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  1. Can’t quite make out the engraved score on the plaque (old eyes, I guess). What does that say?
  2. Just win it and deal with the outrage later (you’ll be/finish top 20).
  3. He just got extended, but might be time for Bohl and his bush league staff to take their “talents” back to D1AA. This is year 7 of the project and that was as pathetic as anything I’ve ever seen.
  4. Plus, it’s got a kick stand. Not something a person older than 8 needs on a bicycle.
  5. The ‘Boys had their shot...and stepped all over their dicks. I want to watch them as much as anybody, but csu owes us nothing. Also, pretty certain cu would’ve boat raced us with what I’ve seen so far this season.
  6. The only question I have is how many people are watching Tulsa’s game?
  7. Those could’ve been the official csu team colors for that game. Haven’t seen them in black or brown (yet). Green, gold, orange, white, red, blue, grey have been adopted though. Oh never mind, those are our fans of course.
  8. Your coaches have already seen everything they need to. No need for in-game adjustments. Our O is so predictable/uncreative, that your boys have got to be foaming at the mouth already. 38-3.
  9. F'ing mind boggling that what we're seeing isn't DFL! There are no words.
  10. Is it just me or does it look really humid out there?
  11. They're cold blooded mother+++++ers! Special place down south in their future. I'm done now
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