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  1. roughrider

    Orlando Sentinel Countdown

    Evidence mounts to not even considering those preseason BS polls. They overrate and underrate everything from about 12 on down. Because, research and sport don't always mix. And they basically pass over the research phase anyway.
  2. roughrider

    Andres Iniesta

    Stud. Will be impossible to replace too. I heard something about China for him...big bucks if true. Can't see him in the Uefa retirement league known as the MLS
  3. roughrider

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    Scratching my head wondering how you beat Nevada's first team to win it. Man, that second team is good.
  4. roughrider

    Spring Football Reports

    Totally agree. Assistant coaches with aspirations are dying to get here. It's a promotion machine. But to be fair, Harsin is still maturing as a head man and he was a pain in the butt to work with when he got here as head man. He mellows every year from what I hear and is letting go of even the offense as he gains trust in his coordinators to do their jobs. In 5 years or less he's a top drawer head man that any program wants.
  5. roughrider

    Spring Football Reports

    The best Petersen teams, even the Koetter/Hawkins teams to a lessor degree were defense dominated. I see a similar depth on D as back then. We'll see if they rise to it. And if the offense takes a forward step with Rypien to try and match it. Petersen's offensive teams were very good, not sure we're going to be that good on O this year.
  6. roughrider

    Spring Football Reports

    The Broncos should be as good as they've been in Harsin's tenure. This D should resemble the best that the previous coach had and that's a big jump from anything Harsin's had since he took over. If that's the case, lube up. The O won't have to be great.
  7. roughrider

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    I hope the Broncos can land Duncan. He's close to 6'3" if he isn't there and he ran sub 11 second 100M multiple times as a sophomore. I bet he projects to OLB/Safety type in D1 ball. I've never seen him play but I know someone well who has twice. Said it wasn't fair at all for 2A schools to have to play against him. Smart kid too, Stanford has been sniffing around quite a bit.
  8. roughrider

    Boise gets JC Forward commit

    Heard in interview with his JC coach a few minutes ago. He was recruited by a ton of schools after his first JC year. He lined up visits and took the UTEP visit first. He was so pumped to get a scholarship offer (his goal) that he committed on the spot. Never took other visits after that apparently and then when he set foot on UTEP's campus it didn't feel right. He made a mistake. And the only way out was to go back to JC because he wasn't a recruitable athlete anymore. So back he went. His coach gushed about his potential and leadership, etc. Like a good coach should. But even in JC if you're a 2 time conference player of the year it's pretty impressive.
  9. roughrider

    Spring Football Reports

    Spring games tend to mislead me every year but Rypien looks the part for sure. Poised and calm, nice to see. Evans isn't Pettis and he's not Wilson but I see him as a mix of those 2. Good hands, confident routes, size and wheels. Cord looked good with the 1's late too. Real good. Frazier is an NFL guy for sure. See what Spring games do? I think they'll be real good this year. Maybe Harsin's best team even compared to the one he inherited.
  10. roughrider

    Bronco hoops loses good coach

    Welp...he couldn't overcome the lack of talent on the bench but he helped individuals which was his gig. The team takes the head man's personality in most sports.
  11. roughrider

    Bronco hoops loses good coach

    Sounds familiar. No wonder Rice likes him. That's when Rice wins; when his team can't miss from 3. Which is rare in March. I'm thinking it's going to be a long season next year.
  12. roughrider

    Grand Canyon University

    Ah, coaching. What would it be like to actually improve as the year goes on. UNM got a good one. I'm jealous.
  13. roughrider

    Bronco hoops loses good coach

    Thanks. I guess. It tells me Rice doesn't understand coaching dynamics at the psych level. He lost Woj and we got soft for 2 seasons. Then he hires Beckner (feisty) and we improve. Is he doing Duryea a favor, like the nice guy Rice is? Or was he so impressed by USU kicking his ass last season?
  14. roughrider

    Bronco hoops loses good coach

    That's what I feared after watching Duryea this past season. Two Opie Taylor's doesn't make for a winner. We need Woj back if we want some toughness that's sorely needed. Toughness is the single missing ingredient in teams that fail every March. .500 season coming right up.
  15. roughrider

    Bronco hoops loses good coach

    I wish. Best recruiter we ever had probably and one hard ass coach which 'nice guy' rosters need. Too bad he's under the microscope for abuse at SJSU. His career is probably in limbo at best.