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  1. It's actually one of the only only animated Disney movies I've never seen so Im excited for the live action one. Saw Lion King last night and I agree that I missed the greater range of emotion the animated one showed. Also I missed Ed.
  2. I hope so too... Was one of the best games I've ever played.
  3. At first I just thought "watever", that it was just another story in the bond universe with a different agent. But then I decided I agree with ppl that it should be a new moniker like 008 or 009 (006 will always be cemented as Sean Bean, RIP Alec...)
  4. Okay good to know. I read it through audiobooks too but don't travel as much so I'm going fairly slow. I'm excited to see the story from Moraine's POV in the show!
  5. I'm reading the WOT books too for the first time and enjoying them. Im in the middle of book 8 right now.
  6. My gf had it in Cebu. She says she didn't enjoy it much. Super tough and gamey aftertaste.
  7. Excellent. Body's immune system takes care of most issues. It's always good to "watchful wait" just to make sure.
  8. I'm still pretty sure he's a troll account: "look at me, look at me". Otherwise, if his posts are true, there are some very scary directions he can go into and needs help to stay away from...
  9. Thanks for the advice, but we've been together for 8 years, we're best friends. Plan on being together for the rest of our lives, but no plan on being married. And we stay in a spot for about 5 years, then have a new adventure in a new city
  10. I think so. Haven't really looked too closely at the law here, but moved to Denver a year and a half ago and everyone says we're in one.
  11. There's no real need to any more unless youre religious. Common law marriage is prevalent, don't need to worry about divorce BS if it doesn't work out, and it deceivingly gives you that feeling of extra freedom which actually feels good in a long term relationship.
  12. Definitely. And I feel for them too. Rich white ppl came in and bought property at way inflated prices causing property tax to sore and now their aunties and grandmother's who have lived there for generations have to move because they can't afford it.
  13. I only lived there for half a year, but is was the only direct racism against white ppl we witnessed. But we also lived on Maui for 6 years and I know how you said people are known more by actual nationality then general "Asian", but I felt like that caused more racism on Maui. The Filipinos and local Hawaiians didn't get along, the neighborhoods had to be blocked off so they wouldn't drive through each others neighborhoods which were side by side. The Koreans thought they were better than the other two groups. And all three ridiculed the Micronesians... There was definitely a lot of issues there.