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  1. Rebels2k3

    rice @ hawaii

    Not sure if I can catch the game tonight but I'll be pulling for you guys!
  2. Rebels2k3

    can we get kicked out of the mountain west

    Only if we can kick out UNR and Fresno too.
  3. Rebels2k3

    Week 1 gifs

    Hawai'i: UNLV: UNR:
  4. Rebels2k3

    Is BYU back?

    It feels like their quarterback has been around since like 2009 or something.
  5. Rebels2k3

    Rank um week 1

    So far, things look really interesting and exciting. The high scoring games remind me a mini-Big 12 and/or the 2000s WAC as someone else pointed out. Best team so far appears to be Hawai'i or Boise....just like the good ole' days.
  6. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Nice and great game Warriors! The RNS is officially back. Can't wait for the next game.
  7. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Didn't Rolovich say he was going to stick to the RNS this year?
  8. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    I could watch these highlights all night....
  9. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Rolovich is like June Junes with John Jenkins' balls. Hawai'i is going to have a high PPG average this season.
  10. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Seeing Hawai'i roll in these late night games always feels right, and brings back a ton of memories.
  11. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Wow, I'm getting flashbacks to the Colt Brennan and Timmy Chang days with that throw.
  12. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    I was waiting for that.
  13. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

  14. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Damn. Beautiful.
  15. Rebels2k3

    navy @ hawaii

    Warriors rollin'