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  1. rebelcuff

    Spartans Loss, Wolf Packs Gain

    That kind of stuff happens to every school. I heard that UNLV could of hired John Beliein before he ended up at West Virginia.
  2. rebelcuff

    DRF Interview

    The dictionary doesn't have adefinition, because "cuck" is shorthand for "cuckold," a word you might remember from high school Shakespeare. Merriam-Webster defines cuckold as "a man whose wife has sex with someone else."Nov 16, 2016
  3. rebelcuff

    DRF Interview

    I will cuckold him and let him sit in the corner and watch.
  4. rebelcuff

    Nevada gets 5* QB Malik Henry

    That kid was a ahole on the show. Could be a cancer in the locker room.
  5. rebelcuff

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Watch Menzies get swept by weir and hutson.
  6. rebelcuff

    Wyoming at UNLV

    Happy to be 2-0, but I think it might get ugly at the pit
  7. rebelcuff

    Wyoming at UNLV

    You mean Hamilton
  8. rebelcuff

    Wyoming at UNLV

    How the hell was he a three star recruit?
  9. rebelcuff

    Wyoming at UNLV

    She can use it for toilet paper.
  10. rebelcuff

    SDSU @Boise

    Wow what happened to your defense Aztecs? I know I can't throw stones, but you guys used to stop people.
  11. rebelcuff

    Wyoming at UNLV

    It's just really sad to watch. We are lucky enough to get two very bad teams at home to start conference. Menzies decided not to recruit shooting and it's going to cost him his job.
  12. rebelcuff

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    VP you were in a frat? I didn't think you had a hard time making friends. You are funny to me and I would hang out with you for free. Why can't you just hang out with friends? Why do you have to pay for it?
  13. rebelcuff

    Rick Pitino to UCLA wow

    PH is you want one of these girls to stick around you are going to have to do it.
  14. rebelcuff

    Latest Bracketolgy

    I'm sorry to tell you this but I think this conference is going to land you a 2 seed. You guys will probably deserve a 1.
  15. rebelcuff

    Rick Pitino to UCLA wow

    PH have you given a woman a rim job yet?