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  1. Jeff Borzello on Twitter: "According to Elias, Gonzaga is the first team to open its season with 11 straight games scoring 85 points or more since Loyola Marymount in 1990-91. (H/t @ESPNStatsInfo)" / Twitter
  2. Gonzaga taking BYU to the woodshed.
  3. A slap on the wrist wouldn't surprise me with the way our "justice" system works. But he won't be playing for us and he shouldn't.
  4. A bit OT...but how in the hell did Miss State get a bowl game?
  5. I don't see a way out of this. I'm not a lawyer but unless there is something miracously wrong, he's done.
  6. Wow, this is terrible. I had a very close friend get in a DUI wreck about two years ago. Got a few people badly injured. He's very fortunate he didn't kill anyone. Don't drink and drive. Hell, don't drink at all. Alcohol is a carcinogen.
  7. Gonzaga is going to run roughshod over the WCC. Guaranteed. Also, they are apparently the favorites to land Hunter Sallis next year.
  8. They are probably adding a lot of guys next year. Gonzaga always reloads. Chet Holmgren is probably a Gonzaga player.
  9. Gonzaga will likely go undefeated in the regular season unless something strange happens
  10. Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy Birthday to me.
  11. They should really call the season off. Sorry.
  12. (16) NCAAF 2003 Hawaii Bowl - Hawaii vs Houston - YouTube Is it just me or can we not embed YouTube videos now?
  13. Just get rid of this dumb bowl game system and implement a 16 or 24-team playoff system. If boomers really want their bowl games, assign bowl games at random to playoff games each year so teams can earn "awards" as they progress through the tournament or something. The talent gap in college football between teams like Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, ND, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and the rest of the field is enornmous because recruits choose the contenders for the 4 playoff teams. If you expand the field, things will become more even hopefully. I doubt this will happen though. This level of disp
  14. Congrats SJSU. Jolly good show!
  15. The refs tried to stop SJSU but failed.
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