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  1. He won't. TJ's offense is much different than MM. It's position less basketball.
  2. Mitrou-Long is a grad transfer and immediately eligible to play.Also, I really don't think Ntwambe wants to sit out an entire year and predict he will be back.
  3. Absolutely. He's not going to be drafted. He doesn't want to sit out a year and IMO he is getting more comfortable with the new UNLV staff. Also, he knows he will be the focal point of TJ's offense which is tailor made for his game.
  4. It starting to look like Juiston, Ntwambe, JTT and possibly Mbacke to GCU. This will gut UNLV's front line.
  5. Haven't confirmed it. But I read JTT and Mbacke are on an official to Grand Canyon. It was on Instagram and I don't have an account. Maybe some one can check. If so, that's not good news and Dembele might end up playing major minutes.
  6. Ethan Anderson LA City Player of the year. https://twitter.com/nolomit_e/status/1108790988489674752?s=21
  7. Menzies was 5-1 against Thunder Dan and all were blow outs except for one win in Phoenix by 2 for GCU.
  8. How many people are on the list?
  9. I will add just a couple of comments. Yes, Rosegreen is correct, "Matta has family in Vegas and even when he was at OSU, he’s been known to fly out to Vegas and I’m sure he did it for recruiting reasons as well. He also was part of Lebron James Vegas basketball camp." Also, Matta is the coach I was referring to in another thread. The discussions with Thad Matta have been ongoing for a couple of months and much further along than some realize. He has visited the UNLV campus more than once and actually has underwent a physical exam with a doctor to make sure he can withstand the rigors of getting back into coaching. Based on HIPPA no one knows the results of the exam but Matta, his Dr and UNLV. But we can assume he was given a clean bill of health because the discussions and negoiations with Matta and UNLV have continued and there is a lot of smoke here. There is a really good chance that Motta will end up the next UNLV coach. But it is not a lock. It could end up like Matta and Georgia last year where Matta ultimately turned down a $16 mill 5 year contract to coach the Bulldogs. Time will tell.
  10. You are 💯 on that. Rick Pitino was in town. But for purposes of clarity I wasn't referring to RP. But I didn't mean to infer RP doesn't have current interest in the UNLV job. He does. Also, notice that unlike his other visits on his book tour to San Diego, for example, he visited a Aztec practice and took a pictures with the team. RP did the same with Cincy and North Carolina State. I have yet to see or hear that he stopped by UNLV's practice at the Mendenhall which raised a question as to why not? Also, on my prior post I was just sharing a little information that I can comfortably do with out impacting sources. Just to add to my prior post, there are pretty much two factions of boosters right now at UNLV. There is the pro Pitino faction who have substantial resources to get it done. Then there is the AD and the administration who are leery of RP's NCAA issues. They are pursuing alternatives with P5 coaching experience with out baggage. But much different than the last coaching search they now have substantial resources backing them. There does appear to be unity on one issue and both factions appear to be serious fixing the basketball program. How it ends up I have no idea. But there are serious attempts is to get the next hire done right.
  11. Absolutely! Very similar to the hiring of Lon Kruger. There was no search. Brad Rothermel first met with Kruger back in New York in early January and an agreement was reached by mid-February. But no one knew of the deal until the season was done.
  12. Unlike TKM, the current UNLV AD is no amateur. She is aggressively recruiting a replacement for Menzies. In fact, one candidate has visited the UNLV campus twice. But there are no leaks and it's completely under the radar. She's a pro. IMO she will not make a new hire just to hire a new coach. Unless she hits one of her targets and it is not Pitino there is a possibility Menzies will be back. If she does, Menzies is done at UNLV at the end of the season.