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  1. SleepingGiantsFan

    Mueller Report Out Next Week?

    I think if impeachment was entirely up to Pelosi, it wouldn't happen. The reason is Nancy is all about practicality and knows the Senate will never convict and she doesn't want to chance riling up Trump's base. However, rather than being about pragmatism, the House's left wing newbies are entirely motivated by hatred of the fake prez so all they really care about is embarrassing him and forcing the guy to defend himself in the Senate would serve that purpose. Since it's apparent Mueller hasn't been able to link Trump himself to Russian election interference, my opinion is if there's solid evidence in the report that Trump engaged in acts constituting obstruction of justice, the House Dems should impeach. However, if not, they shouldn't. Edit: Forgot to say this. I'll add to smalltownrocker's prediction that there will be something in the Mueller report which implicates Don Jr. in what Trump the Elder has called (about a million times) "collusion." Unlike his old man, Junior isn't president and so can be indicted but whether Mueller will go that far is an open question.
  2. SleepingGiantsFan

    2019 MWC Baseball.

    Aztecs prolly gonna have their usual baseball season. Play a tougher OOC schedule than anybody else in the MWC while winning more than half those games but then win only 2/3 of their conference games against much less talented opponents followed by an immense struggle just to get to the title game of the conference tournament and then, if we win it, play well in the first round of the NCAAs but fail to advance because of an inability to get a clutch hit or two when necessary. Our fundamentals were awful when Gwynn coached the team but although they've improved tremendously under Mark Martinez, he can't seem to get us over the hump either.
  3. SleepingGiantsFan

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    I too can guarantee that Musselman comment was utter bullshirt. Schools hated by SDSU fans in descending order of hatred: BYU, Fresno State, UCLA, UNLV, Boise State and New Mexico. I once absolutely detested BYU and Fresno but that's faded over the years. Most Aztecs hate UCLA because they've dominated us in football. Not me. Instead, I hate all the lousy coaches we've had who could have beaten the Bruins but failed to get it done, particularly Tom Craft when he lost 20-10 at the Rose Bowl in a game which would have had the opposite score had his guys made key plays rather than Karl Duhrell's guys.
  4. SleepingGiantsFan

    With 5 games remaining, how do you expect your team to finish?

    Oops, my bad. Plus I somehow overlooked the 2015 win over the Lobos. So after being 0-16, AF is now 2-20 all time in the MW tournament. They're on a roll! (Just funnin' with you, itcpilot. Don't hesitate to remind me in early September before we play at the Rose Bowl that the Aztecs are 0-19-1 against UCLA in football.)
  5. It remains to be seen whether Trump has obstructed justice as a matter of law but if he hasn't, he's ventured right up to the line, leaned over and drooled on the other side and then turned around, stuck his butt out and passed gas.
  6. SleepingGiantsFan

    With 5 games remaining, how do you expect your team to finish?

    Some of you recent adds sure don't know the history of the MW. IIRC, regardless of the circumstances AF hasn't won even a single game in the 20 years of its tournament. Eg.: Circa 2005, AF confronted SDSU in the first round of the tournament with 18 wins (18-10 maybe?) while SDSU had 18 losses (10-18 maybe?) yet the Aztecs still won.
  7. SleepingGiantsFan

    AOC with Probably Her Dumbest Statement Yet

    I had never heard that term before but it applies to many rebuttals raised on this board including the gun control issue you mention. I'm unlikely to ever use it against gun advocates however since with the present composition of the Supreme Court, governments will be virtually incapable of restricting guns for another decade at least. Probably more like two or three decades at least.
  8. SleepingGiantsFan

    Banning Free Nipples is Unconstitutional

    Topless is one thing but completely naked is another. There is a gay bar around the corner from our friends' condo in SF where many of the patrons walk in looking like the Village People and according to our friends, for awhile there was a coffee shop up the street from that bar where clothes were optional and on sunny days some gay couples would sit at sidewalk tables and shed their clothes to sunbathe naked while sipping their coffee. IIRC, the city finally put the kibosh on that by warning the owners that if they continued to allow patrons to sit on their furniture completely naked they would lose their business license. (The public health ramifications of allowing that are gross but then I try not to think of how many and what kind of diseases some of the homeless in our neighborhood must be spreading. Simply allowing women to go topless wouldn't seem to have any such implications.)
  9. Sounds like an excellent idea for Wyo, CSU, USU, UNR and SJSU with everybody else being on their own. Trouble is King Thompson probably wouldn't allow it. BTW, have you considered registering on http://aztecfootball.freeforums.net/board/1/general-discussion ?
  10. SleepingGiantsFan

    Twitter rumor mill ramping up UNLV BB (read at own risk)

    In my mind, Cal Poly is essentially the Big West's CSU version of UC Davis and despite Dan Hawkins' big mouth, UCD hired him. Hawkins' name isn't as big as Pitino's but OTOH, Hawkins played at UCD so had some local yokels pushing for him. But I can think of only one reason anyone like Pitino would want to coach at Cal Poly and that would be to retire in SLO and Pitino has the $$ to retire anywhere he wants.
  11. SleepingGiantsFan

    Twitter rumor mill ramping up UNLV BB (read at own risk)

    I'm always interested in your program considering the rivalry which exists between our schools. That and how having UNLV back to where it should be would help the MWC make me hope you get one of these top tier guys. However, how many times since Kruger left have we heard UNLV Peters cry wolf?
  12. SleepingGiantsFan

    Trumps tweets

    SnL is Just a Bunch of socialist Commies!!! Just Like you, Mano!!! Finnish the wall!!! Signed, Donald J, Trump, your President
  13. SleepingGiantsFan

    Buh bye Roger Stone.

    Stone is being his usual self just daring a government official to do him bad. But he is indeed headed for death in prison. And what in the world was Hal talking about?
  14. SleepingGiantsFan

    California’s a mess

    As usual, it's obvious you're not an Angeleno. The Dodgers have a contract with only one local cable network and it's been that way for almost a decade. We don't get it as DirecTV subscribers but since I'm a Giants fan I really don't care. Besides, with Vin Scully now retired, the announcing is really bad in comparison. The young guy Joe Davis is mediocre but there have literally been columns written about how horrible Charley Steiner can be, although he's the bottom of the barrel on radio because you can't just turn off the volume and do your own pbp. Steiner is so bad he almost makes Chris Berman sound good. Almost.
  15. SleepingGiantsFan

    California’s a mess

    I've gone the way you mention and it generally beats Stadium Way. For that matter, so does taking a side street off Sunset half a mile north of Stadium Way which cuts through Griffith Park. Alternate routes are the key to surviving L.A. traffic although GD phone apps have now disclosed so many of them that they aren't nearly as useful as they once were.