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  1. SleepingGiantsFan

    Omarosa On 'Meet The Press' ???

    Yeah but the difference is FoxNews is "fair and balanced." I know that to be true because I heard Sean Hannity say it right after he thanked his panel of three Republicans and one Democrat - and of course Sean himself - one night.
  2. SleepingGiantsFan

    Military Parade

    So did these guys:
  3. AWESOME! May his standing up for others in the intelligence and military communities become a groundswell the likes of which even FoxNews can't figure out a way to defend.
  4. Watch. Just as Trump has changed his mind on so many other things, somebody will clue him in that what you say plays a lot better from a legal standpoint and he'll claim that was the real reason for revocation of the security clearance.
  5. SleepingGiantsFan

    OT: University of Tulsa Athletic Dept budget cuts

    You mean recently for WSU, meaning 2002. The Cougars also made it in 1997 but their only previous time was 1930 despite being in the Pac10, the Pac8 and the PCAA all those years. And Wazzu is a perfect 0-3 in its Rose Bowl appearances. No school I can think of has ridden on the coattails of another instate school like WSU has with UDub.
  6. SleepingGiantsFan

    OT: University of Tulsa Athletic Dept budget cuts

    Wonder what percentage of Tulsa alumni voted for Trump having no idea so doing was going to hurt their alma mater. A lot of them, I would guess.
  7. Probably in a tin can at the end of a long string.
  8. One could say that. Which four MWC schools now have the best football programs? Obviously some are going to disagree but the answer is probably Boise, SDSU, Fresno and AFA,none of which will be on AT&T Sportsnet. The next best will probably be Wyo and maybe USU rather than Hawaii and UNR but UNLV is at best a wild card and the worst teams in this here conference in 2018 are almost certain to be UNM and SJSU.
  9. SleepingGiantsFan

    Karl Bensen Stepping Down as Sun Belt Commissioner

    Says a fan of the school which owes its MWC membership to Hairball, who was such an ignoramus that even SJSU's administration could pull the wool over his eyes and convince the doofus to believe them when they said the NEZ project would be finished years ago.
  10. SleepingGiantsFan

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    Or at your house banging your wife?
  11. SleepingGiantsFan

    Oh Laura Ingram and Fox

    Either that or the volunteer was just dumb as a rock. The same can be said of Trump. Whichever it is, the man is patently unsuited to be president and it's high time for more Republican politicians to grow a pair and say so.
  12. SleepingGiantsFan

    Strzok fired

    I didn't mean to imply that. I encounter cops frequently in my consulting work and find it annoying how often the self-serving term "heroes" is applied to them. Or is sometimes removed from them. Like the Marine who, while on leave from his job as a cop, was awarded the Navy Cross for storming a Taliban machine gun nest and killing the inhabitants to save eight of his pinned-down peers but upon returning to the states was accused of having improperly placed his hands on a 16-year-old HS girl and then stalking her after being dispatched to rescue her from a tagger crew which had surrounded the girl while making lude comments about her skimpy attire.
  13. SleepingGiantsFan

    Strzok fired

    Hey! He's a long-time member of law enforcement and that in and of itself makes him a "hero," doesn't it? If so, he's entitled to handouts based strictly on the assumption that he might have problems in the future, isn't he? By way of explanation, I tend to support safety personnel and particularly in this moment as a Californian, firefighters. However, true "heroes" are like the Korean war veteran Marine who was honored last night at Dodger Stadium who because of his many decorations for valor was given a several minute standing ovation. However, many people in law enforcement, the military and fire suppression are far from what I or anybody else thinking clearly would consider to be a hero.
  14. SleepingGiantsFan

    Poll reveals dems prefer socialism over capitalism.

    blurrules, pure capitalism as exemplified by the Hoover administration is a miserable economic system. Only ignoramuses like Libertarians with a captal "L" would disagree.
  15. SleepingGiantsFan

    Favorite movies!

    +1 on Fast Times. The young 'uns would probably think it dumb but to me, it's a definite classic.