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  1. Probably even less if you don’t count FCS opponents the last 5 years.
  2. It’s obvious that Marion is driving DC’s apeshit because when you rotate in 5-6 running backs and multiple formations, it’s really hard to know where the ball is going. Everyone has data interns and looks for tendencies but Marion keeps changing it up adding new looks. This week vs Hawai’i, Marion implemented the pre snap motion. It’s all designed to create confusion and delay the defensive players reactions. You also have to credit the OL, they are getting better as each game goes on. I have to think they got a lot of confidence from the Michigan game, considering they have some of the best DL in the country.
  3. Building that home field advantage. Nice.
  4. Geezus, the wheels really came off when Jeff Horton retired?
  5. Gordon is a dual QB with a 4.4 40 , more in line of what Marion wants in a QB. Marion coached Cam Newtons bother.
  6. Harper did, pretty sure Harper knew Odom was in town recruiting (Gorman game I think) the valley last year and stopped in at the football facility unannounced. Those kinds of things get talked about. People know Odom is a serious coach, that’s why he’s got a great staff.
  7. All you have to do is watch last years Hawaii game and today. The current coaching staff looks to exploit and attack your weaknesses. Arroyo never really adjusted or was any kind of savant. Marion has really developed probably the best running game ever at unlv. This is just year one with this staff I’m looking forward to seeing what Kerson Gordon can do under Marion next season.
  8. Game over, Rebels OL just dominating. I don’t remember the last time anyone could say that the OL can do whatever it wants.
  9. Penalties killing the Rebels on that drive. Keep running the ball to burn off clock.
  10. Marion is just attacking their shitty run D. Maiava hasn’t really thrown the ball enough to get settled in.
  11. If unlv finishes 6th, CKK is a goner.
  12. @kalua pig will be enjoying catered food and full bar service in the premium suites. Maybe he’ll throw you a chicken wing or a slider. You already know cuz.
  13. Should be well attended. Rebels looking to go 4-1. Odom looked like he is all business this week.
  14. To think Denver never even interviewed McDaniel last year and McDaniel was once their ball boy/local Denver kid. He took this one personally.
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