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  1. That's awesome. We had that same contrast when we lived on the Big Island. Good times.
  2. I've heard that as well and definitely going to try it eventually. Work and Life give me only certain opportunities to play games anymore (Thanks COVID! ;p). However, I actually got really into monster hunter world (japanese jurassic park, heh). And 'overall' I'd say the game is easier, but the hard parts are much more difficult than ds3. It does take awhile to get to the end game bosses, but definitely the most rewarding challenge I've ever had in gaming. And if u want to talk fluidity, gameplay is much more refined as well.
  3. Nice! In Breckenridge right now! Loving the snow.
  4. Finally tried my first 'souls' game a few weeks ago. It was Dark Souls 3. I now have 150 hours in it and absolutely love the challenge. Kicking myself for procrastinating so long to try it out.
  5. My buddy who's is also my financial advisor has a Breitling and absolutely loves it. All it seems he talks about and definitely pushing me towards one. Seem like amazing pieces.
  6. We are putting in much more intense allergic reaction protocols in place for the covid vaccine even though I'm pretty sure there is no evidence showing there is increased risk vs any other vaccine.
  7. It was just a random article on google that I'm taking with a grain of salt. Its just a starting point until I delve much deeper in. I'm definitely slowing it down and not rushing on an approx $5k purchase. Here's the article: https://hiconsumption.com/best-luxury-watch-brands/
  8. Reread what I typed, I never said he was racist. I was referring to his rant. It was the exact one my old tech (who IS racist) did on FB earlier yesterday.
  9. In pharmacy we call them "me too" drugs that are 'invented' to act very similar to what's already safe and proven for years just to grab a piece of the pie. I read an article recently about best 25 automatic watch brands, it's definitely biased and subjective, but it gave me a good foundation point. I LOVE the Tudor in pictures, but I definitely need to try it and others on before purchasing. I've had a curiosity in watches since college and I hope to get to yours and @NMpackalumlevel one day.
  10. Are u my old racist tech from Hawaii? Is this 30 y/o millionaire persona in WY just a catfish...?
  11. @TheSanDiegan Ive been getting a lot of adds lately from brands I've never heard of. Are they just a "me too" gimmicks or is there something to them. Examples include Zelos, Liv, Forge and Foster, and Egard to name a few.
  12. I think I need to look into this. I'm a bit confused. Even grey market sites have the watch for a couple hundred more than Tudor's and my local Rolex dealer's websites. Grey market: https://www.jomashop.com/tudor-watch-79030n-0001.html Local dealer: https://www.hydeparkjewelers.com/watches/watch-brands/tudor/tudor-black-bay/tudor-black-bay-fifty-eight-stainless-steel-steel-39mm-black-dial-watch-vpl14
  13. Heh, not married. Been with my GF for 10 years, but no plans to get married. I think I've settled on the silver one though once I try it on. It's 39mm vs 43mm for the bronze one. I like that old school look/size more.
  14. Heh, it's definitely a hot watch. I love the Rolex feel without the Rolex price.
  15. When I first graduated from school i was actually looking at an Oris! Love their styling! Youre making me doubt my decisions so far
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