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  1. Before the CSU game, I would have guessed Wyo to have (3) players drafted and not one was Epps, lol. That said, he is very deserving.
  2. He might want to schedule a 2:1 w/Ohio to try and vindicate that whoopin'
  3. Actually live in CO. The Californians that ran from excessive taxes have flooded us and passed new taxes once they got here. Head scratching. Edit: We do have a Tax Payers Bill of Rights amendment in the state constitution that is the only thing keeping them from ALL of our hard earned money
  4. And the cocksuckers can’t find enough ways to do it or ever get enough
  5. He’d only have to worry about violations if he were at Toledo or something. Columbus more than isolated from those thingies.
  6. As of 2:54 PM MST, it's tied 25 to 25!!! Lot of time left but this has got to be one of the single greatest spectacles in all of college "sports" Bravo douchbags, Bravo! EDIT: sorry BrotherMouzone, too late with my post...
  7. Don't call it a come back, he's been here for... Months! (way too long, by the way!)