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  1. Coyle was more or less and east coaster that was looking to build his resume and it worked. I do wonder if Tromp was president then, and he had a relationship with her would have stayed a bit longer? Dickey is a western guy with a young family and they love the area to raise their kids. That's never enough by itself though.
  2. Really scary question but I think he stays to build something. Unless donors don't step up and he's left holding the bag.
  3. It's why I quoted it but Coyle actually said there's no reason the Dance wasn't a regular thing for the Broncos like it never has been. He saw a starved program in a real good league where other schools had figured it out.
  4. And he knew we had a sleeping 'giant' in hoops that was uncared for and needed decades of updates, etc.
  5. I have a ton of respect for Kustra, especially on the academic side which was his forte. He leveraged football success/PR very well. And he hired the one year wonder at AD, can't remember his name but the guy was almost as good as Dickey IMO. But when that guy bailed for Syracuse(?) he forced Apsey into the position because he had one foot in retirement and he didn't have the energy. That set athletics back 5 years. I see Tromp and Dickey as a team working together and on the same page.
  6. Honestly I never cared for either from an outward appearance perspective. But if this plan is legit they pretty much have to demolish the old gal and that would not hurt my feels.
  7. For W's I would too. For hosting NCAA regionals I'll stick with ours. Both are old and in need of refurb.
  8. Not likely. We just have a president and a real AD that dont just hang onto the steering wheel as we drive off a cliff. Vision and balls; now we'll see if the execution of the vision is up to snuff.
  9. It's overdue for sure. The new AD earns his pay when I see the money raising plan and timeline. Good news is if it happens, Leon's performance year in and year out won't cut it. We may get a new head coach that understands March.
  10. He may have 2 pretty good recruits and according to at least Lindy's one steal in the last class. Degenhart has gotten a following an they predict all conference level but we will see because development is still the question. But it remains hit and mostly miss with Leon with recruiting. His best recruiters were assistants who aren't here anymore.
  11. coaching changes are sometime philosophy changes that some players cannot handle. Their egos are damaged because they aren't the fav anymore or whatever. This is what happens. We just haven't had to deal with it in a few decades.
  12. The only push on our OL is back into the qb and rb.
  13. Hardly. When a new coach takes over the 'pets' and favorites of the previous coach may find themselves not in that position anymore. And egos being what they are it tends to not go well for the player on the out. He was a penned in starter for Harsin and not even the second option now with Cobbs taking that spot (and Cobbs is better).
  14. Hell that's how Holani gets his. Its' not like all of a sudden they open hole for him. He reads the line of scrimmage and who's going to be in his backfield when he gets the ball and he has a plan and the feet to get it done.
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