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  1. It's certainly a marquee game with upset potential. Depends on who shows up that night.
  2. The higher they are, the harder they fall
  3. That was awesome to watch. Hopefully we can keep this going against UNR.
  4. Coleman has UNLV's first triple double since Mark Dickel in 1999. Fitting because this team reminds me a lot of Bayno's teams in terms of scrappiness and spirit, just with a better coach.
  5. Great hire for Wazzu, but a big loss for the Warriors. Hopefully they can find a good continuity candidate.
  6. Very nice win. This team has heart.
  7. https://www.twitter.com/stevecofield/status/1212625257070125056
  8. The way this team is playing reminds me of some of Bayno's teams in terms of how hard they are working despite being under-equipped. This is great to see after some of those earlier goose eggs.
  9. Wow, this team is actually playing well.
  10. That missed BYU field goal reminds me of the field goal Boise State missed against UNR. Very close call
  11. Bowl game victory over BYU on Christmas Eve in Hawai'i. Couldn't be sweeter
  12. Wow, what a touchdown drive!
  13. Merry Christmas everyone! I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow...
  14. The Hawai'i Christmas magic out in full force already