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  1. NFL may be the pull for Roddy. He has the body and the skills and the attitude.
  2. Keep Armus to 20 minutes PT and it won't be close in Laramie. He can't get into foul trouble against any team with a talented big. Linder worked his way enough to get him to the bench and then Ike took over. When he got Kigab into foul trouble Maldonado went at whoever was trying to guard him. Those 2 guys are the keys to the D and Linder knew that and patiently worked to get them in trouble.
  3. The year was 2021; coincidence? I think not, not totally anyway.
  4. Kigab and Shaver are very good defenders. On ball and off ball. All 5 starters play defense with high energy. Its their focus. You shouldn't get too many open looks. What we need are more fans wearing a barrel to the game. Now that dude screams nothing but smart stuff.
  5. Ok. Question, do you take Allen over Southwick back then? Let alone now. If I had to watch another pansy slide when he needed one more yard for 1st down....I'd have traded Southwick for 3 or 4 MWC QB's. He was average at best. Bronco program vs Cowboy program. Thanks for making my point.
  6. Because he couldn't carry the Cowboys every dang week. It's still a team game but Josh Allen was heads above the rest of that team.
  7. You don't get it, that's ok. Your analogy has been sent to the bad metaphor cops. They'll be knocking on your door soon.
  8. Ugly. A real worn down team against a team with no gametime in 2 weeks. And both play good D.. D travels. So it was butt ugly. I'm guessing the return game in Boise will not be the same level of ugliness.
  9. No little man, it proves that CSU is talented, better coached and was up for the game. Just like the AF-UNLV game proved.
  10. From here on out win your home games and only lose on the road to the quad 1's and it could easily be 3 to the Dance.
  11. Soup said it earlier. It's all up to Cambridge. When the Pack has a 2 headed monster on offense the whole team clicks on both ends. If Sherfeld has to try and carry the team he's not nearly as effective. They play off each other so well when they're both clicking. Without that they'll remain who they've been most likely.
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