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  1. As a Boise State fan myself, it obviously does NOT look good because basically everyone not a fan agrees. I personally don't mind it for the simple fact that it is an iconic visual marketing symbol that is priceless in its multiple benefits to the program...instantly recognizable to most college football fans, a unique recruiting advantage, hate it/love it you talk about it, a memorable "tradition" for a relatively young program, etc.
  2. LaGarrette has proven himself an upstanding citizen since...
  3. In the comments section, a fan asked for an article of P5 teams that have earned G5 status... I'll start: Oregon State
  4. This ^^^ (and Notre Dame -- in reality, moving down from the only Indy deal that's worth it!)
  5. OK...I was trying to say that Petersen's tenure as an extremely successful G5 coach was unique. Other than Gary Patterson's extremely unique journey that basically landed him as a P5 head coach, please name a highly successful G5 head coach that stayed with their G5 program for 5+ years (Petersen was 8 years as HC plus 3 years as OC at Boise State for the record). Average, affordable G5 coaches that have limited to no interest from P5 programs tend to stay longer! Hence Petersen's "unique" tenure.
  6. Patterson's success was somewhat similar to Petersen's (when TCU was a G5). Obviously, Gary Pull Your Pants Up got promoted to the P5 with the same team. Patterson = very good coach. The other schools' HC tenures you listed are meaningless because none of those programs or coaches have achieved any where near the success of Boise State/Petersen (or TCU/Patterson) and haven't turned down multiple top level P5 HC offers over their long tenures. Apples =/= Oranges! To simplify, you start with an exceptional coach, put them in as HC of a G5 program and if very successful, they'll get cherry picked by a P5 program (or as was the case with TCU, their program and coach get the Golden Ticket to a P5 conference). Very successful G5 HC's or coordinators for that matter, rarely stick with their G5 programs for more than 2-3 years.
  7. You can take Hawkins off the list...it was PetersEn that made Hawkins successful at Boise State. Hawkins only had high level success at Williamette and Boise State. He was fired at Colorado and in the CFL (Montreal) and has had one good season out of two at UC Davis. Boise State's coaching problem is the same as most G5 programs (including AAC teams)...we all keep losing good coordinators and/or head coaches. I agree that Harsin is a good recruiter and I think he's probably closer to second or third on your coaching list overall. But Petersen was simply light years ahead of any former Boise State coach (and IMHO almost all college football coaches at any level) in developing players once in the program. Boise State's "modern" success is due to a phenomenal coach (Petersen) staying with the program for an extended period of time. To their credit, coaches like Koetter, Nutt and even Hawkins played a part in building the program up to a status of a very good non-power program, but it was Petersen's unique-to-G5-programs decision to stay at Boise State for as long as he did that propelled that program to historic levels of success.
  8. AAC Marketing Dept. to Mike Aresco, "Let's check those key performance indicators and see if our marketing effort is producing results..." USA Today, 4/30/19: "UCF is still the class of the Group of Five even without McKenzie Milton." AAC Marketing Dept., "Have you thought of maybe purchasing some Google Adwords? Or a guy that can spin an AAC sign on a street corner in Tulsa that goes viral on YouTube?" USA Today Post-Spring Top 25
  9. Boise State got paid extra due to value to the TV deal. UConn, USF and Cincinnati got paid alimony to maintain their Big East lifestyle (at least temporarily)!
  10. Boise State is more valuable to the conference than any other program. Boise State has no realistic opportunity to get its true financial value elsewhere. This was the same "trap" that BYU found itself in (with less of a current brand than Boise State) and made the very bad (IMHO) decision to go Independent to realize their true value and instead, began realizing their irrelevance when playing a brutal schedule against teams with far more resources and then playing pathetic teams late in the season when there's no motivation left for their players. Boise State will probably be forced to accept at a minimum a much less lucrative special deal or no special deal at all, and say things publicly like, "This makes the overall conference stronger, well except for SJSU...raise all ships...blah blah blah, etc.". We're stuck (as is everybody else)!