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  1. Otz by far Marvin is pretty old and out of shape.
  2. Well parents are awful nowadays. They all tell their kids that they are great. Eventually kids are shocked that they aren't. Parents don't discipline anymore. What happened to smacking your kids?
  3. It has a lot to do with social media. Kids used to go home and be able to forget about life. Now it's 24/7.
  4. I really think Hoke would be a good hire. Why would people be against it. We can't afford other guys.
  5. Why can't you just meet people the normal way.
  6. Frats and Sororities are stupid. Forced and paid for friendships.
  7. The defense getting better is a positive change. We will be in a ton of games. Until we get some shooters we won't be on the bubble for ncaa tournament.
  8. They need to hire Brady Hoke. I'm tired of our defense being terrible.
  9. They were playing man and I think Otz liked the matchup with Hamilton on their wing.
  10. This one is on Mitrou Long. He was out of position on defense a ton in the second half.
  11. We aren't a great team by any means, but I like that we don't give up lay up lines.
  12. Best defense I have seen since Kruger. They are a scrappy bunch.
  13. You make a valid point
  14. I was thinking the guy at uab would be a good fit for you guys if Norvell leaves.