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  1. Posturedoc

    Giant Gator

    Ah’d wrassle it.
  2. Posturedoc

    Giant Gator

    Need some other identifiably sized object in that video to provide some perspective.
  3. Posturedoc

    UNLV recruiting

    You should save your ridiculous proclamations of Rebel dominance for the inevitable pre-game smack threads on the main forum instead of burying them on a recruiting thread. Edit: I see that you already did deliver one of your hyperbolic rants on ph’s Marvin thread on the main forum. Way to not disappoint! For the more civilized and realistic Rebel fans out there, I like what Menzies is building. I think you’re another year, probably two, out from really seeing his Vegas vision come to fruition, but I look forward to having the Rebels back competing at the top of the MWC and being relevant nationally. I’d be happy if I’m off by a year or even two and the Rebs are in the hunt down the stretch this year.
  4. Posturedoc

    Banksy’s “Girl with Balloon”

    I am not at all surprised. My first thought after laughing about the shredding of the piece was that it would become even more valuable than it was whole. It is now even more unique than before it was shredded with the, afaik, unprecedented act of defiance by Banksy attached to it.
  5. Possible MWC vs ? conference matchups during what’s normally part of the intraconference schedule, meaning conference games need to be moved.
  6. Posturedoc

    Sick Of You

    7Seconds is a Reno band. Reno’s another western city without much history of producing high end bands, at least on the commercially successful measurement scale. There is definitely a (relatively) thriving local music scene here now, but I’m too old for that shit, so I can’t really comment on the quality of the bands the area is producing. @Slapdad might be able to shed some light here, though he hasn’t lived in the the area for a decade, so I’m not sure how plugged in he is anymore. Re Cake: my favorite alt rock band. I like them a lot, though I’d be irritated if I watched them walk off the stage because of artistic douchebaggery. Lighten up, Francis!
  7. Posturedoc

    Kavanaugh, Ford, Facebook, MWC OT Board ...

    Judging from his misogynistic rants on the Kavanaughalypse thread, he’s right at home with the current CA Trumpian GOP.
  8. Posturedoc

    New York Times Flat Out Busted on Anonymous Sources

    He’s on to something. These guys tell it like it is. https://www.campbellsoupcompany.com/newsroom/
  9. Posturedoc

    Will Sisolak force Nevada to rebrand back to UNR?

    I don’t know about football, but he had Nevada basketball season tix for years about 10’ from mine and was at every game. He gave them up when he became governor. He’s a Pack fan. Next time I see him, I’ll ask him who his #1 team is. Could be years, though, unless he pick up seats near me again.
  10. Posturedoc

    Loss of a pet...

    My sympathies. Losing a loved one, pet, person (often the same) hurts.
  11. Posturedoc

    Manafort trial

    While I understand the satire in your comment, Manafort isn’t going anywhere even if he’s acquitted by this jury. He’s got a second trial pending in D.C. in mid September for charges more closely related to the political side of Mueller’s investigation. I figure he’ll sit in jail awaiting that trial regardless of what happens with this jury’s decision.
  12. Posturedoc

    Anybody follow this Zion guy?

    What’s interesting is that this also,works at the other end of the height-weight spectrum. You, for instance, at 5’9” and 120 lbs have a BMI of 17.7, considered underweight (and certainly in girlish territory) yet given your sedentary number-cruncher day job and otherwise indolent lifestyle of almost constant inebriation, your spongy flesh measured an astonishing 29% body fat the last time you stumbled your way back to Reno, placing you solidly in the obese caregory. The physical disharmony on display when you walk into a room is shocking, to say the least. Please get help.
  13. Posturedoc

    Nevada Football

    Ault wasn’t left with much of a choice on that hire.
  14. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    Print. It just doesn’t read the same way on electronica.
  15. Posturedoc

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    That was only part of the reason, but the main reason is that bb reacts best when tweaked with his own techniques. Also, after so many years of posting novels, I’m practicing what I hope will someday develop into a more pithy style. I have much work to do.