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  1. I thought you got a migraine every time Boise wins. If so, happy migraine tomorrow.
  2. Your team says Utah but I suspect you're an NDSU fan. Realize that week in and week out those established teams will wear you down. This coming from and FCS team that moved up. Not saying you can't make it. Saying your TV numbers will dry up immediately and tv execs and smart commissioners (ie. not Thompson) know this. Those #'s are worth something but ....
  3. The FCS effect, which you'd lose quickly if you weren't immediately if you aren't succesful moving up. Lost in a crowd. As an alpha dog in FCS you are a novelty, and will draw eyes because of it.
  4. Agree that AF makes sense with Navy there, maybe they go after Army as well but I see CSU simply as a travel partner for all sports if that's the invite they get. Location is all they have. Can they afford the $12M or whatever to leave? Especially given the debt from the stadium that was supposed to lift them to a new level?
  5. Agree that a total transformation will take more than one class. I do think the 2022 class can make a decided difference if there are some starters in there. And for the record I'm 100% on board with Andy and know he'll get it turned around before long. OL will be a total rebuild but DL can change with 1-2 recruits, we've had that happen here before.
  6. Time will tell if he was ready. But early returns suggest he could maybe have gone with experienced coordinators. Instead he went with two rookies which he's paying for early on. We'll see if they're fast learners or not. Again I think they don't have the tools they need that they should have after a recruiting class or two.
  7. Agree that this is far more on green coordinators than Andy if we're looking at coaching deficiency but Andy picked them. Andy gives them reign too and with rookies that's a gamble.
  8. Harsin recruited well by the numbers but his teams were getting worse every year. He left a depleted D and no RB's behind Holani. And when a new coach takes over there's a culture change and you lose some player's focus and motivation. It's too simplistic to say a new coach 'should have' or 'could have' with results. Given that if Harsin had stayed we wouldn't be good either I lean towards a one year reclamation project but also think they should improve as the season goes on.
  9. Way too early. But his rookie coordinators need to grow up fast or be replaced. Both lines are slow and getting dominated and that's the worst roster of LB's collectively I've ever seen here. Whimpey is good to decent and the others are not good. And I wish Hank never had that one game against FSU so we could move on. He's not getting any better after 3 years and he has zero pocket presence. Andy needs 1-2 recruiting classes to get rid of Harsin's DNA then we can evaluate him and his staff, especially both coordinators
  10. You're late with your travel subsidies. In the meantime, feel free to kick Boise out. Would go hand in hand with Hair's 'leadership'. And for an FAQ of what it looks like after kicking Boise out, see the MAC's tv 'deal'.
  11. These metrics for the AAC are generated/based on a league with UCF, Cincy and Houston. They'll drop like a rock in 2024.
  12. Aresco was a tv exec. He knows exactly how badly his conference was just gutted and how much $$ that will cost. He's in damage control mode and Baghdad Bob is a perfect descriptor. He's a shill who lost his temporary p6 pedestal. And any TV money lost by the moves will be vapor or absorbed by the already rich. Murica.
  13. I see one loss. Can't see the future. But I Bet it's not the only loss. I do predict a MWC championship game. Avalos will have to really shine to get more this year.
  14. while a few Cal State's are really hard to get into like Poly.
  15. So we're the standard to compare to, but irrelevant?
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