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  1. He should have been fired the minute he recommended the conference add SJSU which showed incredible stupidity. Then he should have been fired when he didn't tell CBSSports to go jump in a lake when they suggested the conference consider UTEP and Rice. Instead Hairball made that issue the major subject of discussion at the next presidents meeting. Then he failed to consider adding Wichita State as an Olys only member when that school raised the issue. Then he failed to make a concerted effort to get Gonzaga. Maybe Gonzaga never had any interest in joining but with an idiot like Thompson running things we'll never know. Just think how much better the MW would be in hoops minus SJSU and plus WSU and Gonzaga.
  2. You can bet that train is headed down the track.
  3. Matt Lewis is a never-Trumper Republican. Same as Bill Kristol, Max Boot, George Will, David French, Jonathan Goldberg, Ben Shapiro and a host of others. Many of the best Republican journalists have disliked the buffoon since day one and I doubt that any president in the last 100 years has been vilified by so many of the leaders of his party. Deservedly so.
  4. When the term assclown came into existence it's creator must have had Nunes in mind. Always so dumb he's had no idea how others view him. \
  5. Nunes has to be one of the dimmest bulbs ever elected to Congress. A total embarrassment to Cal Poly SLO that he has a diploma from that school.
  6. The Bidens are not relevant so won't be testifying to this House committee. However, since the Republicans hold the majority in the Senate and all 50 Senators are eligible to participate in the TRIAL of Trump in that venue, the Bidens might be called to testify there. But the Repubs don't want that proceeding to be prolonged so maybe that won't happen. Nunes' expression to his bad haircut attorney at the break didn't exactly exude happiness with Sondland's testimony.
  7. Republican mantra: When there's no logical rebuttal to evidence of misconduct by Mr. Grumpy, play the whatabout card. Whatabout Bill Clinton, whatabout Hillary, whatabout Obama, whatabout Biden, whatabout any other Democrat who comes to mind.
  8. Just further evidence that Trump is a UFO - unfit for office. Repubs new position will be assuming Trump IS UFO, that is a political issue and, as such, a reason to vote him out of office rather than a reason to remove him. Except in very red states, I expect to see most Repubs up for reelection now try to distance themselves from the guy.
  9. You wouldn't know that from reading the notes at the bottom of the page on FoxNews. Their stuff is highly ambiguous.
  10. Yeah, 'cause she likely has more testosterone than that weasel.
  11. Indeed. Meth and opioids have become a huge problem for our country so an ad campaign makes a lot of sense and those of us who have had family members with substance abuse problems can empathize with the governor. However, can a campaign with a slogan so poorly thought out be expected to be well managed? And was there an earthquake going on when she shot that video? (Just kidding, I think.)
  12. Fresno isn't going bowling even if they beat Nevada because unless Josh Love is out, the Bulldogs are going to lose at San Jose State in the season finale.
  13. I'm not a misogynistic hater of SDSU's new president but she replaced the excellent Jim Sterk with milquetoast JD Wicker apparently only because so many coaches went public to say what a nice guy he was in his first go-round at Montezuma Mesa. Steve Weber would have taken that into account but he learned enough about what a mistake hiring a nice guy can be from the Jeff Schemmel debacle that Wicker wouldn't have had the job in the bag if Weber was still around. As to other MWC schools, I don't know enough about most to venture an opinion. However, it sure seems as though the ones UNLV and SJSU have had have been miserable when it comes to athletics.