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  1. The defensive scheme doesn't answer why they can't tackle.
  2. https://unlvrebels.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/clay-jennings/3397 This is the guy that needs to be let go after the game. Produces nothing but softies.
  3. Screw these DB's they have no heart. The defensive line needs to go off on the secondary.
  4. Why would he throws 3 yard pass on 3 and 9. What a moron.
  5. I have never seen softer DB's. Whoever is the db coach needs to be let go asap.
  6. Rebel secondary is just awful.
  7. I think the Rebels have a good chance today.
  8. The weight room allows you to eat like a slob from time to time.
  9. Locksley looks like he is wearing a red tarp. Sean Peyton for the saints got fat through the years. Those coaches live at the facility. They could take advantage of the weight room, but most don't.
  10. The coach who I think is the next big thing is Billy Napier at Louisiana. I'm surprised he hasn't been snapped up already.
  11. I really hope they take James Franklin from Penn State. Grew up in Pennsylvania and that guy is so obnoxious. He turned Penn State into woke state.
  12. I am really so confused on what the coaching staff saw in Rogers over Brumfield.
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