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  1. Posturedoc

    Nevada Football

    Ault wasn’t left with much of a choice on that hire.
  2. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    Print. It just doesn’t read the same way on electronica.
  3. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    That was only part of the reason, but the main reason is that bb reacts best when tweaked with his own techniques. Also, after so many years of posting novels, I’m practicing what I hope will someday develop into a more pithy style. I have much work to do.
  4. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    Second to last. I still read it daily as I eat my breakfast.
  5. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    Your answer is not appropriately terse.
  6. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    He is. Open a newspaper.
  7. Posturedoc

    Eating meat renforces toxic masculinity ...

    “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.”
  8. Posturedoc

    Movie: Eye In the Sky

    If this ^^^ were from just about any other poster on this forum, I’d know it was satire, but from you: you’re completely serious.
  9. Posturedoc

    Movie: Eye In the Sky

    = trolled. Good job, happy. You too, PNation. How does it feel to be trolled so effectively and frequently, Troll King?
  10. Posturedoc

    DEAR LORD GOD -- Some of you voted for this moron

    You botched the quote. This the correct rendering: “Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.” Comes from Tennessee.
  11. Posturedoc

    Alright, I Was Wrong

    Why would you post such drivel on this thread when the idea of poll accuracy has already been thoroughly debunked? Silly libtard.
  12. Posturedoc


    As with the pro-est of the pro gun faction’s fears than seemingly any law limiting access to guns would simply be the first step leading to them being outlawed, the most vocal of the pro choice faction likely feels the same about any rules limiting abortion. In other words, they’ll fight to the end against any abortion limits. Edit: I fall in with nocool here.
  13. Posturedoc

    My Ranking of European Cities

    Where does Vienna fall on your list? I spent 6.5 months in Europe as a college student, most of it going to school in Vienna. It’s a great city, but folks were pretty formal on the whole until they got to know you reasonably well. Gruss Gott was the greeting you got on the street, which is pretty far from a standard hello, hi or howdy you might get out here in the great American West. It’s not hostility, simply formal reserve. Maybe things have changed a bit in 32 years, but that sort of thing is usually firmly entrenched. Still, I really liked Vienna a lot. Paris was also great. Budapest was architecturally similar to Vienna (and Prague, which I didn’t visit, the one place I regret never getting to while I was over there) but mostly run down. In 1986 Hungary was still under communist control, so there was a film of repression sitting atop everything. I also spent a weekend in Florence that was pretty fun. While I was also in a few other big cities, mostly it was passing through for a day or maybe only a few hours on my way to smaller destinations, so I wouldn’t presume to rank them, as I wasn’t in any long enough to really know them. London, York, Frankfurt, Munich, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Venice all fall into this category. I also spent a month mostly in Germany, and mostly in Bonn, where my aunt and uncle lived at the time, when I was 17, including a week in Berlin, a few days in Amsterdam and a long day in Cologn. Berlin was great, though East Berlin was a little intimidating for a kid tackling it alone at that age. I made it back under the Wall, though. Communism sure sucks. I’ll have plenty of new experiences to report on in Southern Europe starting this Saturday as my wife and I embark on our Mediterranean cruise. Still, one long day in port, often experiencing these places on cruise excursions, won’t deliver the kind of immersive experience I like to have before judging a place. Even with the quick turnarounds, should be plenty of fun for the next two weeks.
  14. Cal is rebuilding. Why travel far and wide scheduling top level teams when you can stay close to home and build a better schedule than UNLV had last season, Mr. Lazy Scheduling?
  15. Posturedoc

    Recipes for small, whole trout

    I’m with Top25 on this. Trout is a delicate fish that lends itself to simple preparations. Trout almondine is a nice way to gussy up the fish without going overboard on seasoning. My other beyond butter, salt and flour go-to with trout is similar to your grilled version, except I insert thin slices of lemon, onion, maybe a little garlic and thyme salt and pepper and a little butter into the cavity after salting and peppering the body. I wrap that in foil before placing it on the grill.