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  1. Rosegreen

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Somebody send Clownish and PH back to Rebel - Net and bring back my boy @Reb Baron.
  2. Rosegreen

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    I wasn’t thrilled with the hire, and certainly thought TKM rushed to fill the position not caring about the qualifications because it was such an embarrassment that the school had a 3 month head start over the rest of the country to get locked in on a coach. As far as the poll goes, I’ll vote on it in mid January. How Menzies finishes OOC and starts against a terrible conference will solidify it for me. Not happy with this 4-4 start but maybe a light bulb goes off for this group.
  3. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Word was after the S16 run, Michigan wanted him as HC and Kruger didn’t want to interview for the position. He was reupped by AD Hamrick shortly thereafter. Lazygoof didn’t really communicate with Lon about negotiating an extension prior to Oklahoma entertaining hiring Lon. It seemed he was set on hiring someone else.
  4. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Disagree, Marv finishes below .500 this season. He’s gone. It is interesting to watch other Rebel fans keep lowering their expectations so Marvin gets another year. This conference is not good, and Marvin can not afford 2 losing seasons in three years. That’s unheard of at unlv.
  5. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    So we’ll lose.
  6. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Wish Derrick Jones Jr stuck around for another season or two. Guy is fun to watch on the Heat, they are playing against the Lakers tonight. He’s getting some good minutes.
  7. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Spoon was a tremendous person and obviously he was just brought in to run a clean program, nothing more. But I just felt that Spoon wasn’t the right fit for UNLV.
  8. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    The only thing that attracts quality coaches is $$$. For the most part, they don’t care what happened to the previous coach.
  9. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Look at how he left the program as the walkin rebels. He never really recruited AAU or went after top recruits and it wasn’t because there wasn’t a Mendenhall Center. His philosophy on recruiting at unlv wasn’t ever going to be dependent on facilities.
  10. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Who the hell cares about being fair?
  11. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Early in this thread we got folks saying things like “24-25 wins this season”, “NIT berth”, “top 5 MWC team” etc. now it’s :
  12. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    Quite a leap this team has to make from this year to next.
  13. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    When you strip away Kevin Kruger, the results under Lon in terms of recruiting left a lot to be desired. Without his son, I don’t think Lon would have lasted very long. After the S16 run, It seemed the program plateaued under Lon, and fans were getting frustrated because it was a 3rd place MWC team. We were 1-5 vs t25 teams and got blown out by Illinois in the final season. Most people didn’t want him back.
  14. Rosegreen


    The thing about Kruger was he had 3 NCAA wins. Since the Sweet16 appearance Kruger was 1-4 in postseason play, with an NIT appearance where we got smoked by a Kentucky pre-Calipari and Gillespie led Kentucky to one of their worst seasons. I just remember Kentucky being a tire fire that season and the ESPN announcers wouldn’t stop talking about how bad Kentucky’s season was. Then we lose to Northern Iowa because of Farenkoush was draining threes all day. We followed that up with a blowout loss to Illinois where we are dubbed the walkin rebels. We clearly needed to do better in recruiting because we were obviously short on talent in games that matter.
  15. Rosegreen

    UNLV Basketball

    The game is different now then in those days. Juiston was a JUCO POY and MVP in the JUCO tournament. Can’t really get more accolades than that and he looked the part with McCoy next to him last season. But now he’s struggling because he’s being asked to take over McCoy’s role when he should just focus on his strengths such as cleaning up the glass and facilitating the ball. He’s a grinder not a playmaker. Back to your point, I like the recent recruits like Hamilton, Ntambwe, and Hardy. But we have too many projects on the team that need to pan out for there to be any team success. More quality players and less projects help with practices as well.