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  1. Wyoming’s first case was not in Casper. It was a woman in Sheridan.
  2. The Natrona County Health Department just shut down-as in canceled-the rest of the Wyoming 3A-4A state tournament, being played in Casper.
  3. Jeff Linder won more games against MWC teams in Laramie this year than Allen Edwards did.
  4. I hope everyone in Boise feels the same way.
  5. More is always better when it comes to NCAA tourney participation for any conference. What's more likely to burst USU's bubble this year isn't any of their past performances, but Wyoming's NET ranking being in the low 3,000's. Our bad. Hopefully, we'll start fixing it about 7:30pm PST on March 5.
  6. Exactly. This the higher education equivalent of “you kids get off my lawn!!”
  7. The article snippet in the OP makes it pretty clear this is just something the faculty senate is asking the trustees to possibly consider. That’s a damned far cry from it actually ever happening.
  8. I’m not seeing what really changes here. If Boise fans don’t think the league isn’t going to take another run at ending their subsidy in six years, well, bless their hearts.
  9. Golf is low cost--small rosters and coaching staff, limited scholarship expenses--and both men's and women's teams count just the same toward NCAA mandates for member institution sponsored sports (especially men, where we are at the minimum for Division I).
  10. The weather is very bad here today. But I did get new shoes on Saturday. Probably should do laundry tonight.
  11. Wyo covered, but only on a meaningless three at the end of practice. No video, or SVP would surely have it as a bad beat on SC Monday night.
  12. SDSU’s highest attendance for a game not involving fireworks last season was against Wyoming.