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  1. Not sure if Ben Howland would have faired much better at UNLV
  2. Kentucky's next coach will likely be Mark Pope per multiple sources
  3. The fact is very few programs can touch what Gonzaga has done over the past 25+ years. Not sure why people hate Gonzaga so much but it is what it is.
  4. 9 straight Sweet 16s, multiple final fours...how many programs can lay claim to that?
  5. UConn became a blue blood under Calhoun but people never accepted them because they were deemed an "outsider." Same with Gonzaga. Some people just can't accept change
  6. Ask any someone who has legit ties to basketball and they will tell you John Welch has a good mind for the game.
  7. Apparently, Matt Jones is reporting Calipari is trying to find a way to stay. Had a feeling this was a power play.
  8. Oh wow, that's a big hire. He was an assistant under Tarkanian too.
  9. Arkansas making a push for Calipari. Is Cal trying to get more money out of Kentucky?
  10. I think the hype around him is a little too much, but hopefully it works out
  11. He's done a pretty good job at Winthrop and Charleston. Solid hire I would say
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