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  1. Exactly how Eastern Oregon treated it. It was an exhibition for them so their win streak is still intact.
  2. Those goals really didn't make sense based on the first 3 games other than fatigue IMO. They made no stupid, sleepy mistakes like that in the first 3. I wish I knew who would be best fit for next coach but I hope Ernie Stewart does. Not sold on him either to be honest.
  3. Well Hank was getting used to losing so.... Cal has no OC or QB coach. Maybe they'll hire Plough
  4. And he only has 2 good FB's. He ran them into the ground, Van Gaal knew it and exploited the edges. Hope there's a new head man for the USMNT soon. Start assessing the talent pool, etc and decide how best to utilize it.
  5. tacctical wizardry wasn't what I suggested and it wasn't needed to beat the US. Van Gaal did what was required to embarrass Berhalter, career 40% winning coach. Van Gaal with an impressive resume including Barcelona, etc. Berhalter knows one formation and he doesn't have the horses to run it properly. Still it's all he knows apparently.
  6. that was a display in being outcoached by a vastly superior soccer mind. Yes, CBs and whatever we call a Forward are not up to the level of the rest of the team but a tactician just handed it to a predictable mediocre coach with a 40% career winning % in pro club coaching.
  7. As he should be. They put him in harm's way over and over again.
  8. Would be nice if the coach was capable of changing things up formation wise. Don't think he is unless he's been holding out for this opportunity. And don't bring in Moore ever again. Hopefully the 2 FB's can go the entire way.
  9. I've seen his interviews here and no way is that head coach material based on what I saw. But his DL plays with their hair on fire and he's had to deal with way too many key guys going out. TE's is interesting.... not what I would have thought. Did Aggie fans approve of his DC results?
  10. Conference play is going to be a dogfight. Every week. I think the MW Wire version is close as of today. It won't be close at the end of the season I bet.
  11. Thanks. So no real DC background. Some dabbling that one season where he had to be head man too. I can see byu hiring him under their new DC whoever that is. He's done well with our DL.
  12. Maile is a cool dude. Like him a lot. No idea of his coordinator skills but wasn't he DC at USU when the shet hit the fan? I was thinking of promoting him to our DC if someone came after Danielson with a brinks truck.
  13. didn't USU boat race them? I need to go back at that.
  14. CSU getting Stevens back tonight...one month ahead of predictions.
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