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  1. You're still not getting my point. Whatever. By the way, if we're talking disgusting; disgusting is you constantly trying to insert your pathetic life tragedies into discussions on an internet message board full of strangers to try to gain some kind of upper hand. LMAO
  2. What point do you think you're arguing with me, you insufferable douche bag? The fact remains that even with the immeasurable power of the internet at your fingertips, you're too +++++ing stupid to determine something simple like the date a photograph was taken. Now you're crowing that after about ten attempts and one meltdown about dead family members, you finally found some pictures that prove whatever point you think you're making. (Joe Biden bad? I dunno.) Congrats, I guess.
  3. Come one man, this is starting to get painful. The picture "from April" is from March 9th in Detroit. It took me five seconds to figure that out. Do you understand how the internet works? An article "from April" can use a photo from March. No wonder people of your ilk are so easily duped. Is it the schools in Idaho? Everyone I've met from there seems to be dumb as shit. The picture from October was from an event specifically designed for social distancing in a pandemic, the opposite of what the Libruls in this thread were posting about. Just admit you're wrong and move on, you child.
  4. Careful. Boiseman is going through a really tough time right now.
  5. Neat. You're still a +++++ing idiot. All of them you moron.
  6. More damning evidence: No one fact check me please because this is a thread about a dead guy and I'll get my little feelings hurt.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Boisefan and I found a picture of Biden not social distancing during a campaign! See! They all do it!
  8. There's this thing called "Google Image Search". This is from November 2019. (Another pro-tip, if there is no mention of "Harris" on any sign, it's probably an old photo.) For being such a know-it-all, you're pretty +++++ing dumb.
  9. After the Trump inauguration crowd size scandal, I know that people of your ilk get confused by low camera angles like this. Biden is no where near those people.
  10. Probably not the smartest thing to do during a pandemic.
  11. ME I have an amazing spouse who is 23 years old.
  12. Dude was on here at 12pm on Christmas Day posting about CNN. What a jackass.
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