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  1. I love Maher. He's a Democrat who hates political correctness for one thing. And now he's receiving a backlash for speaking out against Tlaib. https://www.salon.com/2019/08/18/rashida-tlaib-suggests-a-boycott-of-bill-mahers-show/
  2. You're correct about Beto's chances. But contrary to your assertion, equally true is that polls indicate the great majority of Americans oppose the NRA's position on gun laws. Also, as soupslam implicitly admits, intentionally or otherwise the NRA has become a shill for gun manufacturers (and if the NRA is taking money from gun manufacturers to any substantial extent, it's clearly the former).
  3. True dat. And the relevance of that to my point is?
  4. BOTH tweets were accurate and hilarious, the latter that the NRA is in full-on denial about the polls showing the great majority of Americans being opposed their position.
  5. You've obviously paid closer attention than I have recently. All I know for sure is no matter what's done, at least half of our fans are gonna bitch. It's the Aztec way.
  6. It's now official. The NRA is being run by complete idiots. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/beto-orourke-gun-show-texas-democrat-visits-gun-show-in-arkansas-today-nra-responds-2019-08-17/ Nothing like publishing an asinine tweet to the entire world and opening the door for supporters of gun restrictions to laugh at the NRA on its own twitter site. Drain the swamp? Well, a good start would be forcing out LaPierre and returning the NRA to the excellent organization it used to be.
  7. Thanks for that and I stand corrected. On your final point, while in grad school I had an econ class taught by a professor who had worked for the city of Pittsburgh before coming West. He was involved in a study to determine the worth of Three RIvers Stadium a decade into its existence. Because of the success of the Steelers, football games had brought huge numbers of people into the city who spent money in pubs, on dining in restaurants, on hotel room stays and the like and the stadium had therefore been a financial moneymaker for the city. So although I'm sure that what you say is the norm, stadiums are not always deficit spending of taxpayer money.
  8. I've had considerable consulting work with police departments and my brother-in-law is a cop here in L.A. so I've learned that it can be a very stressful profession which I generally support. However, at least a dozen times I've heard somebody say that "all cops are heroes." I've always refrained from responding while also trying not to cringe.
  9. Fixed for accuracy. What's the difference? For one thing, the US never joined the LON despite our president being instrumental in its founding.
  10. Well if numbers matter, the Palestinians have nothing on the Kurds, of whom there are more than 30 million who three garbage countries, Turkey, Iran and Iraq, refuse to allow to create a completely logical country.
  11. Agreed. And with regard to our two major parties, I'm almost more disgusted at Pelosi and the Dems jumping in with both feet to defend the two anti-Semitic representatives than with the likes of Mitch McConnell defending Trump. Granted McConnell has done so many times whereas to this point Pelosi's defense of Omar and Talibe has been a one-time event but Trump is the president whereas those two women have virtually no political power. Did I ever say we need a third major party?
  12. Largely from the sale of bonds approved by the city electorate. So anybody wanting to criticize SDSU for using taxpayer funds might want to keep in mind that UNLV's contribution to the new stadium in that city will essentially be by taxpayers from throughout the state rather than from locals. And BTW, what difference does that make? Is anybody out there going to argue that their school should turn down taxpayer money to fund a new stadium should it be available?
  13. I don't now about CSU but SDSU doesn't need to use its stadium for practices as there is already a perfectly good facility for that which includes the new locker room which Boise fans denigrated here because of the one support beam in the center. (Oh well, nobody's perfect - except Boise football. )
  14. +1. SDSU officials will never admit as much but the truth is they don't want another NFL team in the city to have to compete against. As to professional soccer, I don't follow the sport in the US because it's so mediocre but there's another league besides MLS which has already expressed interest in placing a franchise in the new stadium. Whether it would be successful is an open question but that should at least help SDSU pay the bills for several years. The stadium is also being designed to accommodate concerts so it will replace the Open Air facility now on campus which will be replaced by something related to academics.