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  1. Amazon cuts the list to 20 HQ2 finalists

    If they move to DC, the city will become all but inhabitable. Cost of living would be worse than San Francisco.
  2. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Menzies needs to be fired at the end of the season. We need a fresh start. Clean the entire house.
  3. New Mexico at UNLV

    How embarrassing. Why did Menzies pass on calling a timeout there?
  4. UNLV recruiting

    Any relation to Bruce Jones?
  5. Utah State at UNLV

    True. George Karl was knocking again and TKM went with Menzies. Good grief.
  6. Utah State at UNLV

    I wouldn't mind if Menzies got fired this season if the record is close to or below 500.
  7. Utah State at UNLV

    He should be
  8. Utah State at UNLV

    Utterly embarrassing. This team doesn't have a clue.
  9. Utah State at UNLV

    Shut the +++++ up.
  10. Utah State at UNLV

    These players don't give a shit.
  11. Boise State at UNLV

    Yeah, I guess I should say Juice deserves credit for trying. McCoy seems lifeless.
  12. Boise State at UNLV

    Brandon McCoy doesn't give a shit it seems. He's a smart, bright kid but he needs to find his passion for the court again. Same can be said for everyone else I guess. Not sure what's wrong beyond the idea of them thinking the MWC will be easy.
  13. Boise State at UNLV

    I remember Yellowsubmachinegun from Rebel-Net saying how UNLV attracts big name recruits only because they think the MWC will be easy peasey. I think he was right. These guys don't look interested at all.
  14. Boise State at UNLV

    I thought it was just me...
  15. Boise State at UNLV