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  1. Thanks! I'm absolutely in love with it! Ordered the bracelet too, but it's only available in Japan so it'll be awhile to come in.
  2. That dial is gorgeous! U need to take a sun pic!
  3. Well pulled the trigger! It's an absolute stunner in real life! Couldn't be happier.
  4. Uh... 3 inches is 3x too much. Should only be a 1" needle, maybe 1.5" if the pt is obese.
  5. 24 hours after the shot is when most ppl have side effects. I recommend pre-medicating with an NSAID (ibuprofen or naproxen) AND acetaminophen before your interview so you'll prevent feeling too bad during it.
  6. Thanks! I'm super excited about these 'cornerstone' watches. Thanks again for all the help and advice
  7. I'm definitely getting the watch bug! Damn this expensive hobby lol. Decided to pull the trigger on the skyflake. Gonna be picking it up tomorrow!
  8. Any watches announced today catch anyone's eye? I really like Tudor's New panda chrono, and the gold/green version of my watch looks sick!
  9. Paperwork is correct, it IS a different process than the out-dated normal process. I was referring to your statement that "we are all second phase guinea pigs" as being incorrect.
  10. Exactly. Today, the FDA still uses a very similar method to 70s/80s to test and approve a drug. We shouldn't be using such an archaic method anymore with all the advances in technology and research we've made.
  11. Completely agree. I'm really hoping that the fda approval of the Covod vaccines show how much more efficient the system could be when approving other new drugs.
  12. This is actually incorrect. The vaccine went through all phases of drug approval but was fast tracked because of the pandemic by allowing different phases to be performed at the same time instead of one after another. Manufacturing started before phase 3 was completed allowing for much quicker administering of the vaccine.
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