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  1. Sweet comeback, Melvin. You're not very good at this.
  2. You guys talking about SteveAztec? Dude single-handedly saved SDSU athletics on multiple occasions. You guys wouldn't have some dude in a skirt blowing on a seashell if it wasn't for Steve.
  3. Trust k5 on this one. His fanbase trotted out a similar excuse after CSU whipped their ass on their own senior night.
  4. If it's in a gummy worm it doesn't count, right?
  5. Lol, true. It happened Nov 2015, I found out about it in 2016, 2016 was a couple months ago, hence it happened a couple months ago in my mind.
  6. I know he's not Stunner's sock because the MWCBoard was hacked a couple months ago and everyone's information is readily available on the internets. Frog is an AAC troll who really likes boxing.
  7. I don't know how well they'd do without the IPs, I think they're underestimating internet trolls. When I had multiple socks to troll the BCS facebook page and later the Coloradoan comments section for stadium articles, I made sure every sock had their own personality and writing style. I'd love to see how well I pulled it off and if their software would flag my accounts.
  8. CSU reading the MWCBoard again. 3 minutes ago on Twitter:
  9. You'e really bad at this. Stick to posting pictures of poop.
  10. They haven't. Any other brain benders?
  11. I say we drop Nevada if fbpack doesn't learn that there's a "d" in the word "and". Seriously man, I'm not trying to troll you.