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  1. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    Let me start with generally agreeing with you here. It would be great if a college education did not require parents of the student the annual equivalent of a year’s worth of mortgage payments (or much, much more if the kid attends out of state). Hell, if it only cost what it cost me 30+ years ago it wold be manageable, but that’s no longer the way this works. States do not fund higher ed in a manner that allows any/everybody to enroll. I’d love to see that change, but there is currently little will to make that happen, so we get back to NevadaFan’s point plus my point about academic preparedness from a previous post. The system is in place to allow pretty much any Nevada resident with a high school degree to attend an institution of higher learning. If you can’t start at the university level because you don’t qualify academically, you can get there with hard work at a community college.
  2. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    Same dumb post from you as the last one. Please reread my comment on that one.
  3. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    And the expected red herring from blues makes its appearance. I’ll happily have a civil discussion on the real issues here, but if this is all you want to bring to the conversation, kindly shove your smelly fish right back up your ass.
  4. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    That’s not how it works at all these days, for many reasons, land grant university mandate or not. There is a community college system for those students not ready for a four-year university (and there are far too many of those from Nevada’s poor K-12 system); greatly reduced funding from the state over the past two decades means each university and even the community colleges are responsible for generating far more of their annual budgets than before through various means, including actively recruiting out of state students, who pay much higher tuition than Nevada residents; a university that has grown much faster than expected: the 2014 strategic plan called for 22,000 students by 2021, whereas enrollement would have hit that mark by 2017 if not for actively slowing that process to allow infrastructure growth to keep up (sort of) and attempt to hit hiring targets in order to reduce student-faculty ratios. As things stand, the U will likely hit 22,000 by fall 2018 even with the brakes on. There are plenty of other reasons for not opening the door wide to any Nevada resident who wishes to enroll. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading through the university’s strategic and master planning documents on this page: https://www.unr.edu/provost/strategic-and-master-planning-2014 President Johnson is a good man. I like his vision for the U overall, particularly in the academic and community engagement areas. I do think he should do more to actively fund athletics—across the board, not just football and men’s basketball—but he doesn’t have a background that leads him toward appreciating athletics as a means for growing all sides of a university, and his inner circle—none of whom seem to appreciate athletics very much and at least one of whom would like full control of athletics’ purse strings—has actively encouraged the current self-funding model. He seems more engaged in athletics than when he arrived on campus and has thrown a couple of bones in that direction recently, so maybe he will reconsider the current funding model. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.
  5. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I Suspect you are correct here.
  6. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    So, you believe Muss’ head games are so deep that he’d hold his best player entirely out of the previous game against UNLV, very likely costing a victory, just to mess with the heads of the rest of the conference coaches? That seems plausible.
  7. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I hope ^^^^ helps answer your question to me, P...04.
  8. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I think maybe your sarcasm detector is broken.
  9. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    Muss is a competitor who hates losing with a passion, moreso than most coaches. He wears it on his sleeve. He wants to win championships, including, I believe, NCAA championships. If he feels the U of N can offer his program the support he believes he needs to recruit the type of players to Nevada who can make regular runs deep into the NCAA tournament and make the occasional run at Final Four, I think he’ll stick in Reno for a few years. I think he’s a good enough coach to take a talented team that far, but it remains to be seen if he can collect enough of that talent at Nevada in a given year to make that a reasonable expectation. We may get a chance to see that play out next season if everything falls into place regarding players returning/getting healthy and finding that one quality big with the final scholarship.
  10. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    Pretty much exactly my thoughts, just three minutes faster.
  11. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    Hallice Cooke, who has started the past two games, will get more run, as will Josh Hall, the player Cooke replaced in the starting lineup. These two played the fewest minutes among the seven rotational players. I suspect the final player normally off he bench, Foster, will out of necessity get a few more minutes a game, but I doubt he sees a huge jump I. Minutes as he’s the weakest link in the “positionless” basketball philosophy Muss has fully adopted this year. One final player, former walk on Charlie Tooley, who is a newly-minted, Hough presumably short-lived scholarship player, could see the floor if fouls are a real issue. That was true before, but the Pack had five more fouls to work with before last night.
  12. Muss just said Drew is out for the season with an Achilles’ tendon injury.
  13. USA as a Democracy - The Economist

    One wonders if that ball hair were regendered, would that bump the US into the Full D category? Greater elected representation by wimmens must count as a democratic positive.
  14. All MWC basketball team

    All conference teams are selected by which players are considered the best in the league, not by position. There could be four small forwards and a point guard on this season’s first team.