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  1. Being "spread apart on opposite sides of the country" also has advantages for your media partner. The ability to have non-overlapping conference games due to Time Zones is actually a benefit in providing more live inventory (games) with fewer total teams for the benefit of your media partner -- more commercial inventory = more money. If you are a fan in the Mountain Time Zone for example, you could realistically watch multiple conference games from 10am until 10pm on any given Saturday.
  2. Not a huge college basketball fan...is the conference above good enough to dislodge Gonzaga from the WCC? Obviously part of the equation would be not having BYU in the WCC anymore and joining a conference with Uconn, Wichita State and Memphis (Houston, too?)...
  3. If you're going to keep Navy (I love our military, but I don't like their academy sports but that's just me!) you'd need to replace CSU with Air Force. Then drop Uconn and Cincinnatti for 10. Or Uconn and USF.
  4. I like it...Gonzaga and Wichita State for BBall only, drop Navy and Uconn to get to 10. Also, not sure if I'm 100% sold on CSU...
  5. I don't think you concern yourself with poaching. First, my sense is it would stabilize realignment slightly as the deserving G5 schools would get a significant pay raise. Second, it would be so financially far ahead of other lesser conferences, it would be easy to re-load with the best new candidate. Third, dividing the pot by 10 instead of 12 is significantly more money for each program AND you can still have a championship game. Also $10 million per team is $100 million for your paying media partner instead of $120 million if you are at 12.
  6. While this kind of potential movement would seem to provide additional fuel for a Best of the Rest conference (imagine a conference that could basically guarantee getting a CFP spot every year and the P5-like feel that would create for a BOTR conference), it would take monumental effort to get all the programs to agree and for the NCAA to create new rules to make it financially feasible to create an entirely new conference. Bob Kustra would be the Commish! I wonder what the payout per team would be for a 10 team Best of the Rest conference? It would need to be reasonably balanced East vs. West and consideration would need to be taken for media markets (not TV markets exclusively as digital becomes increasingly important) and historical quality of the program, along with basketball potential. Who would be the 5 Western teams? Who would be the 5 Eastern/Central teams?
  7. SparkysDad

    Rumors of AAC Having GOR or Uneven Revenue Sharing

    Maybe, but doubtful. ESPN (Disney) is going a different direction with their business model. The big sports contracts and the former highly-paid on-air talent associated were a big drain to the Mothership. It will be hard to keep paying high premiums for mid-level content (sorry G5'ers, but that's how they see it). In the biggest news, Disney is going to take all of their content off of Netflix and stream it themselves. There are other content providers considering the same tactics. I think that in the future, the bulk of media money for any conference will come from more of an ala carte style mentality with digital streaming. I think that's where individual programs will have the opportunity to fully prove their value (or lack thereof, as it pertains to some of the lower rung P5 programs). JMHO...
  8. SparkysDad

    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    No. Although the last few games, he's been running "angry", he's nowhere near the level of a Doug Martin nor Jay Ajayi (comparing Mattison to former BSU RB's that had at least some impact in the NFL). Athletically, IMO he's really good but not elite and another year of working and honing his skills might make him draftable. With that said, I did just see that he was named to SI's All-American 2nd Team which shocked me. PS. In general, it's also not the best idea to declare early if you think your best case scenario is going in the 5th round...
  9. Highly unlikely with the vast majority of referees. And the CSU receiver-out-of-bounds call IMO is not a shining example of the possibility of your theory. I also dislike fans complaining about calls that shouldn't be made in certain situations or near the end of the game, specifically those that aren't subjective. JMHO, but if the receiver stepped out of bounds (and sorry, but the DB contact was minimal and not the reason the WR went out of bounds) you HAVE to make that call. If not, you are simply cheating. And think about the actual risk/reward scenario for the referees. If it were ever able to be proven that a referee or group of referees intentionally influenced the outcome of a game for the benefit of some entity, very likely there'd be criminal charges, jail time, financial ramifications, etc. Just don't see it at all.
  10. SparkysDad

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Amateurs! You put the booze in the sun block bottle and drink it straight...and if security gets suspicious, you simply apply it to someone nearby and then proceed to lick yourself into oblivion!
  11. SparkysDad

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Nailed it!
  12. SparkysDad

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    I always love when someone says they will be in the "top" of some measurement that is more than 1/2 the total group! Kind of an oxymoron IMO. Basically, you're saying Boise State basketball should finish somewhere below average...made me laugh!
  13. SparkysDad

    O.T. Look at Bama's schedule for next season

    The difference is Tiger Woods got to where he was by practicing, practicing, practicing. Now I understand that Tiger also had the DNA for that hard work to pay off like it never would for me, regardless of how much time I spent on the driving range/putting green, but nonetheless, he did truly "earn" his reputation. In many cases, the early foundation of some if not most of the Blue Bloods was at best, bought, not earned and at worst, built through outright cheating. Unlimited scholarships prior to '73 giving some schools at the time as many as 150 scholarship players (as many as you could afford was the rule of the day), paying of top athletes or athlete's families to get them to your school, poor to non-existent academic standards for athletes, etc., etc., etc. Nebraska is a great case study (at least for my agenda!): One of the big "unlimited scholarship" schools that built their winning reputation on the fact that they could afford to have great athletes as starters AND great depth due to paying for anyone's education that was a good enough football player. With a tradition of winning and winning and winning, they built/bought their Blue Blood reputation and the fans and the money kept growing. With scholarship limits applied (and I'm sure some other NCAA rules that exposed Nebraska's poor location and less-than-ideal circumstances) to level the playing field, Nebraska has faded tremendously. I'm not saying a balanced home and away schedule would change Alabama's reputation or their enviable record instantly, but it would be to me an equitable solution to an obviously unfair competitive advantage. Are you against scholarship limits? I think it's a comparable existing rule to a potential rule of mandatory balanced home and away schedules.
  14. SparkysDad

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Ah you do know...I take it all back!
  15. SparkysDad

    O.T. Look at Bama's schedule for next season

    I understand that college football has always been business, but it is also a sport, which in my naive, purist world, should have somewhat of a level playing field for the sake of the competitors. I've been financially supporting my golf habit for years on great courses with the finest equipment money can buy, so let's you and I play for money. I'll even pay for your green fees, to complete the "paying for extra home games" analogy. BTW, you only get to use rope, not golf clubs...best of luck! Or more analogy-accurate, I'll only play for money on my home course, where I know every subtle break on the greens and every hidden landing spot on blind shots. And for my out of conference golf matches, I refuse to travel more than 100 miles (as I need a good night's sleep in my own bed and... well, I've been playing big time golf for quite some time and am just entitled to it!)