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  1. roughrider

    Rank ‘em

    Hope so. It seems to motivate.
  2. roughrider

    Fresno @ Boise

    Petersen never lost his 2 best DT's, best safety, etc. All when trying to replace LVE.
  3. roughrider

    Fresno @ Boise

    You and I know this. The bandwagon isn't so sure.
  4. roughrider

    What Happened To Wyoming Tonight

    What happened? They.Bad.
  5. roughrider

    Fresno @ Boise

    Pierce was leading tackler when he was lost for the season. Whimpey took over and was top tackler when he went down. Moa was preseason all conference. Lui was #2 behind him. Durrant is gone. It's freaking amazing the Broncos are 7-2. But losing 2 of the next 3 is a real possibility. Likely even. I've never seen this rash of injuries on one side of the ball for the Broncos. And Rypien has re-proven himself to be inconsistent enough to not carry the team in the D's absence. If Avalos can work magic somehow and Rypien doesn't have anymore wtf halves then winning out is possible because the toughest games are in Boise. But you think the wheels have come off the fanbase wagon now, just wait for 3 conference home game losses. Holy shet, it would be biblical.
  6. roughrider

    MWC BB Media Roundtable

    No way. Find the right coach, a young recruiting stud who knows how to inspire and you're right back where you were a looooooooong time ago. You've been there which means it's doable again.
  7. roughrider


    I cannot remember being the dog at home to a conference mate. Good times.
  8. roughrider

    Fresno @ Boise

    Rypien typically puts no more than 2 turds together in consecutive weeks so he could be good this coming week. But now it looks like about 6-7 guys off the 2 deep on D so it's more about how much Fresno and USU scores on them. And if Hightower's injury is real, there's no WR's to get past the secondary for the long ball and Rypien is severely limited. Just not a good year for Boise. Injuries and Rypien's crazy mistakes are more than enough to derail a season.
  9. roughrider

    Rank ‘Em

    Boise has no good wins this year. Only bad losses and wins that should be expected. Scary thought for me is that Harsin/Rypien hasn't lost 3 games yet so which loss is it coming up? I hope it's an egg to BYU so they can win out.
  10. Pretty sure the Broncos were dogs in all Pac home meetings except maybe Wazzu. Could easily be for USU game this year.
  11. roughrider

    Coaches Poll is in....

    Choo Choo!!
  12. roughrider

    8:15 to Boise

    Good. Broncos suck in daylight. But hopefully we are a full streaming conference soon. Death to dinosaur technology.
  13. roughrider

    Rank em

    Well, that was my point. MSU stinks and Boise is overrated, still.
  14. roughrider

    Rank em

    35?!? Must be riding that Troy wave....huuuuuuuuuuge victory. Then again that poll had Michigan State back in the top 25 before last week's games too...smh
  15. roughrider

    Colorado State @ Boise State

    Most Rams didn't look they wanted to be there. Bobo was an iffy coach before the illness now I'm not sure the team has his back or not. Good looking recruiting classes since he got there but not a lot to show for it.