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  1. I get the feeling the Chicago PD, Mayor and others associated with the initial investigation turned this into a media circus by sharing too much information in public. Something happened and no one will know whether it was a clean or dirty deal. Now lets see what happens with the Feds and the hate letter. One thing is for sure no holiday cards will be exchanged between the State and City of Chicago.
  2. Hire Eustachy instead, he could take the honor code to whole new level.
  3. I wonder if ex Nevada HC Trent Johnson or Mark Fox will be back in the mix for a HC position some where? I would have added David Carter, but he may be assistant coach material more than being a HC again, but who really knows?
  4. USU SDSU Fresno NV CSU Bsu AF NM N southern Wyo SJSU The top six could flip flop, too many what if's out there, who knows what happens at Nevada. my guess is the MWC games knock each other out of any chance of a top 25.
  5. As a Nevada fan I root against you in conference, in fact I don't care much for you.That said I support the MWC and will root like heck for your team. Even though you have some real third class anal USU posters here. Go USU!!
  6. I didn't vote because right now I have no idea of what he might do. At any rate Muss has or still will be an asset for Nevada.
  7. I believe the guy Muss interviewed with when he removed his name and promoted the current HC is gone from Cal.Things can change quickly in the coaching world.
  8. A question for nevada southern fans. It's probably hard to talk for the majority of nevada southern fans but you know them the best. Will nevada southern fans embrace anyone less than a proven winner higher profile coach?
  9. The Cal HC has not exactly set the world on fire but has burned the Cal program to the ground.I don't think he will survive much longer, one more year at best. I could see Muss waiting it out, he has bay area ties and I think still owns a house in Danville.
  10. Last week Dick Vitale went on a rant about the NCAA selection process, he's sick of the power conferences getting teams in with what he called mediocre conference records, while some of the mid majors with much better records get shunned. That probably won't change but at least one media guy is supporting the mid majors.
  11. All these bracket experts are fun to read but they all have a different slant on what's going to happen. Nevada in Tulsa,in SLC, in Des Moines and SB nation has them in Columbus. I didn't look up all for USU, two were in SLC and one has them in Jacksonville. I wonder if any will be correct once the official brackets are selected?
  12. Why? Because he was dumb enough to sell his career for some financial gain to delusional living in the past has been nevada southern fans.For the record if he sucks, you swallow.
  13. Here's my two cents on Menzies, he's a decent coach that did well at NMSU. he reached out to coach at a higher profile school that was having trouble finding and retraining a new coach. No doubt he made more money than he was at NMSU. I think the deck was stacked against him from day one at nevada southern, especially with the fan base and selling tickets.I think he will be a HC again very soon, who knows where, heck he could rebuild SJSU or a Cal Poly type team. At any rate i hope he gets another chance.
  14. FWIW, USU is 3 to 4 point favorites tonight. My guess is this will be a close hard fought game and should be a pick. I just hope the refs don't muck up what should be a classic MWC donnybrook.
  15. Holy smokes is NM trying to self destruct? The T and following plays have turned momentum a bit in favor of USU.