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  1. Can you be any less secure about how forum posters perceive you? Stop trying to hijack a fun thread with yet another promise to send a sex vid, as if anybody here actually cares whether you’re having consensual sex with anything living, dead or never alive.
  2. I hope Larson’s new cartoons turn out better than what Breathed has done since he started doing new Bloom County strips a few years ago. I was so excited when he restarted it—my favorite strip of all time (TFS a near second)—and then super bummed when I realized after reading it for a couple of months that he’d lost his satirical edge...or maybe the times changed so much during his BC hiatus that his satire no longer works for me. Anyway, I’ll raise a toast to Larson tonight.
  3. Convert delivers. Every time. Mr Moderate has his head so far up Right Wing ass that he can see out of McConnell’s mouth. It’s only about seeing the libturds squeal and squirm for him.
  4. She has good taste, unlike her father’s taste in occasional seat mates. WW was an excellent movie; Captain Marvel was very mediocre as MU movies go. I didn’t hate it, but won’t bother watching it again either.
  5. I rarely offer up deeply thoughtful posts in this forum for a variety of reasons. Here are some of those reasons, in descending order of import, first as they relate to you and then to the forum in general. 1. Your posts have polluted my eyes for what, 15 years, possibly more? It feels like an eternity. Why shouldn’t you suffer some of my pain? 1a. From day one you offered similarly oddball thoughts to what we see today on whatever topic you decided to misinterpret that fateful day on whichever version of the Nevada sports forum that was. Incredibly, you’ve tripled down on odd and quadrupled on stupid since then. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to anybody (except you) that responding to your ubiquitous moronologues does not warrant a well researched and fully cited post. A simple dismissal of your vapid thoughts and maybe a well-earned ad hominem or three is all you deserve. Reasons as they relate to the forum at large: 2. I’m a non-confrontational soul by nature. While I do enjoy a sincere dialogue and sharing of diverse and often divergent viewpoints with others who listen and respond respectfully, such respect is usually absent here in any political topic and in many other topics that should not ordinarily spark such controversy. This is a sign of our polarized times, I guess, and it’s certainly the forum culture here. If a topic interests me enough to overcome my inclination to not confront, it has to overcome another hurdle (see #s3 and 4). 3. My time is valuable. If I am actually inspired enough to post seriously on a topic, I’m not simply going to lob an opinion or two and then stubbornly dig in while offering little substance to back up my position. This takes up a lot of that valuable time, because when engaged in written discussions of import, my inclination is to research my position and then support it with citations, usually many. This forum is rarely open to that type of exchange, and that’s fine, but it does tend to preclude my direct participation. 4. My overall interests are wide and varied (not to suggest this isn’t true for many others who post here frequently). All of them require time to properly maintain, so I often don’t feel it’s an effective use of my limited time to argue on the internets. Plus, I’m happily married. I’d like the happily part and the married part to continue, so—time. I am fully aware that some of my behaviors here—being a meanie to Contard and occasionally confronting blues on his own serial hypocrisy, to name two—are at odds with the rationale presented above. I’m human. Sue me.
  6. Convert’s only made 56-57 circuits of the sun, so his BS detector is understandably still a few years away from the level of refinement yours has achieved. Can’t wait to see how much better he’ll be at separating the poo from the...pee? at that point. I’m sure the improvement will be amazing.
  7. I’ll have to hold my nose and watch it. Daniel Craig saved 007 movies for me. I fear for the future of the world without him.
  8. I though Quantum of Solace was an order of magnitude worse, which still placed it an order of magnitude above any Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan (have to admit I never saw the one he made that is generally well reviewed—forgot the name. I just don’t like him as Bond that much).
  9. Not only are you heroically not self aware (on full display again in this thread in multiple posts from you) your previously suspect ability to read and process with accuracy is further degrading for us all to see. Please do not seek help.
  10. I knew you couldn’t resist my bait, little fishy. You’re the warmup for streamer fishing for big browns and big rainbows that think they’re big browns on the Truckee tomorrow with my youngest. I expect to catch far larger (and smrtr) fish than you. Additionally, you could never keep up with us, softbutt. To your point, you seem set on the idea that Lynch’s casting as a 007 means she will assume the “permanent” role going forward in the Bond franchise. I don’t. Bond and 007 can exist separately, as they in fact will do for some or all of the upcoming movie. Lynch’s character is named Nomi; I doubt she’s Nomi Bond, Jame’s love child from some past fling with a secret agent of color. I expect she’ll get shot up and need to retire as a field agent or will graciously accept a new 00 number by movie’s end, clearing the way for Bond to resume the 007 designation. I do agree that the next Bond movie will be a litmus test, though not because 007 will be a woman, but because Craig will no longer be Bond. The new guy will have some large shoes to fill.
  11. Zimmerman strikes me as a not very smart person. Outside of maybe derailing (or helping) Fulton’s run for Dade County Commissioner, I don’t think this will end well for Zim.
  12. Yep. Much ado about nothing, which is what this non-triggered Bond fan figured would be the case. PS - Killer trailer. Can’t wait for the movie.
  13. Your preferred manner of dress makes more sense now. You go, girl.