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  1. Left winger? WTF is that? Anytime someone disagrees you pull out the red trucker hat? Must be weird in your black and white world. Weak.
  2. If Hank is who they say he is, I don't care about how much 'playbook' he understands in September, when you recruit a kid like this and sit him you can say goodbye to others in the future. Especially when the 'incumbent' has no starts and very few minutes and is coming off an ACL repair. This will be very interesting and I know Harsin is like Rice in hoops, they hate playing freshmen.
  3. He might be a good fit at Arkansas. A couple of years of building the roster he likes and then better than average Razorback SEC results.
  4. I thought AF surprised and may next year but I think the surprise is gone. And I homered Boise over AF because I think if the transfers come in and play we'll be better than AF. I don't think AF is potential conference champ. Could be wrong for sure but not dissing them as a matter of course. I also think Boise, AF, SDSU and 1-2 others are basically interchangeable at this point for guessing.
  5. There are maybe 5-6 teams with enough talent to win it next year. The pressure to perform is on many of them though, not just USU to prove things. Nevada will probably slip some but who jumps up to over come them? Could be anyone or no one. I won't hold my breath on Boise even though Leon brings back a decent core and a potential first teamer in Alston. If Alston is that guy and both transfers are playing next season then maybe I'll regain the confidence I once had in Leon and the program. I do like the cleaning house that's going on. USU Nevada UNM Fresno SDSU Boise AF CSU others
  6. Sigh. Basketball boosters. They're like leprechauns here in Boise. The AD has complete control here now that Kustra is retired. Not good for hoops in Boise.
  7. Boise won't lose 20 but I wouldn't bet on them winning 20 either unless at least 2 of 3 things happen; 1. Alston keeps improving while putting on weight and becomes the go to guy in tough games 2. RJ Dennis gets at least half the PG minutes because he can really score in addition to the things Dickinson brings to the table 3. Akot gets to play now. With the 2 transfers a real post player becomes less necessary. Small ball with Alston, Jessup, Akot, Dennis/Dickinson and Kigab would be fun to watch. With Hobbs, Frazier, Jorch, Abercrombie and others off the bench when more length is needed.
  8. Nope. Socks aren't cute or original anymore and honestly I am not on the board enough to know this tool.
  9. Oh sad times. Feels were hurt? Hugs big fella. Clearly you need it.
  10. It's like when you have a small cut, say a paper cut. But everywhere you go, someone has a vile of acetone to pour into it. It's like that.
  11. Rams showing constant improvement as the season goes on. As a Bronco's fan, I am decidedly jealous of this trend in hoops. Also jealous the Rams have a post and a PG. Jeez, how does that happen? Rams win this one and go into the tournament with serious spoiler potential.
  12. San Antonio scout at the game concurs about Alston. He's officially on the radar. Called him smooth and long. Our best player from a next level perspective is a walk on.
  13. This Bronco fan is feeling left out. It's best to compete for something. Anything. At least in the NBA you are going for lottery straws.
  14. Smart by Merrill if true. The next level looks for newbs to be defensive stars before offensive ones regardless of their scoring prowess in college. If you lack in D, you aren't as valuable. Congrats to USU for doing the right thing and making a coaching change without hesitating. And finding a good coach in the process who can recruit and coach. Count me in as jealous as hell.
  15. The Boise team is here to make you feel good about yourself. Happy people in Boise wanting everyone else to experience joy. Fact is they can hang with most teams but in the end, they'll melt when it counts. It's their DNA.
  16. Just more proof no one outside of Utah likes Utah. Especially Utah State folk.
  17. It would be interesting to see them against those Lydia-Tricia teams.
  18. This team knows how to lose. They don't know how to win a close one. It's a disease in need of medicine.
  19. Leon's a bit odd IMO. Not being in your face at all with that IMO, just awkward. He laughs at the weirdest times sometimes. Back to the game tonight, UNLV should roll convincingly and if they start at it early on the Broncos will roll over and play dead. Seems they've mailed it in and possibly have some cohesion issues to work out in the offseason. I just want it to end.
  20. I've missed him for months. Rudderless university for that long and hoping for not a whole lot longer. I'm hoping the new president scares the bejeezus out of our AD too. Ok now, let's take a poll; who's the smartest one of those 2? Queue the jeopardy music....
  21. roughrider

    12 & 20

    Bronco basketball record, 2018-2019 season. RIP
  22. No question he stays. And probably for 3 or more years. It's just my view of the world. When you hit rock bottom it's past time to look at things harshly.
  23. Listening to Rice's excuses postgame (I worked them hard in practice, maybe they were tired...!??....wtf?) I think a program record for losses is staring us fans in the face. And nothing will come out of it, just more of it next year. 11-17 now with losses coming up and 19 losses is the all time LOW for the program. Not sure when the right time for change is, but I suspect that's a bullseye right there.