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  1. I vote for the beat person available GOP or Dem That said.start with Pelosi, then Schumer..Add GOP butt wipe Thomas Massie to the list.
  2. I hope you are correct. Do you believe there will fans in person at the games or just on TV? I have no idea if large crowds will be allowed at events like MLB or golf tournaments assuming sports are played in June.
  3. I think as things slowly return back to normal as much as possible, people going back to work etc. Large groups will still be banned and I fear it will continue much longer than we expect. So with that in mind how do you field a football team for pro,college, even high school? Heck for all we know some colleges won't even have on campus Fall classes, stay tuned.
  4. The AP is proclaiming Kansas mythical national champs.Even though I'm not a SDSU fan I call BS! I say SDSU are the new the national champs, sit on it and spin AP..
  5. Reno's Mayor has requested closure of the bars, restaurants, gyms and places where people group, in the Reno city limits, that also includes the restaurants in the Reno casinos.I believe it becomes mandatory at 5pm Friday. At this point the city of Sparks, Washoe County, Carson city or Minden. Gardnerville has not followed her lead. Just as I posted this the NV Gov just shut down much of Nevada business including casinos for at least 30 days. Sorry I didn't hear all of his press conference.
  6. Back to the original topic, I fully know how serious this virus is, but I will go through NCAA tournament withdrawal starting Thursday.
  7. At this point who really knows the duration this virus will take to stop spreading causing the suspensions? In the U.S does it have the potential wipe out all of MLB this year and stick around for football season? The PGA is still playing without fans present, but I doubt they will be by the Masters. Some will say this virus won't last into the Summer and Fall but who who the heck really knows?.. It's probably time for me to break out my fishing gear.
  8. I'm hoping the NCAA Tournament will go on as scheduled with fans, same with the NIT, but City and State policy regarding public gatherings seem to be changing on a daily basis I can see the CBI and CIT being canceled.
  9. westfan


    Will the NIT take a MWC school? LOBO MAN 59 picks Boise St in another thread here. Boise has a better overall record 20-12 than Nevada 19-12, but Nevada finished at #3 in the MWC and Boise St #5.
  10. I think the passenger release off of the cruise ships turned into a mismanaged cluster. those ships are floating germ factories. Cruise ship = death in Placer County Ca, also linked to the Reno case.Now three more in Placer County and the ship off the Calif coast has possibly 21, 19 that are crew.
  11. This team did not look right to me most of the game including their body language, plus up by 10 and the coaches are chewing on them during a time out, Harris and Alford chirping at each other, even the announcers noticed it.That said congratulations Wyoming, you made some clutch shots at the end including those foul shots when you could have folded.
  12. If this is already a thread, sorry I missed it. Would you as a fan rather see SDSU as a # 2 seed in the West or as a #1 seed in the East.? I was just watching the CBSSN half time show and if SDSU was to lose in the MWC Tournament the assumption is they would be the #2 seed in LA.
  13. I like playing Hawaii but if Hawaii ever decides to go indy for football, they would probably be ok asuming they can get games once conference games start. As far as scheduling MWC schools for OOC games, who really cares? BYU seems to have managed to secure MWC games after leaving the MWC.
  14. Questions for the Dems here. Assuming there is a contested convention, what is your opinion of super delegates?
  15. It won't make them a power conference, it makes them a very good conference. They have found their comfort zone and have some rising teams, still at least in my opinion it's only a year to year deal to get multiple teams in the NCAA's. For years right or wrong the NCAA snubbed bids for St Marys, it only means they are viewed as a non power conference and that doesn't change the NCAA selection committees selection process very much.