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  1. You will see more gold once track and field get going.
  2. This crap is going to have me stop watching college football.
  3. I couldn't agree more. The players getting endorsements is ridiculous. I was just talking with my brother about how great college football used to be. I liked when I knew who won the national title on New Year's day.
  4. I thought he was a train wreck when he was on that qb1 show. Not thrilled about this. Drama seems to follow him.
  5. Tampa deserves to get to see one of their teams win it in person.
  6. The Lightning are the best team. If they stop messing around they will win it again.
  7. Probably because he is very conservative politically and Portland is as liberal as it comes. I'm pretty conservative politically, but his dad is off the charts.
  8. I think Bryce will be the first four year player since Carlos Lopez-Sosa. I can't believe it has been that long.
  9. Do you know this or are you just guessing?
  10. I heard he got into some trouble, but who knows if it's true.
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