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  1. The conference sucks because of lack of leadership. Not because table scraps are afforded the marquee tv draw. We're all broke because of geography in part but mainly because of Thompson and the fool presidents for the most part. Schools need to find ways to improve on their own; Boise has never depended on the conference it was in to make it better. It does try to move up the food chain of conferences in survival mode, especially when they see that conference dying (Like the Big West and WAC and now maybe the MWC?)
  2. Avery Williams in the 5th to Atlanta. Broncos are done.
  3. Has decommitted from Kansas and will be announcing most likely for Boise State in 1 hr (3 pm mtn). He's 6'1" 215 and can run. Avalos was recruiting him while at Oregon. Think SDSU was aware of him too. St John Bosco product like our now wavering QB 'commit'.
  4. Start Doutrive, Akot, Armus, Shaver and Kigab. Do that often and get them used to playing with each other since they're all transfers. Most talented, highest upside roster ever for the Broncos IMO.
  5. A dude tough enough and athletic enough to play D1 football WR is who I want on the hardwood for the Broncos.
  6. They plan to go to 20 teams too. 15 real soon and then 5 added each year based on performance in league.
  7. Pirates Cove is a great beach. Not for waves though.
  8. He got us to a new level but he's stuck there IMO. I was hoping the portal would make up for his shortcomings with talent but not so much yet.
  9. I would add that I think coach Woj (minus his lack of social awareness) is a better coach than Rice
  10. The debate is out wrt to level of better....he's done what Leon appears incapable of doing after 11 years of futility in Boise.
  11. Boise slips further behind. Miles >>> Rice and it's not worth an argument.
  12. Texas must be growing, and the growth is pushing old Texans up here. I see 100 Texas plates a day when I drive anywhere. Them and Cali plates. There are as many Cowboy decals on cars and trucks as there are Boise State ones anymore. Sucks.
  13. All HS highlite films look good to me so I suck as a judge but I do know that Plough thinks the guy can make all the throws right now. All of them, soft touch drop passes over coverage, slants across the hash's, deep rockets,etc. All the passes needed. Will he pan out? Most don't. But Oregon State is pissed they lost him so there are some guys with a ton more expertise than me that think he's got a good shot. And he is already recruiting for Boise State on social media. Also, talk of camp is about the freshman who came in January from Texas; another QB in the pool that has
  14. Once Rice got comfortable with Akot at the point, RayJ sat. He wasn't happy. May have something to do with it. He could use a change of pace IMO. He lost confidence half way through the season and his team over/under stat for when he was in games was awful.
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