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  1. westfan

    Fresno @ Boise

    After the Polian Era, that thought went right over my head. My sights were a little lower, like a chance at a bowl game and keeping the cannon blue.
  2. westfan

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    I made the mistake of turning on the news when they were interviewing a Dad who lost his Son.I lost a Son six years ago and the pain that Dad is feeling will never go away. II's just hard to cope when this stuff keeps happening and you see family members pain.
  3. westfan

    Fresno @ Boise

    I have no reason to root for one team over the other Friday night. I'm planning on barbecuing a steak, then sitting down with more red wine in my warm living room and rooting for a close entertaining game. Then the next night I get to put on thermals,tailgate in brisk but dry weather and root for the Wolf Pack.
  4. This post pretty much sums up my opinion of Acosta and some of the others in the media that are invited to attend the news conferences and press briefings.I wouldn't be surprised if CNN replaced Acosta with Don Lemon. Lose a jerk, add a new one,
  5. Some here would disagree Acosta was partially at fault, but IMO his media style has become borderline belligerent. I won't miss him.
  6. westfan

    Byu @ (#7) Nevada game thread

    It's early in the season, but BYU looks like a team that could make it to the NCAA Tournament. When BYU was in the MWC they were usually a contender to win the MWC Championship.Like many first games tonight except for tough match ups like Duke /Kentucky and Kansas/ Mich State , BYU was no cup cake.
  7. westfan


    I would like find a way to process them, send them back across the border with a court date and return to a port of entry to make a case for their asylum, their numbers probably make that impossible, no doubt there would be an over powering back log. If catch and release doesn't stop, the tax costs for supporting people coming by caravans will be even more mind boggling than it already is.Sadly I have no answers,I doubt anyone really does that makes it past congress. There is little doubt the number of people trying to get in to the United States will eventually over whelm our economy,it's not solely Mexico now it's multiple countries.
  8. westfan

    Turd Of the Week. - Week 9

    As a Nevada Wolf Pack fan, I see this team taking baby steps back to being a much better team.it takes time to remove the stench of Polian and the hole he dug..
  9. westfan

    Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition)

    As a Wolf Pack fan, that Washington game might be the best thing for them. it's time to ditch the media press clippings, preseason polls and get to work.
  10. westfan

    Dennis Hof has died

    Not at all,douche or not, I'm only saying he had a knack for getting lots media coverage for his brothels.
  11. westfan

    Dennis Hof has died

    Approve of him or not,like him or not he had a knack for getting media coverage.If his brothels go up for sale, I'm not sure what it takes to get a Brothel License in the counties the brothels were located. Who knows? the owner of Mustang Ranch who is already licensed could make a play for all the brothels and create a legal sex monopoly.Just my opinion, I don't think the counties where the brothels are located are willing to lose that tax revenue.
  12. westfan

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Question for Boise fans.When you left the Reno area to go home, was the NV Highway Patrol and Idaho State Troopers out in force to catch speeders, and watch for drunk drivers or was that just a scare tactic reported to the media to slow down Idaho drivers?
  13. westfan

    Shame On Me!

    I"m watching Ark St-APP ST on ESPN, it's a Sunbelt Conference game. For me it's much more interesting than watching middle of the road SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12 match ups that saturate the TV market.
  14. westfan

    Turd of the Week- Week 6

    If there was a FCS turd I would nominate two from the Big Sky. Montana loses to Portland State and Idaho loses to Idaho State.I don't follow them as much these days but I figured Idaho , Montana, UC Davis and Eastern Washington would be the top four to beat.
  15. westfan

    Fresno St fans 10/06 and Boise fans 10/13.

    I decided to bump this as a heads up for the Boise State fans.Keep in mind this in no way changes our stance on pushing Boise State Grannies down the stairs.