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  1. Not sure what this is about, but sure
  2. Not sure if the PAC-12 will collapse as some people think, but who knows.
  3. Who? In all seriousness, I think SDSU would be a good option but there is a ton of potential in Boise and UNLV that would be valuable.
  4. PAC-12 would be smart to take UNLV and Boise.
  5. Which is why I said "force him out"....
  6. So how quickly will they try to force Alford out?
  7. If police take sexual assault investigations seriously, why the backlog? The fact is there is a cultural problem with most police departments across the country, and sexual assault probably isn't taken as seriously as a result. Why this happens is probably up for debate, but it's very clear sexual assault cases aren't treated in the same manner as murder or child abuse, especially on college campuses. There are great pieces of journalism and research out there on this subject, I've already linked a few of them. Here's another one - America’s Largest Police Department Is Neglecting Rape Cases - The Appeal
  8. Putting a lot of faith into police departments them, especially considering how often they go out of their way to protect college athletes from legal liabilities. Outside the Lines: College athletes at major programs benefit from confluence of factors to sometimes avoid criminal charges (espn.com) Student-athletes and crime: Punishment or a slap on the wrist? | Signpost (mywebermedia.com)
  9. The cases that do get reported often do not make it through the system, or get held up somewhere. This is widely recorded. For example, there is a mass backlog of rape kits across the country that are either never sent for testing or used for other purposes, such as DNA testing for criminal cases unrelated to the original purpose of the kit. Addressing the Rape Kit Backlog | RAINN
  10. The police are notoriously bad when it comes to investigating rape cases. The statistics behind them are shocking. Read more here. I wouldn't put much faith into the police here, especially when it comes to big times college athletes. We all know how the "good ole' boys" club operates.
  11. How many spots do we need to fill now?
  12. Malachi Smith is heading to Gonzaga. That team is loaded. Might be Few's deepest squad yet.
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