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  1. SleepingGiantsFan

    The first bowl projections

    Because you won't sneak up on anybody this season. I'll admit you kicked our ass in 2017. However, we had just come off our first loss of the season against Boise and it was very apparent our players took you much too lightly. I certainly won't predict a victory but this year's game will be much different.
  2. SleepingGiantsFan

    SDSU ‘19

    I was starting to get a bit concerned. Boise has already begun kicking butt and several other MW schools had commitments. And this isn't just any year; rather, it's a year when our recruiting coordinator bolted to join Bigmouth Edwards at Arizona. But watching these things over the years, it seems as though getting the first verbal really helps to start the dominoes falling. Nielsen looks like a good one but at 260, he isn't carrying close to the weight needed to play the middle of a 3-man line. At least he's 6-2 so should be able to hit the weights and the training table and pack on 20 lbs. or so during his redshirt year.
  3. SleepingGiantsFan

    The first bowl projections

    SAN! in deep, deep poop. A 1-11 repeat? I think it's possible.
  4. SleepingGiantsFan

    The first bowl projections

    Fresno ridin' high off one surprisingly good season. Things be changin' in 2018.
  5. SleepingGiantsFan

    The first bowl projections

    The exact opposite is the case. The Aztecs entered the 2002 season coming off consecutive 3-8 years whereas you entered the 2002 season coming off an 11-3 year during which you had beaten three P5 opponents. In your 2002 opener, you lost by just 2 points at Madison whereas we didn't play that week. Therefore, in what was our opening game at YOUR house, you came in a 17-point favorite yet managed to beat us just 16-14 by tipping a last-play FG attempt which went just under the crossbar. After that it was Hill who refused to schedule us.
  6. SleepingGiantsFan

    The first bowl projections

    Don't bother. I'll post my own scoreboard. Fresno's all-time record against SDSU: 24-29 (with 3 ties)
  7. I only joined Cub Scouts because I had been in Indian Guides when we lived in Fresno for a few years and loved it but when we moved to L.A. there was no Indian Guides but a kid named Clifford in my class convinced me that Cub Scouts was basically the same. Well, it wasn't. Indian Guides had cool stuff like camp-outs with your dad, inner-tubing in the snow up at Bass Lake in the winter, real Indians visiting to teach you fire dances and the like. (You know, a bunch of things which are now verboten because of political correctness, concern about kids' safety and that sort of nonsense.) Cub Scouts? Think winning merit badges is fun? Uh, not to me. I got my fill of learning how to make knots in ropes while attending summer camp for a month every year. And Clifford's mom was the den mother and after being in the troop for almost a year I never once saw an adult male, nor was there a camp-out worth a damn or anything else I enjoyed in Indian Guides. Plus, Clifford turned out to be one of those kids who tells lies about his accomplishments to make himself seem more important. The straw that broke the camel's back was one day when my mom made me miss a Little League practice to go to Cub Scouts and Clifford told one too many lies. I got so pissed I punched the little shit and gave him a bloody nose and that was it.
  8. SleepingGiantsFan

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    S'all right. Northridge is now a basketball school.
  9. SleepingGiantsFan

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    The only reasonable explanation is SAN!'s switch to Carolina blue jerseys. Now, if you could just play your home games in Chapel Hill . . .
  10. SleepingGiantsFan

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Along with the report that there isn't even one Lobo in the NFL, it's been a tough week for UNM.
  11. SleepingGiantsFan

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    So it would have been at TG Stadium even if the Aztecs hadn't qualified? I get that the conference doesn't make much money from baseball but without SDSU playing attendance at the games would be in the dozens tops. And what will the weather be like when they decide to hold the thing in Colorado Springs? I just checked and it's a high of 47 there today with a windchill factor making it feel like 38.
  12. SleepingGiantsFan

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    AF's baseball program has improved immensely. It was once about as bad as bad can get but is now pretty good. Kudos to the Flyboys.
  13. SleepingGiantsFan

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    The tournament is at SDSU despite the fact UNR won the regular season title. Holding the tourney in SD rather than Reno makes about as much sense as Hairball still having a job despite all the phuckups he's had. Congrats to SAN! for the great finish but what happened to UNM this year? https://twitter.com/SDSUBaseball/status/997799457885511685/photo/1
  14. Judging from the photos above, a prerequisite for both the Eagles Nest and the Green Jacket Society is being a white male. For most recipients, a second prerequisite would appear to be dorquehood. But don't mind me. I was kicked out of Cub Scouts.
  15. SleepingGiantsFan

    Troll Derby 2018- Elite 8

    But not just any avatar. THE avatar.