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  1. 307dude

    It's Happening.

    That's probably a master's level program at BYU.
  2. 307dude

    It's Happening.

    I disagree. BYU drew under 20,000 on average the six times they played in Laramie while in the MWC. CSU and AFA games averaged over 20k, with CSU on top with 22k. Wyoming’s average for non-conf games since 1999 is over 20k. Besides, other than the bowl game in 2016, we’ve had zero history with them. BYU will stir emotions with the old-school die-hards, but I doubt they move the needle much with younger fans and the casual fans who have moved on.
  3. 307dude

    CSU Stadium Naming Rights Sold

    That would work
  4. 307dude

    CSU Stadium Naming Rights Sold

    So, you’re saying it’ll just change names to [insert name here] C. U.
  5. 307dude

    the Portland A's?

    FIFY. Those rosters are pretty much AAA right now.
  6. 307dude

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    New Mexico is the only MWC school to field a team in every sport the conference sponsors.
  7. Angry old man is angry.
  8. 307dude

    Where will Muss coach next year

    Wherever Mariah says
  9. 307dude

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    119-115 in SLC. That day sucked.
  10. 307dude

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    If you were hoping for a thread that could travel back in time eight years, then yes, things are going swimmingly.
  11. 307dude


    Mike Bronson found a book that accepts pesos?
  12. 307dude

    Travel in the MWC

    Not sure about this season just completed, but for 2016-17, Wyoming men's BB chartered fewer than half of their trips. Game dates, times and locations all factor in. They're more likely to charter for a Wednesday night game on the west coast than a Saturday game in Albuquerque. A nice perk for Wyo, CSU and AFA that the rest of the league doesn't have is that they can bus to each other. One problem Wyoming, and other G5 schools are facing now is a squeeze on availability and pricing for football charters. Fewer airlines are offering team charters, and those remaining have raised their prices quite a bit. Wyoming used have a pretty good setup with Frontier, until Frontier got out of the team charter business. They've been with Minneapolis-based Sun Country for the last several years. Allegiant charters some MWC teams as well. Wyoming's other problem with FB charter travel is the effect of high elevation, runway length and atmospheric conditions in getting narrow-body commercial jets (B737s, A319/20s) in/out of Laramie. It's a chore working out the math to determine just how much weight (as in # of people traveling--equipment gets trucked everywhere) each flight can handle for take-off, and it is different for every single flight out.
  13. 307dude

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Isn't he about 127-years-old?
  14. 307dude

    Observations from the MWC Tournament

    About 350 of which is two-lane highway too