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  1. See my edit. You can ignore him until the stupid is just too great to ignore any longer. Maybe that’s his real genius: he understands volume stupidity will eventually get him the argument he needs to fill the void. Personally, I don’t think it’s cunning genius, I think he’s just as weird, warped and not self aware as his posting history indicates he is. This is sad, since he does deliver the occasional just a little off, but interesting post that might be worth a sincere discussion...but it’s Contard and he’s likely to go off the rails with his next response.
  2. Convert was posting stupid takes on the Nevada fan forum from the moment he showed up there a couple of years before he wandered over to the MWC forum and started subtly “trolling” the natives into crowning him the very first Troll King. It’s the sheer, unrelenting volume of dumbshittery flowing from his fingers for more than a decade that has earned him all the flack he gets, even when he appears to make a sincere post. Why blame those who dump on him when he has been the board’s primary antagonist almost since his arrival? The guy seems to thrive on conflict, even when he is so wrong th
  3. I’m no expert in home valuations and the housing market, but this seems much different than Reno home values preceding the Great Recession. There aren’t any huge development projects coming on the market in the Reno area in the next couple of years, just a bunch of smaller stuff in process with more and larger projects in various stages of planning. The local economy is on fire, particularly companies relocating t9 the area and new companies starting up. This process was not really slowed at all by the pandemic and it’s currently accelerating. If the pandemic didn’t slow it, it’s going to
  4. I’ve never been to Laradise, but it’s almost certainly too small for me, and too cold to be a good place to garden and grow a fairly wide variety of fruit trees that actually make fruit. I like midsize cities and like Boise a lot; it has always reminded me of Reno. I could easily live there. I’ve only been to Albuquerque once—in 1984, my sophomore year in college, when Nevada played NC State—but I got a good feeling about it. You can fish, mountain bike, garden about like in Reno, and eat lots of great food, which is important for me (Reno’s restaurant scene is great). I’m pretty sure I’d
  5. Lol! What was the final tally on the “election fraud” cases put forth by the Trump campaign and the state Republican parties attempting to overturn the election? You and @soupslam1can return your heads into the sand on this. Trump and his lackeys were and are the primary sowers of doubt among the electorate, not those who changed election laws to better meet the difficulties created by COVID restrictions. That you continue to yell “foul” and “the election was fraudulent” in the face of zero proof only reinforces Trump et al’s al’s success in warping your minds. But let’s be honest, your
  6. But what it will likely do, regardless of the outcome, is further erode what trust remains in the democratic process in AZ and beyond. These people aren’t really interested in the truth, they just want to retain power, even if it means cheating and lying to do it.
  7. You worry about Convert? Why waste the energy? He’s demonstrated for a decade and 1/2 that he is and probably always has been one. You can’t fix it when it’s part of their genetic code.
  8. I usually wait until after June 1 to plant out my summer crops. We’ve been hit with killing frosts into the second week of June at least three times since we moved into our current home in 1999. It’s in a bit of a frost pocket, but late frosts happen across the region every few years. One can take precautions and cover the plants, but sometimes even that doesn’t work, and my garden is too large to mess with more involved protective measures for random, one-time events. Some day I’ll build a large high tunnel over the beds I will allocate to frost-sensitive vegetables and start growing the
  9. Here’s the seed packet, @smltwnrckr. It’s from 2012, so I don’t know if they’re still viable, but I’m happy to send them to you if you like. I might even be dig a couple of starts out of my patch and send them, if you want. He pictured plant above is the original I planted nine years ago, but I no longer want them growing where they are, so I dug a few shoots three years ago to establish them elsewhere. Works fine. Edit: it’s illegal to ship live plants into CA from out of state, but they probably won’t have the artichoke sniffing dogs loose at the post office. Besides, they’re more conc
  10. Is she trying different varieties, or is she stubbornly sticking with the huge globe artichoke types they grow over in Castroville? I’m pretty sure those won’t handle your heat. They also don’t like the cold I get up in Reno, so after some investigation, I ended up with a packet of seeds of an Italian variety. I’ll dig it out of my seed stash later and post it. It easily handles local low temps and doesn’t flinch at our summer heat, which is still 5-10 degrees below yours in the Valley, but pretty damn hot nonetheless. This is a picture of one of my two plants from late June, 2018. The c
  11. That is pretty large yard for San Francisco. Do you share it with others or is it all yours? I’ve never grown artichokes in a pot. I imagine they will be heavy feeders, given how large the plants get when planted in-ground.
  12. If I’m parsing your blabber correctly, you see future space adventurers mounting rockets to their nethers in order to achieve orbit. I see Nostradumbass.
  13. I have no idea. If neither you nor @smltwnrckr can find existential meaning in poking a bottle rocket in your butthole and lighting it, then it must be a thoroughly meaningless act. It is entertaining for the non-participant, and that’s fulfilling enough for me.
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