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  1. HiCountryCowboy

    USU is going to kick WYO's A$$ and get our Bridger Rifle back

    Your coaches have already seen everything they need to. No need for in-game adjustments. Our O is so predictable/uncreative, that your boys have got to be foaming at the mouth already. 38-3.
  2. HiCountryCowboy

    Fire Vigen (I really mean it)

    F'ing mind boggling that what we're seeing isn't DFL! There are no words.
  3. HiCountryCowboy

    wyoming @ hawaii

    Is it just me or does it look really humid out there?
  4. HiCountryCowboy

    OT: A true American sports hero

    It’s a mans game and he’s winning.
  5. HiCountryCowboy

    good lord, just shut the sport down for a year or two ...

    They're cold blooded mother+++++ers! Special place down south in their future. I'm done now
  6. HiCountryCowboy

    wyoming @ hawaii

    Amazing synopsis. Other than that we are offensively dialed, though!
  7. HiCountryCowboy

    OT: Oregon Fans

    Only fan base that is douchier resides in provo.
  8. HiCountryCowboy

    Turd of the Week

    Seconded. Really missed an opportunity yesterday. The outcome is not that big a deal in the whole scheme of things (the same bullshit off. play calling is on the other hand) but dayum.
  9. HiCountryCowboy

    Washington State @ Wyo Game Thread

    Agreed but how was that not taunting on WSU? Dude made contact with his helmet. I’d have swung too.
  10. HiCountryCowboy

    Washington State @ Wyo Game Thread

    If they’re gonna run, couldn’t they try something like, I don’t know, off-tackle to mix it up?
  11. HiCountryCowboy

    Game Thread: Wyoming @ New Mexico State

    Smith’s miss to the flat with no defenders in the same zip code as Harshman cost the D their shutout. Oh well. ‘Pokes!!!!
  12. HiCountryCowboy

    Predictions for P5 vs G5 Long Term

    I wouldn't be as confident of making the cut as you seem if I were a fluff fan.
  13. HiCountryCowboy

    Predictions for P5 vs G5 Long Term

    Four (16) team conferences w/each having 8-team divisions. Conference championships are first round of playoff w/winners going to current format "playoff". It's really pretty obvious. #65 up have NO chance (and there is little to no chance of ANY B1G or SEC team (sans Vanderbuilt) being left out ). Just can't see how there will be any G5's included. The MF'er64 conference better start paying taxes too.
  14. HiCountryCowboy

    Predictions for P5 vs G5 Long Term

    64 prom queens with the most Jim Bobs that tune in to watch them in one division. Balance to 1-AA where strong regional rivalries/conferences prevail again.