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  1. Wow someone dropped 10k on the gofundme page. Almost halfway through!
  2. Maybe (emphasis on MAYBE) 2 wins tops (Hawaii and SJSU). Unlv played a bad team and that team was poorly coached today. Before today UNLV was allowing 37 points a game and scoring less than 20. Beating Vanderbilt ends a P5 drought but that’s as far as it goes. It’s not some launch point to a bowl game.
  3. Bowl game isn’t guaranteed even if he goes 6-6 because the UNLV fan base doesn’t travel.
  4. Giving it to their baseball program.
  5. Vandy oline was repeatedly abused like Tina Turner or Rihanna for the younger crowd on here.
  6. Credit the UNLV trenches for the win, they were dominating the lines. Feel like Vanderbilt didn’t do any preparation or came into this game with any enthusiasm. That staff over there is terrible, long ways from the Franklin era, holy smokes.
  7. Wow Vanderbilt really sucks. Lol
  8. lol people talking like UNLV won already. Would anyone be surprised if UNLV blows it?
  9. That and Vandy has old history with some of the current big ten members. More of a natural fit, imo. Big10 should add Virginia and Vanderbilt.
  10. Vanderbilt belongs in the Big10
  11. 76 yards in less than 3 minutes. Lol
  12. It depends on the level of success that Otz has at UNLV before there’s any discussion of being poached, there’s a long ways to go before that discussion takes place. Personally, he’s got a great staff behind him with Buckley, Slocum, and Kruger. Btw, I feel like Buckley is not talked about enough when it comes to the staff. He’s got Head Coaching experience, nba scouting experience, known as a great recruiter etc. I’m not sure any of these guys are head coaches in waiting behind Otz, UNLV is a tough gig in terms of pressure and expectations.