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  1. We had a season in Maui a few years ago where we had like 2 deaths from 7 shark attacks including a guy in a kayak fishing who was "Jaws"ed.
  2. I agree its good not to believe everything you hear and do your own research to come to conclusions. And even though I agree the evidence isn't as straight forth as immunization benefits or other medical therapies, I still believe the limited data we have is more likely correct in the occurrence of climate change than not. Also, it seems to be better to be wrong that climate change isn't occuring than vice versa.
  3. Just tried a special edition lagavulin. Was similar to the 16 yr but more balanced with a tad bit more Sherry flavor. Anyone had before?
  4. Somber last couple nights of their trip, but hopefully they've had a good 3 weeks. Despite this rare occurrence, New Zealand is such an amazing country.
  5. Oh wow. I hope she still gets to enjoy herself traveling, but it's going be alot harder unfortunately for her.
  6. I'm currently in New Zealand (was actually in Christchurch 4 days ago) and everyone is shocked. Like others have said, this never happens here. Definitely a terrorist act against peaceful people during their worship.
  7. Ouch. Lol, it does get repetitive especially with retail basing everything on numbers. Spend most of my time double checking the techs work and spending time on the phone with prescribers about errors, drug drug interactions, or therapeutic changes. Also insurance companies...
  8. Pharmacy degrees are doctorates now and take an average of 8 years. Also the schools are very expensive now. Most of my interns have over $150k in debt and many as high as $250k. On top of that the market is severely saturated with most of these kids only getting part time or prn "as needed" positions (if any at all) right out of school. I highly recommend not going into pharmacy right now.
  9. That is exactly what soccer mom "Karen" would say about immunizations...
  10. I completely agree if you are referring to 120 peer - reviewed studies performed by experts in that given area vs "a bunch of studies" by soccer moms found in Facebook posts.
  11. I still don't understand how an original scientific theory proven factual has a political base. Next is one party gonna jump on anti-immunization? Anti-gmo? World is flat?
  12. Some airplane shots can be cool. Today flying into to Wellington:
  13. Nice pics. Got these two yesterday flying from Denver to LAX:
  14. Subnautica is one of the only games I've played that truly scared me. Some of those time when you go deep and have that intense music and hear a monster in the distance... Great game and atmosphere.
  15. The city I felt the most unease in (not direct danger) was Manilla. Rio de Janeiro had some questionable spots too, but it's still my favorite city. As long as you're aware and smart about things, you won't "get murdered".