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  1. SDSU has gone to a bowl game every single season since it turned down the nBE. In basketball, this is the third time SDSU has had a 20-game win streak and the Aztecs have gone to two Sweet 16s. Plus alumni of the school were MVPs of the most recent NBA finals and World Series. So I'm not sure what YOU mean but before criticizing SDSU, Rosegreen should take a look at what his school has accomplished over the last nine years. The answer, of course, is not a GD thing in football and a ridiculous waste of a huge amount of talent in hoops.
  2. To me, this is good news. No member of the Molehill Worst gets less bang for the conference's TV bucks than SDSU and if Boise should threaten to leave just where would the conference be if SDSU once again paired up with the Broncos in seeking a new home? I can't see either school bailing right now what with the B12 TV deal up for renewal in just 4-5 years. Nevertheless, given its tenuous stability, the MWC absolutely couldn't afford to lose the two schools so my hope would be that they could force the conference's lightweights to support allowing everyone to retain their tier 3 rights. And if Thompson actually said that having Boise in was THE reason the TV deal is better, I call bullshit. Nine years ago when Boise and SDSU were set to leave, Boise was clearly a more valuable commodity than SDSU. Not now, however.
  3. I hate Hillary. Nevertheless, I'm beyond weary of reading so many of the Repubs here play the Whataboutism game. That some Dems may have been slimy does not in any way give Mr. Grumpy a pass. To shorten what sactowndog said last week, Trump is clearly GAS and he needs to be taken down.
  4. Thank you. He's the most piss poor excuse for a journalist that I can think of. Well, then there's Alex Jones . . .
  5. My sincere condolences, retro. My maternal grandmother and fraternal grandfather both died before I was born. In both cases it was the Big C. I've lost too many family and friends to count. May God, whatever that may be, bless them all.
  6. Lol. Because I couldn't find the Cavuto opinion piece on FuxNews anymore in order to just post a link directly to it. Because that Cavuto piece has probably been buried by Trump's sycophants who run that network. And that's probably because Trump raised a hissy fit to the people who actually run that place: Hannity, Carlson and the Angram Ingle.
  7. It's been there three months. And if you copy and paste, you'll see it's a video of FuxNews' Neil Cavuto taking Mr. Grumpy to task over all the BS our fake president had done to that point. After the rushed "not guilty" vote which should come from the Senate Republicans in a couple weeks, Trump needs to get reelected so assuming the Dems learned a lesson this time, they won't eff up the impeachment process which is virtually certain of being needed again over the next four years.
  8. I'm copacetic with that. However, there's playing fast and loose and then there is outright defiance of the law and the latter is Donald J. Trump and no other.
  9. Well, unlike some of those who disagree with me most of the time, you actually pay attention to what I say rather than lumping me in with every other non-Republican here. For that reason you know I favor creation of a third major party in our country. Maybe I'm just too much of a pessimist these days but it seems to me that's the only way to put a scare into two parties which have come to be much too influenced by their lunative fringe.
  10. Much Netflix programming is bad. However, much of it is also good and to my experience, you can tell which is which pretty quickly and therefore just turn off the garbage an hour or so in. One thing I did NOT know was that Netflix programming was racist. I await evidence which would support that claim.
  11. Trump has been successful in the courts because so few people have had the balls to go to trial against him. Really, his current intimidation of gutless Republicans known to hate him mirrors that of his opponents in the courts. Trump absolutely cannot be allowed to continue his bully boy tactics. That includes once this Senate "trial" (I use the word loosely) is over. If Trump is reelected and, as I suspect is probable, he once again engages in impeachable misconduct, he absolutely should be impeached once again. To fail to do so would set the worst of precedents for our great country.
  12. Well, Trump had Don McGahn and although it seems to be taking forever, McGahn will eventually be required to testify and when he does, McGahn will out Mr. Grumpy on obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation. McGahn is a much better lawyer than Cippolone as evidenced by his having been a partner at Jones Day and he's also an ethical person. However, when it comes to All the President's Men, what counts is blind loyalty and Cippolone is a great yes man.
  13. Pat Cippoline is a drooling fool. When he's fully grown he'll make a great replacement for that other legal whiz, Rudy Giuliani.
  14. "You have to fight fire with fire." - King John, as quoted by William Shakespeare "You have to commit corruption in order to fight corruption." - Donald J. Trump
  15. Agreed. The YBU fan was in error in saying we non-Repubs didn't think this process was partisan. I've said all along it has been motivated in part by politics but that the Dems have also been doing what is right or as smalltowndog put it, that Trump is "guilty as sin" of committing high crimes and misdemeanors and needs to be held to account. However, by being impatient and not going to court to compel compliance with subpoenas issued to All the President's Men prior to bringing articles of impeachment, the House Dems effed up the process. History will look very badly on Donald Trump but it won't be very favorable to Nancy Pelosi either.