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  1. Barstool visited Arkansas St and Musselman.
  2. The company is ran by a woman, not Portnoy.
  3. Great move, barstool will do great promoting the game. Won’t be your usual boring broadcast either.
  4. Welcome. There was interest eleven years ago. @RebelRobert started a thread based on a report/speculation that the MWC would be interested in adding Kansas State and Kansas. I don’t think as the MWC membership stands now, would those additions work and nor do I think those two schools would be interested in the current conference makeup. I think you would have to do airport meeting II (the genesis of the MWC was started at Denver Itnl. Airport). Kansas and Kansas State would be better off creating a conference consisting of some Big12 schools and former a
  5. Tate must know UNLV is heading to the B12.
  6. Reread what I was responding to. IF USC/UCLA etc start asking for a bigger slice of the pie and everyone else takes less then yes, I could see them looking elsewhere.
  7. Not everyone in the PAC is an AAU school.
  8. That’s why I think the Arizona, Utah, Colorado teams could bolt.
  9. It’s going to come down to PAC12 vs Big12 duking it out. Who is going to raid who? There’s a few schools in the PAC12 that aren’t happy with certain schools in California running everything in that conference. They got all kinds of leverage now. Could easily see 4 PAC12 (Arizona St, UA, Utah, Colorado) teams bolt for the Big12.
  10. The UNLV vs Iowa State conference basketball games will be interesting.
  11. Utah Tech looking to challenge Truck Stop U?
  12. No they just don’t have a very good top 6 or the chemistry just wasn’t there. Have to give credit to Denault for shutting them down too. Glad VGK lost, they need to experience some lean years before they win anything.
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