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  1. roughrider

    You aren't gonna like these guys at all

    Good times. 4 pretty good football players too. Y'all jealous.
  2. roughrider

    MWCBoard All MWC Selections

    Mattison had 3-4 really good games and was pedestrian in the others. We'll see on him for 2018.
  3. roughrider

    Good News MWC non-BSU Programs!

    Avalos didn't leave and 10 starters are back. That D is going to be like the best Petersen D's. That front is going to present a world of problems for offensive lines. And if the QB is pressured at all, that secondary is going to have some fun. I'm not sold on Rypien having his prove it season but if he's just better than last year as a whole the offense won't give games away and the D will seal wins.
  4. roughrider

    Boating with the Broncos

    Ass whoopin'....rarely works. Especially with hellions. All it did for me was make me more clever so I never got caught.
  5. roughrider

    Boating with the Broncos

    There, there. It's going to be ok. Take your meds.
  6. roughrider

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Comfort zone. Own it. I still pain over not getting that Rose Bowl invite. To see those old school yellow jacket honks who want Bwhatever vs PACwhatever but instead are forced to play along with the collective, look down their fat noses at Boise State would have been priceless. But any NY6 for me is all good.
  7. roughrider

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    while a 2 for 2 would best, I'll take it.
  8. roughrider

    ESPN+...what Disney Mgt hasn't told investors.

    Is the dinosaur slowing dying? Did it choke on all the shiny (P5, cough...) things they inhaled in a short frenzy? Without paying attention to the users' landscape? Best lessons are painful. That corporate monster is learning a lesson.
  9. roughrider

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    Preseason polls.....the best player in the MWC will show himself soon enough. Doubt it's Rypien. He doesn't have the receiver corps to accumulate the stats to make him a top contender IMO. Boise's best unit will be their D. Their best player(s) will come from that D. The best players on O are OLinemen and Bates at TE.
  10. roughrider

    CSU in Boise...

    Had chickens. Thought it was a good idea to try a goat coop. F'ing neighbors.
  11. roughrider

    What are you hoping to hear out of fall camp for your team?

    #1 is not an issue for Boise but #2 and #3 are the keys for the Broncos too and both depend on the newbs that start practice today. VanBuren and Smith especially at RB.
  12. Tulane is a fine school that would make a fine academic partner. But we're talking athletic organizations. Screwing your athletics so you can add a good academic school is stupid and appeases dumb ass presidents who should let their AD's run athletics. Your school's academics should stand on their own but as BYU is proving, you need a solid conference around you to get the most out of your athletics. I'm glad they added Tulane though. If they hadn't, we'd be in that conference for football and the big west for everything else. Sorry to everyone here that we forced the Hair to add SJSU before we came slinking back. It's on us.
  13. I own no Aresco t-shirts. He's a TV exec masquerading as a commish. We'll see if he's overpaid in the AAC's eyes though, soon. If they gain any ground in the next TV negotiations he's worth more than Hair. And most presidents are dumber than dirt when it comes to athletics. It's why I really liked Kustra who built academics up but loves athletics and knows their value to the school.
  14. It's like cops. Or teachers. You get what you pay for.
  15. roughrider

    Possibly Craig Bohl's greatest accomplishment...

    And that it has zero to do with color but please continue. It's old. End of story. Expect a vibrant new blue turf with no black infill so it will truly shine.