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  1. I agree with you, but it's pretty inevitable. Football participation is way down here in Florida. If that's the case in Florida it has to be worse elsewhere.
  2. Well unfortunately Soccer is going to over take football one day.
  3. I just don't think Vegas has that much talent. It's nice just to have a chance at some of these guys now. The last staff really screwed the pooch with locals.
  4. Marv was awful. We had no identity. Otz has a system. I think we will surprise.
  5. Wish the bucs would of taken Josh Allen
  6. He would get drafted if he was playing in the 70's with lots of rounds. Kids today are so dumb.
  7. Having Hamilton and Hardy back was huge. With Jonah coming in that will be our backcourt. Hopefully Diong stays like people indicate and just need a power forward. We will most likely not win the conference, but we will be competitive.
  8. Good for those Ohio rednecks. They are just excited it is getting warm enough to wear jean shorts.
  9. The lightning losing would be the biggest choke job. The city will want Cooper's head and I agree.
  10. Ok just no gay stuff. I heard things about fraternities.
  11. Cronin is a better coach then Alford, but Alford isn't bad.
  12. Cooper is turning into the Tony Dungy of hockey.