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  1. So much for me staying up to date with Benson and the Belt! If what you say about some schools going to the belt, UTEP will be in a world of hurt.
  2. I figure CUSA might make a run at louisiana Liberty,APP State and Coastal Carolina. Who knows Benson from the Belt make make a run at CUSA teams. It will be interesting to follow. Some how I think NMSU gets left out of CUSA unless Benson is successful in taking some CUSA schools.
  3. Boise State is still a very good team, barely lost to UCF and OK St. I'm just happy to get a Wolf Pack win against Boise in Boise after 24 long years.
  4. The ESPN scroll says the MWC is still intact despite the rumors of potential AAC invites. If anyone else trusts the AAC commish, I have a bridge in Brooklyn up for sale.
  5. If you really want to get to the bottom of this and separate fiction from non fiction check with the airports. That's where the real action happened when the WAC imploded and MWC was created.
  6. Good post,The Zags OOC wins look more impressive than most G5 schools. A little off topic but I would like to see the final championship game be expanded to best of three. Baylor might have dominated two games in a row but you never know.If Baylor played like they did last night both on offense and defense they looked unbeatable no matter who they played.
  7. Of the three I'm most sorry to see Meeks enter the transfer portal. Where ever he ends up, I wish him well and hope his knees recover.
  8. My guess if Trump is really going to get impeached, he resigns. If I understand correctly, if impeached again, he can't run for President. I think he may try to start a third or fourth party to run again. IMO, it will only cause a GOP split and the Dems will win every election for several years. FYI, I voted for trump mainly because of how my 401 k has rebounded. That's it, his ego and tweets were almost unbearable, yet like him or not he did some good things while President. Would I vote for him again? NO.,
  9. I think the passenger release off of the cruise ships turned into a mismanaged cluster. those ships are floating germ factories. Cruise ship = death in Placer County Ca, also linked to the Reno case.Now three more in Placer County and the ship off the Calif coast has possibly 21, 19 that are crew.
  10. Those stats on age are probably the same for the flu, the big difference is there is no vaccine yet. My concern is the new case found in Sacramento and the patient claims no travel and has no idea of how it was contracted, at least for right now. News says the case was found in Solano County, not Sacramento, Travis AFB is there, connection?
  11. The person you get to know on a message board can be completely different in person. He was part of the MWC message board family and will be missed.
  12. It's Utah State, what did you expect? it's like everyone in Utah is out of step but them. but somehow I think they enjoy that. When they were involved in "The Project" that was more than enough for me.
  13. I didn't bother to read this whole thread so maybe this is already been posted. Why when Utah and BYU were in the original MWC did they not want any part of USU being in the same conference with them? In state rivals games are usually well attended plus BYU and Utah usually play USU in football and basketball.
  14. Weird stuff happens in a rivalry game,I always get nervous before the nevada southern game
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