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  1. Certainly more plausible than transfer waiver excuse. Personally, I don’t think Jenkins connected with the Zags staff. Doesn't sound like they were on the same page. A rare goof for the Zags on the recruiting trail.
  2. Where is the “process” or transfer waiver discussed here? It wasn’t. Here comes the face plant...
  3. After you couldn’t back up what you said and tried to save face claiming he was talking about the process. In reality, we all saw you do a major face plant.
  4. The team didn’t improve last year is my point. You are making nonsensical arguments now.
  5. You chimed in and said he did use the words transfer waiver before and can’t even back up what you say. Hilarious!
  6. You do know we lost to bad teams in Marv’s last year? Then again maybe you don’t since you won’t get that info from the schedule results page/box score. 11 wins skewed by 4 wins from HISTORICALLY bad San Jose St and Wyoming teams. What were their records and by how much did we beat them? Do you remember the SJSU game at SJ?
  7. You just count the wins on the schedule, regardless of who we played or how we played. Absolutely the most lazy take I have seen. Angry? Why would I be? I’m laughing at your stupidity.
  8. Hilarious! “no I can’t find where he said transfer waiver but he described the process!” He didn’t describe a transfer waiver for Jenkins. The only thing he described was that Gonzaga was considering another player. That’s it. Everyone knew he was sitting out a year.
  9. There wasn’t any improvement if you watch the games and know the teams we played. We played terrible teams. Couldn’t beat good teams. Your take is lazy and stupid.
  10. He’s still looking for the post before Jenkins commitment that shows that “transfer waiver” was discussed.
  11. Just a lazy and stupid argument to just look at the schedule and count 11 wins (surprised he can count to 11) and call it an improvement.
  12. ^ Thinks beating teams with a combined .330 winning percentage is improvement. Not to mention 4 conference wins came from two teams that had a combined 4-5 wins. Dumb argument.
  13. Where do the words “Transfer Waiver” appear in this post?
  14. ^ Says marv was improving UNLV, shouldn’t have let him go.
  15. Jenkins to Gonzaga on the condition he gets a transfer waiver was not mentioned prior to his commitment to UNLV. Where in the world did you get that from?