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  1. So did a longtime friend of mine with whom I've lost contact. He went to Rice to play football circa 1977 after graduating from what is now the renowned Harvard-Westlake HS where he was a star QB. (Its academics weren't nearly so good back then.) Great athlete rich kid who struggled to get his BA and then struggled to graduate from law school and finally passed the California bar around 1990 after flunking it half a dozen times. My friend was the epitome of a kid who could never live up to his overachieving father's expectations and I have to wonder how many such kids end up at private schools like Rice for which their parents' donations are as important as anything in helping them get a degree.
  2. Hey, that's only 50 years. At Rice, rebuilding takes time.
  3. Hell, that counts for more than anything! Add to that the fact the woman is a total space cadet as alum9 will discover and she's perfect! Great job, Mr. Grumpy! (She's Harvard Law 2017! The only possible explanation is that she's been taking dumb pills for the last three years.) (Edit: I should probably be fair. She at least COME'S OFF as a space cadet and the reason is probably that she's uncomfortable speaking in public. Although many people are, that's not a good attribute for being a press secretary.)
  4. Or to put it another way, he isn't quite the total narcissist that Trump is. Just another brilliant Trump appointment in a looooong line of them.
  5. CSUN's Terrell Gomez is coming to SDSU. https://thedailyaztec.com/100228/sports/grad-transfer-guard-from-csun-commits-to-san-diego-state/ https://bustingbrackets.com/2020/04/05/ncaa-basketball-recruiting-analyzing-transfer-terrell-gomez-final-4-teams/ https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Terrell-Gomez/Summary/85779 He's small but nobody in the country was better from behind the arc this past season. Yep, we be re-loading.
  6. Just because polls showed Hillary would beat any Republican candidate easily was no reason for Brazille, Wasserman-Schultz and other party leaders who were determined to have a woman elected president and for it to be Slick WIlly's wife had any business dissuading other Dems from running and manipulating the process so Bernie couldn't get the nomination. Their behind the scenes actions in favor of Hillary are almost as disgusting to me as the eunuchfication of the Republican leaders. Both parties pretty much suck these days. Which is why I fail to understand how so many on this board can support one or the other hook, line & sinker.
  7. I disliked Hillary so much that had Jeb Bush been the Republican nominee, I would have voted for him. However, as Rick Wilson said in Everything Trump Touches Dies, Mr. Grumpy intimidated the hell out of every Republican leader who didn't run for president so as much as they detested the guy, when push came to shove, they all got on board the Bad Ship Trump. When Trump began to lead in the polls but it was still early enough to get the party behind a non-lunatic, guys like Graham the Graham, McConnell and Scott Walker all lacked the balls to point out that the wannabe emperor didn't have any clothes. That said, the Democratic Party was almost as bad with its annointing of Hillary to be its candidate, its caving in to political correctness and its determination to not just save the ACA from Republican gutting of it but to try to force a one size fits all national medical plan onto Dems as I then was who didn't want that.
  8. Gotta admire Trump for two things. One, he somehow still has solid support from 40% of Americans despite his performance in office. And two, dude's got chutzpah. On the latter point, he demonstrated in the first video that he actually doesn't know diddly squat about what medication might be given to Boris Johnson yet in the second video he berates that young reporter because she doesn't know the name of his inspector general. Conclusion: The man's a genius politically. Stable? Not so much.
  9. Right. Had absolutely nothing to do with TCU football prowess and Louisville hoops success.
  10. No chance. Gonzaga runs that league and not only would Rice being in hurt Zags basketball, Dallas is a shit ton miles from Spokane.
  11. The highlighted word undoubtedly has a lot to do with it. Compare Norway to the US. Then compare the two to Italy and Spain. https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Education/Average-years-of-schooling-of-adults
  12. ^ ^ ^ Fresno St Bulldogs conducting covert practices in preparation for 2020 ^ ^ ^
  13. Yeah, I'm leaning that way but not waiting until spring. 1. Start in the dead of winter, say immediately after the first of the year, and we will not only have full drive-up testing, COVID-19 will be largely dormant. Play just one OOC "warm-up" game and then 9 conference games with zero bye weeks and then one Saturday afternoon of conference title games followed by a long weekend of bowl games and then two weekends of playoffs with no time in between and the entire season other than the title game could be played before the 2021 MLB season begins. 2. Why would they do that? Two reasons. One, because by the time it started, fans would be starved for college football and therefore more willing to sit out in the cold for five home games than would otherwise be the case. And two, money. Not only will the conferences lose a bunch if they don't play, the G5s will be desperate to recoup some of the revenue lost from no 2020 NCAA hoops tournament and can they actually afford to fund football player scholarships too without the guys playing?
  14. Oops, somehow overlooked Frez and I never remember UNM. But go Rocky!
  15. Yeah, I know we may not have a season. And yeah, I know these guys aren't exactly the be-all and end-all of NCAA football but WTF. Let's talk some SPORTS. Boise State - 10 wins Air Force and SDSU - 7.5 Hawaii and Wyo - 6 UNR and USU - 5.5 SJSU - 4.5 CSU - 4 UNLV - 3 https://dknation.draftkings.com/2020/4/1/21203116/college-football-odds-win-totals-2020-full-list-clemson-alabama-oklahoma-georgia-oregon-ohio-state Isn't it great how highly regarded the Mountain West always is? And btw, I'd take the over on UNLV.