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  1. UNLV Democrats Oh wait that’s racist too.
  2. Just cancel the season, same for the nba, and maybe mlb. Just a cash grab at this point, players want to get paid but don’t want to be trapped in a quarantine zone for a month.
  3. Krause was basically the Robert Maxson of the Chicago Bulls. No reason to break it up other than ego.
  4. MWCboard sponsored by Joe Exotic’s meat pizza.
  5. Not exactly and it’s a false equivalence. The virus originated in Wuhan and CCP government tried to keep a lid on it. If they tried to contain it from the get go it would be 95% contained today. Even today they are suppressing media from reporting on it there. They just kicked out 3 American journalism entities for their reporting. Some people are just fixated on blaming the United States no matter what while giving China a pass.
  6. Apparently it takes the Chicoms a couple months to act on the virus. This thing started in November and they went after the doctor that was the whistleblower on this virus. I don’t think they responded fast at all, they tried to cover it up and didn’t cooperate with the world on this matter. They are the ones solely responsible for this mess, and I know that’s a country I do NOT want the United States to model themselves after.
  7. That’s part of the problem over there. They can’t care for everyone despite everyone having a right to it. End up deciding who lives and dies. Real sad situation. The other issue is that they didn’t protect their citizens and didn’t ban travel from China until it was too late.
  8. Some masks are ineffective, must be m95 masks.the Blue surgeon masks you usually see only prevents snot or coughs from dripping everywhere. The air still gets in through the sides.m95 masks cover it all up.
  9. Nobody knows. Bottom is probably this week and next. Imo, best case scenario we’ll see a market recovery in 2 weeks to mid-April, basically it’s going to remain volatile until Dr. Fauci comes out and says we are ahead of the curve, things will return to normal. It is going to be a tough couple weeks but we’ll get through it and better days are ahead.
  10. Since sports are shelved for the time being, I’m focused completely on the stock market, it’s crazy how DOW was trending to 30k but then this virus hit. I was going to add to my position on Friday but held off. Thankfully, I held off. Now I’m not sure when the right time to pounce is, might be awhile during this sell off but there’s going to be a lot of money to be made when the market rebounds.
  11. l don’t buy China’s numbers at all. They didn’t allow any outside help/experts in when this thing broke out in Wuhan. Maybe it’s early but I feel like this week will tell us a lot, if numbers pile up like they say. If not, people are going to get restless and want to resume a normal life soon. Whenever this thing blows over. I hope we send the bill to China and tell them to get +++++ed.
  12. Are you even old enough to remember the swine flu pandemic? I’m talking about the news media and they had an agenda to protect and advance. The swine flu killed 18k Americans and there wasn’t nearly this amount of hysteria. Why? As far as agenda goes. Let me ask you this, what piece of major legislation was passed after the swine flu pandemic? (Hint: Something-care)
  13. I’m referring to the swine flu era, the media absolutely influenced the cdc and other officials at the time. They downplayed it massively. They just wanted to further their agenda and are still doing it today.
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