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  1. Saddened to see Fran Dunphy go. A staple of Philadelphia basketball.
  2. I believe that anyone can go to NMSU and win. They have a built in advantage in the wac.
  3. Alford would do well. If you are going to take a up and comer might as well take Kenny Payne.
  4. You are right he was a never was.
  5. The fact that we had a bunch of walk ons taking minutes from scholarship players makes your point so valid. All this FBI stuff is going to have a lot of elite players reopening recruitment.
  6. I would be ok with oats. I'd rather Kenny Pain then the other 2.
  7. pH who do you want as head coach and you can't say bring back Menzies or Rice?
  8. Need a upgrade in talent. They could always change their mind once the new coach is hired.
  9. We need him on the board more than ever. Mug make it happen! Bring back RR!
  10. To pack fans traveling just be aware that gator fans are as big as douchebags as by fans. Never met a more arrogant fan base.
  11. LMAO. My wife went to Florida, it's how she got through school.
  12. Mark Anderson is a dip shit. He is the definition of a fan boy. He believes everything he hears.
  13. Well I will be cheering for you guys. I live in Florida and my wife is a gator, bu I absolutely hate them. I think Caroline will eat them up. They are not that big and you should own them on the boards. They can score in bunches though.
  14. You have to meet a interview quota. Plus Frank would be considered a minority candidate.