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  1. Talent doesn't always equate to team chemistry, if the players don't mesh well,IMO, it makes it tough to coach them no matter who the HC is.. As a Nevada fan I look at last years team when the wheels started to fall off at seasons end compared to the first and middle of the season. I guess Nevada fans could blame Muss for not developing a deeper bench as a possible solution, but it still comes down to the players.As fans we are all masters of second guessing what's working and what isn't.
  2. I just watched the nevada southern/Nevada game on my computer. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm a 1 as far as tech savvy. is there a way to get ESPN 3 on a TV? Any help would be appreciated..
  3. Didn't see that game as a choke.I did see a hard fought nevada southern/Nevada game that was exciting to the end.
  4. The House Dems destroyed Biden trying to impeach Trump and you know it. You want to blame the Biden fall, start with Schiff and Pelosi.
  5. Schiff and the House Dems stuck it to Biden trying to impeach trump.
  6. I'm a Republican but I have always voted for who I consider to be the best candidate for President. I didn't vote for Hillary or Donald in 2016 and I don't approve of many things Trump does but at least my 401K keeps going up. I can't find one Dem candidate I would be willing to consider voting for over Trump and that's a bit scary to me.
  7. If under 18 throw them in Juvie and leave them there, under no condition do they get to play basketball or any else sports related while in there, sports are a privilege not a right.
  8. I guess it depends where you live, I live between Reno and Carson City and can get pretty much what I choose. When I go on vacation to Plumas Pines golf resort, close to Graeagle Ca , I think those folks get Direct TV as far as subscription service or nothing, maybe the internet stuff But I,m not sure
  9. I hope a vaccine can manufactured much quicker. I have a sinking feeling that this is spreading faster than most think. I see it hitting the US in greater numbers because of travel in spite of the bans and quarantines. I don't want to be chicken little, I just don't trust the media reports.
  10. MUG, IMO, it's time to lock this thread tomorrow as yesterdays news. There will ample time to start the new ones as Nadler and Schiff will continue investigating anything and everything Trump instead of doing what they were elected to do. On top of that some of the GOP now intends to go after the Bidens, at least Hunter..
  11. Maybe so, but Nancy can tear paper with her bare hands.
  12. Thank You. If they leave the MWC other than Boise fans who gives a rats ass where they end up in any sport..