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  1. Personally, if we hire Gary Patterson or some other legitimate HC who is looking at a 3-5 million a year That means we’re going P5, heading to the PAC12. I don’t see a booster out there that wants to waste that kind of dough. That SDSU leak a month ago wasn’t supposed to leak out before the ucla decision. Obviously the PAC isn’t going to be stuck at 11.
  2. Lotsa Gary Patterson chatter. I’m not believing it or anyone that says he is until he signs a contract. We’ve been through these things too many times. I mentioned this before but I think another shoe is going to drop after this coaching announcement, IF we drop serious coin on a serious coach.
  3. That doesn’t look like Norm Chow.
  4. Could follow Patterson to UNLV!
  5. You’d need a waiver at 10 for a Championship game? Or did the ncaa change their stance on that? As far as numbers go, assuming UCLA is gone, they just lost their #1 market. Someone leaked that SDSU was invited and looks like an obvious move to keep that market if ucla is given the green light.
  6. Wouldn’t the PAC12 lose money staying at 10 and potentially lose a championship game? Not to mention someone leaked out very early that SDSU is joining.
  7. No it’s not possible. Contract states any athletic position paid or voluntary.
  8. Yeah how many times are we going to fall for that? The ONLY reason why UNLV would even come up to 5 million salary, would be that there is some assurance that UNLV is going to the PAC-12 as soon as UCLA gets the green light to move to the BigTen on December 14th. I’d be shocked if the above happens but my expectation is that UNLV will end up with a Mike Stoops or Kevin Sumlin type. Harper is well connected with the Bob Stoops tree so I expect someone with HC experience and success from that tree. Herman, Patterson and other championship pedigree coaches will be looking for a 5-6 year contract worth 25-30 million. Again, we’re only getting them if someone tipped off Harper about a move. UNLV’s revenue would skyrocket in that scenario and paying a coach that salary would be nothing. Kruger Jr would likely be at UNLV for a long time and no need to worry about being poached. Stability was one of Harpers big points in yesterday’s presser, and he definitely seemed to know more than he was letting on.
  9. Possibly, but that’s a dumb career move if so.
  10. Based on my experience with contracts, I would assume prorated. I’m really surprised that UNLV didn’t negotiate a buyout with Arroyo, like they did with the previous 2 coaches. Hauck was paid for his resignation and Sanchez was given similar terms. I’m guessing Arroyo was blindsided (reportedly wasn’t well liked by UNLV admin) and Harper has solid backing because this thing was set in motion weeks ago, the fact it was kept quiet is something else too. No leaks, nothing.
  11. A little misleading but it costs about 191k a month for Arroyo’s buyout over two years. Not exactly chump change but not 2.3 million lump sum either. No guarantee he takes a job soon as well. Arroyo took down any mention of being UNLV head coach on his Twitter page.
  12. Medenhall fits my criteria of experience and record of winning. Would he take the job? I don’t know if he’s interested in UNLV. He seems to prefer schools that place a priority on value high characters and standards that are almost impossible to meet.
  13. I’ve met John Robinson on our HS campus when he was coaching UNLV, mind you he wasn’t recruiting me (underclassman)but he was in our gym/weight room talking to some other guys with one of his championship rings. Those guys turned down other offers and stayed home for JRob. Even at his age, he was crootin hard and was a smooth salesman. He can talk for days. Why UNLV never kept him on as an advisor for life is beyond me. Bottom line is you have to put in the time, have to care about the players, that’s half the battle and like you said, it’s a different game with the portal. Arroyo learned the hard way, unfortunately. It’s not like he wasn’t warned these issues either, and that’s why I hope the next HC is someone with HC experience with a track record of winning.
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