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  1. HiCountryCowboy

    UCF to UF: “How dare you, we are elite!”

    He might want to schedule a 2:1 w/Ohio to try and vindicate that whoopin'
  2. HiCountryCowboy

    ...& the plot thickens in boulder, Colo

    Hate those entitled pricks!
  3. HiCountryCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Actually live in CO. The Californians that ran from excessive taxes have flooded us and passed new taxes once they got here. Head scratching. Edit: We do have a Tax Payers Bill of Rights amendment in the state constitution that is the only thing keeping them from ALL of our hard earned money
  4. HiCountryCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    And the cocksuckers can’t find enough ways to do it or ever get enough
  5. HiCountryCowboy

    Well, Urban is available

    He’d only have to worry about violations if he were at Toledo or something. Columbus more than isolated from those thingies.
  6. HiCountryCowboy

    New Mexico Bowl: Utah State vs North Texas

    Just make sure you win (preferably big) it.
  7. HiCountryCowboy

    Ot: Gameday Thread Week 10

    The only question I have is how many people are watching Tulsa’s game?
  8. HiCountryCowboy

    Phuck You Wyoming.

    Those could’ve been the official csu team colors for that game. Haven’t seen them in black or brown (yet). Green, gold, orange, white, red, blue, grey have been adopted though. Oh never mind, those are our fans of course.
  9. HiCountryCowboy

    USU is going to kick WYO's A$$ and get our Bridger Rifle back

    Your coaches have already seen everything they need to. No need for in-game adjustments. Our O is so predictable/uncreative, that your boys have got to be foaming at the mouth already. 38-3.
  10. HiCountryCowboy

    Fire Vigen (I really mean it)

    F'ing mind boggling that what we're seeing isn't DFL! There are no words.
  11. HiCountryCowboy

    wyoming @ hawaii

    Is it just me or does it look really humid out there?
  12. HiCountryCowboy

    OT: A true American sports hero

    It’s a mans game and he’s winning.
  13. HiCountryCowboy

    good lord, just shut the sport down for a year or two ...

    They're cold blooded mother+++++ers! Special place down south in their future. I'm done now
  14. HiCountryCowboy

    wyoming @ hawaii

    Amazing synopsis. Other than that we are offensively dialed, though!