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  1. I’m no Springsteen fan, probably feel similarly to you about him, but Kiss is one of the least talented rock bands of my generation. I never understood their success. 100% garbage.
  2. I’m 55 and think you’re the lamest goober of all time, I mean Kiss in concert? Barf! PS I barely tolerate country music, but saw Garth Brooks with my wife at the height of his career. It was one of the best concerts I’ve seen. I haven’t listened to one of his songs since, but he delivered an excellent show. PPS. Id see him again...if somebody else was paying for the tix (I’d politely decline for any other country act).
  3. Symptoms from “simple” concussion-related brain injuries generally resolve within 7-10 days. Symptoms beyond that indicate involvement of other related structures, primarily damage to the cervical spine. Auto crashes injure the spine. You have a history of both concussion and an acceleration-deceleration injury, in your case a past car crash, but impact sports like football produce similar injuries. These historical events vastly increased your potential for more serious injuries and symptoms in future traumatic events, so your current struggles aren’t really that unusual. *steps off podium* I’m not trying to diagnose you, but given your history and the mechanism of your current injury, I’d be surprised if your problems don’t run much deeper than a simple concussion. I’d like to refer you to somebody near you who might be able to help, but I need to know where you live. If it’s Boise, great, because several there are several excellent doctors in that area who could properly assess and address this. If you live elsewhere, then we’ll have to see who might be nearby. Please message me if you’d like to discuss this further.
  4. Do you mind sharing how you received your concussion?
  5. I choose the thumbs up, face palm and lol emojis for this post.
  6. Haha. ^^^this was pretty much the only argument ever presented in defense of their continued use of “shoes” that are better suited to being used as weapons.
  7. I’ll consider doing that when you begin to post thoughtful content.
  8. Lol. I have 774 posts in 11 years as a formal member of this forum (been reading it since it’s inception). If I have/had an MO, it was to call out bluerules on some of his silly arguments, which only played into his evil schemes and was something I tired of years ago. I have twisted no words regarding the lion’s share of your efforts hereabouts.
  9. Ha! Your entire MO on this forum is to be dismissive of the opinions of others. At least you’re consistent.
  10. I frequently recommended to my high heels patients to ditch those biomechanical abominations. Few did. Women who wear heels on the regular appear to be emotionally, no, irrationally attached to them.
  11. Why? I’m genuinely interested in your rationale here.
  12. Or maybe only the terminally myopic would argue that there is never anything to be upset about.
  13. As I mentioned previously, public opinion is currently in a place where it’s receptive to the views expressed by the historically oppressed. When the dam breaks, the flood will wipe out many homes that wouldn’t normally be in the flood plain if no dam existed in the first place. In other words, there will be some questionable examples of oppression (I’m not sure that’s the case here) lumped in with the documentable cases. You seem to want to dismiss many of these claims as trivial. With few exceptions, the NBA nixing the use of the term “owners” being one, I don’t.
  14. Perhaps the oppressed have simply found their collective voices or, more accurately, the general public is far more receptive and sympathetic to to struggles of the oppressed folks than in he past and their voices are actually being heard rather than ignored or shouted down, although there are plenty of shouters out there.