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  1. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Rice prefers shooters. There are a couple long, thin athletes on the bench in Criston and Alston but they're not ready. Rice knows he's being out athlete'd in the post season, at least I hope he knows. And the Bereal kid coming in is a Hutch clone at 18. Not sure about the other recruits. All I want at this point is just one of Fresno's post guys. We are missing a key ingredient, still.
  2. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Dutcher seemed to think Kell was his man to defend Hutchison more than anything else. But either way, mistake that he was in there late.
  3. Immediate Transfers

    so naive for such a genius. Your one and done's that are really not done after one, can boogie for the Big East with several suitors. Worst case scenario for any MWC team that can recruit and/or develop talent.
  4. I'll be honest. I'd apply to clean your house but would switch my brand of whiskey to Jameson right quick.
  5. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Did you mean 'typical game' when you typed final minute?
  6. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    It was a bear hug, no attempt at the ball. By rule it is intentional. I hate the rule because there was zero intent to hurt, etc. It's just a garden variety foul to make FT"s happen.
  7. CSU @ Wyoming

    Extend Eustachy now!!
  8. MWC MBB Rebounding

    Boise's strategy was to go hard to the glass and start fast breaks. They are much better offensively that way as opposed to set half court O; which right now they're not very good at. MWC teams are getting back fast on D and stopping most breaks. Good strategy for them, Rice needs a plan B/adjustment to his half court O game.
  9. Current Kenpom All MWC team

    Nevada's athletes got him to foul a bunch. He's worthless on the bench.
  10. Boise State at Wyoming

    Should lose by a bunch more than we will with nothing from Jessup and Hutchison stinking it up in the second half. Two best offensive weapons and choke city. Too bad Haney got tired or whatever happened to keep him on the bench so long because Jorch and Wacker aint it. That's Bronco basketball every year they're 'good'.....when it counts, fold.
  11. Boise State at Wyoming

    2-3 extra possessions on incompetent refs. Trying hard for the cowboys. I just wish, once, that Boise would get home cooking like that.
  12. God, please no. If that happens here, I give up.
  13. Vandals getting new BBall Arena

    You put a 'B' there by accident and I bet your $10 won't hurt them.
  14. Vandals getting new BBall Arena

    About time. I like it too. And I think that size is about perfect for them. Create a loud environment and hopefully make tickets a tough get. Make it 100% students in there when they can and they won't lose with a decent team.
  15. January 4 MWC ranking - Telling it like it is !

    Worst effort of the year so far. But they're good at home and Tulane got them in Nawlins. Road losses to good teams don't hurt that much.