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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. BTW, my son just called and he and everybody else from his cabinet making company have been sent home because three of his co-workers tested positive for COVID-19. He's 26 and strong as an ox so should be okay if he's also contracted the virus but I sure hope that isn't the case.
  2. From what I understand, complacency and fewer precautions in October were particularly deadly in the Bay Area as there was no statewide policy, just local and the mayor of what was then the state's most populous city, SF, simply implimented a mask-wearing requirement but no social distancing as was done in L.A. And then in November following the WWI armistice, hundreds of thousands of doughboys brought a mutated variety of the disease back with them from Europe. We won't have the latter problem with COVID-19 and let's hope a vaccine is found long before the 12-month mark that's been speculated
  3. 5,382nd example of what an effing moron we have for a president
  4. I don't get HBO so only watch Bill Maher when I'm staying in a hotel while traveling. So I don't know exactly when he said it but on Ben Shapiro's show yesterday afternoon he played a soundbite from a recent show in which Maher said the same as we are. Maher is my kind of liberal in that he calls leftwingers out when it's deserved and in essence Maher said broadcast media people have been providing porn for the privileged. It's small businesses and their employees who are really getting hammered by the forced shutdowns and the sensationalist slant that's supporting them. The broadcast companie
  5. Nor is Minnesota this year and NH and Maine with their four electoral votes are about as irrelevant as it gets. So I'd like to know what the polling was by state. I still keep my eye on 538's cumulative chart and today Trump is at 43.8% nationally in all polls. So he's now dropped exactly two percentage points in the three weeks since rising to his highest level in months after announcement of the stimulous checks. I think he'll get a similar bump in a few weeks once a bunch of people return to work, at which point the rest of us will get another thread from Convert saying Trump is kickin
  6. And profits are far less important to the broadcast media in Sweden than is the case here. https://sweden.se/society/10-features-of-democracy-in-sweden/ Want profits? Get ratings. Want ratings? Don't simply report hard facts; instead, sensationalize and cherry pick them.
  7. I urge you to read the article more carefully. Note qualifiers like "some" who have come down with symptoms and "severe" cases. And note that it's based on anecdotal evidence and not at all on statistical data. COVID-19 is indeed clearly worse than the common flu. Just as clear, however, is that many media reports continue to sensationalize the disease.
  8. The death rate for those confirmed to have COVID-19 in California is currently 3.5%. An article in today's L.A. Times article about a Bay Area study of blood test antibody or sereolgy tests suggests the number of people who have developed the disease could be 10 times higher than shown in cheek swabs. In other words, that a massive amount of people have been exposed to the virus who have exhibited symptoms sufficiently minor that they haven't needed hospitalization. And this article linked by Joe above speaks volumes: https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-data-suggest-the-coronavirus-isnt-as-d
  9. Attention Convert: As you so dutifully informed us, during the week of March 27 through April 3, your hero's cumulative approval rating as determined by 538 was 45.8%. Since then it has slowly but surely dropped to an even 44.0% today. How do you explain that?
  10. Bingo on that too. Nobody should listen to that fraud about anything.
  11. I pretty much agree with this too. Get the GD testing program in gear and then get most adults back to work and most kids back to school!
  12. I'm admittedly no expert when it comes to this stuff. However, I just can't understand the medical community's almost complete rejection of herd immunity when it comes to this disease. When I was a kid there was no vaccine for measles, mumps and chicken pox which would all make kids quite sick but I remember my mother wanting me to come down with so if I was exposed to any of them in middle age or older I either wouldn't get sick at all or would have just mild symptoms. I would understand rejecting that approach for COVID-19 as long as there are insufficient hospital beds to accommodate t
  13. Take Germany out of the equation and the remaining three European countries would look even worse.
  14. Far too many death figures have been released which ignored variables like the yuge percentage of residents of Washington state who died in that nursing home because half a dozen of the staff had the virus and infected the elderly people under their care. Or studies that predicted the US would eventually become Italy although their population has an average age of almost ten years older than the US. It was quite stupid with probably a lot of lazy thrown in and I believe it to have been mainly a result of media outlets wanting to entice viewers or add clicks. From the get-so it was apparen
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