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  1. He is still picking up players from the summit league, got a big from the university of Denver.
  2. Yeah....WILD...like the inaugural 2000 MWC tourney. Can’t find the full championship game on YouTube.
  3. Bayno teams were fun but also frustrating. I was hyped up for the return to the dance, only to get creamed. I will say the WAC final in 1998 was a blast. Hey @utenation remember this?
  4. So when does UNLV join the big12? Instant rivalry with Kansas.
  5. Yeah, I don’t know why but TJO is laser focused on getting players with one attribute, shooting. Doesn’t matter if they are slow or what. That’s what they like in the Midwest. I think a lot of the credit goes to Carlin Hartman, who may be the most important/best assistant UNLV has had since Grg. Hartman is extremely well regarded in Big12 circles, and if not for Lon retiring, obviously we don’t see some of these guys. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more guys that are absolute bulldogs from P5 schools being added. Really hoping Jalen Hill comes back. There’s a lot of possibilitie
  6. Maybe it’ll be fun and CKK will put a 25 year old air conditioning repairman in the lineup.
  7. If Goodman is correct, he is leaving. Intends to transfer.
  8. Possible. Good luck to Bryce, he handled his business the right way. He’s been through a few coaching changes and wants to find the right situation for him to prepare him for the NBA/professional life.
  9. Looking at his history, he just committed last week to Georgia State and now backs out? Huh?
  10. Anyone that enters the portal, their school they played for doesn’t have to honor their scholarship anymore. I don’t see Martinez coming back nor Yap. UNLV is going to be deeper (TJO played 6-7-8 man rotations every game. Zero depth) and more athletic. UNLV needs a bulldog at point, and maybe that is Ihenacho. We will see.
  11. Where the roster stands now. In portal: Donovan Yap (gone) David Jenkins (50/50 chance of return) Caleb Grill (probably ISU bound) Jhlayon Martinez (gone) Del Cadia (gone) Transferred out: Devin Tillis (UC Irvine) Issac Lindsey (walk-on at Wisconsin) Testing NBA waters: Bryce Hamilton On UNLV roster for 2021-2022: Victor Iwuakor (Oklahoma) Royce Hamm (Texas) Jordan McCabe (West Virginia) Reece Brown Nick Blake Arthur Kaluma Keshon Gilbert Moses Wood Marvin Coleman Ad
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