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  1. If we win next week we have a great shot at a bowl game.
  2. This is ridiculous. Please help Cameron Oliver he can't cover anybody
  3. Cameron Oliver is awful. Can't leave him one on one.
  4. Utah State you have no class. Your players are cheap shot artists
  5. That's offense pass interference
  6. Robbins running like he has to take a shit.
  7. What a garbage call. We can't lose this game. The aggies are really bad.
  8. That wasn't roughing the passer
  9. It's awful. I would definitely punch Helton in the face after the game. Passing up 66 is uncalled for.
  10. Why do we always get stuck behind Western Kentucky on TV? They are up by 60 hope they just switch the game.
  11. When is the last time Boise didn't make a bowl game? That could come to an end this year.
  12. Hawaii definitely has some rebuilding to do. None of it is Chang's fault. Hopefully there is some patience for a turnaround.
  13. I met Peyton before and he was the moat gracious and humble pro athlete/celebrity I ever met. You can tell that Archie and his wife raised them right.
  14. I don't think there is anyone on the schedule left we don't have a chance again. Notre Dame might get it together by then.
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