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  1. Shakir today. Think he's got 5 catches for 86 yds midway thru the 3rd... Shakire preseason game 1
  2. you know your division. You don't know the Mtn. USU is 5-21 against Boise with 6 straight losses. They'll lose again this year. Big. CSU is worse. As in 0-11 all time against Boise. Boise has Fresno, SDSU, CSU and USU at home this year. 4-0
  3. Hahaha, hohoho you are a clever redneck. And mad he turned UNLV down.
  4. you forgot to add 'some' before Boise fans. And yes a few still exist that think that way. Harsin did win a Fiesta with Pete's guys. But it's been a slow decline since. I won't be crowing pre-season much because of that but this year does have that feel again. I did not feel it last year or for a few years before either. Maybe it's gas. We'll see. But I know Andy and this staff are 'better' than any Harsin put together.
  5. Wouldn't that be nice. His hair is longer than Degenharts was before he cut it but similar. The glasses though. Leon is slower getting it done than I would have liked but he's starting to build a program that feels like he can keep building on it. Better HS recruiting and the portal is serving him well. Legacy building I hope.
  6. Looking for the official, but a tweet from BJ Rains a local sports guy says Andrew Meadow (3 star F) has committed to Leon. He had offers from both Washington PAC schools, SDSU and others. He's another Degenhart type.
  7. Traveling out of state makes that tougher but I totally agree. I did not come prepared.
  8. Went to a Padre game 2 years ago. $23 for a Sculpin
  9. This. Those willing to pay extra can afford it and like feeling pampered. Waitresses, gold toilets, etc
  10. Good on ya. I would laugh too. All the way out of G5 land.
  11. with really good teams most years
  12. Really for radio there was Vin and Chick Hearn. Legends. Not a happy day.
  13. Mmm, hmmm. Bit early for the banty roosters to be out crowing isn't it?
  14. He is really good at finding the young and up and coming assistant coaches. Wyoming is benefiting now and San Jose probably had the best recruiter he ever had in Dave Woj (an ahole in some ways but great 'bad cop' to Leon's good cop routine when they were together). He's still getting less than half of the top paid coaches in the MWC and he belongs there too. Our AD is doing a great job finding coins laying around but he's got so much more to do to keep the program where he and we want it.
  15. If that happens, it changes nothing for Boise. They've been looking to leave since they got a good AD. There's little contentment in this climate in college sports.
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