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  1. Can you realistically get ammo for anything at this point. That's the biggest drag for people who actually like go use them.
  2. This guy nails it: "The prospect of intervention here is clearly high, but this will just galvanize the (WallStreetBets) community as it just brings home the feeling of inequality in financial markets," said Chris Weston, head of research at broker Pepperstone in Melbourne. "It's fine to prop up zombie companies through Fed actions but if retail follows a path that greatly distorts asset prices by targeting short sellers, then this gets shut down."
  3. This seems an impossible thing to discuss political winds without being labeled something even though the average person can identify this as easily as the wind you encounter when you walk out the door. In NM, during the second shutdown, everything was mandated closed except the big box stores, grocers, etc. which had capacity limits assumingly based on real data. This caused 1.5 hour lines outside the store during the Christmas shopping season, physically disabled people waiting in 20 degree weather to get food....complete mess.....people pissed. Next thing you know a week and half later....n
  4. And?


    While I’m definitely willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, I think what bothers people is the zealousness at which restrictions are put in place. A lot of non-sensical seeming things that fly in the face of a safe and somewhat still effective economic model.
  5. Ok, I'll take a look. It's official. My roster absolutely sucks!
  6. I'll play again. Sorry I'm late with this.
  7. Who’s the gaucho coach? Yes, hella lazy
  8. Juiston is an instinctive rebounder but not a cerebral player at all. Hamilton sucks at defense. Clyburn is so inconsistent, yet the whole team looks to him. This team makes many, many bone-headed plays. Red flag? I hate to think so, but I do. We could’ve overwhelmed that team and yet the whole attitude is very timid. Strange...
  9. So is there steaming for this or only TV?
  10. WTF is that thing? That was just chilling above Charlotte recently and I've never even heard about that.
  11. We get it...we get you...we get your overly stated position on the matter. UNLV quite possibly has the fewest bright spots of any football program in history, and continually under performing. Yet here we are today and we've managed to keep our facilities on par or better than our peers. For me at least, Sanchez doesn't even register on the blunder scale. Your obsession far out weighs the actual problem.
  12. Two books that I've recently read that i'd recommend for a quick read: The Operator- Marginal writing but almost unbelievable real-life action. Also somewhat disturbing in the same real-life perspective. The River of Doubt- Story of Teddy Roosevelt's river journey through unknown parts of the Amazon jungle during a rough patch in an utterly amazing life. Pretty much all you need to know about that one if you know anything about Teddy.
  13. I like how Beck is listed at 6-7 and looks as tall or taller and bigger than everyone there, including Joel who's supposed to be 6-9.
  14. A lethal crossover game...lesser guards will struggle with him if he develops good fundamentals .
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