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  1. I already have. She tells me this every day.
  2. My self worth is not tied to the number of hairs on my head (whew!), but to the number of tubers I am able to bring to a night of partying. I’m walking on clouds over here. You should be so lucky.
  3. So your high school chums are counting back hair these days? You’d give a silverback a run for its money. Blech.
  4. Posturedoc

    Troll Derby 2018 Second Round - Bait Regional

    Not just scintillating, but dazzling. I’m breathless...with laughter, you goob.
  5. Posturedoc

    Troll Derby 2018- Sweet 16

    Are you kidding? Mugs would scream like an excited little girl if something bushy came his way.
  6. Posturedoc

    Troll Derby 2018- Sweet 16

    I haven’t voted for you yet. You ain’t no Asshole!
  7. Posturedoc

    Troll Derby 2018- Sweet 16

    Got to hand it to happy. The matchup analysis is scathingly accurate, the kind of work only a keen long-time MWC Forum observer and wordsmith could produce. Kudos for the serial chuckles you have generated from this poster.
  8. THAT is better hair on a bad day (arguably the case in that photo) than you’ve had even on your best day.
  9. Posturedoc

    Troll Derby 2018 Second Round - Bait Regional

    I’ve barely commented on your regular, mindless spewage on these forums in the last year or two, and definitely not in this thread until now. Definition of rent free displayed right here ^^^. I await your next scintillating reply, master troll.
  10. Posturedoc

    Gonzaga BB vs. Boise FB Poll

    I agree! I votred for him. I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight. Such a travesty.
  11. Posturedoc

    Pride of UNLV Tomi Lahren Gets Burnt

    I’m sure this ironic turn of events was accidental on the learned Ms. Lahren’s part. She should not be held responsible for knowing the linguistic disposition of her historic immigrant ancestors. Their situations bear no resemblance to those of today’s dirty masses wanting into the US.
  12. Posturedoc

    Breaking News on Trump

    If his sister were his brother...definitely.
  13. Posturedoc

    LV Sun hates U of Nevada

    It’s Vegas, baby! The land where anything is possible if you throw enough money at it and have the willpower and longevity to see it through. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be the biggest and bestest.
  14. Posturedoc

    LV Sun hates U of Nevada

    I’m not sure you fully grasp the historical political rivalry between southern and northern Nevada. Asking the folks in Las Vegas to play 2nd fiddle to their northern counterparts would never have had a chance to work. The rivalry between the regions was as probably as substantial back when the branch campus was designated as it is today, and certainly was a decade-plus later when supporters of Nevada Southern successfully lobbied for the school’s independence from the U of N (and shortly thereafter renamed UNR). There is no way the movers and shakers in Las Vegas would have accepted a secondary designation for their university. Even if that designation would have miraculously occurred, the push for equivalent status would have continued unabated until they achieved the legislative power to make it happen, which in my mind would have made the current tussle for $$, power and academic prestige seem pretty tame.
  15. Posturedoc


    My future wife and I went to Bonaire 27 years ago for a week-long dive vacation. We stayed at one of the dive resorts, of which there were many. I expect that hasn’t changed. The diving was amazing, much better than what this guy showed in his video. I don’t imagine that has changed all that much either, with as well-protected as their reef is. It’s true that you can rent a vehicle and drive to dozens of dive spots around the island, sometimes requiring a bit of a park and hike and sometimes by parking almost at the water. It wasn’t necessary for us to leave the resort, as the diving right off their pier was increadible. We did a couple of night dives off that pier that still live in my mind. The locals warned of us a local tarpon, Charlie, that liked to use the divers’ lights to feed. Sometimes he (it) would be accompanied by his “girlfriend,” Charlene, a slightly smaller tarpon. They warned us, because Charlie liked to introduce all 5+ feet of himself by cruising right by your head from behind, about 1-2’ off to your side—startling when you’re engrossed in all the sea life in your light beam. You then picked out a hapless fish and watched Charlie and Charlene knife in for the kill, swallowing decent sized fish with ease. You could, and we did, reach out and touch him as he cruised by. Wow! The island wasn’t very built up back then. From the looks of the video, it appears that resort tourism as infused some money into the place. Good for them. I expect we’ll return at some point as we start diving again after taking a couple of decades off to raise the family.