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  1. Benadryl (oral) and calamine. Black widow venom can be cardiotoxic though, so mention it to ur PCP as you get older. It's not necrotoxic fortunately (like a brown recluse) so no reason for urgent medical care.
  2. That's a bit much for me ( on my third glass of Pinot). But if we as a species don't even know how our own brains completely work, how can we trust our knowledge of the universe? Especially it's relationship to math as we know it? How much of "reality" are we actually missing due to biological incompetence? Maybe this supports your argument, but too heavy for me right now lol
  3. Gotta admit, I had some Police/Puff Daddy vibes going on right there. Looking at life vs the universe in perspective definitely helps me personally put the day to day worries away. We only have one life, enjoy it.
  4. Willamette Valley has my favorite Pinot Noirs. This one was pretty good, but I've definitely had better from there. And an amazing Sauvy-B from Marlborough:
  5. Same here, I was a manager for a bit and hated it. Harder to get time off, had to take calls and work on logistics stuff on my days off. My time off is just as valuable to me as my paycheck is.
  6. I'm all about this. I work to live. I DO NOT live to work. I'll work an extra shift to make extra cash to then use to live my life. Travel, eat new foods at new restaurants, see new forms of entertainment, (maybe a new watch...),etc.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_red_paperclip Honestly sounds like a waste of time to me. The point of making money is also spending it along the way. Why waste 3-5 years of your life trying to make another million dollars if you could be spending the million you already have seeing the world, going on adventures, and living your best life?
  8. +++++ that shit.... Glad ur alright. I almost got my foot chopped off, but my buddy was smart enough to throw the transmission into neutral when I fell off the boat (doing titanic shit). Girl earlier that summer at the butte got run over and the propeller gutted her, spilling her in intestines out.
  9. My worst event was falling off and getting run over by a speed boat at elephant Butte. Propeller caught my left foot. Got some oxycodone IR to get me through that bit. I've heard total knee replacement is a bitch though.
  10. Acute therapy still has a bunch of hoops to jump through. And now with the new DEA directive that happened last week, it makes it a lot more annoying to get a Rx sent.
  11. Lately I feel it's getting better for chronic pain patients. I've been given a lot more freedom to use my "professional judgment" in dispensing opiates. I also hardly see "candy doctors" anymore. A lot of those have been weeded out especially in more urban areas. The bigger issue we're seeing now is amphetamines prescribed like crazy through telehealth without any physical encounter. Cerebral I think is already pretty much shut down though so we'll see.
  12. Seems like it's happening pretty bad in Europe too. We just finished purchasing all our hotels and flights there and the Euro price is pretty much the same as USD. In the past it's always been worth quite a bit more.
  13. I thought Fort Morgan was your favorite spot
  14. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/37604472/the-bombing-of-kahoolawe-went-on-for-decades-clean-up-will-take-generations/
  15. I am more of a mountain person myself but it's rediculous how beautiful the Hawaii beaches are compared to others in the world. I've been to 7 countries in the Caribbean, Thailand, the Philippines, and many other beautiful spots. They may have a pretty spot here or there, but none compare to the Hawaiian beaches as a whole. They are so clean and preserved compared to others. They definitely need to be seen.
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