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  1. Wyoming's new slogan "The world needs more Cowboys" is under fire for being racist and sexist: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/university-wyomings-new-slogan-world-needs-cowboys-fire-sexist-racist-214924456.html Will Wyoming back down and change it? Has PC culture finally infiltrated one of America's last bastions of Redneckia? The best thing about this story is that Wyoming paid a firm in Boulder $500,000 to come up with this.
  2. Fort Fun

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    This is a troll account, right? No one can be this dumb.
  3. Fort Fun

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    Spoiler alert: His debt was paid off in rubles.
  4. Fort Fun

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    Yeah, my initial reaction was that I doubt "the world needs more cowboys" is going to persuade a high school girl to leave her hometown and relocate to Laramie for college. But I'm sure the TV ads and the rest of the campaign will add a little more context, so I'll withhold judgement until it's released... but on the other hand, it's the brainchild of some company in Boulder, so good luck with that. Anyone else love watching the commercial spots that schools get during halftime and judging them unmercifully? I wonder if SDSU is going to bring back that same commercial they've been running for over three years now with that girl walking around campus asking questions to the camera. I feel like she's part of my family at this point.
  5. Fort Fun

    Wyoming Cowboys Racists?

    Well done OP. There should be at least two threads about this. We might also want to open one on the recruiting board and discuss how this might affect out-of-state recruiting for Wyoming.
  6. Fort Fun

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    Right? I was thoroughly enjoying the article, then it ended with the $500k/Boulder tidbit. I know this GIF is overused at this point, but I was literally like this:
  7. Fort Fun

    CFN's top thirty at each position

    I don't believe that's true.
  8. Fort Fun

    College Football News 2018-19 Bowl Predictions

    Right, I'm sure the bowl committees are running their selections past SDSU fans first.
  9. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    We would call this logical fallacy "argumentum ad ignorantiam".
  10. Fort Fun

    Trump melts over reminder of his pedo buddy

    In Trump's defense, he is on record telling children that he'll wait until they're of legal age before he'll date them.
  11. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    Back when I was in high school debate, we would call this logical fallacy "argumentum ad traditionem"
  12. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    Agreed. Some people will tell you that the worst side-effects of 9/11 is the Patriot Act or increased airport security, but they're wrong. The infiltration of God Bless America into our sporting events is a national tragedy. The melody sounds like something a child would write, and after you're done laboring through it, your reward is a crescendo of "foooooooooooooaaam!". Nothing gets the goosebumps going like sea foam. Even our Dear Leader- the biggest Patriot we know- thinks this song is bullshit. He can't even get 10 seconds into it:
  13. Fort Fun

    Bottom line

    But they started it.
  14. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    I'm talking musically. It needs to be replaced and that's the platform I'm running on in 2020.
  15. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    [eggshells] Since we're discussing the anthem, can we talk about how The Star Spangled Banner is hot garbage, or is the issue to hot to even broach the subject? [/eggshells]
  16. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    Let's not lose sight that that guy managed to contradict himself in the same freaking sentence. Too funny.
  17. Fort Fun

    George Will opinion piece

    (Burning/disrespecting the Flag and Anthem is free speech)
  18. After hosting about three dozen kids over the past couple weekends, CSU is finally on the board with their first commit: Nick Morman, 3-star DB from Covington, LA. Reported offers from Kansas and LA-Monroe. http://www.hudl.com/profile/4164127/nicholas-martin-morman No word yet if he'll be on-campus in 2018 or if he'll be going on a mission. Another recruiting tidbit but technically part of the 2017 class: CSU confirmed that 3-star Mountian Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO) QB Judd Erickson will be walking on at CSU. I mention this because Erickson's commitment as a PWO makes him CSU's highest ranked commit per 24/7 composite and the highest rated QB recruit in the Mountain West, proving once and for all that star rankings are for entertainment purposes only. http://www.hudl.com/profile/3814712/judd-erickson
  19. Fort Fun

    Send a message via fashion

    Nothing says "not caring" like wearing a jacket that says "I REALLY DON'T CARE" on the back. Our first lady is Lofaszz.
  20. Fort Fun

    Border Crisis

    I agree that it is beneficial for refugees and immigrants to learn English and assimilate into their communities. But it's a two way street. You can't just say "Hey refugee! ASSIMILATE!", you have to welcome them into your community. Here's a great place to volunteer in Utah: https://www.eslcenter.org. (There are similar programs in Idaho, Nevada, California, and New Mexico, but I'm too lazy to look them up.) I've been volunteering with the Colorado Refugee ESL program on-and-off for the past three years and it's very fulfilling. Makes you feel better about all the other shitty, unscrupulous stuff you're doing in your life.
  21. Fort Fun

    Border Crisis

    I can't find any dress shorts that actually fit. Beer gut and chicken legs make it difficult. Any suggestions?
  22. Fort Fun

    Border Crisis

    Now we're seeing stories about how it is more expensive it is to separate children: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/immigration-border-crisis/trump-admin-s-tent-cities-cost-more-keeping-migrant-kids-n884871, https://www.thedailybeast.com/separation-costs-three-times-more-than-keeping-migrant-kids-with-families) This policy is wasteful government spending. Where are our fiscal conservatives when we need them? I guess the GOP cares more about illegal immigrant children than our troops.
  23. In Colorado, there are two major races (Governor and a House seat) and pretty much every Democrat is making gun control one of their main issues. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out because it's a pretty sensitive topic in Colorado, considering we're the OG's of children getting mass-murdered.
  24. One of my biggest gripes with Trump is that at the core, some of his ideas are pretty good. It's just that his execution is shit. (Drain the swap, repeal and replace, term limits, nixing TPP... all stuff I could get behind, but completely bumbled.) Yes, space will be more and more important moving forward, but do we need an entire new branch? Is that the most cost effective, efficient way to get it done? Doesn't the Air Force already do this? But whatever. If we get a Space Force, I'm sure the HQ and academy will be based in New Mexico and they will be a prime candidate for Mountain West expansion. This is what's most important.