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  1. The eyes aren’t vacant enough and there needs to be a line of orange drool/Trump juice dripping from its chin to solidify the resemblance to Contard. And given yesterday’s melt across two threads, sure to continue today, a commemorative cigar wouldn’t be out of place either.
  2. You just described any Convert post beyond two sentences. Heck, more than 50% of his one sentence posts can be described as such.
  3. The Lincoln Project are Republicans and former Republicans, Einstein.
  4. The Rebels18 net worth big peepee attempted brag isn’t a good look either, ph.
  5. That’s pretty stout for badminton. You must have been a beast back in the day.
  6. Golfers get an exception for one set of clubs tossed in a pond. It’s an extension of the Mulligan rule.
  7. Yes. Lack of self-control is lack of self control, ph, even when you’re competing for millions of dollars, majors titles and the chance to be ranked #1. But after reading your posts here for a couple of years, I picture you more like spoiled child John McEnroe whining and tantruming his way through his career than I do the two you mention, and even if your demeanor otherwise resembles what they usually display, it’s poor sportsmanship and immature. There’s nothing wrong with being a driven, even fiery competitor, but losing control, whether it’s breaking rackets, yelling obscenities at co
  8. There are better descriptions of such actions. Lack of self-control and immaturity come to mind.
  9. I see the potential in him in flashes, but then he melts because somebody disputes a point he makes and it’s off to ad-hominem/fluffy bunny/I have a big peepee land. I try to cut him slack and not engage any longer, but as skier just wrote, sometimes one can’t resist calling out the inconsistencies that run rampant through his posts.
  10. This doesn’t fit the ph meme that Nevada does it the wrong way while UNLV does it right (and just wait until NEXT YEAR!!!).
  11. I don’t understand why you (and a few others) humor ph regarding recruiting...or any sort of analysis, really. He’s a full-on homer who almost universally poops on rival programs about whatever it is he finds offensive about how/why his Rebs lose to them but then “evolves/rationalizes/spouts hypocrisy” when the Rebs do something similar to (hopefully) produce wins.
  12. Lol. Your last paragraph is all about teams and shit, so welcome aboard, I guess. Although you already know this, it bears repeating that said unarmed woman faced federal officers with drawn and aimed firearms warning intruders not to advance while defending elected officials the intruders intended to capture and possibly kill. While I don’t recall anybody here cheering the her death, it seemed clear she earned that bullet, sad as that is to write.
  13. Ah, to be young again. I wasn’t phased (erp, fazed—too much Star Trek in my youth) by mid 90’s temps in my 20’s through maybe late 40’s, but once I hit my 50’s (57 in a month) those temps started kicking my butt. One acclimates to some degree, but most of the time I head out and it’s north of 90, any vigorous ride longer an hour leaves my couch bound for a couple or three hours and I can forget about riding the next day.
  14. You’re probably aware of this already, but peak riding season is from March-May in most of the places listed (earlier in Tucson Phoenix and Vegas), and definitely for the St. George area. You’re well into the 90’s by June, and there’s not much high elevation ride temp relief in the area unless you head north up to Bryan Head, so it’s in the saddle early or night rides, unless you don’t mind the heat.
  15. Slapdad is correct about riding in the Reno/Tahoe/Truckee/Lost Sierra region, but that’s another trip from the one you’re asking for suggestions on. I’ll third St. George. Gooseberry Mesa and Wire Mesa, which are adjacent, can occupy you for several days, and you can pretty much camp next to the trails. The same is true just north and west of that system on the Hurricane Cliffs system, plus you have Zion Ntl Park right there if you’d rather hike for a day or two. There are a bunch of other trail systems north and west of St. George that should also be included, but I’ve not ridden muc
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