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  1. There’s nothing new here. It’s just you looking for attention, like always. I honestly feel bad for you: driven to air all your intimate details on an internet forum full of people with little empathy (and a few caring souls) and gathering up all that negativity in order to fill up your empty space. That’s sad. It also won’t work on this poster. No votes from me.
  2. I think this means he’ll sit out all of next season and have two years of eligibility remaining. It’s weird how the mid-year transfer rules work: start playing at the semester break a year following your transfer and play for 1.7 season (approx); sit out three semesters and play for two years. I understand why the rules work like that, but it’s still a little strange.
  3. Thanks for laying out your experiences. I had a Spectrum salesperson knock on my front door last Friday. He quoted me $110/month for a package with everything I’m likely to watch (plus all the crap I don’t) and an upgrade to whatever their high speed internet plan is called, locked in for two years. I’m very tempted. This would save $30-40/month over the Dish plan we currently have with much higher connection speed and a DVR, which I’ve never had. At the rate price increases are accumulating for the various streaming services, it’ll probably be less expensive for Spectrum service before I’d finish the contract. I still need to double check what streaming services I’d likely use and what price I’d need to pay for internet service to see if I’d end up near the Spectrum price, but I do like the idea of not having to adjust my service package every other month as prices increase.
  4. I’m interested in what you use for high speed internets. I’m likely cutting the cord this month, but am not sure where I’ll get internet service.
  5. I assumed his comment had something to do with the Happy New Years theme of that Stooges picture that I cluelessly posted in mid April. None of us can be surprised he’s confused about the meaning of that picture/post.
  6. If it’s oldentimes slapstick comedy you want, check out these guys: Convert supplies more bumbling slapstick in a couple of posts than these three in any single episode. Unfortunately, it’s never funny.
  7. Do not encourage the dipstick.
  8. Writes the guy with 17,994 posts, roughly half of them multi-paragraph, meandering messes to the guy with 486 posts, many of them brief, yet eloquent odes to your serial dumbshittery. Excellent work!
  9. I’m retired from kiester fondling to fruit tree fondling. There is far less liability. I could change my handle to something like pear-shaped or apple-butt (keeping with the rear-end theme here just for you) but then it’d take me another umpty years to build up to the massive 736 posts I’m about to achieve on this forum.
  10. Your example does not make me feel warm and fuzzy about Alford’s pending conversion to an angel.
  11. Wind’s blowing the wrong way. They’ll need an airship.
  12. I think the $2 million/year offer they belatedly made to Muss answers your question. I don’t think he would have accepted the offer even if it had been made before he signed on with Arkansas, but that’s a huge amount of money for a school with Nevada’s resources.
  13. Madam, My comment suggested nothing about Blues’ smarts. What it does suggest is that his worldview has some gaping blind spots related to the absolute and unquestionable certainty with which he presents/presented his thoughts and ideas in this and several associated forums where he has posted across the years. (My lack of posts on this site do not represent my understanding of it or its evolving culture; I’ve been a reader and infrequent commenter on MWC forums since the conference was formed and on the WAC forums that preceded it, so credit me with more than 20 years as a consumer of thoughts here.) His is not simply a troll’s facade—though he does plenty of trolling—it is who he has been and is through all of his banned handles on this and other WAC/MWC adjacent forums I’ve participated on. Self awareness is not a part of his makeup. You can’t fake that for two decades, though I predict he’ll claim just that...or not, now that I’ve made that not bold prediction (I win either way!). Blues is a smart guy, but his absolute certainty about everything he believes and his inflexibility when confronted with ideas and facts that counter his own leaves him vulnerable to being wrong, a lot, and his lack of self awareness leaves him blind to nuanced jabs like the one uber Blues baiter and my personal hero, @NVGiant, delivered above.
  14. I’m not sure Blue has the self awareness to understand what you’ve posted here.
  15. Doxx alert! Kick Slapdork off the board for posting pics of Blues’ storage rentals. Now anybody can find out who he is and the beautiful hamlet he calls home. @mugtang