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  1. rebelcuff


    Why are people pro stadium. There product is awful. How many games did they screw up?
  2. rebelcuff

    Hey Fresno State!

    It's April do you know who your basketball coach is going to be?
  3. rebelcuff

    Musselman to Xavier?

    No way the UCLA fan base would go for another mwc guy. Even though Musselman is a good coach I think Alford soured them on our conference.
  4. rebelcuff

    Congrats WCC, Fire Hair!

    Sorry didn't see mugs thread. Ignore this post.
  5. rebelcuff

    Congrats WCC, Fire Hair!

    Not sure if this has been posted, but they are going to a 16 team schedule now in conference. Maybe luring the zags to stay. https://www.google.com/search?q=wcc+basketball&client=ms-android-att-us&hl=en-US&prmd=nsvi&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR0JTErovaAhWCTd8KHRgSClUQ_AUIESgB&biw=360&bih=519
  6. rebelcuff

    Duke officiated games

    This is getting ridiculous
  7. rebelcuff

    Duke officiated games

    Is anybody watching the Duke Kansas game? The refs are putting the screws to Kansas. Bagley is getting every call. There has been 3 deflections off duke that they got the ball for. Does coach k give sexual favors to the officials before the games?
  8. rebelcuff

    Way too early basketball Rank ‘Em

    That will force Desiree to do something because the Mack will be empty. We all know that Marvin under achieved this season. I hope it will be better. You can't keep having seasons with 2k in the stands.
  9. rebelcuff

    Way too early basketball Rank ‘Em

    If the Rebels get 6th place I guarantee Marvin is fired.
  10. rebelcuff

    MWC commish at Zags game

    I never understood that statement about Leonard Hamilton. It's not like the guy has all 5 star recruits. He has been very successful at a football school.
  11. rebelcuff

    CSU has their coach!

    This is actually a really good hire. The proof is in the pudding.
  12. rebelcuff

    Some Sweet 16 Tidbits:

    Actually Loyola has been to the sweet 16 3 times before this. They won the whole thing in 1963.
  13. rebelcuff

    Some Sweet 16 Tidbits:

    Actually Loyola Chicago has won a national title. It probably wasn't the sweet 16 back then.
  14. rebelcuff

    Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    What helps Reno this game is they can match up size wise with Cincinnati. The bearcats are the best defensive team i have seen.
  15. rebelcuff

    Official David Hall-Michigan vs Houston

    They aren't good officials they call way too many fouls. It becomes a foul shot competition.