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  1. Exactly. You can make statistics say anything. Each team will use the exact same data to make the stats say they are helping the country/world and the other team is hurting it. It's tiresome.
  2. Out go to right now is Blue Pan Detroit style pizza. Pepperoni, sausage, garlic, red sauce, and ricotta:
  3. Of places I visited, I would do Brazil (Floripa) or New Zealand.
  4. How do they decide which prayers to do? I was raised Catholic and they would be very upset with having to pray a Methodist prayer. My gf was raised Mormon and her family would freak out if they had to perform the sign of the cross. I don't know much about other Protestant religions but I can imagine they wouldn't take kindly in having to pray the "Hail Mary".
  5. So glad my college buddy became a financial advisor, been investing early and often and hopefully can retire at 45...
  6. I have two friends who are molecular biologists for a subsidiary company of pfizer who are trying to cure types of cancers. I can guarantee who they aren't trying to make ppl sick...
  7. Jealous, u in Reno? Beeing snowing and cloudy in Denver but heading to the mountains this weekend to hopefully see some less cloudy skies.
  8. My biggest nerd moment was seeing the southern Cross last spring in new Zealand. Loved Orion in the winter, big and small Dipper with Polaris in Cub scouts when I was a kid. But seeing the southern Cross in a perfect cloudless sky was amazing...
  9. Avengers (all of them): super heros and their powers just don't exist in a world governed by physics, chemistry, and biology.
  10. Save up for the new Porsche taycan! :Drool:
  11. I have a few highly religious family members who are always very pro-republican due to just the abortion issue. But I've definitely seen them shy away from Trump lately.
  12. I kinda agree with this. Ive decided the "blind men with the elephant" is my truth. Every religion sees some of the truth but put them together is the full truth. And pretty every major religion (Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, LDS, etc) has a similar theme: Don'tbe a jerk. Treat people with respect and be nice. Boom.
  13. People need to think before they act. Just like the teachers who dressed up as a border wall for Halloween, they probably weren't racist, but many people are going to immediately judge them as so. Same with that new white power symbol, most people are probably just messing around, but they need to think first! Is it worth being investigated or mis-labeled racist for it? I guess it's possible they could be true white power 4chan followers too though...
  14. Jealousy was probably the wrong word. But still some sort of "rivalry" emotion was involved
  15. What the announcer did was wrong and he apologized to the team for it and was suspended. This thread though seems to be started by a jealous Seahawks fan though...