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  1. roughrider

    wyo DT sexually harasses & beats-up woman in Ft Collins

    Yet he never pulled that crap in Laramie because those chaw spitting gals would throw him down.
  2. roughrider

    USA today staff picks Bowl winners

    I'd bet USU beats pUNT. And Marshall beats USF. And those unanimous votes are iffy too; some will fail.
  3. roughrider

    David Woodward 3rd team AP All-American

    He's a baller.
  4. roughrider

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    The TE's and 'special' teams coach, Riddle. Same guy; two worst performing groups on the team.
  5. roughrider

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    .500 is the ceiling at this stage of the game.
  6. roughrider

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    What a difference a Jason Ellis would make to this lineup.
  7. roughrider

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Need a coaching change there for starters. A solid OL will also help since the TE's are blockers 99% of the time currently.
  8. roughrider

    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    Depends on your view. McNichols was fun to watch for sure but Mattison is the superior between the tackles runner (McNichols doesn't have the NFL speed for outside runs an isn't really that inside runner) and pass pro blocker even though McNichols was good at it. Bigger, stronger, last longer between the tackles. To me Mattison is the better potential pro but he could see the same fate as McNichols in the meat market.
  9. roughrider

    OT: Bill Walton.

    Pretty sure he tried them all. More than once.
  10. roughrider

    OT: Bill Walton.

    He's announcer of the year for me now! Couldn't take him before this... Lawwy Craig: I am not gay, I never have been gay. The best.
  11. So, an $18M bilge pump but the hole is still there?
  12. roughrider

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Technically Jorch was plucked from Germany wasn't he? I forget. Recruiting bigs is more of a crapshoot than any other spot on the floor and Boise's program has padded the stats on the low end of success. I really am starting to love the Nevada plan (not transfers so much as 5 long athletes on the floor at the same time playing hard on both ends). Forget looking for NBA post players. And to me, the typical college post is eaten up by good PF's.
  13. roughrider

    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    I think you're right. But I also think there was a plan at the beginning of the season to get him drafted early. It's a powerful recruiting tool and the NFL prefers undersclassmen at RB because of mileage, and they love AVB and Holani coming in. He started out so slow because the Oline was crap but once he and the OL got it figured out they gave him as many carries as he wanted and the numbers piled up to where they'd hoped they'd be at the beginning of the season. He should go if he's getting drafted anywhere IMO.
  14. roughrider

    New Mexico down 36 pts to NMSU. Is UNM that bad this year?

    Want to trade coaches? We struggle to replace 1 guy. Going to slip GPS trackers on your coaches on the recruiting trail. Maybe we could steal one or two...
  15. roughrider

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    I have. A bit gangly but I'd take him for sure. Portugal I think. So they spread out looking for a post and found one. Leon's done the foreign thing before and he learned it from Few at Gonzaga. But he's gone away from it lately.