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  1. I'm not inclined because as a big college football fan in general, no current MWC program was so excellent in the past that a team comes to mind without doing the research. Conversely, I do know off the top of my head that Nebraska was kick ass at points prior to 1997 and Army was a hot commodity in the '40's and even Harvard was dominant in the earlier part of the 1900's. While I am a BSU fan, I'm even worse having jumped on board late in the process! But I'm a lifetime college football fan that's lived mostly in the west.
  2. To make me change my mind, I'd have to see records against other conferences. G5 conference championships are meaningless as a comparative measuring stick against the "haves" of college football, as evidence by Boise State's display against Washington in the LV Bowl.
  3. I'm not saying BYU didn't have financial reasons to become Independent as your numbers above clearly show. But IMO, Utah's and TCU's additional benefits far outweight those of BYU's current situation and I don't believe, in tune with Bronco Mendenhall's take, that Independence is a good long-term deal for The Borg. I desperately hope Boise State doesn't follow the same path.
  4. Nah, Boise State's team wasn't particularly good this year and the weakness of the MWC (and Florida State) hid what became obvious flaws. I think Boise State has declined in quality from a very high level (the Golden Era re: the "Kellen Moore Period") and being in the MWC isn't helping us hire better coaches or recruit better athletes to at least approach those levels of the glorious past heydays! And just for accuracy's sake, our disgraceful loss (aside from the bowl game) was to a non-MWC member.
  5. OK, slightly over-stated time line. But the obviously ambitious programs improved and left. Which current MWC school, let's say over the last 30 years, had an extended period of excellence in football? I honestly can't think of one, but that absolutely doesn't mean there might not be a couple... And since we're talking about "working together to be a dominant G5 conference" can anybody point to the original remaining MWC members and say, collectively they were dominant?!?!
  6. Not saying it's parallel. Both Utah and TCU had very good rea$on$ to move on...BYU, not so much, but...you know... I don't think Boise State is caterwauling with no backup plan. While I'd be highly skeptical of Independence for BSU, I'd be happy with an AAC invite, all sports if possible, but don't have much invested as a fan for the other sports if it's football only and makes financial sense. Boise State just needs the money and a competitive conference to continue to grow and on a consistent basis, the MWC has neither. I totally understand that Boise State entering a more competitive conference would most likely not be able to maintain their win ratio, but like Utah and TCU's promotion, I believe the program would "catch up" to the conference quality and be a contender. As far as the conference's ability to work together for a long term goal, sorry, but I haven't seen any real progress for decades in the comparative quality of football for most of the remaining programs. Time's up!
  7. AW, c'mon Chili...granted, on a much more significant financial scale, one could say, why didn't Utah stay "home and help develop a dominant G5?" The Utah program itself experienced trying to create a dominant G5 conference with the likes of UNLV, CSU, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc. When the programs with true aspirations (Utah, TCU and heck, even BYU) left, the writing was on the wall. Now add SJSU, Nevada and the non-dominant WAC conference former members to the mix...sorry but a dominant G5 isn't going to happen in the MWC no matter how much Boise State gives them back. Only a very few programs are investing competitively in their football programs and it shows. Yes, there are outlier seasons like this last one for the conference, but the MWC on a football power rating scale is stuck somewhere between CUSA and the AAC and trending more towards CUSA.
  8. Because they leveraged it in a legally binding contract when they returned to the MWC? Just guessing...
  9. Not that I get to make this decision, but if Boise State were getting Ohio State/Alabama money, we'd forego the extra $1.8MM.
  10. And conversely, figure out the performance vs. financials impact if BSU leaves and the MWC contract is renegotiated. This board would get a more accurate, real-world accounting of Boise State's value, for better or worse, if that turns out to be the case.
  11. So SDSU would be a #6 seed in the South?
  12. While it doesn't necessarily prove 100% that it's true, I believe it's in the outline of the legal "complaint" filed and perjury is a serious offense! Like I said before, Hair has a history of being unprofessional in his communications as the mouthpiece (hair piece?) of the MWC.
  13. He sounds like those guys we all know at work who needs everyone to like them so they avoid confrontation and conflict by playing both sides of the fence depending on who they're talking to at the time.
  14. In reading multiple articles, it appears that Hair communicated to Boise State officials that an increase to the $1.8MM bonus payment would be "on the table" at the conference commissioners meetings. Instead, the only things on the table were whether the deal would end, with apparently two members voting to end it immediately and the others willing to let it expire at the end of the new 6 year deal. None of this is the instigation for the legal process that's begun, it's just Hair doing a crappy job! Hair, while bowing to the various Presidents' requests, is still a buffoon that needs to not vomit out false promises that he often doesn't deliver on. #askBYUfans