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  1. If it works for you...but, you can have 2020. Anything happening this year has a big fat asterisk next to it forever.
  2. 2020 can't end soon enough. I swear this NY's eve I may die of alcohol poisoning.
  3. That's Rice code for 'we won't do the traditional PG thing'. But rumor is he's a better feeder than Shaver and a really good rebounder too; plus if the opposing PG is on him he is really good posting up at 6'7". RayJ is a creator and feeder too so maybe we end up with 2 PG's and a 2 guard out there. It's going to fun to introduce Akot and then a couple weeks later, Doutrive, to the lineup.
  4. Boise was 1 or 2 linemen away from this last week. With #'s on the up the odds were good this was going to happen.
  5. RayJ isn't going to get pushed to the bench IMO. Shaver is the one on the bubble at guard and at this stage I'd bet on both of them sre on the floor alot together for Rice's taste. When Akot is ready, he's a wing and it's to Kigab and Alston to earn their PT. Doutrive as well Small ball is coming again. Milner or Armus will be the big in the game.
  6. I think it is a problem for Rice to coach a team of athletes instead of slow, 3 point marksmen. He will learn. And this team will not be good against teams like Houston that can double team Alston every time he touches the ball. If and when Akot and Doutrive are starting, then Rice's job gets a bunch easier. This was a shitstorm of a game1 for what's going on with the program.
  7. The 2 players talked about the most last season and rolling up to this season were Akot and Doutrive. For many reasons. Akot is called the swiss army knife because he can play all 5 spots and play them well. Doutrive is the single most talent and most athletic player on the roster. IF we ever get them on the floor, this is a very different team.
  8. Asking for Boise State basketball to nut up and carry the water is a fool's errand. Based on what? Projections? This is game one of a team trying to get it together during a pandemic with a roster full of transfers and a coach trying to figure out how they all fit in. Against a legit top20 team at their place, in their second game. With a legit all time coach. Only SDSU may be able to claim they're as good in the MWC...maybe. In the meantime, the team with the next to last budget for men's hoops in the MWC just didn't embarrass anyone like USU or others have done already.
  9. Gonzaga doesn't lose a conference game this season. More likely to see opposing team ball signature requests than wins.
  10. First games are such a crap shoot. It's why coaches love the D2 game to kick things off. Games 2 and 3 are the tell tale signs of a college hoops team's potential.
  11. Confident? Not. Hopeful. Game 1 can look ugly for Leon's teams against NAIA. In a normal year. Now he's got at least 3 transfers starting their first games in his system and Houston is pretty well oiled team right now. I hope it's close and the defense looks good, which with the athletes on the roster now it better.
  12. There's almost no way out if you're missing a floor general/sarge at arms; talent can disappear on the court. Seen it too often. Sometimes a real in your face head coach can fix some of that but rarely. Not many Bobby Knights left. In recruiting coaches are looking for leaders but sometimes eye candy distracts them. Maybe Nevada's leader is on the roster but he's young?
  13. Dunking? Meh. It's all about chucking 3's here in Boise. You won't recognize this year's version however...
  14. The MWC can't kick anyone to the curb. We're here, in 2020, watching San Jose boss the league around. Never would I have thought that possible. Never. We're all in this together. Even though Wyoming's fans suck rocks. I'm all in.
  15. F Covid. This is the year to beat the Broncos if you're up for it. No fans. No real D (not only lost starting DE Washington and DT Freeborn but Weaver would be a senior, Jordan Happle (Oregon's player of the week at safety) and Pierce (playing for dad at ASU) would all be starting and this would be the best Bronco D in a long time. As it is this is one of the worst D's I've seen in a long time. Slow, but smart, plodders. Still Broncos win. Holani comes back and it's a shootout 45-41 Broncos.
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