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  1. SparkysDad

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    You know who wears Under Armor? Compression and "black" makes him look 50 lbs. lighter!
  2. SparkysDad

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    There's fewer of them cuz they're not as good...just sayin'... On a more serious note, some of my perception may be my TBSUF showing...I have more faith in a highly-rated Chris Petersen-led team, than a Cal or Oregon in the middle of the Pac currently.
  3. SparkysDad

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Yes that's true. My point is that in future matchups, the Pac won't fare well against the SEC IMO. The Week 15 rankings (pre-bowl game) for 2017 would have given potential matchups as follows (highest rated vs. highest rated) from each conference: Georgia #3 vs. # 8 USC Alabama #4 vs, #11 Washington Auburn #7 vs. #13 Stanford LSU #17 vs. #13 Washington State Mississippi State #23 vs Unranked Arizona State (7-6), Oregon (7-6) or Arizona (7-6) Don't see the Pac winning any of the above, but especially LSU vs. Wazzu or Mississippi State vs any of the three potentials.
  4. SparkysDad

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    I think it's more competitive, say #1 or #2 in both conferences with the Top SEC vs. the Top Pac. SEC would still be much better in that scenario. Once you get to the "middle", the SEC would absolutely crush the Pac.
  5. SparkysDad

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Wow! Another bowl game for the Pac 12 to lose. FYI, since it's inception, when a current Pac team was playing in the Las Vegas Bowl, their record was 8-10 in favor of their non-P5 opponents (mostly MWC teams), thanks mainly to BYU and Boise State and even one pre-Pac Utah win. That record will be drastically worse against SEC opponents...
  6. SparkysDad

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Once they paved the parking lot, it was all over for the Mountain West...
  7. SparkysDad

    What a strange world we live in

    You know, if they could just find two more, they'd have all the "personalities" needed for a new Boy Band! Muss is the athletic, sporty member, Leon is the happy-go-lucky, party "bad boy"...they just need the pensive, introspective one and the "cute one" that all the teen girls can crush on and it's a go! Accepting suggestions on which MWC Bball coach gets the two remaining openings...
  8. SparkysDad

    2018/2019 will be a banner year for the MWC

    Actually, Gonzaga splits in that case... #trickquestion
  9. SparkysDad

    What a strange world we live in

    There's a Russian hacker joke in here somewhere...
  10. Snippet from the local NBC affiliate website in Boise... Now that the smoke has cleared from all the guys withdrawing from the NBA Draft, we’re left with Nevada’s daunting lineup. Makes you wonder why the Mountain West wouldn’t just cancel the conference season next winter and award the trophy to the Wolf Pack. With the Martin twins and Jordan Caroline returning, Nevada’s roster will include eight fifth-year seniors, seven players who have won all-conference honors at some point, 10 players who have logged at least 30 minutes a game over a college season and nine who have averaged at least 12 points per game over a college campaign. And that’s before you even bring the Pack’s five-star recruit, McDonald’s All-American Jordan Brown, into the conversation. So, let's discuss who comes in second...
  11. Kellen Moore coulda done it by himself! #tbsuf
  12. SparkysDad

    CSU OL...

    Better than the original post, but even with the starting RT back, that's still only about 23-24 starts for the entire Oline (if Meeks started every game). To me, experience of the Oline is one of the most significant position groups to predict future success.
  13. SparkysDad

    Athlon's early top 25

    Pac 12 has a perception problem (as has been evident the past 5 years or so). Their top team (Washington) is ranked #8, even though there are a total of 4 Pac teams in the Top 25. Washington is behind 2 teams each from the ACC and Big 10 and behind 3 SEC teams. I guess it's better than being the Big XII with Oklahoma being their highest ranker at #10...
  14. SparkysDad

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    I agree with this ^^^ at this point in time. But, at some point (and currently this is just speculation based on business logic), the ONLY way for these conferences to improve the per program payout is to cut the bottom feeders. It's what Big Business does and college football is certainly Big Business. Why would, say, a program like Texas or Ohio State believe that it's fair that football programs like Wake Forest and Kansas get the same payout for football from their respective conferences? They'll "drain the swamp" some day in the future... 4 Conferences, 10 teams each, cross-conference scheduling agreements, kick out the NCAA...Lots and lots of big bucks for the true Blue Bloods of college football.