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  1. This is why so few here respond to you any longer.
  2. Dude’s just pulling his most masterful troll yet. Duping everybody on this board by acting the drooling Trump toady = Brilliant! He giggles himself into a contented sleep nightly.
  3. Not looking for a serious answer here, numbers guy. Play along.
  4. Better chance of happening: a) Trump paying for Cohen’s legal expenses related to fixing things Trump broke? b) Mexico paying for the wall?
  5. The more pertinent question is whether he’s still young enough to retain a driver’s license.
  6. I’ve long suspected pokebball was delusional. That post confirms it.
  7. With respect for the bolded fragment in your last sentence, of course Muss’ scheme is suited to his personnel. This is one of his greatest strengths as a coach, along with player development. Are your posts another example of fans from another school attempting to delegitimization the accomplishments of their rival program? Muss doesn’t scheme effectively—or not as effectively as he could—for his players. His teams win by out talenting opponents rather than outcoaching them. Lol. If that helps you through the continuous pain of being a Rebel basketball fan, thats okay with me. Meanwhile, I’ll continue enjoying the great product Muss has put together in Reno.
  8. Scheme plays a huge role in the effectiveness of this team on offense, defense too, but that’s not under discussion here. Can they overwhelm an opponent on talent alone? Sure, but not reasonably talented teams that are well coached. Perhaps you didn’t watch Nevada games during December through mid January, but the offense struggled a great deal with zone defenses precisely because they attempted to play hero ball—basically what BestintheWest was suggesting happened last night (but didn’t)—rather than run the zone offense as designed by Muss. It took a long time and ultimately the loss to New Mexico for the team and the Twins + Caroline particularly to buy into the reality that their talent alone wasn’t enough to win every ballgame. This lesson was repeated three games ago against SDSU when the Aztecs played a ferocious man defense and mostly shut the Pack offense down. Nevada hadn’t seen man defense in more than two months and wasn’t prepared to execute against a good one. Skip ahead to last night and we watched Nevada execute it’s offense against both zone and man. Certainly there were some great individual plays that resulted in buckets, but 20 assists in 32 baskets don’t lie. This team runs an offense, and when it does it well, like last night, all of those superior physical tools and skills are just the cherry on top of the cohesive Sunday of team play.
  9. Lol. First a vague nod to wataboutism and then dismissal of any response longer than two or three short sentences, as that equates to emotionalism. Will it be “snowflake” or “find your safe space” next?
  10. What’s funny about the implication that Nevada’s offense is simply one-on-one and chuck a 3 is that the Pack had 20 assists on 32 made buckets last night. Doesn’t match the narrative all that well.
  11. Is whataboutism really your defense of the greatest exaggerator to hold the office of POTUS in our lifetimes (and likely ever), one who has also, unsurprisingly, been shown to be a hypocrite on the subject under discussion in this thread by calling for the very thing you are belittling others for doing, namely his tweet questioning when Obama would release his transcripts? As has been pointed out, there is no precedent for presidents or candidates for president to release their college transcripts. While I don’t care if we ever see Trump’s, given his history relative to this subject, if ever there were a president who ought to release them, it’s him. He deserves to be called out on it. I am not at all outraged by Trump’s then legal counsel’s letter to Fordham, but I’m certainly enjoying the machinations of those who feel they must defend every possible blot on the character of this indefensible human being.
  12. Who is outraged on this thread? Trump’s grades are really only an issue beacause of his frequent braggadocios boasts about how great his grades were and that he was #1 in his class. If you repeatedly make those claims, people are going to ask for proof.
  13. Muss doesn’t build programs, just teams from one year to the next. Disqualified!
  14. He has no answers, only criticisms he seems emotionally invested in. Phnumbers we can understand, because autism! Why bitterman has become such an acid critic of Nevada basketball appears born out of envy, which is sad, but somewhat understandable...well, maybe it’s not. My happiness isn’t tied to the success of teams I root for and I don’t wish for the downfall of teams and programs that are experiencing more success than my own. Bitter and angry over the success of others is a sad way to live life.
  15. Posters who’ve been on this forum for any length of time have read your rants for years. We know who you are. Aside from the snarky Final Four prediction for next season, which no Nevada fan would predict based on the current returning roster, your final paragraph is the most accurate summation of you I’ve ever read. Congrats on your moment of clarity and honesty, bitterman.