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  1. Cute. Even if that were the case, seems to me it's at least one more game per season than Bobo cares about, given his record against rivals. But, that's a CSU problem. Bohl's eventual undoing will be his unshakable faith in the utterly unremarkable, insipid bowl of oatmeal that is our OC, Brent Vigen.
  2. Keep putting together 3-9 seasons and the city will only be one source of constraint.
  3. Losing Holt sucks, but even so, I doubt we regress to the Stanard standard. I had one of the stars of this year's defense tell me two years ago straight up that had Stanard been retained, there would've been mass defections on that side of the ball. He was HATED by the players.
  4. Correct. Had two bye weeks last year. Also have two bye weeks this season.
  5. Former Wyoming TE and Broncos' undrafted FA Austin Fort tore his ACL last night against the Seahawks.
  6. Loved watching that. Crazy to think the voice behind the mic, Dave Walsh, will start his 37th year as the voice of the Cowboys in a few weeks.
  7. Good to know for all the Utah or USC and Washington or Oregon fans living on the Front Range.
  8. Yeah, I’d give that Boise team a shot at doing that. No one should conflate the rigors of a full PAC-12 slate (esp. the South) with the SEC or B1G.
  9. Bingo, especially the part in bold. Opening up another restaurant location a little farther up the road might attract a few more customers, but if you're still serving up the same shitty food relative to the joints you're competing with, you're not really addressing the problem.
  10. Maybe start giving him grief about the Hoosiers and he'll get it.
  11. Fresno State moved to Reno? When'd that happen?
  12. Nope, Larry Allen did all that too. Didn’t wear 60 lbs of battle armor either. Even “passed” the drug test!