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  1. I'm not going to judge TJO by this year, but if we continue to lose to teams like Texas State next year, I'm going to say DRF made one of the dumbest decisions of all time in firing Menzies.
  2. 1) Boise 2) Air Force 3) Utah State 4) San Diego State 5) Hawai'i 6) Wyoming 7) UNR 8) Fresno State 9) San Jose State 10) Colorado State 11) New Mexico 12) UNLV
  3. Yeah, he also had Jonathan Kuminga (related to Ntwambe) in his sights. Patrick Baldwin Jr was also a possibility I believe.
  4. Ethan Anderson and Trey Woodbury are playing well this year. Pierre-Louis ended up being a 4-star recruit but hasn't really gotten going yet. Did Menzies have any other recruits coming in besides Anderson and Pierre-Louis? Can't remember. I really think Menzies could have done better this year, with a loaded 2021 class on the horizon.
  5. Amauri Hardy reminds me of a mix between Wink Adams and Marcus Banks.
  6. I like the line-up with four guards and Shibel at the 5. Should be used more often.
  7. That's one if the reasons but not a major factor. If we had a better health system this wouldn't be an issue
  8. Suicide rates are on the rise in this country for several reasons and none of them have to do with religion or stability. It is really a mental health crisis fueled by huge social and economic inequalities and a lack of access to affordable and effective mental health treatment.
  9. Menzies could have had a decent team this year. His 2021 class was looking to be real promising with Hardy's brother and Kuminga as potential recruits. Oh well
  10. Hopefully the fans are prepared to wait 4-5 years because that's how long it will take for TJO to get this thing going. Menzies had a jumpstart with the 2017 class but TJO won't get anything like that I bet.
  11. The Menzies roster was probably worse, but yeah