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  1. Jarrett Hensley was recently offered. Seems to fit the prototypical player that TJO is looking for. A forward that can shoot and pass. Like Yap, I think Hensley is vastly underrated. Jaylon Martinez is probably going to commit to UNLV, and he’s bit of a project though. Not sure he’s a great fit in TJOs system. Mwani Wilkinson seems like an interesting prospect especially if he grows another inch. Could be a good forward prospect, sure he’s not going to fill up the stat sheet as that’s not his game. Some people may be alarmed when they see tweets of 5,6, or 8 points (all of which will probably be dunks) in a game from Mwani and think he’s not good. If you watch the tape, he’s an animal on defense and can lock down opponents best players. He’s a very athletic glue guy. Keep an eye on Jason Harris, was offered recently but I think he’s heading to Texas Tech or UA. Like Mwani, Athletic but with more offensive upside.
  2. Damage already done. Bad PR for the school.
  3. Didn’t expect to land him so soon but this is a terrific get for TJO. We’re pretty loaded at the guard spot in 2020, now he needs to start landing some bigs.
  4. Seems like it’s more for football side of things with NCAA staff on hand and the basketball committee is tagging along being in town exploring T-Mobile or making a free vacation out of this since the Final Four won’t be in Vegas until 2026-2027, at the earliest. Other years already have sites. The only thing I can think of is that the committee pulls the Indianapolis site in 2021 in favor for Vegas. I’m assuming there’s contracts involved so I don’t think we’ll see a final four anytime soon.
  5. So, MWC could EASILY get 32-34 million annually with ESPN Plus?
  6. Has he broken any fire hydrants in summer league?
  7. Yes, Yap is a gym rat. He can distribute the ball very well, create his own shots, has range. His improvement from last year to this year has skyrocketed. He’s going to be a stud. He’s a must get, I don’t know how he isn’t after watching his tape. He’s right there with Nix, imo.
  8. What a joke that tweet is. Waddilove is a clueless moron, he once said Thad Matta was a 100% done deal.
  9. Yap is a must get for TJO, more so than Martinez. Should be the #1 target for 2020.
  10. Apparently Lindsey has range and is an accurate shooter. We’ll see what happens and how he does his senior year, he may blow up. Woodbury is going to be an interesting case. Not really playing full time for 3 years will have an impact. I don’t know what happened at Clark HS with his coach or what happened with TJO. Maybe it’s just bad luck? But he didn’t look like a can’t miss player last season for UNLV, his shooting was terrible. He won’t be missed based on last years results.
  11. That’s a big dent in Coronado’s state championship bid for 2019-2020.
  12. Sounds like it’s tillman. Juice seems to be headed to Oregon or GCU.
  13. I don’t think that will happen. I remember the old Mile High stadium was crazy in the stands, once the Broncos moved into their new digs. The organization was heavy handed on making sure it was a family atmosphere. Nowadays if you see a drunk asshole, you can text to the stadium security your location and they will be on scene immediately to fix the problem aka boot his ass from the stadium. Im certain that the Raiders stadium will be emphasizing the same thing.
  14. Is there any clarification on Nick Blake’s classification? Is it 2019 or 2020? I’ve seen two different stories and two different years that Blake is signing to.