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  1. Thanks man. I live in Florida so I guess I'm out of luck. I wish they would put together a package to watch all the conference games. I heard good things about YouTube tv.
  2. We just cut our cable and are looking into getting a streaming service. I want to be able to watch UNLV basketball this winter. So what service is best for mwc sports?
  3. As far as Air Force goes they have a much easier job containing the virus then the rest of the conference. They not only can contain there sports teams, but the students as well.
  4. The Lightning looking good. Boston is still a threat.
  5. I have a hard time believing Boise will throw there basketball program to the WAC. Now Air Force is another story.
  6. Whoever survives becomes P5. I think unlv will survive due to all the investment they already made.
  7. I think if a conference that could make it work it's the MAC. All the schools are so close to each other so less travel.
  8. I sure hope you are right. I am really not expecting it without a full off-season. Otz can actually coach so by the end we might be in the mix.
  9. They are doing basketball next year.
  10. Liked the players a lot compared to other seasons. These guys weren't giving anything plus 90% of the players get through academically. The problem is lower economic people tend to not embrace middle class. It's feast or famine.
  11. I think this was more of a flavor thing. I bet the aggie ice cream is awesome. It's always the small places with the best. My wife is bringing me back some pizza from a small town in Pennsylvania. That part of PA has the best pizza in the nation, but most don't know about it.
  12. If you don't get one of the top guys all the quarterbacks are pretty much the same. Josh Allen will get you some rushing touchdowns.
  13. He was at Duke for awhile so hopefully he understands the importance of good athletics. We've had a long list of Presidents who really didn't care about athletics.
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