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  1. Does the Silver Legacy still have the 22 topping potato bar?
  2. Did you really think he wouldn't be good? I saw it him last year. The guy is hard to guard and shifty. Him being a lefty really helps.
  3. Lyle is Mr. Bailout. He drives gets in trouble and the soft officials call something.
  4. I can't believe some of these phantom calls on drives.
  5. Who would of thought a crap player like Manigault would go off. It won't last.
  6. I really like Wyoming fans. You guys really support your teams.
  7. Rocky probably feels awful. I'm sure he did not want that to happen.
  8. I'm willing to let Otz slide on recruiting some what because I actually think the guy can coach. We haven't had that since Kruger.
  9. That is why menzies took Jay Green. He was hoping to get his brother. I really don't know who he is going to ask to leave. I'm assuming Dembele and Green are gone, but who else?
  10. I just have a lot of respect for coaches who turn a program with no history into a winner. Tark and Fisher did it where other coaches took over good programs.
  11. Fisher is a top 30 coach all time. Dutcher isn't close to his level yet.
  12. I agree. I'm not a fan of the playoff and 8 teams would be worse.
  13. Diong is making a case for conference defensive player of the year.
  14. https://mugshots.com/US-Counties/Florida/Broward-County-FL/Emmanuel-Adeife.81658089.html. Here is his mugshot. He also has a charge of battery on a law enforcement officer.