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  1. I looked high and low to find a hot Michigan State cheerleader photo to post here but couldn't find any. Not even one. From that I conclude that although Michigan State is going to have a great football season in 2019, it won't be because they will have hot cheerleaders to distract opponents. mugtang on the clock . . .
  2. Oops. PATERNAL grandmother. SGF makes note to self: Do not post after having consumed multiple beers.
  3. From reading posts made here by denizens of the Aresco Football Conference, it doesn't appear to be all that prevalent over there.
  4. I fail to understand how you think your first point has any relevance to Big 12 expansion. As to your second point, assuming for purposes of argument there is validity to the assertion increased income is a disincentive to expand, since the Pac12 has been falling further and further behind the other four power conferences in revenue, that would be a reason to the Pac12 WOULD be inclined to expand.
  5. Payton and Malone were both over the hill when the Lakers got them so you're comparing apples and oranges. Ball has always been overrated because of his athleticism. He's a terrible shooter for a guard and has trouble staying healthy. Hart is a great hustler but he's smallish and will never be anything more than a role player. As such, the Lakers traded one guy with superstar potential, Ingram, who as yet hasn't much shown that potential but otherwise two players who are "just guys" to borrow from a longtime SD sportstalk host. Regarding the three #1s, the one the Pelicans can use this year is the fourth pick in the draft and therefore of considerable value. However, with LaBron, AD, Kusma and another high talented free agent yet to be signed, the Lakers' #1s in 2020 and 2021 are going to be no better than the 25th pick in the draft and therefore of minimal importance. Conclusion: Rather than the Payton/Malone acquisitions, this trade is going to be like the one in which the Lakers acquired Kareem Abdul-Jabber who, to quote from his Wiki page, was obtained "from the Bucks for center Elmore Smith, guard Brian Winters, and rookie "blue chippers" Dave Meyers and Junior Bridgeman." If you've never heard of Smith, Winters, Meyers and Bridgeman it's because, like Ball, Hart and Ingram, although at the time of the trade they were young guys with potential, none ever evolved into being anything more than just competent. Ball and Hart are never going to be better than competent and whether Ingram can evolve into a star remains to be seen.
  6. Smh. Show me where I said she would "take it." What I said was, unlike Trump, neither Harris or any of the other Democrats I know much about who are running for president are dumb enough to publicly admit that they would accept opposition research dirt from someone in a foreign country.
  7. I was impressed with Schultz until I found out he takes the leftist position on almost every policy issue except raising taxes on the rich. On Harris I definitely agree. I'm not a fan but the country could do worse and often has. At least she's not so ignorant as to publicly say she would knowingly take opposition research dirt from somebody a foreign country. Of course, not a single one of the declared Dems is THAT clueless.
  8. https://247sports.com/Player/Julian-Ripley-46084809/ To be announced soon according to a source who would know. He needs to add weight but his video is impressive and being half Samoan, gaining weight this upcoming season and then perhaps during a redshirt year shouldn't be a problem. Unless the kid is a schlub that nobody else will want, getting a first commitment can be tough and Ripley is no schlub.
  9. SHOW THE VOTES! SHOW THE VOTES! SHOW THE VOTES! Some continued Trump supporters are as obvious as the back of your hand but I find it very surprising that as many posters will vote for Trump regardless of who runs against him as those of us who will vote for the Democrat regardless of who it is. (And, yeah, in my case that means even Warren or Bernie.)
  10. Just noticed the second sactown pick was Army. For others who might be confused, the logo in the spreadsheet above =/= what is in my Athlon guide. Isn't it about time for somebody to pick mighty Tusla?
  11. That's incorrect. 1. You picked Orgegon, not Oregon. 2. Also, you excluded whatever school sactowndog picked which begins with an "N." Or is that an "A" for Appalachian State? I don't recognize it and can't tell. Also, does happycamper think this is Hearts so the player with a bad enough record can somehow win?
  12. I've never been to Scandinavia but have heard a large percentage of them look pretty passable, at least until they've had a kid. A lot of it has to do with those places not having enough sunshine to age people prematurely. My fraternal great grandfather was born in Tromso, Norway. Although this time of year the sun is out about 23 hours per day way up there, the ultraviolet rays are so weak it's difficult for even light skinned people to get much of a burn.
  13. Is the NCAA run by the GD IRS? That's bollocks. I waited and waited for the NCAA to "hammer" UNC football and then they accepted the school's self-imposed slap on the wrist. So just watch; the NCAA will do the same now.
  14. All three of my Toyotas were a great value and the same has been true of everyone I've known who has had one. Our son has had a certified pre-owned 6 cylinder Tacoma for the last year and it's been trouble free too. I drove my one Jeep, a Cherokee, 180 grand until it started fully falling apart. However, that truck chasis just beat my back up on long drives and I was a lot younger then and I've had friends who weren't so fortunate with Jeep products. BMW? I'm on my second certified pre-owned 3 Series and you get what you pay for. I love the handling and the torque and other than maybe getting an Audi, I wouldn't drive anything else these days. However, maintenance is very expensive because most of the parts are imported. Also, I made the mistake of taking my first one to an indy shop after the warranty expired and despite the fact they allegedly specialize in German cars, after taking it back three consecutive times because I wasn't pleased with the job they did, I started taking it back to the dealership again. Want a car with all the bells and whistles including a high performance engine? Don't have it fixed by just anybody.
  15. This wasn't taken during the "warm season" of 10 weeks which began yesterday and one does not do this without building up to it.