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  1. SleepingGiantsFan

    What’s Up With Kawhi?

    There are some pretty phucking shitty comments about Kawhi made above from a few people I would not have expected it from. How many of you had to endure having your father murdered when you were 16 right after a major military base which had supplied the lion's share of good jobs in the area was closed by the Department of Defense so that the local economy went into the toilet? As to Kawhi's uncle, do y'all hate Lonzo Ball just because his father is an asswipe? Smh . . .
  2. SleepingGiantsFan

    I give Donald Trump an A+

  3. SleepingGiantsFan

    Saudis butcher Jamal Khashoggi at Istanbul Consulate

    Don't be so naive. Of course they're the enemy of the people. /s/ Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Ferdinand Marcos, Khomeini and every other dictator who ever lived plus about two non-dictators
  4. SleepingGiantsFan

    trigger warning: liberal woman sings parody

    I'd love to hear that intellectual giant, Don Jr., weigh in.
  5. SleepingGiantsFan

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    That painting is so disingenuous. Honest Abe was the greatest president in the country's history and the Roughrider and Ike were damn good presidents in their own right. Although I think Reagan is highly overrated, he wasn't bad either. So the painting disgraces all four by placing them in the company of three idiots, Ford, HW and Dubya, a factual "crook" in Tricky Dick, and now a guy who if he isn't a crook - and I'm convinced he will eventually be proven to be - is at least a lying SOS. So if accuracy matters, the painting would be of nobody but Trump, Nixon and probably also Herbert Hoover.
  6. SleepingGiantsFan

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    Not just cons. I don't fit that category one iota but I see her as being Hillary 2.0. That is to say, a scheming politician who, as others have said, has no chance of getting elected president but doesn't care because, just like Hillary, for her it's all about self-aggrandizement, which would be satisfied just by winning the Democratic nomination.
  7. SleepingGiantsFan

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    A number which, judging by profile shots of him walking out of the Rose Garden, after several thousand stress-related Big Macs now approximates the size of his waist.
  8. SleepingGiantsFan

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    No doubt written by Ozzie somebody who was fired by SDSU after the state department of education found that he made racist comments against white students. Not content with that he's now calling other Mexican-Americans dumb?
  9. SleepingGiantsFan

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    You mean to say you think that what ICE does is unnecessary? If so, boy do I disagree.
  10. SleepingGiantsFan

    MW Preaseason Media Poll

    My guess would be the writer for the LV paper, Mick McGrane. He used to work for the SDUT and now lives in a city that hates Reno.
  11. SleepingGiantsFan

    Air Force at UNLV

    AF has played much better the last two weeks. UNLV has played much worse. So if I was in LV, I'd be all over that modest 12-point margin.
  12. SleepingGiantsFan

    TV ratings for ESPN conference games

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
  13. SleepingGiantsFan

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    Harris is a great example of what Mrs. SGF calls people with high IQs but no common sense. I once didn't know much about her but became suspicious when she said several months ago that ICE should be eliminated and then after speaking with a moderate Democrat friend from SF a couple weeks ago and hearing what he had to say, I'm convinced she's the kind of far-left wacko that I left the party to avoid.
  14. SleepingGiantsFan

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    REAL indigenous people SHOULD be unhappy. Hell, I would be unhappy if the bitch tried to claim Aztec ancestry!
  15. SleepingGiantsFan

    Fire Sanchez

    Hadn't seen that. Thanks. Chris Ash is absolutely gone at year's end after which Rutgers will still owe him two years of salary. Ash might have been the worst position coach on the worst staff in SDSU history under Chuck Long and it's amazing anybody was dumb enough to hire him to be their HC. But wait . . . There IS San Jose State! If SJSU cans Brennan, they could easily be dumb enough to replace him with Ash, thereby allowing that guy to continue to be a head coach while paying him a rock bottom salary! Let's get 'er done, Spartans! BTW, Jinks was fired last night.