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  1. 307dude

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Huh? The “younger generation Cowboy fans” have never known BYU as a rival or a conference mate, so color me skeptical as to any claims they’re so eager for Wyoming to play BYU
  2. 307dude

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Just as soon as the bond underwriters can finish their work
  3. 307dude

    Redbirds @ Rams

    The namesake of Deti Stadium at LHS (is the stadium at the new HS still Deti Stadium?)
  4. 307dude

    Volleyball 2018

    Wyoming with the road sweep this weekend in San Jose and Reno
  5. 307dude

    Sorry guys

    Thanks, Obama!
  6. 307dude

    Redbirds @ Rams

    The stadium itself was constructed without debt for $565,000. The demonic statue of Sonny Lubick had to be financed due to its $249,435,000 price tag
  7. 307dude

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Jovan is a good, good dude
  8. 307dude

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Even better is that Illinois State is coached by Brock Spack (former Wyoming assistant) and two of his assistants are Cody Deti (UW alum and former asst. coach) and Brian Hendricks (former Wyo player)
  9. 307dude

    Wyoming's Tim Collins

    Good guy. Works very hard and is very good at what he does. Good pickup for Fresno.
  10. 307dude

    Official Game day thread CSU vs CU

    From a board standpoint, best thing to come out of CSU’s start is a reprieve from the triumvirate of stupid: Lolfizz, Scoots and JimmerJammer
  11. 307dude

    A couple of things that pisses me off...

    That's unfortunate. Maybe the conference could kick a few extra dollars your way out of the TV contrac....oh, wait.
  12. 307dude

    The uniform police will be out in force this season

    Glad to see the NCAA finally addressing their biggest existential threat: exposed back plates.
  13. 307dude

    MWC Uniforms: Week 1

    Yep. Wyoming’s combo is easy to guess: Home: white helmet, brown jersey, gold pant Away: white helmet, white jersey, gold pant
  14. If not for Ann Richards, Baylor never gets in the Big XII, either.
  15. 307dude

    So...Wyoming and BYU..

    That's a lousy guarantee to make. BYU stirs emotions with some Wyoming fans (more on this in a minute), but it doesn't necessarily translate to butts in seats when we played them. Wyoming fans did not travel particularly well to San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl matchup two years ago and if you look at attendance when the two teams played in Laramie as MWC conference mates, crowds were only at or slightly above season averages. If the 2024 game in Laramie sells out, or even comes close, it'll be far more a result of Wyoming playing very good football, than because it's BYU. The Wyoming fans that tend to be most passionate about BYU are by and large from western Wyoming, where there is a larger LDS presence. Not to mention, a good chunk of that area is in the SLC TV market, so fans on that side of the state have been exposed to BYU propaganda for decades from the SLC media. Fans on the other side of the state tend to focus their hate and discontent towards CSU first, with BYU comfortably in second place.