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  1. I like to bet parlay cards, the excitement at least for me won't be quite same as I usually only do college parlay. This year I will also give the pros a try combined with limited college. 2020 has turned into a bitch.
  2. I live in Northern Nevada, I voted by mail and was rejected because they indicated my signature did not match. They sent me a form requesting I fill it out and also requested a copy my Nevada id. All of that was OK even though I had never had the issue surface when voting in person. What really pissed me off was that they could not be bothered to send a return postage paid envelope. I still wonder just how many people that tried to vote said F--- it I saw today and maybe I have the rejected Nevada mail in votes wrong but I think there were 515K of us. In a small State like Nevada.compared to
  3. Just my opinion no doubt not shared with everyone here.To heck with Spring football, play basketball if possible with March madness and then switch to baseball.
  4. I guess I'm also a casualty, after 30 years of being at Nevada Wolf Pack games we are not attending this season. it's something I never considered and a tough pill to swallow.
  5. If the SEC does it,bye, bye, Nevada @ Arkansas.
  6. My guess is college football will be played, however I could see conferences following some NFL teams and play without fans.. There are still some potential plans for reduced fan seating in some MWC stadiums, but I believe that will change very soon.
  7. There a many here that won't ever forget the BYU pompous money ego grab. I'm over it, if they help attendance and then revert back to their old ways trying to become a P5 school big F--- deal. Bottom I love to hate them, bring them back they bring fans and $$$.
  8. A couple more weeks and who knows what happens by football season assuming there is one.? This might turn into an even worse cluster. At this point I don't see fans in many stadiums either by university social distancing requirements in stadiums or by fan choice.
  9. You are probably correct regarding the P5 and G5 conferences, I was thinking more about some FCS conferences
  10. The first domino has toppled.Who knows what schools and conferences will follow?
  11. It's probably to early to tell what the universities will actually do with fan seating arrangements. According to the news reports, with the virus starting to spike again in some states including Nevada, I fear they may back track their preliminary plans and play the games at Mackay Stadium without fans. In Northern Nevada most events have been canceled that involves people gathering together going into Summer and Fall, 4th of July events, Hot August Nights, the Labor Day Rib cook Off and Reno Air Races, I haven't heard anything about t Street Vibrations yet but my guess is they are doomed
  12. I'm not so sure that it mattered if it was a Trump or Biden rally that people are comfortable going to an inside venue with this virus still very active. Maybe for Trump or Biden a better option is some type of outdoor event with social distancing.Personally I would stay away from any indoor stadium event right now, be it a rally or concert.
  13. It will be interesting of how they social distance the fans on the west side of Mackay. Some to the east side, a new breed of zonies? Another thread on this board talks about CFB players coming down with the virus. Who knows how much impact from the universities that will have on even putting fans back in the stadium. Way to early to know what happens for sure.
  14. Mackay Stadium at Nevada is looking at 50% or less seating capacity with priority for 2019 season ticket holders.No general admission? They are looking at options to social distance for safety still to be determined.I have no idea of how they enforce that policy, usher police, tape off seats? Anyone not renewing this season because of the situation will continue to have their rights to their same seats in 2021.Any news on how other MWC schools potential plan for stadium seating?
  15. Unofficial Update from Reno, I was watching the morning news,today June 4th, a reporter was at the Nugget Casino in Sparks as the casinos are opening. The General Manager was asked if the Labor Day Rib cook off was still scheduled. he said they are waiting as long as possible until mid June to make the decision, but it's not looking good to hold the event because of social distancing. That's the same time as Wolf Pack football, I get the feeling there will be no fans allowed in the stands as the same social distancing measures may still be in place.
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