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  1. Finished Fallout on Prime last night and loved it. I've played fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 though. However, my girlfriend (who has no interest in video games) also really enjoyed it.
  2. The new TV show comes out today and sounds good and is a really interesting add on story to the fallout universe.
  3. Wtf is wrong with this country? Why are so many so insistent on going back in time? Every known civilization in history that has advanced discarded the past and progressed forward.
  4. 2008 @utenation is chiseled in lore. I only lurked back then, but he definitely had a bigger 'personality' at that time. The Utah - BYU rivalries were next level back then.
  5. In general Islay scotch (lagavulin 16) will be more peaty and amazing to sip in colder weather. Speyside scotch is milder and next level while sipping on a balcony in late spring or the summer.
  6. Haven't played anything new lately. Been playing Monter Hunter Rise lately because it was on sale and am really enjoying it. Otherwise, just wanted to bump this thread, because the drama threads are becoming unbearable. Needing more fun threads like the vice, photo, and video game threads
  7. Some of you guys have way too much time on your hands (I guess I do too by reading this bs...). Leave Bob alone, he'll post when he's free and wants to.
  8. Rooftop shot from a brewery across from Sloan's Lake. Sheridan Boulevard.
  9. Ya I was reading up on that after I posted that question. Also, apparently one of the producers was poisoned to death too by his lawyer or something.
  10. Is this the same as three-body on Amazon prime?
  11. No worries, it's still kinda fluid depending on job offers and the immigration process. I have a big interview tomorrow. If everything goes accordingly to plan we want to be there this August. However, we want to spend 3 months in SE Asia before, so planning on leaving the US beginning of May. I'm a really slow scotch drinker, a bottle usually lasts me 6-12+ months lol.
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