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  1. Yet there’s still gun violence in Costa Rica. Come on, counting 24 year olds as a child? Definitely skewed the data.
  2. “Opioids were the most common substance contributing to the poisoning deaths of children ages 5 and younger, according to a new study. The research, published Wednesday in the journal Pediatrics, found that opioids accounted for more than 47% of the poisoning deaths among children in that age group between 2005 and 2018 — 346 of 731 total deaths reported to the National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention.” https://www.nbcnews.com/health/kids-health/young-children-opioid-poisoning-rcna73819
  3. To an extent, there’s been evidence and statistics that are for guns in this thread though. Look, the argument is that there’s “piles of dead kids”, we got to get rid of guns. It’s an emotional fallacy, it’s not even the leading cause of deaths among children. If the objective truly was to save and protect children’s lives, then why is the leading cause (not guns) of deaths being ignored by virtually everyone?
  4. Grimala had an article this AM about Kruger recruiting Mitchell. So yeah, a whiff.
  5. The topic is gun control. You are using emotional appeal to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Even though publications have noted it’s not a leading cause of death among children. If you were really concerned about the pile of dead kids, I’d think you would want to eliminate the leading cause, no?
  6. You frame all your arguments by appealing to emotion in your quest to repeal the second amendment. The second amendment isn’t even a leading cause of death among children according to the Journal of pediatrics.
  7. Guns can’t be controlled especially when it comes to criminals, as evidenced by the areas with the strictest gun control laws in this country. The federal and local governments can’t even protect our citizens from the fentanyl pouring into this country. You think they can enforce a gun ban? You also concede that a perpetrator targets gun free zones, what’s so complicated about adding a layer of security? The idea is to save lives.
  8. More discounts and dollar beer nights on next season’s schedule.
  9. He’s too soft for CKK, imo. He had a good stretch last year with CKK on his ass about playing with more of a mean streak. Then reverted back to the soft (like Gasol, pre Lakers) as charmin routine this year. If Cottrell is helming the 4 spot, we need a physical guy crashing around the glass. Muoka isn’t it, I’d have him as a backup for next years squad since he plays ok in spurts.
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