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  1. Premier League rights coming up as well. I think NBC will renew with them, but keep an eye on Paramount Plus/CBS as well. La Liga could be leaving BeIN for CBS or ESPN+.
  2. It seems KK definitely prefers athletic players that can play across the court. He hinted at this in his interviews more or less.
  3. I guess we'll see. I get the feeling Lloyd is having second thoughts based on some of the stuff the 247 AZ guy is hinting at but it's hard to say for sure. Also, I noticed you were on the GU Boards. You should tell the mods there to check the new user queue and approve new accounts.
  4. Didnd't they post it a few days ago?
  5. Nah, he's leaving because he knows this program is in a bad spot. I know people want CKK to succeed but there's no denying he's starting from scratch and isn't a proven miracle worker.
  6. My sources are telling me Arizona will hire Steve Alford and he will have an all-star assistant lineup that includes Ron Holmes, Lavar Ball, and Will Wade. More soon.
  7. Mark Few is going to retire before he is 70. I wouldn't be surprised if it is within the next 5 years or so.
  8. Odd that white domestic players never got any nicknames despite their shitty play. Woodbury comes to mind.
  9. And the dumb bell one as well. Both were in bad taste...and other fans used similar jokes on Rebel-Net.
  10. The amount of dumb takes in this thread is mindblowing
  11. Baylor shot nearly 60% from three, and could have gone undefeated if it wasn't for the COVID-19 pause. Bad take.
  12. Let me know when Hawai'i makes the NCAA tournament again
  13. Next year could be a good window of opportunity for them
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