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  1. I don't know. I also like the Panthers and I think their current uniforms need an update.
  2. We worship at the altar of capitalism to the point we are willing to throw the university system under the bus without asking why and how universities of charging so much money. Hint: It has nothing to do with the "free market"....
  3. It's supposed to represent the horn of a ram I think? Hence the off-white color
  4. I like them. I also liked the previous Browns uniforms and I love the current Seattle uniforms. The NFL should embrace multiple helmets and more modern uniform designs like college football. Tradition is great, but sometimes seeing the same uniforms year after year is boring.
  5. New Zealand and South Korea handled this much better than we did. Same with Germany (Bundesliga). Don't hold your breath.
  6. Show me where in the constitution that would challenge anything Oregon is doing right now.
  7. I think for most places, attempts at re-opening anytime before July/August will backfire. It's very clear that cases are still at a plateau nationally, and that very few places like New York are actually seeing some sort of acceptable decline in cases. Even with a decline, that doesn't mean the coast is clear for them. Places like Florida and South Dakota are obviously withholding key data for partisan purposes. If we are lucky, things could start crawling back around August, but that doesn't mean we'll see sporting events or entertainment events, nor should we. People are too unpatient to understand this, unfortunately.
  8. America is truly unique because we have people like you who believe public health measures such as face masks, social distancing, and measured, evidenced-based approaches to economic "re-opening" are draconian power grabs. For the rest of the world, these types of citizens are less common. For example, in Japan, these measures would seem totally mild and almost something out of daily life. Too bad Americans are sort obsessed with individualism and creature comforts that we can't accept common sense measures for solidarity.