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  1. Seemed like there was a lot of obvious holding that wasn't called, and then when it was called, the replay of the called hold seemed dubious. To be specific, with a disclaimer of being a BSU fan, it seemed like the Hawaii O line got away with a few holds that resulted in bigger plays, or bailed the Warriors out of trouble, but then got "karma'd" with the "hold" that brought their TD back. JMHO.
  2. I see your logic and would normally agree, but I think the coaches have a tough decision to make at QB and needed to see their original starter in game situations more than the normal scenario. I mean it was kind of telling when last night they showed Fennegan's stats against BYU that were approximately equal to Hank's stats against CSU.
  3. When your starter hasn't gotten snaps, you give him some live action experience when you can...gotta knock that rust off! It'll be interesting to see if there's a mid-season QB battle though! #theresmoreforyoulifewith(Jack)Sears
  4. Looked good with strong possession, but they're one World Cup away from being truly competitive at that level. Good thing is they're almost all young...can't wait!
  5. Yup...don't tell Whoosh, but I kinda already knew the answer!
  6. My copy/paste is broke? You literally said that there are "more up and coming teams" in the East. I'm assuming the "more" is more up-and-coming than teams in the West like Boise State? Like BYU? I'm hard-pressed to think of one. Just looking for help as I'm befuddled. There are a couple of one offs that have had a season or two, but that's all I got.
  7. Did I hear a WOOSH? said, "It would take expansion of at least 3 teams and that’s under the presumption that the aac wouldn’t look East which recently has been where the more up and coming teams have been located." Please provide at least 3 up-and-coming teams from the East that have more "juice" than Boise State. And I'm confident I won't get an answer that will change my mind, even after the 51-17 shellacking BSU suffered last Friday! Again, thanks in advance (we're all counting on you!)...
  8. I'm sooo disappointed. I really wanted to see your list of the "emerging" eastern programs. I don't think the AAC is too interested in western expansion nor is Boise State interested in the AAC unless it includes a number of western teams (like the first go 'round when Tulane (?!?!?) was added). I just get a kick out of the AAC board saying "BYU, ummm Air Force, doh, Colorado State and then maybe San Diego State." when most on that board discuss western expansion. I'm just curious about which eastern teams there is even a remote interest in regarding their football programs.
  9. Also the physics work quite well as the ball is spinning backwards with a lot of velocity when it hits the water.
  10. It's a tradition (unlike any other!) during the practice round for the Masters on that hole.
  11. So I don't believe anything in this thread, but for entertainment purposes, please list the AAC's Top 3 expansion candidates (and more than 3 is OK as well, as long as they are "up and coming teams" from the East). Thanks in advance...
  12. BYU would've been better served with a game winning final drive in a hard fought battle against Boise State at full strength. With a blowout win against BSU's 3rd string QB (who probably got almost 0 snaps last week as the coaches tried to prep Jack Sears), without their starting RB and their best DL injured and a young OLine,, this one will come back to bite BYU when Boise State drops a couple of MWC games. And SDSU is your next toughest game? Bwahaha... Apologies to the "good" BYU fans. Just lookin' for some kind of silver lining after last night's debacle!
  13. Oh...and a number of them were whining about blue uniforms on The Blue. Obviously it's moot since Boise State will be wearing black. But since all BSU fans have dealt with this from any number of programs here's some help: 1) The players aren't watching it from a helicopter, they're at field level looking horizontally. 2) Also, I did the research a couple of years ago and Boise State's record at that point was actually better on green fields. Go figure. 3) The real thing to b*tch about with blue-on-blue is the film the coaches and players watch in preparation to play Boise Stat
  14. No worries...I was just applying it to those ranting on their own board! And, IMHO, the BSU players might need some of that support after the game. Just thinking this is probably the year BYU gets their win on The Blue.
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