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  1. If so, only because the POS politicians/bureaucrats are mis-appropriating (to their own bank accounts?) the money.
  2. You are right on in my mind - they should pay taxes just like I/we do or be subjected to an equitable amateur athletics system. That said, Congress +++++s up everything it touches. We'd all be better off with a lot less D.C.
  3. If anyone could come close to matching Winston’s INT count, I’d be Rivers. Too bad, he was sneaky solid for such a long time, but man did he fall fast. I think he’s done.
  4. I do when it’s not helmet to helmet. That guy was on the shoulder of the receiver. It’s a mans game being played at an extremely high rate of speed. Too bad for that kid. Had to do a walk of shame with a camera in his face all the way back too. TV has no f’ing shame.
  5. Uhh, yeah. A suitcase of ‘Stones is what you learn in high school.
  6. My Pokes seem content with it, and have a larger sample set to boot.
  7. That blocking effort might warrant a cut in the offseason - really bad, especially in that situation. JA did more than enough to enable a playoff win on the road, but that was a total team meltdown. I’d say year 2 was an major improvement for him and year 3 will bring some playoff win(s).
  8. GA St’s speed is insane. Might make a lot of teams look slower. 53,000 students (think their commercial states this number) and being in Atlanta gives them a good pool to pick from.
  9. Not have his players almost sweep the rest of the awards. Guarantee that was a consideration (and he probably would have it that way too if he had to pick).
  10. The way I see it, they did our oc a favor from having to dig deep into his bag of tricks one last time to find that special dive to the A gap that apparently (exclusively) defines the program. With two minutes left, that +++++er would've subbed the qb for each of the three plays he would've gotten around to getting off before time expired.
  11. If you were a decent HS WR, would you commit to this offense? How many seemingly good ones have left in past few years?
  12. Wrap your head around - at home. Not feeling good about an actual invite. I guess if NV loses it could be a lock. Nothing like pissing down your leg on an extremely promising start/season.
  13. Bohl calling to’s right now? Classic! +++++ you too!!!