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  1. Just what BYU fans need...another sullied, asterisked, not-quite-legit National Championship claim! I don't know how it's even possible, but The Borg could become "insufferabler"!
  2. I don't think they're going to be playing much fall football, IMHO. If a wedding in Maine can be traced to 150+ infections, imagine what a 4 hour football game is going to produce among the players?
  3. The only thing most Boise State fans remember is, in reference to Kustra, "The world is crumbling around him".
  4. Maybe...I'm thinking with what could basically be a "split season" (not what happened in WW II - when college athletics had a significantly more realistic perspective than the cultural status it holds today btw), there will be some controversy. I'm almost positive that Ohio State fans are already claiming their NC regardless of how the season(s) plays out.
  5. 10+ Lawn/leaf bag size of popcorn to watch the drama unfold as games get cancelled due to team outbreaks and when a national champion is crowned before a significant portion of conferences even play their games. Plus I'm sure the current social unrest will leak into the college game as well. There won't be an asterisk big enough! * It's going to be glorious!
  6. So apparently there was a rumor a while back circulating that BYU could have as many as 8 games against AAC teams this year (already two on the schedule). Over on the AAC board, they're speculating what would be a good showing for BYU considering how strong the AAC is...so I did some research. Since going independent, BYU is 8-4 against teams currently in the AAC and 21-13 against teams currently in the MWC. Includes all games, including bowls and no consideration given for home/away/neutral. Some of the AAC homers are saying 4-4 at best and that if BYU were to actually join the
  7. You NEVER list the Cosmetology Department before the Truck Driving School! Sacrilege!
  8. Part of the problem with AAC's attendance numbers is the advantage they do have...generally larger schools in bigger metros than the MWC. Should be more than an approximate 7k average attendance lead IMO.
  9. I'm all about greed! No issue with me as a fan that Boise State went after the best deal at the time. While I can agree with much of what you say above, I think what drives the consipiracy's longevity is that no one can figure out why the BEv2 added Tulane. I know there was a ton of "twitter shock" from some pretty credible sports reporters and I really don't see any benefits outside of Tulane's academic prestige (which has nothing to do with TV contracts, football $, better matchups, attendance, etc.) Truly as a Boise State fan, I really, really wanted Boise State to stay in the then BEv
  10. While Boise State did apply pressure for a better deal from the BEv2, the addition of Tulane put the brakes on any possibility of more geographically-appropriate partners also joining and creating a true western division and the potential of a better conference affiliation for other sports for Boise State. While not directly associated with a financial "Sweetheart Deal", it cost a lot of money and standing for Boise State to have to park all other sports elsewhere in a "lesser" conference. With the Tulane add, Boise State negotiated the best financial deal, as other important factors become mo
  11. Or conversely, maybe it means EXACTLY what he meant, if you know what I mean!
  12. Welp...another undefeated season for Boise State without a NY6 Bowl invite!
  13. I would like to see college football go back to a more true amateur status, i.e., no pay OTHER than the scholarship and associated training table, travel, housing, medical, etc. as has been traditionally included. I do believe that the Powers That Be are exploiting college athletes, I'm of the opinion that it's not as black and white (on either side) as the posters on this board are making it. College football participation is voluntary and I believe that the NFL should have a developmental league, so if that hypothetically were to happen, I would still love to have college football
  14. A fan that supports a team based in Florida is saying, "We seem to be past the coronavirus peak..."? While based on statistical trending it's accurate, 73 deaths and 4,700+ new infections (today) is not necessarily the "all clear" signal!
  15. Gotta be Wyoming. JMHO, but they have literally nothing going for them that would lead to them even being average ever (other than bad weather and altitude)...but they are frequently good or better! Nice work Pokes!
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