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  1. I’ll never understand Nevada fans running smack on another team’s football stadium. Yes, Bronco a stadium is not all that attractive, but Mackay, while maybe looking a bit less thrown together, is not a pleasant stadium.
  2. Welcome to the thread. We all breathlessly await tips from the MWC Board’s most forward-leaning style setter.
  3. Ha! I got so caught up in giving stupid cycling advice that I forgot I’d posted about cycling fashion just a couple of hours before. Re bikes, I thought long and hard about breaking the mold when I finally got a trail bike a couple of years ago. I’d never owned anything other than an XC race bike up to that point, and though I knew I wanted longer travel, it seemed like too large a leap from ~100mm of travel to 150-160. I was ready to split the difference until I demoed a Rocky Mountain Element for three days. I ended up buying an Ibis Ripmo (fantastic rig) and can’t see myself ever
  4. Sure, but it’s not mandatory. I’ve ridden bikes fairly seriously for 30 years, road bikes for the last 25 of those, raced for 10-15 years in the middle, and shaved my legs exactly one time. Shave or don’t, it’s all a question of comfort to me, though if you’re a serious road racer (I wasn’t—far, far more mtn bike races) one might feel compelled to conform.
  5. The Cyclists’ Style Guide states you’d better have knobbies on a gravel bike while on those road rides, or you’re breaking the 2nd Law of cycling fashion. Fashion maven, @Slapdad—who still wears sweaters draped across his shoulders to fall season soirées and dad jeans everywhere else except those rare occasions when he breaks all accepted fashion trends and clumps around in Uggs with his knee length summer dresses—will need to see photos of you in your road kit to determine if a fine or jail time is warranted.
  6. Yeah, the vermiculations look a lot more like a tiger than a rainbow, but I’m told they can’t interbreed, so it’s just a weird looking beast. The guy at my local fly shop thought it was ugly, but I think it looks cool. And it fought so damn hard! It ripped off a couple of 100’ runs and several shorter sprints before I finally got it into the net.
  7. Ruby Lake is the official name, but it’s as much of a marsh as it is a lake outside of a few open areas. There are plenty of bass around, even caught a large mouth out of one of the holes we fished pretty hard, but most are further out into the lake/marsh in shallower water. We didn’t bother to search them out because the trout are the real prize, as there are scads of 18-20” fish parked in some of these holes with plenty of bigger fish among them. It’s actually difficult to catch a small fish (~12”). It’s really beautiful out there, but it’s remote, so there are rarely many folks vying with y
  8. Just to get this thread back on track, these are from trip in late May, 2021. Looking to revisit this area in eastern Nevada again next spring. We had a pretty large group camping out there, mostly 20-somethings from my younger son’s circle of friends. Everybody caught lots of fish, several larger than the first photo. I included the second pic of me because the tiger trout, while not all that large, has such beautiful coloring. The final pic just makes me laugh. When the fishing is so good you decide to take a nap while still dangling your fly, because you don’t really care if you hook u
  9. It appears that you two need to settle your differences on this subject. Best Buy in two hrs?
  10. I enjoy Sierra Vista Bike Park, but it could do with more jump lines and swoopy berm to jump transition trails, if they can find a place for them. I know there is more stuff planned for the park. I like to run a few laps and then take the new trail connecting SVP to the Las Brisas trail and then up onto the rest of Peavine: so many choices at that point from a tidy 5 mile loop then back to the car to an epic 25+ miler connecting any number of trails plus many options for loops in between those extremes. I rarely do rides like a big vert 25 mile+ these days, just takes too much out of these old
  11. Pretty sure @NVGiant’s comment was entirely TIC. As a side note, my academic struggles as an 8th grader were such that my folks threatened to send me to Bishop Manogue for HS. They/we were raised Catholic, though not in a particularly strict manner, but the threat of having to attend a Catholic school put just enough fear in me that I upped my academic profile enough to qualify for public HS.
  12. May I ask what knee condition you suffer(ed) from that enfeebled you to the point of requiring your wife to carry your cigar and peated Scotch out to the porch because you needed your hands to make that crawl? And it already feels better two hrs post-op? Did she break off a sewing needle in your meniscus?
  13. This used to be a familiar sight in my backyard. The oldest trees in my orchard were about 8 years old with most considerably younger when these big bastards started coming in in 2010 (September, I remember!). They chewed up plenty of branches on my trees and, worse, the bucks completely limbed up a number of them and also knocked over a few during the annual rut. Ultimately, I had five to six head beating the shit out of things from May-November, so rather than continuing to look like a maniac chasing them up and down the canyons our property is located in (old SW Reno near Hunter Lake and Pl
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