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  1. Why would I lie about that? Serious question.
  2. Yes, we can agree on that. I expect Burman and our new president (TBD) to advocate for what is best for Wyoming. Ensuring that the conference maximizes it’s full revenue potential is certainly in that scope. Burman recently lobbied the UW trustees to include $50M in the university’s capital appropriations request from the state to complete renovations on the west side of the War, including a new press box/luxury box facility, as well as a new aquatic facility. It would be supplemented with $25M in private contributions, for a total project spend of $75M. Not sure how amenable the trustees will be to that.
  3. That’s hardly basis for concluding UW supports Craig Thompson or vice versa. I can tell you that conversations I’ve had with folks very close to the UW Athletics department paint a very different picture than what you suggest. Wyoming is no fan of Thompson, nor he of Wyoming.
  4. Again, you continue to espouse this idea that Wyoming supports Craig Thompson, but won’t explicitly state where this comes from. I posed this question to you the other day in another thread, and crickets. Your narrative is false.
  5. Who are these Front Range supporters of Hair you continually refer to? If you are counting Wyoming in that mix, you would be doing so in error.
  6. The biggest argument against hiring Hartwell may be that he’s not a SEC AD already. Based on the last two hires, seems there’s only 13 people capable of holding down one of 14 spots.
  7. Good to see the Rio Grande Foundation tackling those tough, foremost issues that are front and center in the daily lives of most New Mexicans.
  8. No G5 team will crack the top-4 to make the CFP. If it were top-8, Hawaii could have a chance with its schedule, but even then, other scenarios would have to play out perfectly (e.g. the rest of the MW punching above its weight and Oregon St. not being dogshit). Same goes for BYU. They could probably get into the top-8 with an undefeated season, but that three-game stretch of Liberty, Idaho St. and UMass in November is atrocious and would snuff out any playoff chances without a conference championship game to mitigate that SOS hit.
  9. No, it actually is not. The only three counties in the Cheyenne/Scottsbluff DMA are Laramie and Goshen Counties in Wyoming and Scotts Bluff County in Nebraska. Albany County, Wyo. (including Laramie) is part of the Denver DMA.
  10. And I guess I’m missing where the trucking angle comes into play here. Extra Mile operates gas stations/convenience stores, not truck stops.
  11. I don’t see a problem with it. When Wyoming starts collecting better than $500K annually for simply letting some outfit slap their name on the outside of the A-A, I’ll knock Boise for their choice of corporate naming sponsor. Until then, good on ‘em.