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  1. Welcome to the reality of college football, P5 coordinators are making 2-3 times as most G5 HC would. UNLV is about 10-15 years behind the curve on getting facilities. Incompetent leadership and a booster/fan base with their own agendas etc. has prevented any kind of success at UNLV to make that leap to a P5 conference. Its also sad to see Las Vegas invite these bowls and P5 conference championship games without any sort of requirement or consideration that UNLV be in their conference.
  2. BYU homers on byutv were saying that they always shoot well in Vivint arena. Probably a combination of that with BYU creating a lot of mismatches.
  3. The only thing worse than the rebels play is BYUtv programming.
  4. They are on my directv, but no HD. Thought they were rolling in that indie money?! Lol
  5. Parking situation is vastly overblown. That’s not even a concern. There’s 100,000 parking spots within two miles of the stadium. Not including the Raiders 17 acre plot of land adjacent to the stadium that is only for parking. You should take up @Rebels18 bet, I don’t know why you are worried about tickets sold since you are convinced UNLV won’t make any money off this venture.
  6. I think @Rebels18 is right, we’ll average 30k a game. He forgot mention the proximity of the new stadium is centrally located to most Las Vegas residents. People don’t need to drive 40 minutes to an hour to see UNLV football.
  7. That ship sailed long ago with the UNLVnow project. That was the plan to make UNLV more of a college town with dorms, shops etc. It was going to change everything and perception of UNLV. MGM really screwed UNLV on that one, didn’t want anyone stealing revenue from their venue like the T-Mobile arena which was in the watercolor/planning stages at the time. Its allegiant stadium or fold the program, IMO.
  8. Suites are usually bought for the season, not a game by game basis. They are geared for corporate gatherings, and the feasibility study had 50-60 suites being sold as doable. I do agree with your earlier point that they should schedule P5 teams that travel. The Wisconsin series in the early 2000s was a boon for thr athletic department and the FB program with national tv broadcasting a packed SBS in primetime then. Parking being an issue has been a UNLV problem for decades with unpaved dirt lots. Raiders acquired 17 acres for parking adjacent to the stadium. Agreed, Tailgating will be a casualty, won’t be the same, game day is going to be...more sanitized/corporate if you will.
  9. It’ll generate enough revenue. The stadium feasibility study showed two things. There’s enough to support 50-60 luxury suites and they are being sold at 22k-40k a pop, with vip club seats at 2000-2500 a pop. The other thing is, the #1 reason why people didn’t attend UNLV football games was because it was too far. Now that the new stadium is centrally located and much closer to UNLV/Strip, I think you’ll see more people at the games. Who UNLV opponents were, wasn’t much of a factor. I would agree that a HC with experience and NFL/P5 ties would be optimal but don’t think UNLV will pay the going rate for a Jay Gruden, Koetter, Mora etc, PLUS paying for staffing. They would have hired one of those guys by now. I think DRF is waiting on the P12 championship to be over or Jay Hill to be done with FCS playoffs. Although Hill could be coaching a couple more weeks.
  10. They do get money (3.5 million for ten years, and it could be more) and can make money off the suites they are allocated. Plenty of ways to make money in the new stadium. That being said, I don’t see us paying a HC 2 million or more. Staffing budget has to be considered. Stability and low expectations might be enough, but Texas is home for Harrell. I don’t see us getting him. In any event, hope Morgan Scalley is the choice but I think it’ll be Arroyo.
  11. Indeed. (Pun intended) It is funny watching poser fans with an axe to grind be proven wrong.