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  1. So actually looks like if you could somehow get sickle cell anemia or leukemia you have a better chance... https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/priapism/symptoms-causes/syc-20352005
  2. Had an early 30s pt come in today for some sildenafil and during conversation I asked him what breweries he likes around here and what he drives. Doesnt go to breweries, likes Coors light and drives a Honda Accord. Beer was way off but Honda is Japanese and kinda close to Subaru, right?
  3. Found some awesome breweries out here, Crooked Stave and TRVE with amazing sours. Getting into them too.
  4. Im in my 30s, I love IPAs, and I own a Legacy GT. Luckily I'm in the 50% that doesn't need a PDE5 inhibitor, whew
  5. Stealthlobo


    We moved into downtown Denver last fall and absolutely love it! Thinking of buying after our lease ends. Haven't been to ft Collins yet, but work a lot in Lafayette and Longmont. Also some in Westminster and Brighton. Not my cup of tea in those spots.
  6. Stealthlobo

    Boise wins gold!

    How does the World Beer Cup compare to GABF? Recently moved to Denver and all I've heard about is the latter. Anyways, definitely need to keep an eye out for that Boise Brewery.
  7. Stealthlobo


    That's it! Stayed at that hotel with the fake beach.
  8. Stealthlobo


    West to one of the other Antilles a few back - Curacao. Absolutely loved it.
  9. I don't have the expertise in the area as I do in others, but the main argument I'm showing is posters using peer reviewed primary literature vs other using opinion pieces that "speak" of stats but don't actually provide the methods of achieving those statistics. Usually .gov or .edu links will be a higher level of information than .com or .net sites.
  10. Stealthlobo

    Andres Iniesta

    Not sure how many on this board follow soccer and I do know quite a few make fun of the sport, but an absolute legend and and amazing person just announced retiring from Barcelona. I wish him luck in future endeavors. http://www.espn.com/soccer/club/barcelona/83/blog/post/3473770/andres-iniesta-leaving-barcelona-on-his-terms-championed-bravery-over-bravado
  11. Stealthlobo

    New Mexico peeps

    Was in ABQ last weekend, man the food is the best. Got a combo of frontier carne adovada, cocina azul enchiladas, and mom's cooking Also hit up the new marble tap House on the west side. Really enjoyed it
  12. Stealthlobo

    Tell about your upcoming trips/vacations

    See a Barcelona game at the camp nou when Messi is playing
  13. Stealthlobo

    Tell about your upcoming trips/vacations

    Definitely! We are very excited, neither one of us have been there