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  1. Cold weather salad greens—lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, arugula, etc—are fine to plant now, and you can sow seeds of many root crops. They’d need to protect most of the other crops home gardeners typically grow with walls-O-water or something similarly heat retentive.
  2. A nice layer of compost followed by a reasonably thick layer of straw and your hard clay will turn to friable loam in no time. The trick is not having it all blow off. If you can’t keep those layers in place, you’ve got to till.
  3. I’m curious about those of you (@Wyoguns, @halfmanhalfbronco) still turning/tilling your gardens. I can understand if you’re turning last season’s dead crop debris into the soil and maybe if you only use fertilizer rather than compost and other mulches, but the labor savings of no till are just the tip of the iceberg, and that alone is huge. I went no till about five years ago. I raked it in with a bow rake for the first two or three years just to get it in the top 2-3” of soil and even everything out, but I don’t even do that now. Just top dress with compost and/or manure, spread it evenly and you’re ready to plant. My results are at least as good as when I turned the soil, but that’s a purely anecdotal observation. My back is much happier too.
  4. Moses’ shot reminds me a lot of his father’s. It’s been 33 years since I watched David play, but Moses moves a bit like I remember his father too. Not a surprise, since David has worked with all of his kids’ since they were tykes, and Moses is probably physically the most similar to his father.
  5. And he resurfaces. I’ve always known you were a GiantTool.
  6. You saw what I did to NVGiant, a Nevada and SF Giant fan. You, a jumped up Donk fan, would fare worse if you stepped onto my bad side. Edit: on second thought, never mind. It takes too much energy to try and act mean when all you feel is love for your fellow donk, uh, man. I’m not cut out for multi-post Troll Derby level banter.
  7. I am savage, even to a man who roots for the same teams I grew up bleeding for, when you come after me. We have exchanged infrequent PMs discussing the virtues of bleeding Blue & Silver, Orange & Black and generally being chummy, but no more. NVGiant is dead to me.
  8. See^^^, terrible, awful mean-ass person. Plus, I’m a retiropractor now, and as of December, she’s officially a donetist. All of the above is far better than being a journalist at any point in one’s life. Lol!
  9. I think you’re a terrible person today. I supported you in your matchup.
  10. I will attempt to not rehash in detail—and probably fail—what has already been covered by others on this page of the thread and redundantly in other threads, but my simplified position on Trump, the virus and the US is as follows. Trump is an awful crisis manager. He is awful at most things presidential, but it’s clear that a major crisis where knuckling under to reality and ceasing his constant pandering to his base and his ego...eff it, getting off track. He is only capable of reacting in ways that he believes will benefit him. Early on that meant downplaying the potential seriousness of the virus. Earlier on, that meant lopping programs, people and $$ from things that would have had us better prepared for this pandemic, something that experts knew was coming at some point and that previous administrations had at least made some attempts to build systems for dealing with. I agree that the virus would have arrived in the US regardless of who was president, but anybody not named Trump occupying the White House would have: reacted much sooner to the seriousness of the problem; had a different and likely better plan to deal with it earlier on in the developing crisis; not fed the partisan beast or the general belief of Americans of all political stripes that the most important fact of their existence is to do what they want when they want to do it within the confines of their personal means regardless of any threat against it or, particularly important in this case, a threat against others. At the very least attempts at flattening the curve would have started weeks earlier. Also possible is that testing for the virus would resemble something closer to So Ko than what we have today. We certainly would have had a more coordinated response with our partners internationally. Conversely, perhaps a travel ban to China (and, later, Europe) are not instituted as early as they were by Trump and the number of infected entering the country is greater before such bans go into effect, leaving the current infection curve similar or worse than it is in our reality. We won’t ever know how things would be playing out with a different president and a different and certainly more competent administration, but it is hardly heretical or outrageous to believe that we would find ourselves doing a better—possibly a much better—job managing this pandemic with anybody but Trump in charge.
  11. This was precisely my reaction when I read tlf’s paragraph. Why do we hear this expressed when it comes to freedoms, national power, educational system, health care (ha!), etc, but then get excuses like “everybody else failed the same way” from many who otherwise fall back on good old American exceptionalism when they want to argue about ‘Murca being the bestest at everything it wants to be the best at? *You know I respect you, tlf. You’re one of the most thoughtful and intelligent posters on this forum, but I can’t agree with the excuse making for Trump in the early days of this expanding crisis or that almost nothing he could have done then would have made a meaningful impact on the ultimate course of COVID-19 in the US.
  12. It’s just drier, thinly cut ham.
  13. #recruiting If you oversign UNLV fans, I have some ideas about who needs to be sent packing.
  14. I’m no TLF, but if I may...were Convert’s posts printed on a nice two ply, 99% would still only be useful for picking up dog and feral cat turds. My butt deserves smarter TP.
  15. Have you never ridden frozen trails? It’s the fastest mtn biking you’ll ever do. Just don’t hit a patch of ice! Of course, the negative side is getting on the trail early enough that it doesn’t start to thaw while you’re still riding, being cold for the first 10 minutes and brain freeze on any fast descent longer than 15 seconds unless you pull a dry balaclava or other head wrap out of your backpack before scooting down the trail. Some of my best dirt riding memories involve early morning winter rides. In fact, I’ll do a couple of them this week with one of my sons as I celebrate getting back on the dirt with a recently purchased Ibis Ripmo. I don’t have a kegerator at home, but I have a case of locally brewed IPA, lots of nice bottles of wine and a shit ton of selected booze in the liquor cabinet, so The Wife and I are set.