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  1. Wyoming has three games: USU, SJSU and @ New Mexico
  2. The UW fan base in Star Valley is plenty strong, given their distance from Laramie and religious bent over there. SVHS sends a lot of kids to UW (Logan too).
  3. 307dude

    Nevada Football

    Hey look! Someone who knows nothing about Reno or Nevada spewing oral diarrhea. Nevada probably doesn't have the proper squat rack stations in their weight room, either. And don't even start about the inadequate portals at Mackay Stadium.
  4. FIFY. Having grown up in western Wyoming, I can tell you there is much more animosity toward BYU on that side of the state than the eastern half.
  5. 307dude

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    That was my initial thought as well. Thing is, most of injuries (certainly the most publicized injuries) seem to be concentrated with the O-Line. There's not been much chatter or indication of any injuries on defense whatsoever, and what's been disclosed about injuries on the rest of the offense doesn't seem too out of the ordinary. It just may be horrible luck/timing for the O-Line. If there were a common theme to their ailments--if we were seeing similar injuries to multiple players, that would definitely indicate something's probably amiss with S&C. However, it's all over the board, medically. One has a torn bicep, one is coming off a concussion and yet another had knee or ankle issues. Really could just be shit luck; the ye olde injury bug.
  6. Do you have data supporting this? Not saying you're wrong, it just seems like that's an awfully high %.
  7. 307dude

    Meet the new Ole Miss Mascot.....

    This was really their best option
  8. 307dude

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    What in God's name are you blathering about? "Tear it down?" What facility did Wyoming recently tear down and rebuild? "Charge the taxpayers?" You do understand who pays the majority of taxes in Wyoming, right? (Pro tip: it's not the residents) Congrats to CSU on that $4.6M profit. Not that it got you much besides 7-6, including two more losses to your biggest rivals.
  9. Tell me more about USD ponying up $3-5 million per for their next MBB coach.
  10. 307dude

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    Never saw that much weed on campus in Laramie when I was there, but I know it was around. After finishing up the spring semester my junior year, I went over to visit some friends at Utah State. They still had a few weeks of classes left since they were on quarters over there. I saw more weed in one weekend in Logan than I did all five years I was in Laramie. Also having lived in Colorado recently for three years, I agree with Happy. I wouldn't say it's rampant, but it's part of the landscape now. That said, if you want to avoid it, there's still plenty of places you won't find it.
  11. 307dude

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    Well, for one, he doesn't even have the amount right. It's actually $37.7 million--paid over 15 years. CSU athletics also doesn't get all the money. Learfield gets a nice chunk of it (rumored to be around 20%) for its part in brokering the deal.
  12. He's right, they're not getting what they deserve. Just not in the way he thinks, though.
  13. Boise State and Idaho moved up to Division I-A in 1996.