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  1. Not trying to argue that Hawaii wasn't much improved but must take umbrage. Last year Navy resembled the teams that Notre Dame beat something like 30 times in a row and the Aztecs beat themselves, Jon Baron's choked chip shot FG on the last play before OT being the biggest factor of many.
  2. You used the term "clearly" about my bias so I'll use it in reference to yours. That is to say you clearly choose to reside in a very insular community. Even Ada County would be outsize Republican if it was located in California but Ada's Republican to Democrat ratio isn't even half that of the county you live in. So sure I'm biased against this president based on the prevalent political philosophy where I live but the same is true of your bias in support of the guy.
  3. I also note that per the most recent survey, the per capita income of Caldwell was $15,731. The last posted amount for California was $29,906 in 2014. Granted the average location in California has a higher cost of living but I highly doubt it's double that of Caldwell. Yep. DEFINITELY two very different worlds.
  4. Apparently Caldwell, Idaho is as politically "moderate" as Coeur d'Alene. Well, almost anyway. Four and a half times more Republicans than Dems in Canyon County: https://sos.idaho.gov/elect/VoterReg/2019/08/partybycounty.html Having checked, tiny Lassen County in far northeastern California has our state's greatest proportion of registered Republicans at a considerably smaller 250% of registered Dems and only a handful of the 58 counties have more registered Republicans than registered Dems. Politically speaking, you and I live in very different worlds, my man. I'm pleased to be where I am and hope and trust you feel the same.
  5. In addition to the Greenland thing, within the last week Trump has: Said that Jews who vote for Democrats "either [have] a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty" despite the fact that only a week or two before that he played the disloyalty card in claiming that Omar and Tlaib are anti-Semitic. Asserted that "somebody had to" take on China through a tariff war and that "I am the chosen one," a highly narcissistic comment. Tweeted that Wayne Allen Root - who among other things still says Obama wasn't born in the US and once claimed that the LV hotel shooter was supported by ISIS - "said some very nice words" in asserting that Israeli Jews love Trump "like he is the SECOND COMING of God . . ." as if Israeli Jews now believe Jesus was the son of God. Soon after El Paso, changed his historical position of opposing universal background checks for the purchase of guns after a survey showed that 89% of even Republicans support that concept but then two days later after having spoken to Wayne LaPierre - whose continued tenure as head of the NRA is far from secure - changed his position back again. [I have a cousin named Wayne and he's a nutjob too.] So Trump may not have what the DSM would define as an actual mental disorder (although I think that if Trump would subject himself to analysis by a qualified panel of shrinks there's at least a 50/50 chance he would be) but he is patently lacking the cognitive ability of an average person. To have such a guy in the White House is very disconcerting.
  6. And only the small percentage of voters who were not just displeased with but irate at the Obama administration are truly comfortable with where we are now. Those people wanted chaos and they've gotten it.
  7. I'm tired of trying to login. Phuck it.
  8. Half as many as SDSU. And does SJSU have two dozen joint PhD programs and nearly 100 master's programs? http://grad.sdsu.edu/prospective_students/doc_mas_prgms Fact is, rather than being "managed," in both athletics and academics SJSU appears to have basically been simply administered as the state's population has skyrocketed.
  9. I like how the squad can make a stupid statement like Jews maybe having loyalty to Israel over the US and get pilloried for it by Republicans yet Trump has now made a very similar dumbass comment without any backlash from the right whatsoever.
  10. You might have something there. Evangelicals hate the Devil weed but other than cops they're about the only large group I can think of who view marijuana as being such a black and white issue and no cop or Evangelical is going to vote for a Democrat anyway. Maybe some old people too but I'm talking REALLY old like over 80 and given how many states have had medicinal Mary Jane for a decade or so, I'll bet even a bunch of them have changed their opinion of it.
  11. Putting a team in L.A. makes no sense. There's only mild interest in football in this town and if I'm not mistaken, this is going to be a spring league and in the spring L.A. sports fans are all about the Dodgers and probably now both the Lakers and the Clippers.
  12. Dubya told me hisself that they're buried at the Yucca Mountain nucular waste facility. And stop using the Lord Thy God's name in vain!
  13. Obama never had a "base" like Trump's. In fact, even this far into his first term a large percentage of Democrats still hated him for denying the nomination to Hillary. Let's call them Hillary's "base." How many Republicans who voted for president in 2016 have that kind of animosity toward him? To put it another way, how many of the Republicans who lost in the primary actually had any base to speak of? Or if they did before then, how many of such bases still existed after the Republican convention? I'd say none. Ted Cruz had the evangelicals but once the convention occurred, they all threw their support behind Trump. Lock, stock and barrel despite what a despicable alleged "Christian" he was and still is.