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  1. He forgot to remove his ladder one night. edit: his platform was freestanding, with a removable ladder.
  2. This is clearly a case of living too close to Donner Pass.
  3. Get in line. Pretty much everybody hates Slapdud.
  4. Rudy’s got the market cornered on bonkers. Maybe if Sidney had been allowed more than a week to peddle her brand of BS on a national scale, she could be seriously considered, but Rudy’s been doing it for years.
  5. Why is this picture upside down? You fail at everything bicycle.
  6. Not Netflix, but Drunk History should satisfy both your interest in history with a bit of that reality television vibe for your wife. Another vote for Queen’s Gambit: excellent! Young Wallander is a solid detective drama set in Sweden, and incorporates current immigration tensions into the plot. The Great British Baking Show is fun, a bit stupid, and fun, in that order. I love to cook and I watch various cooking shows, but don’t bake much and haven’t liked baking shows at all until The Wife landed on the 2020 season last week. We’ll start from the beginning after we finish this
  7. You’re probably runnin’ flats on your spendy new road rig. Puss.
  8. 100% agree. I had a mostly XTR build Anthem 1 that I recently sold. It was old—2005: ridden and raced hard for six or 7 years and then mostly garaged since then after I gave it to one of my sons. Although many of the worn components, wheels included, were downgraded when it was refurbished for my son, it was still a fun bike to ride. The guy I sold it to texted me a couple of weeks after buying it to tell me how much fun he was having on it. Giant makes solid bikes.
  9. Sorry in advance for the cloud I’m sending to block your sun ray. BOC was, maybe still is, the worst live act I’ve ever seen...three damned times (all as the warmup band)! I like some of their music, but hated their loud but muddled assault on my hearing live and in person. It’s clearly still an issue for me more than 35 years later. I need help.
  10. This is exactly the scenario, among others (but all are related to Trump’s endless, lifelong grift) covered in this article. Those of us who suspected this was coming were assured by so many of the conservative posters on this forum that our concern about Trump refusing to acknowledge a lost election and leave the White House was yet another symptom of TDS. Apparently not. And still, Bob has already whipped that one out in this thread. Who among us actually suffer from the debilitating and fantastical view of 45 and his time in office? https://www.politico.com/news/maga
  11. I’d like to nominate this for Post of the Decade (plus two years).
  12. Check the text above the brackets. The Maui Invitational will be played in Asheville, NC. If that’s the case, it must be happening.
  13. No, you do not. This is a phrase used countless times by Trump when he’s pedaling one lie or anther, all eaten up by his supporters. THEUofN was simply pointing out the irony of Bob questioning your intent.
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