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  1. Convert clowns himself in the opening post (and all following posts) in a thread he started: different day; different poll/topic; same Convert.
  2. My high horse produces piss that I imagine tastes better than Keystone Light. I will happily provide you with a couple of gallons to stockpile against your next pinch so you aren’t forced into making such desperate future beer purchases. Think of it as a peace offering.
  3. He also drinks and likes Keystone Light. He’s not worth communicating with.
  4. Have you ridden there yet? It’s fun even if you don’t want to launch your old bones into the air. I always wanted to be able to jump more than 6” off the ground and travel more than 3’, but never felt comfortable doing that on a cross country race bike. Now I get 10” of air and travel 4’. Slack geometry and 6” of suspension travel make all difference.
  5. Pictures, or I don’t believe you.
  6. You had me at f*** Maynard.
  7. I had one of these in middle school back in the mid ‘70’s. It was all I wanted. I probably rode it for a couple of months and moved on to other pursuits. I just bought an enduro/trail bike and am learning to jump at the tender age of 56 in an attempt to keep up with my fast AF 27 year old enduro racing son (that’ll never happen, but I did pound his smart ass teenage butt regularly as cross country mtn bike racers up to age 20, so I’ve got that over him). Get yourself a similar bike and haul yourself and your kids up here for the next Wolf Pack-Rebels game of your choice and we’ll head over to Reno’s newest mtn biking locale, Sierra Vista Park for some fun. @NevadaFan is invited. @renoskier is probably too old, but he can come and watch us. @Slapdad can’t ride a bike to save his life and should stay the f*** in Houston, where it’s flat as a pancake and safe for his scaredy cat self.
  8. Of course it matters to Nevada fans. Joe Santoro has always been a sports journalist provocateur. It’s his shtick. He doesn’t speak (or write) for Nevada fans. This isn’t to say Santoro can’t write or isn’t a good journalist when he writes straight, but penning dumb opinions, most of which he can’t possibly believe, is how he has “distinguished” himself as a writer in northern Nevada for decades.
  9. Yes, sort of. I started reading it almost two years ago. It’s a fascinating and detailed bit of post climate apocalypse world building, but I’ve found it a bit of a slog to read. I understand why it won so many awards, but SciFi awards haven’t always translated into great reads for me. I finally picked it up again in early February and started reading it on the recumbent bike at the gym as I warmed up for my workouts, but then the gym shut down... I’m reading one of Neal Asher’s Agent Cormac/Polity books right now, which toss you into the action straight away, generally maintain a sense of impending action, and aren’t slowed down by lengthy ruminations on the state of a characters’ existence, something I’ve seen more and more of in high fantasy recently (often a good thing, but when it encompasses half or more of a long book, as it has in a few recent titles I’ve picked up, it’s just too much!). Anyway, I can already hear your tsk-tsk from up there in rural(ish) Washington, so I’ll pick Windup up and finish it right after I finish this Asher novel.
  10. Wouldn’t the same hold true to the individual(s) on this forum who feel the need to defend against any and every critical commentary launched at our Cheater in Chief?
  11. I’m already looking forward to your triumphant return as a newly brain damaged progressive. Please hurry, the world needs you.
  12. Veteran science fiction and fantasy reader here. I generally get enough daily non-fiction (and fiction—Fake News!) reading in on the daily as I scroll my news feed, deep dive into a random topic (often inspired by something I read on this forum) and read the daily local paper, which admittedly has less and less news in it as local print media continues to lose money and prune away its staff. Anyway, I almost always choose escapism when I pick up a book rather than something that requires real focus and force of will to read (feeling for you, @smltwnrckr). With that in mind, here are a couple of titles to not miss. Senlin Ascends. This was initially a self published book, but garnered such acclaim that it was later picked up and published by Orbit. It’s difficult to describe the story, which is an atypical take on the hero’s journey in a completely unique setting. It’s also extremely well written. It’s the first of a planned four book series, three of which are published with the 4th due in 2021. The second recommendation is a book I read years ago that I’m still trying to forget enough of to go back for a second helping. It’s as unique in its own world building as Senlin Ascends. Perdido Street Station. If you ‘Murica types can get past the fact it’s written by (an extremely talented) communist, China Miéville, you ought to enjoy all the macabre weirdness inside. There are two additional books in this universe, also quite good, but the stories and characters are completely independent. I’ve recommended Iain M. Banks, RIP, in past book threads. Any/all of his Culture novels are very good, some are great. He writes with that unique British humor too, always a bonus for me. The books are all self contained, but do reference past events, so starting from the beginning is probably the best option. Consider Phlebas is book #1, and probably my favorite, but that’s a tough call. Hmmm. I keep thinking of other peculiar but well written works to add. My final recommendation. Don’t bother reading it if you’re an avowed climate change denier @Bob. In that arena, it’s a book before it’s time, as it was first published in 1987. Rumors of Spring, by Richard Grant. May be difficult to find new, but Amazon has lots of used copies.
  13. Lol at the idea that battle.borne is an AOC bro. Know your audience, Maynard, you very odd person. When multiple posters within one very small thread suggest your points lack clarity or may not be points at all, perhaps the problems don’t lie with all of those posters and/or their mental capacities, but with your clear as mud references and links without explanation or with with explanation that makes sense only to your very unique way of interpreting the world around you. Since this is how it goes with most threads you start, you can remove the bolded perhaps from the previous sentence of this.