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  1. He doesn't even lick ass.
  2. They wouldn't of been in that position if that horrible call didn't take place.
  3. When your quarterback has the lowest IQ on the team you are in trouble. Not only can't he throw he is just plain dumb.
  4. The refs just gave the game to Florida. Personal foul on a sack. Horrible call.
  5. I feel bad for Charles Williams. Teams are going to play 8 in the box against him.
  6. Our quarterback is way too dumb to win a close game. I really wonder what his SAT scores were.
  7. They are actually giving the defense time to rest.
  8. The big ten network in Florida is showing another game. Is there a stream?
  9. I was just about to make a thread on this. Great game by Shaq. Bucs might actually have a defense.
  10. The guy is the king of the DMV. He knows every high school coach down there. Recruiting will keep him going. I don't think he will ever win the division though.
  11. With basketball being so bad as of late it makes these last 5 years the great depression. All I want is a bowl game every couple of years.
  12. VP are they going to restructure Petrinos contract to make him get paid like a fcs coach?
  13. This is a player's association thing. I don't blame them based off of injury concerns.
  14. At least it wasn't Arkansas State. Mug what do you think Vegas should do?
  15. I agree. What's the point of being 9-7 every year?