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  1. Interesting. Didn't think he would transfer in conference. Is he any good?
  2. Jeez I thought he would just retire. Looked and he is only 62. Guys been a head coach forever. He has had a lot of success as a mid major coach. Good bandaid hire.
  3. From what I have heard the defense is bigger and faster. Whether that translates I have no idea. QB is the biggest question, but when you have a player the caliber of Ricky White that helps.
  4. Madsen just got an extension and has a pretty high buyout.
  5. I just don't think UNLV is a good job for a first time head coach.
  6. Yeah people forget that UCONN was nothing until Jim Calhoun came. Calhoun is on the level of Coach K, Wooden, and Pitino to me.
  7. If this happens we just have to suffer with Kevin for another year then fire him. Can't fire him now right?
  8. Are they playing the final four in Indy as well?
  9. His son is an assistant coach.
  10. Who is that bald black ref in the Houston Duke game? He is awful. Missing so many calls.
  11. Yeah the only answer here is Steve Fisher.
  12. I could agree with that if your coach leaves, but that's not the majority.
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