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  1. At some point all my old college buddies got into Joe Rogan, bourbon, MMA, Elon Musk/Tesla, cryptocurrency, and being a Libertarian. Like... every single one of them. Meanwhile I'm all alone like "I...I don't like any of those things..."
  2. Show was so good that I actually subscribed to YouTube Red or whatever the +++++ that was at the time.
  3. Original chicken sandwich, extra mayo, add cheese. One of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures, just a delicious grease bomb. The fries... they're somehow over-salted and flavorless at the same time.
  4. Women find single men with cats less attractive, new study suggests: https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/women-single-men-cats-less-attractive
  5. Trump obviously didn't write those tweets, I wonder why they decided to let someone on his staff respond.
  6. I could see myself putting 100 hours into Super Mario 35.
  7. Colorado is similar to the rest of you guys. If you're registered, you get a pamphlet in the mail a week or so before the ballots come out. The pamphlets explain the different amendments/propositions/etc on the ballot. Ballot comes a week or so later. You can either mail it back (I think you have to pay for a stamp in Colorado), drop it off (drop boxes must meet security standards, including 24/7 video surveillance), or just ignore it and vote in person (we have early voting and voting the day of, obviously.) It's so easy to vote here. Some of you people live in really shitty states.
  8. John and I were briefly in the same social circle when I lived in New York, his girlfriend (now wife) Kate was friends with a co-worker of mine. It's funny because at first we'd get really excited when "John Oliver the Daily Show guy" was going to meet up with us, but after awhile we'd get way more excited because Kate was there. She's the best and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets into politics eventually. (moderate Republican, Army vet, extrovert, attractive.) So while you dorks pound out your John Oliver hot takes, just know that in the game of life he beat you big time.
  9. Never played, but I flip those Thrustmaster and Logitech joysticks all the time. Expensive hobby.
  10. I flip vintage electronics and other stuff on eBay as a little side hobby and shipping delays from USPS have become a +++++ing joke. This doesn't just affect (effect?) voting, small businesses who depend on USPS are going to feel the brunt of this, but I doubt this administration cares.
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