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  1. Fresno State @ Wyoming

    1.5 is actually the over/under on number of overtimes
  2. Nevada @ Wyoming

    Not sure how you conclude that the coach who had the superior talent and four timeouts in his back pocket when his team lost by one in 2OT outcoached the winning team's coach.
  3. Boise State at Wyoming

    Pairs well.
  4. Boise State at Wyoming

    Air Force. After last year, AF will always scare me in the MWC Tourney.
  5. Boise State at Wyoming

    Pretty sure that was Jermaine Kimbrough--a Wyoming assistant.
  6. My P5 Expansion Slant

    Please explain why the PAC-12 is going to be force fed four more schools.
  7. What did Tedford do to piss off the Patriots?
  8. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    They should reinstate varsity athletics at BYU-Idaho. They could play with themselves all they want.
  9. You sure did. And better than I did, too. I just didn’t see it.
  10. This article is not from ABC News. They only reposted the story. The article was written by Ralph Russo, who is from the Associated Press.
  11. Turd of the Week! -Week 10

    Right. All those kids and obligations weren’t a big deal at 12:58, but the clock strikes 1:00 and, “Whoooey, got all this other stuff going on! Time to bounce!” Couldn’t be that CSU just has lousy fans.
  12. Turd of the Week! -Week 10

    I would have voted for CSU fans for leaving in droves before OT started.
  13. Worst Team in MWC History

    Vic Koenning's three-year run from 2000-2002 was the standard bearer for suckitude in MWC annals up until Locksley came on the scene.
  14. Court

    Looks fine to me. Have to wonder if how much trouble officials will have on eyeing up three pointers taken from where the High Roller and Wynn/Encore meet the 3-point line on that far end.
  15. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Hey JimJam, not to pile on (yes to pile on), but our portals are totally substandard.