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  1. Posturedoc

    Trumps MLK Jr proclamation.

    Lol! Got to hand it to you, blues, you’ll use every “fact” at your disposal and twist it’s meaning to fit your peculiar narrative. While it’s true your heart was beating and your blood was pumping on April 4, 1968, your mother was still wiping your nose (and probably your ass) at that point in your existence. You sure as shit had never heard of MLK up to the day of his death and probably not in the following decade of your life, either.
  2. Posturedoc

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    You don’t know Caleb, so your assholeish “asshole” assessment is irrelevant. See how how that works?
  3. Posturedoc

    Curry's a special player

    I like Durant fine, but the Warriors are simply better with Curry than they are with Durant, which is better stated as: who do they miss more when they are out injured, Curry or Durant? https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/nba-insider-tom-haberstroh/steph-curry-warriors-breaking-point One can argue that individually, Durant is the better player, primarily because he brings more on defense than Curry can ever hope to, but relative to their impact on the Warriors, Curry is their best and most important player.
  4. Posturedoc

    Curry's a special player

    This has been obvious for several seasons now. He’s certainly the straw that stirs Golden State’s drink this season. Last night’s game against New Orlean’s demonstrated that again.
  5. Contracting. Damnit, bb, stop forcing me to be the bad guy here! Twenty years from now, the fans will be complaining about how the football lines on the soccer field make Mackay look bush league.
  6. Posturedoc

    Vincent Lee to Cal State Fullerton

    Pretty much everybody not named phnumbers knows this. His childish program envy and unfounded belief that UNLV basketball has been, remains and will continue to be the preeminent program in the MWC won’t allow him to see what has been obvious about UNLV basketball for decades. Edit for the more clear eyed Rebel faithful: most of us non-Rebels understand that UNLV is only the right hire away from a return to regular basketball success, though something like Tark’s success will require more than a little luck. This is true for many MWC programs, but ought to be easier at UNLV than almost any other program in the conference. Why it hasn’t happened, other than for a few of Kruger’s years, remains one of the great mysteries of our lifetimes.
  7. Posturedoc

    Vincent Lee to Cal State Fullerton

    It is for people like you that I am made: those of generally good character but who sometimes, too often in your case, stray from the path of righteous truth and need to be shepherded back toward the high ground. Loath me for reminding you of your faults, but appreciate me too for making you a better human.
  8. Posturedoc

    Vincent Lee to Cal State Fullerton

    Lee is from Texas. If you’re gonna smash, smash with facts. Youre welcome!
  9. Posturedoc

    Whisk(e)y Infinity Bottle

  10. Posturedoc

    Whisk(e)y Infinity Bottle

    Interesting. I’m pretty good about polishing off my bottles and, up to now, have’t felt any loss as that last dram from any particular bottle flows into my glass. At this point, I’m a poor candidate for this. I am interested in how you find your infinity bottle. Please report back whenever you get around to sampling it.
  11. Posturedoc

    Whisk(e)y Infinity Bottle

    Never heard of it. Not sure what to think when you’re considering mixing bourbon with Scotch, and in a Japanese whisky bottle, no less. Doesn’t that violate all sorts of whisk(e)y drinking laws?
  12. Posturedoc

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    I guarantee that PackNation is a first order jerkoff. He has threatened multiple times to take me out with one of the yuuuge side view mirrors (the kind soft-bellied salty old farts who pull 45’ travel trailers use) on his jacked up truck while I’m out cycling. If I ever see him, I’ll pound him into dust.
  13. Posturedoc

    What if we are alone in the universe?

    Trump sucks giant Russian wieners. Discuss.
  14. Posturedoc

    Nevada vs. Utah State

    This admission should please chronically curmudgeonly (if that’s not a word, it should be) SDSUfan.
  15. Okie-dokie Mr. Imprecise. It’s difficult to infer your response to Mug as anything other than a reply to the land-grant discussion in this thread, since that was the primary topic of both your post and his as well as almost all of the posts leading up to those two. Your only indication that it might be a general commentary on the relationship between the universities was to accuse UNR of always working “to secure any amount of status over UNLV that they can,” as if UNLV is somehow the forever-suffering victim of a policy of suppression by the evil folks from the north. This is a false narrative. Keeping with the unusual southern Nevada centric interpretation of higher ed in this state, this suggestion that UNLV should receive some sort of compensation for “benefits” bestowed upon Nevada (, Reno) before UNLV ever existed in order to produce a co-equal institution of higher learning doesn’t make sense. This thinking ignores the ~90 year head start in program and facilities development of the older institution and falls neatly into the that mode of thought (and historical action) of UNLV attempting to make itself into an equivalent or superior university to UNR without doing all the grunt work necessary to make it so. I want to be clear that I support higher ed in Nevada. That includes UNLV. A better educated population would go a long way toward making this state a better place to live. What I do not support is one institution benefiting at the expense of the other/others, as much as is practical. Unfortunately, the demographics of the state (two population centers), the historical rivalry between these two regions and the comparatively terrible financial support education receives from the state exacerbates the differences and disagreements between the two universities. One final thought. This academic rivalry has been exaggerated on this forum by our athletic rivalr. I’m not denying its (the academic rivalry) existence, but having been pretty close to it (from the UNR side) for most of my adult life, I can tell you that the folks in charge of both universities (much less so the Regents, who too often have been the primary source of discord between the institutions, and university boosters and politicians) have for the past 40 years worked together for the mutual benefit of the university system far, far more often than they have been at odds with each other. I hope this cooperative approach continues, though I’m far less certain with Sisolak, the worst of the provincial regents while he held that position, as governor (and I voted for the guy, because Laxalt was a hard no for me).