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  1. SDSUfan is simultaneously the most bitter and the most cowardly poster on this forum and is in the running for angriest poster. He’s king of the pile on post and the “I told you so” post. I suppose he views his petty victory dances as some sort of confirmation of the power of his absolutist views, but they only reveal what a small person he really is. Pathetic.
  2. More incomprehensible babble-reasoning from you. In this you are at least consistent.
  3. So, a post disparaging your inability to think critically and formulate a valid question comparing like to like = getting trolled? No wonder you are seen as the least self aware poster on this forum. Only you could see this as a victory.
  4. You aren’t invited to the family bbqs anymore because to you, “pot luck” means you bring an amount of food suitable to your new svelte lifestyle, so three shareable sips of water and a seven piece macaroni salad. I’m starving just writing that.
  5. I’m happy to report that I don’t have any uncles (or aunts, and no close relatives at all) who think like that. This makes family gatherings so much more agreeable. There are some conservatives in the mix, but all of them are thoughtful, articulate and able to parse meaningful information from inflammatory nonsense.
  6. Tried much too hard to post like Stunner to be Stunner. I don’t have a guess.
  7. It’s shocking to me that Convert couldn’t formulate a question comparing apples to apples.
  8. Translation: “This place is dull now because I can no longer troll other posters by calling them morons, idiots or a handful of other ad hominems.” Why is disagreeing in an articulate, reasonable and non-dismissive manner so difficult for you?
  9. I am allowed to play with the language as I see fit. Stick to dollars and cents criticism should I ever offer financial advice, as my abilities in that arena are below par due to a general lack of interest. Good thing I married a woman who excels in that area.
  10. I’m pretty sure the other three players were zoned for McQueen. That program fell a long way after their longtime coach retired (and subsequently died—cancer, I believe).
  11. Downeast is great. I wish they distributed out west. My wife and I went to their cidery two years ago. You can practically hit it with a rock from Logan if you have a good arm. Worth the trip if you haven’t already been there.