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  1. Sweet comeback, Melvin. You're not very good at this.
  2. You guys talking about SteveAztec? Dude single-handedly saved SDSU athletics on multiple occasions. You guys wouldn't have some dude in a skirt blowing on a seashell if it wasn't for Steve.
  3. Trust k5 on this one. His fanbase trotted out a similar excuse after CSU whipped their ass on their own senior night.
  4. If it's in a gummy worm it doesn't count, right?
  5. Lol, true. It happened Nov 2015, I found out about it in 2016, 2016 was a couple months ago, hence it happened a couple months ago in my mind.
  6. I know he's not Stunner's sock because the MWCBoard was hacked a couple months ago and everyone's information is readily available on the internets. Frog is an AAC troll who really likes boxing.
  7. I don't know how well they'd do without the IPs, I think they're underestimating internet trolls. When I had multiple socks to troll the BCS facebook page and later the Coloradoan comments section for stadium articles, I made sure every sock had their own personality and writing style. I'd love to see how well I pulled it off and if their software would flag my accounts.
  8. CSU reading the MWCBoard again. 3 minutes ago on Twitter:
  9. You'e really bad at this. Stick to posting pictures of poop.
  10. They haven't. Any other brain benders?
  11. I say we drop Nevada if fbpack doesn't learn that there's a "d" in the word "and". Seriously man, I'm not trying to troll you.
  12. Please elaborate how anything pre-1999 is relevant to the Mountain West.
  13. I don't know how you could come to that conclusion considering Wyoming recently won a tournament and everything in the OP happened this athletic year. So agree to disagree. But since you asked for it, here's what Google tells us about Wyoming's storied tradition of losing in the Mountain West. The Mountain West is in its 18th year of competition. 14 of the 17 completed athletic years ended with Wyoming winning nothing, as is tradition. To fully grasp this losing tradition, lets drill down a level: All-time, there have been 328 Mountain West championships awarded. Of those 328, Wyoming figured into one: a three-way tie for men's basketball in 2001. So that's 1 title out of a possible 328. (Or .333 titles to be completely accurate.) All-time, the MW has awarded 127 tournament championships. Of those 127 tournaments, Wyoming has won two. In all, we have seen 455 trophies awarded by the Mountain West and Wyoming has a grand total of 3 (or 2.33). Lets put our fandom aside for a moment and really let that sink in. Those numbers are staggering. Other fun tidbits from Google: Despite joining the MW twelve years after Wyoming, Boise State has roughly four times as many championships. TCU was in the MW for seven years and has over ten times as many championships as Wyoming. At their current rate, Wyoming will match TCU's total in the year 2179. Fresno State has 9.33 championships compared to Wyoming's 2.33. Fresno has been in the conference five years. With their titles in the men's basketball regular season and tournament, Nevada has surpassed Wyoming in only their 5th year of membership. There are only two full time members with fewer titles than Wyoming: Utah State (1) and SJSU (1). Both joined the conference four years ago.
  14. Read the OP, this thread is about the 2016-17 athletic calendar. Wyoming has won nothing, per usual. Women's tennis is looking tough though.
  15. http://www.themwc.com/page/2016-17-MW-Championships-Schedule
  16. And applications from white males goes through the roof. Well done, SJSU.
  17. Marijuana sales in Fort Collins also up thanks to Wyoming's student-athletes. Wyoming won a grand total of zero Mountain West championships, as is tradition.
  18. I can't cook for shit, so baked chicken thighs and Trader Joe's Soyaki marinade is my go to if people are coming over. Serve with rice and broccoli. Or I'll replace the broccoli with baby bok choy and make up some bullshit story about learning the recipe while in China.
  19. Hot damn that's a lot of money for a 35k stadium. Is that just the reality of building in Hawaii?