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  1. roughrider

    Boise at Fresno

    All part of Leon's master plan to actually win a MWC tournament game. Be 6th and play San Jose on day 1.
  2. roughrider

    Boise at Fresno

    It's certainly likely that they are better next year because the 3 main scorers all come back older and wiser and Alston should take that next step to an all league player. But holes remain in the roster. Big ones. When the 2 transfers are ready to go the following season things will change but Hobbs and Jessup will be gone.
  3. roughrider

    Boise at Fresno

    Only hopeful for next year if somehow the freshman PG is legit and we somehow stumble onto a legit post. We have wings. May as well be called Wingers because we don't have much else. This is a swiss cheese roster that like Soup says doesn't know how to win.
  4. roughrider

    Top 10 recruits from the MWC's 2019 class

    When on an athletics board and you know you're at the bottom of the pile, use academic smack. Even when your school has one doctorate offering and you're flat broke trying to have D1 sports and saddled by a university system that is broke. Irrelevance, thy name is Sharta.
  5. Who knows. If he's bad, he'll fit right in. If he isn't he could help the program improve. No risk.
  6. The only true shot at a second bid this year is for Nevada to lose in the tournament.
  7. roughrider

    How tight are the MWC BBall Standings?

    Leon Rice has a new strategy this year. Play the first day in the tournament so you have a shot at winning one game and playing a second. He's not so good at that as the favorite. 6th place or Bust is the slogan.
  8. roughrider

    UNLV at Boise State

    Those were my reactions too. When your AD doesn't give a crap about basketball success, this is the kind of contract he writes for a first time head coach...
  9. roughrider

    UNLV at Boise State

    He was smart enough to get a contract that gets an automatic year extension for a measly 18 W's. So who knows? But we kick SJSU's ass with about the same budget so we have that going for us.
  10. roughrider

    UNLV at Boise State

    Hate it when I'm right sometimes but Leon's teams are far too predictable and this year far too unathletic. All UNLV had to do other than make those 3's was work the ball quickly out wide and make the defense try to run and keep up and they can't. So wide open looks all night as the cement shoe plodders chase ball all night. Hey, Leon's budget is second lowest in the league and he over performs based on that alone. No sense railing on him until he gets a competitive budget and until then it's a bunch of slow 2 star players who can shoot if you leave them wide open. The worst of signs point to Boise. Unfortunately the program is starting to feel like it did in the death throes of both the Jensen and Graham years. So we'll have to live with this for another 2-3 years before our caretaker AD makes a move. God I hope the new president hires his own AD.
  11. roughrider

    UNLV at Boise State

    Poor Menzies, he walked into a crap storm and wasted a year which hurts the next couple years because of who's still on the roster. Still, he's out recruited Leon by a mile. Last year was a perfect storm for Leon with Hutchison's development and the 2 senior grad transfers walking into starting spots. Still he's a one and done in the MWC tournament and the only way he isn't this year is if he loses to UNLV and many others to wrap up the season and has to play the first day. He might win that game. Maybe. Basically everyone but SJSU and AF (who clowned Leon) is trying to be the 4th best team in the MWC behind Nevada, USU and Fresno. I've seen every one of those wannabe teams play really good and really bad so it's a fun crap shoot for the rest of the season but honestly I hope it isn't Boise so they can go to the first day and beat SJSU and get Leon an actual MWC tournament win. I can understand UNLV fan's dismissive attitude but know that UNLV has more talent and athleticism and just needs to come together for a complete game. Boise is who Boise is. No surprises. You play good against them, you win.
  12. roughrider

    UNLV at Boise State

    Would love to somehow get excited about this game but I cannot because it's 2 pretenders going at it. I like both of tonight's games more. Feel like tomorrow night in Boise is either a snoozer or a blowout one way or the other. If Boise wins in a blowout then they're shooting light's out and Alston goes off again.
  13. roughrider

    #8 Nevada vs Boise State

    Boise fans are in a malaise that happens when you're stuck in the mud but the AD doesn't care. If Boise was #8 in the nation our numbers would be right there at 10k+ per game too. There are tens of thousands of college basketball fans in town that want to follow a winner as we see anytime the NCAA's are hosted. I'm actually amazed we are averaging 5k with the product put out there for a team that doesn't win in March and has never won an NCAA tournament game.
  14. Didn't UNM make this claim just a few, short years back? Flagships sink. Like a rock.
  15. roughrider

    #8 Nevada vs Boise State

    Game predictions: fugly