16, BSU v Air Force 49-30; SJSU v Hawaii 35-24, BSU v Hawaii 40-32. I don't know how good Boise State would be at "full strength" because I don't believe I've seen it this year. Nor do I know how good this much-improved SJSU team is or how impacted they a
  5. This game, like the entire year, will be decided by COVID. Boise State at anything near full strength on a neutral field may be too much for this vastly improved SJSU to handle. Boise State at #vsBYU and #vsWyoming COVID-decimated levels will be passing the MWC Championship mantle to SJSU.
  6. Hmmm...I need to change the name of our basketball rec league team to "Forfeit"...might result in an undefeated championship season when our opponents fail to show up to play the Fightin' Forfeits!
  7. What a season for SJSU. Sorry in advance about the Championship Game loss or the potential BSU COVID No Show Co-Championship! #ultimatetrickplay
  8. No, Boise State gets the trophy and any associated revenue, but SJSU can have a parade but no rings as co-champs...it's right there in Section 11, Paragraph 4, Clause "Santa" in the Kustra Agreement!
  9. What do you mean "we"?!?! San Diego State's going with!
  10. Too lazy to look it up, but IIRC, the WAC deal almost got cut in half when Boise State left for the MWC. Also while not totally comparable, guess how much the WCC is worth without Gonzaga? Hint: It won't be the total minus what Gonzaga is paid! That's like saying USC and Washington State bring the same value to the PAC cuz they get the same payout.
  11. On a relationship level, fully agree that there's a lot to "hate" about having Boise State in this conference. But you're welcome for the checks!
  12. Yes, back when Utah, TCU and BYU were in the conference. It's like that really hot girl you wanted to date in high school, then she starts flirting with you via texting just before the 10-year class reunion. You show up, ready to party and she's 100 pounds heavier and wearing too much makeup! We want to leave this conferenc because it's basically become the old WAC v2.0!
  13. This is a "probably not" scenario. Regardless of where everyone's emotions are on this, losing Boise State will cost the MWC significant $$$'s and they won't be waiving the exit fee because everybody would be "happier" with Boise State gone. The MWC will follow the exit clause to the letter, especially when it comes to revenues owed.
  14. I was wondering how I was going to pass the time during all the cancelled games...this should be at 50 pages by tomorrow no?
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