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  1. He's little more than yesterdays news now, just like Muss, I liked them both but it's time to move on. This sounds a little corny but it's time to believe "In Alford We Trust".
  2. I have heard all sorts of "insider info" when the season started to stall out and after it ended.I don't think they were over-rated but your other three reasons plus possible fatigue I believe loomed large. Bottom line is was a fun ride most of the season and I'll take one like that again anytime. A sold out Lawlor,National press coverage, almost every game on TV.
  3. It's interesting you bring up Pelosi,she appears to me to be struggling with her words and maybe the pressure of being the Speaker is taking a heavy physical and mental toll. I don't care for her, but the last thing most of us want to see is her have health problems.
  4. OT: Will the WAC have trouble with the name Dixie State being politically correct these days ? I get that the area was named for the South because it was warm and could grow cotton.
  5. 24 hours after you leave this board for good.
  6. I expected them to be a top three Big Sky team in all sports, from the results, not so much.maybe this season.
  7. IMO, it could be very hard for Brown to return if he's experiencing family pressure to go elsewhere. I think Brown would like to return and not sit out a year. Muss limited his playing time last season, so blame Muss for that one. It's time to say in Alford we trust, I hope the Brown family does as well.
  8. Mostly when they are having a weekend fling in Wendover.
  9. I don't follow this much, but I have heard you are better off being un-drafted and becoming a free agent rather than being a late 6th or 7th round draft pick. Which is most beneficial to a player?
  10. OT: What do you posters here think about changing coverage of the Draft to ABC Prime Time with Robin Roberts and Taylor Swift hosting? I didn't care much for the new format but was able to switch to ESPN to get a little better NFL related talk.
  11. That's the way it should be with Alford back in the MWC, they may respect Alford and despise Noodles, but they are now both the enemy. It should make for a spirited rivalry..
  12. I don't give a rats butt if he did some shady things while getting elected. I don't care who he had sex with, which by the way makes him look like a Clinton or Kennedy. I know my 401K is growing, so are housing values and I like it. If some of you don't like my view on Trump, it's really no skin off my 401K.
  13. I had gotten away from listening to Wolf Pack Baseball on the radio, I picked a great time to start listening again.
  14. I think some NM fans said he was a good assistant but a substandard HC. If that's the case he reminds me a little of David Carter when at Nevada, good assistant also a substandard HC.
  15. Timing is king, if Nevada loses the bulk of their projected starting players, Alford or not it could be ugly. Plus throw in the rumor Brown is headed to Cal with Fox and Trent.