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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. BTW, my son just called and he and everybody else from his cabinet making company have been sent home because three of his co-workers tested positive for COVID-19. He's 26 and strong as an ox so should be okay if he's also contracted the virus but I sure hope that isn't the case.
  2. From what I understand, complacency and fewer precautions in October were particularly deadly in the Bay Area as there was no statewide policy, just local and the mayor of what was then the state's most populous city, SF, simply implimented a mask-wearing requirement but no social distancing as was done in L.A. And then in November following the WWI armistice, hundreds of thousands of doughboys brought a mutated variety of the disease back with them from Europe. We won't have the latter problem with COVID-19 and let's hope a vaccine is found long before the 12-month mark that's been speculated
  3. 5,382nd example of what an effing moron we have for a president
  4. I don't get HBO so only watch Bill Maher when I'm staying in a hotel while traveling. So I don't know exactly when he said it but on Ben Shapiro's show yesterday afternoon he played a soundbite from a recent show in which Maher said the same as we are. Maher is my kind of liberal in that he calls leftwingers out when it's deserved and in essence Maher said broadcast media people have been providing porn for the privileged. It's small businesses and their employees who are really getting hammered by the forced shutdowns and the sensationalist slant that's supporting them. The broadcast companie
  5. Nor is Minnesota this year and NH and Maine with their four electoral votes are about as irrelevant as it gets. So I'd like to know what the polling was by state. I still keep my eye on 538's cumulative chart and today Trump is at 43.8% nationally in all polls. So he's now dropped exactly two percentage points in the three weeks since rising to his highest level in months after announcement of the stimulous checks. I think he'll get a similar bump in a few weeks once a bunch of people return to work, at which point the rest of us will get another thread from Convert saying Trump is kickin
  6. Major props. She may not be a bigot but the woman holding up that sign is just as GD stoopid as those rednecks from the sixties.
  7. It's been a slow progression but the guy is losing it and unlike Biden, he has no stuttering problem to use as an excuse. Will be a potential clusterphuck if Trump gets reelected. Unlike Reagan, he won't quietly acknowledge his mental deficiencies but do the opposite ("I'm a stable genius") and let others make decisions which he'll simply announce. Instead Mr. Grumpy will do even more stupid ass things than during his first term in office.
  8. And profits are far less important to the broadcast media in Sweden than is the case here. https://sweden.se/society/10-features-of-democracy-in-sweden/ Want profits? Get ratings. Want ratings? Don't simply report hard facts; instead, sensationalize and cherry pick them.
  9. After posting that, I anticipated such a reply. But well played.
  10. I always love it when guys protest the IRS who have probably paid a minute fraction as much income tax in their life as my wife and I have.
  11. For the most part, layoffs are now passe. Government employees now get furloughed, which means they simply have their hours cut. Mayor Garcetti just announced as much for L.A. during his state of the city address yesterday. Cops and firefighters won't even get furloughed, they're simply too necessary, particularly during a crisis like this. But don't worry, Bob. Those public employees will take a punch in the gut over the long term because in most states, cities rely heavily on sales taxes and with the exception of the occasional new car marked way down because auto dealers are really tak
  12. IIRC, I had just started college when four students were killed at Kent State protesting the Vietnam War. Before then there had been a lot of such protests at which people had been beat up but I don't think anyone had previously been killed and the fact they were was so shocking that Neil Young wrote his song Ohio about it. In all or most previous demonstrations order was kept by using police officers who had riot training. However, Ohio's idiot governor called out the National Guard and it was their guns which did the killing. People showing up with guns at these protests are certainly n
  13. Has Trump come down with the mumps?
  14. Can somebody try to explain why they're carrying guns?
  15. For those who also didn't understand exactly what was going on, it was apparently this. Those two healthcare workers had been venturing into the crosswalk during red lights to protest the absence of better safety equipment for them such as more sophisticated masks. The women in the truck apparently heard about them doing so and took it upon themselves to go out there to shout their disapproval. To my knowledge the healthcare workers weren't stopping traffic nor were they advocating that whatever facility they work at be shut down and whatever the woman riding shotgun was yelling is beyond me.
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