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  1. Armani hasn't transferred yet? He isn't going to see the field again as a quarterback on this level.
  2. I'm concerned with recruiting. I don't believe recruiting 5 star guys develop a program, but guys like Fleming should not be on our radar.
  3. I believe he was referring to Tark when he said "the NCAA was so upset with Kentucky for cheating they put Western Kentucky on probation.
  4. Just let the students go and people in the suite.
  5. One of the nicest sports figures ever.
  6. Its going to be really fun. There better be a season.
  7. PH this was an April fools joke.
  8. I really like the hire. He is the one that engineered the falcons to being more then a bottom dweller.
  9. The Bucs it is. Not a huge Brady fan, but this is going to make the games fun again. My wife won't go to Bucs games until late October due to the heat so by that time they are out if it.
  10. I think Colangelo doesn't care and will hire Pitino.
  11. You really think mediocre marv will get that job? I guess if this virus keeps the interviews from happening.