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  1. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    You guys talking about SteveAztec? Dude single-handedly saved SDSU athletics on multiple occasions. You guys wouldn't have some dude in a skirt blowing on a seashell if it wasn't for Steve.
  2. Sorry Wyoming Fans

    Elway had a contract with the Yankees, so not really the same thing. Eli Manning refusing to play for the Chargers is more along the lines of what he should be looking at. And I'd be all for it! Some people will rip him for being a spoiled athlete who thinks he's above the rules, but going to Cleveland is career suicide.
  3. New Redshirt Rule

    I don't think it's retroactive, unfortunately. Other than that, this is a win/win/win for everyone. The obvious benefit is for true freshman to see some live action, but it's also nice for veteran players coming back from major injuries. Our QB Colin Hill will have gone almost two years without playing a live down by the time he takes a snap in 2018. It would have been nice to give him some mop-up duty in 2017 without burning his redshirt.
  4. After hosting about three dozen kids over the past couple weekends, CSU is finally on the board with their first commit: Nick Morman, 3-star DB from Covington, LA. Reported offers from Kansas and LA-Monroe. http://www.hudl.com/profile/4164127/nicholas-martin-morman No word yet if he'll be on-campus in 2018 or if he'll be going on a mission. Another recruiting tidbit but technically part of the 2017 class: CSU confirmed that 3-star Mountian Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO) QB Judd Erickson will be walking on at CSU. I mention this because Erickson's commitment as a PWO makes him CSU's highest ranked commit per 24/7 composite and the highest rated QB recruit in the Mountain West, proving once and for all that star rankings are for entertainment purposes only. http://www.hudl.com/profile/3814712/judd-erickson
  5. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    Right now CSU is after a cornerback, he's visiting Fort Collins this weekend. Last weekend he visited ULL and on the 14th he did the whole Twitter commitment: "I'm continuing my academic and athletic career at ULL. RESPECT MY DECISION". A mere three days later he tweets "My recruitment is still OPEN". This happens all the time, obviously, but I've never seen it happen in the span of three days. High school kids are hilarious.
  6. http://www.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/bulldogs-football/article194589514.html No tunnels. Sad.
  7. Not necessarily... My "top priority" is to marry a Brazilian supermodel, but that seems unlikely at this point.
  8. POLL: Yer Favorite MWCBoard SUDSism

  9. POLL: Yer Favorite MWCBoard SUDSism

    I went with number 2. Being serious for a moment, I think it's fascinating how the brain makes you see what you want to see. SDSU fan will post a picture of the stands and say "See! It's packed!". Everyone else looks at the picture and sees tarps and thousands of empty seats. I'm sure there is a scientific term that explains this phenomenon The worst part is that we'll never know who is actually right because no one at the stadium scans tickets and everyone gets to walk in for free.
  10. Getting a win in Logan used to mean something. No longer. Sad.
  11. Attn CSewe: that Pride Belt was cute and all...

    I'm not sure you know what winter is.
  12. Attn CSewe: that Pride Belt was cute and all...

    Dafuq does the average low have to do with anything. You're asleep.
  13. Attn CSewe: that Pride Belt was cute and all...

    https://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/boise/idaho/united-states/usid0463 https://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/denver/colorado/united-states/usco0105 https://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/fort-collins/colorado/united-states/usco0140
  14. Sideshow Larry's Post Game Press Conference yesterday

    Larry isn't going anywhere any time soon, so my only glimmer of hope is watching Jordan Brangers next year. That dude is going to be electric. Then hopefully after that season we can afford Larry's buyout, I'm not sure what the number will be at that point. I just hope that Niko Medved is still available by the time we're in the market for a new head coach.
  15. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    Pumped about the OC and DC hires. I'm not going to pretend to know enough about either to predict if they'll succeed or not, but their profiles fit exactly what we need with Bobo as HC. Our coaching staff finally makes sense now, with a ton of money going towards an up-and-comer on the defensive side of the ball, instead of $500k going towards an offensive assistant.
  16. If you want to be a Stable Genius, CSU's equine science program is the way to go.
  17. Streams on Stadium

    My streams have all worked fine. (ducks)
  18. 10th Coach

    Maybe i'm being naive, but is this really a question? Any team that doesn't hire a 10th coach needs to be removed from the MW.
  19. 10th Coach

    That's honestly one of the more baffling subplots of MWC football. That unit has been pretty brutal since Brown and that other guy graduated. No idea how that happens with a team located in southern California that has no problem bringing in athletes at other positions. QB play might compound the issue as well.
  20. These trolls are pretty awful, they don't even know their audience. The average MWC Boarder either doesn't care about this game or takes great joy in Bronco getting his ass kicked.
  21. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    This is just a false narrative that Wyoming fans are trying to push for some reason. There are three FBS schools that consistently sign multiple Colorado kids in every class, and all three of those schools have been bad-to-mediocre for the past decade or so. Sure, CSU would have loved to have Wingert and that receiver, but they can't just sign a bunch of under the radar Colorado kids hoping to unearth a gem or two. CSU already has more Colorado kids on their roster than any school in FBS and the state isn't exactly a hot bed of football talent.
  22. Hawaii Bowl - Largest TV Audience in 4 Years

    (joke about Houston's obesity epidemic)