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  1. Someone call the National Guard

    http://www.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/bulldogs-football/article98380462.html lulz
  2. UPDATE: For CSU Stadium Financial Naysayers

    Lol. Based off of what? Gotta love how the CSU Stadium never fails to bring the know-nothing retards out of the woodwork.
  3. SOTU Thread

    Good speech, which disappointed me because i'm here for the train wrecks. Only thing worse than the standing and clapping is the shots of people not standing standing and clapping, which leads to hot takes like "Trump said unemployment is low and the Democrats didn't clap! So that means Democrats hate Trump so much that they don't care about jobs!" because we're a nation full of +++++ing idiots who fall for the same shit over and over and over and over and over.
  4. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    Definitely a better prospect, imo. Hope he qualifies.
  5. Immediate Transfers

    I'm all for the players having more freedom, so I don't mind this going through. But this will suck big time for fans of schools like ours. Not only does your coach get poached if you string together a couple decent seasons, but now the P5's will come in and take half your roster. I didn't read the proposal, but will there be something in place that allows the new coach to recruit more than 25 players to make up for all the losses? If not, losing your coach to a P5 could set your program back a decade. Enjoy!
  6. Random Games You’re Watching Thread.

    Yeah, sebasour explained it pretty well. 15's is definitely the more respected version for true rugby fans. The elite players will play for their 15's. The more established rugby countries might have a young player play on the 7's team to get them some playing time and to work on their fitness and passing, but most of the 7's players are on the team because they're better suited for that style of rugby. (i.e. they're too small.) 7's is the equivalent of 3-on-3 basketball played on a full court. Big slow guys become a liability and the game gets dominated by speed and stamina. The skinny/speedy Perry Baker is the 7's player of the year, but doesn't get a sniff of the 15's team because he's not good enough on defense and there wouldn't be enough space on the field to utilize his speed on offense. 15's matches are longer, more like a normal sporting event; 7's matches are only 14 minutes long so you can play multiple matches in one day. 7's also makes it easier for smaller countries to compete. Fiji dominates 7's, but doesn't do much in 15's. Kinda like how small towns do better at 8-man football. One last wrinkle in 7's vs 15's- when the Olympics decided to add rugby in 2016, they went with 7's instead of 15's because more countries are competitive in 7's and it's better suited for a tournament format. So in Olympic years you might see a couple 15's players join the 7's team so they can participate in the Olympics. The most notable in 2016 was New Zealand's most famous rugby player Sonny Bill Williams, who promptly ruptured his Achilles in the first match.
  7. Random Games You’re Watching Thread.

    This video does a better job of demonstrating what can go wrong:
  8. Random Games You’re Watching Thread.

    That was a pretty big upset, Fiji is the best 7's team in the world and they looked like ass. Pretty awesome! The quarters will finish up, then there is about a two hour break, then all the losers from the tournament start around 9:30 mountain to determine 15th place up to 5th place. The winners bracket semi's start again at 11:30 pm. US will play the winner of South Africa vs Kenya.
  9. Random Games You’re Watching Thread.

    There is some risk if you let the defender tackle you in the endzone. If the ball comes loose on the way to the ground and the defender gets it, the try is no good. There's also times where the defender can wrap the ball carrier up in a way that the guy on offense has the ball trapped to his body and can't touch it to the ground and the try is no good. Super rare, but most guys won't risk it and just touch the ball to the ground when someone is near.
  10. Random Games You’re Watching Thread.

    Yeah, it's still live until they touch the ball to the ground. The cool thing is that the location of the "extra point" is determined by where the ball is touched down in the endzone. So not only do you want to score, but you want to try to score as close to the middle of the field as you can. That's why you'll see guys cross the goalline and sprint towards the middle of the field.
  11. Senior Bowl thread

    My favorite part of these games is watching kids from the smaller schools and divisions play. I noticed kids from Richmond, Dubuque, Idaho State, BYU, Penn, North Dakota State, and Maine. Must be fun for them to compete at this level. Usually there is a Canadian or two, but I didn't notice any this year.
  12. Random Games You’re Watching Thread.

    You want random? I'll give you random!! The HSBC Rugby Sevens series has started again and they're showing it on ESPN3. Right now the loser's bracket games are going on, and the quarterfinals with USA vs Fiji start at 5:30 mountain. All the games are about 20 minutes long and it goes through the night until there's a champ. USA rugby does a terrible job marketing. No one knows these games are on and no one knows that the reigning world player of the year is an American named Perry Baker. Last night Baker single-handedly demolished Canada and put the USA through to the quarterfinals. Baker is one of those athletes who is just so much faster than anyone else, that all you can do is just laugh.
  13. Wow, XFL Football coming back in 2020

    Will San Diego get a team!?!??! What does this mean to the future of Qualcomm/Soccer City/SDSU Campus West???
  14. White House releases immigration framework

    When I lived in the Bronx I had a couple buddies whose parents brought them over illegally from Guyana when they were toddlers. I had no idea until a group of us were planning a trip to Cancun and they were like "dude, we can't leave the country. No way to guarantee we can get back in." I felt so bad for them the more I talked to them about their situations. Having no legal status permeates every aspect of their life, they're second-class citizens living in a constant state of uncertainty. Both are in their 30's now and have families. I can't imagine what it must feel like with all the rhetoric being thrown around right now in DC. Are they really going to get deported to Guyana, a country they know nothing about? That's some scary shit.