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  1. SparkysDad

    Mangum benched

    Counter argument above in italics...
  2. SparkysDad

    Mangum benched

    Your advantages are all second-rate compared to the decent P5 teams on your schedule! It's circular...if you hire a worse coach than half the teams on your schedule, have worse athletes than half the teams on your schedule, have a fanbase not as big (and dwindling in BYU's case due to the program not performing as well), have a smaller budget than half the teams on your schedule, and a similar or worse TV deal than half the teams on your schedule, you will struggle to win half the games on your schedule and be around a .500 football program. And speaking of circular, being a struggling-to-reach .500 football program with Church restrictions and an over-the-head-of-the-program schedule is why BYU will struggle to get a significantly better coach... That's what Independence has done for BYU and let's face it, these are the primary reasons Bronco left!
  3. SparkysDad

    Mangum benched

    So give me a list of realistic candidates should Sitake get the axe. I just remember the last HC opening, when they hired a failing DC from a lowest-tier Pac 12 program...
  4. SparkysDad

    Mangum benched

    The problem with any future BYU coaching search is the same as the overall problem with the program. Along with the built-in player recruiting issues (Honor Code for example) AND the built-in coaching recruiting restrictions due to Church ownership, now, on top of those, you have the heinous Independent scheduling, which is a perfect road map for failure given the other two issues. What right-minded, young, rising-star coaching genius is going to have his next stop be BYU? #careerkiller As a shining example, where would Sitake go if he is fired at BYU? Not "up", that's for sure...
  5. SparkysDad

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    I also don't really think that The Church will pull the plug on BYU football in my lifetime (I was quasi-kidding!). But with all that "money to succeed", why did they penny-pinch on the current coaching staff, especially that first group of Sitake's assistants? Like I've heard from many BYU fans, it doesn't feel like The Church is fully financially committed to the success of its football program. And in my opinion it shows the most in the recent coaching staff hires.
  6. SparkysDad

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    This ^^^ is why at some point in this downward, Independence-anchored, can't-attract-good-coaches-or-athletes, too-proud-to-say-Utah-won-the-war spiral, that The Church may just call it quits for football at their institution.
  7. SparkysDad

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

  8. SparkysDad

    Rank Em

    1. USU-Fresno (tied for now...we'll see how this plays out) 3. SDSU 4. Boise State 5. Hawaii 6. UNM 7. Nevada 8. Air Force 9. Wyoming 10. CSU 11. UNLV 12. SJSU Also receiving votes: BYU
  9. SparkysDad

    Coaches Poll For Week 7Coaches

    Maybe so... Be careful what you "prance" for...if UCF gets the auto, you don't want a PO'd top tier P5 team this year ala Auburn last year! Last year's UCF team was better and battle-tested going to the NY6 Bowl. With the P5's the AAC has played and defeated this year, the NY6 Bowl game could be a lot like Hawaii's trip to their BCS Bowl.
  10. SparkysDad

    Boise State vs SDSU Game Thread.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe this was a WTF game as BSU has experienced in the past. With the issues on the O Line, I'm now saying Boise State will lose to Utah State and Fresno. That wasn't a random WTF game, that's any good opposing coach taking advantage of the other team's consistent weakness. Hell, Wyoming was having some success against Boise State's O Line. The only difference between this game and the game against Oklahoma State is that against SDSU, the multiple sacks and hurries DID get in Rypien's head. Against OK State, he played unbelievably with the defense in his face...against the Aztecs, not so much. Along with not protecting the QB, this Boise State team has yet to show it can have a sustainable run game of any kind against any above average defense. Can you imagine what Boise State practices have been like this year when the ones scrimmage the ones? The coaches have to know how substandard this O Line is against any kind of quality D Line.
  11. SparkysDad

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    FIFY (after the OLine play against SDSU)
  12. SparkysDad

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    They're overrated because of how other teams in their conference played against overrated OOC programs, of course!
  13. SparkysDad

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Got it! I'm actually discussing the outside NY6 odds of Boise State if UCF went 24-2 over the last two years! As you alluded 26-0 and a playoff spot for UCF is a pipe dream. The out-of-their-control circumstances that would have to occur include a mega-tough OOC and lots of chaos in the P5 conferences...and at least two years of undefeatedness!
  14. SparkysDad

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    This year's UCF team is not the same team as last year's UCF team. That's how it works in college football except for Alabama! I think that last year's UCF team would beat this year's UCF team silly! I think that UCF is probably the best G5 (sorry P6 advocates!) and deserving at this point in the season of the NY6 Bowl. I do not believe after watching Boise State's performance against Oklahoma State (and the right side of the O-Line in games following that performance!) that Boise State is as good as they looked on paper in the pre-season. I think that UCF would beat Boise State on a neutral field due to their athleticism and the opportunity to expose Boise State's glaring O Line weakness. I think SDSU's road win over then #23 ASU (who had just beaten then #15 Michigan State) is the best win in either conference for what it's worth, but I'm not trying to compare conferences. I'm just highlighting that The Committee will see undefeated Cincinnati and USF and a good record from Houston and that UCF will get more credit than deserved on their conference mates beating those teams. If Cincinnati and USF end up losing to teams with bad records in conference and UCF trips twice, the fact that they didn't play a game against a P5 opponent might have some meaningful weight with The Committee at the end of the season, that's all. I guess my bottom line is that the door would re-open for Boise State if UCF lost a couple, in part due to my belief that the AAC's OOC is impressive in "name only".