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  1. roughrider

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    Some felt that way because of last year's finish. But every year that Rypien has been the QB the Broncos lose 3 games and the losses are always head scratchers. I think they're potentially better next year when Rypien is gone (if Cord heals up in time or someone else steps into the role at QB). They have no spark on O when they lose and it starts with Rypien IMO.
  2. roughrider

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    He's still learning how to be a CEO. Still micromanages too much on O from what I hear and still is hesitant to take blame when the wheels fall off. He'll be a real good head coach someday, he's decent to pretty good now but he needs a powerful OC that tells him to be head coach and stay away from the O. The best HC's are mediocre if they do not have quality coordinators or micromanage the ones they have.
  3. Sure hope Moa and Horton are back soon. Their absence is obvious.
  4. roughrider

    wyoming @ hawaii

    That hurricane did it. Love those things, they seem protected too. From everyone but KP who not only eats them but uses them for rituals. They're all over Kaua'i too. Hawaii by 17
  5. roughrider

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Seriously, the AAC fans remind me of early Boise State bandwagonners. One big win and they expected everyone to bow to them. One good season, after an 0-fer and they're national champs, because. UCF has it rolling. Let's see how it goes next year when that big time QB and others graduate. The new coach is riding the mo and the roster of the previous coach. The rest of the conference has one good season from Houston and not much else. We're G5. It comes down to individual performances for us in football. Conference strength will never out weigh how you do in the OOC against P5's.
  6. The inverse of Boise's OL. Maybe we could the two OL coaches together for some shared teachings...?
  7. Grandma jokes are probably close. Kid probably called him a blind dumbass ref. You know, what their name tag should read. Dude should be evaluated for stability and fired if it comes up negative. And a public apology for the guy supposed to control 'order' of the game. Seems cool to go unhinged anymore. I'm with the crowd that the kid should have nut kicked the jacked up old guy.
  8. roughrider


    Hard to tell if the Ok State thing was a fluke, like Harsin's teams produce every season (see Virginia, etc) or if it shows a weakness that MWC teams can exploit (crap OL making the offense a throw first offense). I wouldn't put Boise first just yet but Rypien is on fire and other than a mediocre set of LB's, the D is good even without Moa who might return someday...the Broncos do currently have the worst punt team in America so we have that going for us too. Two assistant coaches better be on the Harsin hot seat.
  9. roughrider

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Love conference clingers. Houston isn't in the discussion and conferences don't win the bid. Good teams in G5 do and UCF is good again this year. Hard to argue against them at this point in the season.
  10. roughrider

    Bars in Boise

    Why would I wish? I drive through the continental divide as fast as I can to get to Ft Collins....
  11. It's not stupid to try and copy success. Kudos to Grimes for not forgetting what he learned here.
  12. roughrider

    Bars in Boise

    No brokeback bars. You must be thinking about Laramie. #gameweek
  13. roughrider

    This is me today

    Agree and we are comparing them to Tiger. A once in a lifetime athlete. Jack didn't look anything like Tiger does at 42, btw. Internal drive is really hard to measure too. I wouldn't bet a nickel he's going to play 40 more majors but it is possible. Cut it in half and I would bet he will be at it at least as long as Phil Mickelson who is what, 48 now?
  14. roughrider

    This is me today

    The way he's swinging now (Not violent, very, very smooth) and given how that putter looked, I'd say 10 years is a reasonable guess. Maybe more if he somehow stays healthy. That's 40 majors to win 4. Tall task but the guy was unconscious for 3 1/2 days this past weekend so who knows.
  15. roughrider

    Three man weave - MWC BASKETBALL Preview

    I know, highlites were impossible to find for him but stories of player's practices are he dominates. Everyone. And it's a position of need.