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  1. SparkysDad

    OT: University of Tulsa Athletic Dept budget cuts

    So, not to derail this fantastic thread, but how are those University of Tulsa Athletic Department cuts coming along? #stayontopicplease
  2. SparkysDad

    Good News MWC non-BSU Programs!

    110% agree! ^^^^^ It's far too close to the actual game for Boise State or Oklahoma State to drop it! I'll take all wagers that the game happens! Name your odds!
  3. SparkysDad

    Good News MWC non-BSU Programs!

    Didn't actually watch the whole thing...but I think he was clean in the interception department! It was Boise State's 10-returning-starters D that regressed! Vegas oddsmakers are going to be stunned!
  4. Apparently, Boise State's D is terrible, we can't score in the red zone and OSU's new QB (whose career stats are 1-2 for -6 yards) will light the Broncos up for 5 TD's and over 500 yards! Josh Allen-like... Boise State v. Oklahoma State simulation 45 - 18 in favor of the "other" Cowboys! Glad I don't have to watch this game now!
  5. SparkysDad

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    We on this board all know why it's called Canvas... Although, the CSU Rams almost always look better on paper!
  6. SparkysDad

    Thank You for this one, Hawaii.

    What?!?! He can't learn to drive a big rig? #bsurecruitflipping
  7. SparkysDad

    BIG Moment

    I'm gonna need a link for verification on the bolded above, please!
  8. SparkysDad

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    FYI, this low payout makes it a lot easier financially for both parties when the 3rd game becomes a conference game for Boise State!
  9. SparkysDad

    Sports Illustrated's Really Weird Preseason Top 25

    Ahhh...apologies! SI's still crazy!
  10. SparkysDad

    BYU vs UNLV - new series announced.

    I'm gonna say 3-9 if Kalani is still the HC (you figure out the 3 wins).
  11. SparkysDad

    Sports Illustrated's Really Weird Preseason Top 25

    On the SI website they also have "Playoff Rankings" which are different than their Pre-Season Poll from the original post: Link: https://www.si.com/college-football/polls Rankings of note: Clemson #1 Alabama #4 UCF #12 Washington State #18 ?!?! Memphis #20 Boise State #25 Unranked: Houston (#20 in their Pre-Season Poll) FAU (#25 in their Pre-Season Poll) Wow...
  12. SparkysDad

    Boise State single game tickets -- case study

    Based on the tone of SDSU fans on this board regarding BYU-centric topics, I'm guessing the pricing is the same due to most SDSU fans being Mormons?
  13. SparkysDad

    Grand Canyon University expansion

    I get GCU, but how is Denver going to break the lock that CSU has on the Denver market? #CSUBig12
  14. Also best pirate joke/dad humor ever (it's a sequential one so bear with it)... Joke Teller: What is a pirate's favorite kind of sock? Joke victim: ARRRRgyle? JT: Correct...What is a pirate's favorite town in Texas? JV: ARRRRlington? JT: Correct...What's a pirates favorite element from the Periodic Table of Elements? JV: ARRRRgon? JT: No, the correct answer is gold...Ok, last one...what's a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet? JV: It has to be RRRRRR, right? JT: You'd think so, but pirates truly love the "C".