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  1. roughrider

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Definitely not impossible. At the current rate of decline, SJSU will give Boise a run in Boise.
  2. roughrider

    Fire Rice!

    Until Boise gets an AD that has a clue about D1 basketball, he gets a pass. He's a bang for the buck coach, with no bucks. Fire Apsey.
  3. roughrider

    Air Force vs Boise State

    Rice has to prove he can win in March tournaments before I predict winning. He just misses every time and it's the one wart to me that's bigger than his recruiting misses. But this year, they legitimately could make it to the championship game if they don't have a first day game. They'll lose the final if they get there, that I'd bet on.
  4. roughrider

    Air Force vs Boise State

    This. It's another step hopefully towards next year. All I want to see tonight is either abandoning the 3 (never, ever with Rice is this going to happen) or to make 30% of them at least, and to see Alston return to recent form. Enjoy moments this conference season but don't dwell on results because .500 is a stretch goal for this team at this point. Tournament spoiler is about the pinnacle this season.
  5. roughrider

    Fresno Boise game

    Boise is not good. In hoops I like to break a team down by PG play, wing play and post play. Boise has decent wing play and garbage PG and post play. 1/3 of the toolset isn't going to get you very far, even in a down MWC. The only positive I've seen this year is with the zone D. Something Rice has admitted more than once he has no clue how to teach....so thanks Duryea I would guess. Agree. Fresno, like Nevada and most likely USU have better athletes at every position on the floor. And Boise has maybe 7 guys to use in critical times and that's being generous.
  6. roughrider

    Spartans Loss, Wolf Packs Gain

    Was it the 'great' Gene Bleymeir who ignored the request? Too typical. He had no clue how to manage D1 basketball.
  7. Standard response for football fans. It's a great game when played at high levels but right now in HS and college, the best athletes are playing football except for some exceptions. If that were to change, the quality of game would go way up. It's not football for violence but there's plenty of good hits in good games. It's not hoops for scoring but there's a lot of basketball in the good offensive sets. It's fast when athletes play it. It's a sight better to watch than soccer though, for better or worse. For the record, it's not girl's lacrosse I'm talking about. If you don't need a helmet and you wear a skirt, it's not lacrosse. Kids love that game too. It's growing at a high rate across the western US.
  8. roughrider

    LOL @ UNLV Basketball

    AF isn't a joke at home anyway. And the Broncos are staring a .500 season down so, I am not a betting man but if I were I wouldn't take the Broncos without a bunch of points next week in that game. Better Bronco teams have come out there with a loss.
  9. roughrider

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    That OKG thing has it's limits and Harsin ran into some of them. Filling holes is priority #1 and raising the talent level in spots sometimes requires taking a risk or two.
  10. As soon as we start to see HS and school districts ban football because of insurance or lack of participation, we'll know the end is nigh. It may well become a southern US sport in 20 years and lacrosse and soccer will fill the void of competition everywhere else. All remaining sports will benefit greatly. And soccer/lacrosse will both explode.
  11. roughrider

    Basketball Attendance

    For having second lowest budget in the conference; half of the top 2 and only a few 100k over SJSU, I guess it's not bad for Boise. But it would be better to have a competitive budget for salaries and recruiting to see just how many college basketball fans are in Boise waiting for a bandwagon to jump on.
  12. roughrider

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

    Wacker played decent on D but both centers were horrible last night. I was waiting for Rice to give Williams some time with his back to the basket where he's crafty. He should be able to hold position on D in a zone. I lose no sleep this year. Like you I never saw this season as remotely promising and the early results cemented it. Next year I do have expectations.
  13. roughrider

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

    Yep. Could lose them all easily since they really don't know how to win close games. Something happened to them a few weeks back where they decided to play defense and that's what has made a difference in recent games but it's not enough to beat really competent teams because there isn't a stud with the ball. No one can break down a zone and the live by the 3 thing kills them more often than not (like last night's brick laying festival). Still, Alston and Hobbs make it fun to watch with their fearlessness. .500 season is still in the cards.
  14. roughrider

    THE way too early: BSU vs. Nevada

    Never paid attention to Palm, let alone this early in league play but I'd be shocked. It would have to be a MWC tourney win prediction but that's out of left field given Leon's track record. If not it's another at large which means they aren't losing more than 4 more games which is also out in left field.
  15. roughrider

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    No question. Nevada is the show pony until further notice.