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  1. Death threat! Time to ban Convert, happy.
  2. Well, unless it’s a larval stage tick, it has eight legs, just like spiders. Regardless, that masterpiece screams “Spider”.
  3. Once again, read that first sentence in its entirety before getting in a huff. I specifically refer to folks experiencing obstacles of whatever variety that affect their ability to get an ID. I have no idea what obstacles life has dealt you, but given your stance on how easy it is to get an ID (in spite of at least two separate anecdotes in this thread of few posters detailing how difficult it can actually be) it seems none of them made getting an ID difficult for you. And, once again, lol at your inability to post on this side of the board without melting after a couple of posters criticize your daft takes. You should depart and not return until your balls drop, if they ever do.
  4. You did not just call Contard’s unicorn an omo! How insensitive!
  5. I agree with your contention that folks who haven’t faced obstacles in life, at least as they relate to procuring an ID and voting, might not have thought through the difficulties others might face doing the same. I do not, however, think you can cut Jack or Alien any slack on this. The former has been on this forum for a long time and, doubtless, has read past threads relating to voter ID laws and their effect on certain populations, and this thread alone has produced many of the same arguments against voter ID laws, including the racial element that Alien claims is no longer offered up as a reason for not supporting them. He either can’t read or is being obtuse, because he has steadfastly refused to acknowledge these arguments. Edit: see Alien’s post delivered while I was typing this reply. Lol. He does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Hmmm. Mammoth thylacine could crunch several dog-sized mammoths per mouthful, but 1000 tusks poking around would eventually lead to the big tiger-dog bleeding out. I’m voting for numbers over size.
  7. It’s ironic that AA complains about Retro reacting to his posts with troll emojis, yet doesn’t appear aware that he does the same to anybody who criticizes him. Again, not a well suited personality for this side of the board. Grow a thicker skin, AztecAlien. Also, be less of a hypocrite.
  8. Where are these beauties you mention? I’ll need photographic proof.
  9. Seems that @AztecAlien is competing with @Jackrabbit for the crown of most obtuse poster of the day. Jack remains in the lead to this point for the vast amount of obtuse he’s littered the “Orange Clown” thread with, but AA is quickly making up ground here, with the added element of juvenile emotionalism salting his bucket of obtuse.
  10. No. Full circle requires a hypothetical battle of ferocious hypothetical animals. TLF suggested a mammoth scale thylacine. What if we also produces an elephantine silverback gorilla? Who wins? Make a poll.
  11. Congrats for treating Alien with respect (so far). If only he reciprocated when challenged.
  12. No they haven’t. Stating the same thing over and over doesn’t make your statement true or accurate. Try using logic rather than emotional reactions to criticism of your posts; folks hereabouts might respect your opinions more.
  13. Stalker? I’m pretty sure my first post in this thread and now this one are the only two posts I’ve ever directed at you. Beyond that, it’s clear you edited your post after I quoted you, so don’t get huffy if you changed your post while I didn’t alter mine. You really aren’t well suited to this side of the MWC forums. You simply don’t articulate your positions well and operate on emotion the moment your opinions are called into question. With respect to the changed opinions you refer to, all of the reasons delivered in this thread have been articulated in the past, so nobody is running from the racial element of voter ID, they are simply stating the obvious, that voter ID has many complications issues that the Right ignores, because most of those complications disenfranchise voters/voting blocks that don’t usually vote Republican. And even if they didn’t, I have a problem with them. No eligible voter in this country, regardless of party affiliation, should have arbitrary barriers placed before them that limit their ability to vote. Let me ask you this very specific question. If voter ID laws primarily limited populations that usually vote for Republicans, would you feel the same way about them that you feel now?
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