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  1. rebelcuff

    Reb High Fans

    I think it has a lot to do with the high school football in the city. As a whole high school football in Vegas sucks. But they should be better then this with California next door.
  2. rebelcuff

    Darned cold

    Jeez I wish it would cool off in Tampa. It was in the 90's the last couple days.
  3. rebelcuff

    CFP Mayhem

    I guess I deserve that lol. I just like how every game meant something. Like last year Bama would of been done, but they backed in.
  4. rebelcuff

    CFP Mayhem

    Im not a fan of the playoff to begin with no need to expand. What made college football so great is every game matters. I miss the good old days when I knew the national champion New year's night.
  5. rebelcuff

    Fire Sanchez

  6. rebelcuff

    Fire Sanchez

    You have a lot to learn about pleasing a woman.
  7. rebelcuff

    Fire Sanchez

    I would rim her a$$ and she would be mine.
  8. rebelcuff

    Fire Sanchez

    I would definitely bang DRF though.
  9. rebelcuff

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    My god I can't believe such a F-tard graduated from my school. This is your whole social life, which is really pathetic. You take pride in being the moron on this board.
  10. rebelcuff

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    Why are you such a douche? I know more of what's going on then you do and I live in Florida. I used to work at the school.
  11. rebelcuff

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    Lets just get the season over so we can get rid of this bozo.
  12. rebelcuff

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    Desirae on the phone with Frank Beamer to talk options. Beamer knows people.
  13. rebelcuff

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    Looks like Sanchez is going to lose this team. If a coach deserves to be fired it's him. Time for Desirae to start looking if she hasn't started already.
  14. rebelcuff

    The All CBB Projection systems Thread

    If UNLV gets 7th place Menzies could get the pink slip.