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  1. It was two things, lack of situational awareness by the QB and a terrible playcall by the OC. Could’ve called a timeout, I believe if they didn’t like what they saw.
  2. It’s like a real life madden online game +++++ up when you run right into the defender. Hilarious.
  3. Marshall gets 7.75 million over 7 years from WSU. He can sit on the beach and collect 20% for the rest of his life.
  4. Not much hope this season but I liked Arroyos playcalling on that drive. If he can keep recruiting, it’ll be exciting to see what happens.
  5. UNLV Democrats Oh wait that’s racist too.
  6. Just cancel the season, same for the nba, and maybe mlb. Just a cash grab at this point, players want to get paid but don’t want to be trapped in a quarantine zone for a month.
  7. As we saw in the MWC tourney, he just isn’t a fit in the system TJO is implementing. TJO worked the best he could with the players we got this year that we’re left over from an archaic offensive system from the year before. TJOs offense needs more shooters and Diong doesn’t have the range needed in this system That is not to say his offense is all about jacking up shots. If it was, Antonio would still be on the team. Its about spacing. It’s more about pressuring the defense by using speed, angles and rotations where the guards can attack the gaps.
  8. Best of luck to Jonah, overmatched on defense one too many times but he brought hustle and enthusiasm to the team. Obviously was over recruited. One look at next years roster and probably saw that he was going to spend a lot more time on the bench. Not how a senior wants to finish his collegiate career.
  9. He’s grown 2 inches in the last year. Interesting prospect but he’s still pretty raw, needs a lot of playing time over the next couple years before going to college.
  10. TJ loading up the roster with speed and shooting. I’m betting he wants to run n gun it by next year. This years roster is a little slower than what he would like but the staff is moving fast getting his guys that can run and shoot. Slocum and Buckley are real high on Fleming. All it took was a phone call from TJO and he committed soon after, didn’t even visit campus etc.
  11. Not many would. I would say though that the sin bin (Golden Knights blog) writers put the best material out there in terms of Las Vegas sportswriting scene. Free and has a partnership with the team.
  12. The new SDSU stadium be suitable or expandable for the nfl?
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