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  1. https://twitter.com/JonRothstein/status/1218701244916781063
  2. The games in the refrigerator, the doors closed. The lights out, eggs are cooling, the butters getting hard and the jellos jigglin’.
  3. No kidding. Tired of the referees in this league.
  4. He’s come a long ways since last year. I’m not going to complain. If/when he can develop that jump shot, he’ll be on the nba radar.
  5. Rebels haven’t been this fun to watch in a long time. Hard working bunch here.
  6. NFL doesn’t even bring in half the revenue that Las Vegas does in a year. The Raider owners aren’t the richest in the nfl, ranked about last and they wouldn’t even be the top 20 richest people in Las Vegas. NFL/Bowl Cut Davis are the new sheriff’s in town? Now who’s being naive?
  7. First, Oakland never did anything for the Raiders, lol. The raiders only moved back when LA officials didn’t jump for them either. They already signed a deal for the Allegiant stadium and NOBODY has found a clause in that deal where the Raiders dictate where UNLV plays their home games at another stadium. This storyline is fake news. Don’t kid yourself if you think the Raiders are going to stroll into town and tell everybody there’s a new sheriff in town. They’ll find themselves as unwelcome as they were in other cities and can pack their shit for Mexico City.
  8. Right. Just like how Oakland officials jumped? They already signed the deal and paid their portion of the stadium, there’s no cards to hold here. Stadium deal is already done. They don’t own the stadium (more like a shareholder) and they aren’t going to force the Rebels to play in SBS next season. They can’t and don’t have that authority. Again, it’s just whining by Oakland. It’s what they do best, and why they haven’t won a super bowl in like 40 years.
  9. I really don’t care if the Raiders care about UNLV football, I don’t expect them to anyway. At the moment UNLV is ignoring the crying by the Raiders and keeping the games and dates at Allegiant. Story is a nothingburger and only illustrates the Raiders butthurt of being coequal tenants.
  10. I disagree, he’ll be there for awhile.
  11. There might be one preseason game at allegiant, might not be any before the 29th if there’s a chance construction/inspections delay things. The first real game will be UNLV vs Cal regardless.
  12. Exactly what this is. Feeding the local beat that UNLV could be playing a couple games at SBS is horseshit.
  13. +++++ em. In fact UNLV should start promoting the Cal game as the first football game in the new stadium. “UNLV Football opening Allegiant stadium on August 29th.” That’ll piss off the dumb+++++ that is Bowl cut Davis. If they want to start pulling this shit, unlv can schedule their allotted (I think it’s 2) nonfootball events on dates where the raiders are hosting concerts etc. Contest the dates to the stadium board, start raising a stink in the papers. Guarantee the Raiders don’t want to get off to a bad start with this community. Plenty of avenues for UNLV to take.