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  1. It seems like theoretically COVID can increase DM risk but right now I don't really see any evidence showing it's clinically significant. Just like statins can also increase DM risk, but it's so small and the benefit from them is so high. Still, i highly recommend taking every precaution to not contract COVID if you can (get vaccinated).
  2. I see this question similar to "what car to buy for a gift?" Definitely depends on financial situation. Ie some kids would love that civic type r, some want the challenger, and some get that 911. Definitely need more information about the history, financial lvl, and reasons for buying them a watch for graduation.
  3. One of my favorite ppl. He's already ridden across all of Iceland, and now he rides across Antarctica every summer (winter?). Awesome guy for sure. He's never owned a car.
  4. Took this one today. Hiked to the top of the falls here in Portland and thought the lighting was good. Love photography and the stories. Keep em coming!
  5. Here's some of my favorites over the years: New Zealand Lake Pukaki India Munnar tea fields Myanmar Fisherman Inle Lake Myanmar bus in Bagan Maui Andaz sunset Brazil Maracanã during World Cup
  6. Thanks! Actually, just a Pixel XL 4, sometimes with Lightroom . Definitely still very amateur.
  7. Great pics! I'm definitely an amateur but love trying different lighting, apature, shutter speed stuff. Here's a few from the last month
  8. Right. And it also depends on the definition of millionaire. 1 million in a 401k vs 1 million in a Roth IRA. Liquid vs potential. Etc.
  9. Every base will do that i imagine. Just look at the BMW crowd with those new front grills (that i understand though, lol). Even though the 911 has barely changed over the generations, everyone went crazy when they switched from the air cooled to water cooled engines. Humans hate change.
  10. Dude. It was Donald Trump's doctor... "The former White House doctor who gave a glowing report in 2018 about then-President Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities is calling on President Joe Biden to take the same test."
  11. Happy father's day to u old guys with kids!
  12. Heh no worries man! Ill drink a good dark beer in the summer too, but my gf makes fun of me all the time for it so it's affected me, lol
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