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  1. Airport Gear - Munich/Venice

    Didn't hit Lake Como, but did go to Cortina D'Ampezzo. Pretty #superiorlifestyle there too, but still no dodge truck symbols. Prego for for the investigation and consulting provided in original post!
  2. Airport Gear - Munich/Venice

    Sparse due to environment, but saw one each of Duke, OR State, OK State, and Y. All fit stereotype appearances perfectly (y fan appeared extremely old-man-dorkish). Been asking around and no one seems to know about lambs. Much work to do. Sports Info should blast a tweet across pond with pic of new stadium and send all the unused championship T-shirt’s/hats.
  3. Wilton Speight to UW

    Just not Smith. Has been painful to watch.
  4. Can the WAC survive Gonzaga leaving the WCC?

    WAC already died in 96 when they went to 16 and/or in 98 when the Pappy members bailed. Just another acronym now.
  5. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    No doubt, but this is really sweet for Josh and the program. This pub has done way more than almost any bowl win (that any MWC team could get to) would’ve gotten us. Josh’s abilities will be showcased but so will the campus, athletic facilities, and “All-American Laradise” in general. There are so many power brokers in the game in Laramie right now it’s crazy. Think of what an opportunity it is for the skill guys that will be running routes and the other future prospects too (Wingard, Wilson, Granderson). Fun to watch for sure.
  6. OT - Boise fastest growing city in the country

    Do everything you can to keep them away. The mountains within 2-3 hours of Denver are +++++ing horrendous (and literally getting worse by the minute). If I lived in Idaho, I'd be so pissed at these publications advertising it's greatness to every central and eastern time zone dweller (and cough, cough Californian).
  7. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Josh on Drudge Report right now! Linked Story
  8. OT - Boise fastest growing city in the country

    I can't stand humanity either
  9. Is this Eustachy's last year at CSU?

    What do you think they’ll do with all the leftover shirts?
  10. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Crazy that there is such a range of opinion. Listening to Denver sports radio this week (which I never do other than to hear about JA this week) you would think he was going to be undrafted altogether. They love them some Baker Mayfield, though. Hope he lands in a good spot to put together a nice career - he did WYO solid!
  11. ESPN Way Too Early Top 25

    +++++ing espn! +++++ing CFB!
  12. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    First team to 14 wins! edit: apparently I wasn't watching live
  13. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    Sweet win! Beat down of the biggest douche program of the decade!
  14. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    Some of the worst coaching (and player execution) I've ever seen. Bullet meet foot. Wow! edit: Forgot about this years sjsu vs. Wyo game. Was trying to repress that ?
  15. Selection Sunday

    Book it. Wasn't tosu a similar benefactor (like Alabama this year) when they won their last natty? Pretty sure the didn't play in b1g champ game. It's all bullshit!