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  1. High school coaches will be frothing at the mouth to stop this high school offense. You’ll pull an Idaho and keep it close.
  2. Said no other cu fan ever - think they’re too elite for the rest of us. CU couldn’t handle a weekly MWC schedule. Facts.
  3. For those that don’t know first-hand, our resident buff fan is not really normal. While he is annoying, he is not the typical entitled douche you encounter in Boulder. They’re (particularly the students) an incorrigible bunch. Pulling hard for the Falcons tomorrow! Here’s to AFA owning the state tomorrow and to UW owning it the balance of the year!
  4. Only place more hot and humid than that field is Boise’s IPF!
  5. But what were the ratings? We’ve been told that’s what makes college football so great.
  6. No wonder he played hs ball in Vegas, he had to overcompensate for his tiny hands. Single handedly cost them the game.
  7. Who the +++++ goes out and seeks other conference's fans to bounce marketing slogans off of them? Or, discusses how many people are predicted to watch a game on tv? Big world out there - homeboy should get out of the basement.
  8. #21 at Safety, Smoke Monday
  9. Seems like Arnold could be a force at DT. I like that he was a high profile wrestler in NE.
  10. I wish people would just keep flying over the Mountain Time Zone entirely. No vacancies anywhere!