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  1. ESPN Way Too Early Top 25

    +++++ing espn! +++++ing CFB!
  2. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    First team to 14 wins! edit: apparently I wasn't watching live
  3. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    Sweet win! Beat down of the biggest douche program of the decade!
  4. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    Some of the worst coaching (and player execution) I've ever seen. Bullet meet foot. Wow! edit: Forgot about this years sjsu vs. Wyo game. Was trying to repress that 😃
  5. Selection Sunday

    Book it. Wasn't tosu a similar benefactor (like Alabama this year) when they won their last natty? Pretty sure the didn't play in b1g champ game. It's all bullshit!
  6. Selection Sunday

    NASCAR ratings sure to nosedive. This year's playoff thingy is a southern redneck's wet dream!
  7. Selection Sunday

    No b1g or p10 in the Rose Bowl! There will be a reckoning of epic proportions. Those red sport coat types will not tolerate such a kick in the nads of tradition
  8. Cal Bears Begged UNLV To Play In New Stadium

    Weird sentence.
  9. Bielma out at Ark

    I might guess he was fired for apparently clearing out the training table prior to his players getting a chance. Nom noms!
  10. Gear Update - BSU Baseball

    Henry Rollins has 5 identical brothers? Mind. Blown.
  11. Why isn’t Wyoming in the Big Sky?

    Probably cause Hawaii can't afford anymore guaranteed 1AA losses
  12. "College Football isnt as fun as it used to be because __________"

    e.g. MWC champ vs #6 (or whatever) P12 - not a good look for the have-nots. As for the 5-7 and 6-6 teams, gooooo average! Now here's a ribbon and 4 hours of commercials. Have you ever eaten at Beef O'Brady's? Use Taxslayer! San Diego County Credit Unions welcome you (look at my neat colored sport coat)! You're still right, though, I (we) can choose to watch or not when it suits me (us). Just doesn't really suit me sans some MWC games anymore.
  13. "College Football isnt as fun as it used to be because __________"

    New Years Day used to be the holy grail for a cfb fan. Remember having to make decisions on which games you wanted to watch (or get up and turn the dial every so often, haha)? Now they got 40ish bowl games spread across a month to enable maximum commercialization. What a +++++ing joke!
  14. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    What the hell is going on here? The majority of posts are from some bizarro world - lotta sandbagging. Chingasos!
  15. OT: Still More Layoffs @ ESPN

    I would like to see the eastern spolitics propaganda machine go tits up altogether.