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  1. Used to live in LoDo, it's pretty awesome, but LoHi is where it's at now!
  2. I completely agree with this. Anecdotal evidence, but my Mexican family members don't identify at all with my Spanish family members and vice versa. I even have witnessed straight ugly racism among them.
  3. Any delivery pizza we reheat, or if we have a frozen one from the store, we always add extra gc onto it. You just have to.
  4. If u want a computer for just social media, watching videos and listening to music, you can get one for around $500 or less, which is also much more reasonable for a phone. If ur spending over $1k on a computer it's gonna have a higher end graphics card, and processing power for gaming or video/graphics editing which a phone in the same price range definitely cannot do.
  5. The repair store near me will do it for $100. Definitely better than buying a new phone. Technology in phones now seem to be progressing a lot slower.
  6. Can u do this? These newer phones have no battery access and are all a bitch to take apart and put back together. If it's possible I'd jump on this in a sec. Maybe I'll do some research on it.
  7. And its rediculous how expensive they're getting as well. My pixel is on its last leg (or at least the battery is, phone still runs great) but I think I'm going to upgrade to the 3a instead of the 4 due to price. And on top of that maybe get a Black Friday deal or something...
  8. I'm not crazy liberal but just a quick look at your question I notice a slight problem. You are comparing a religion (where many of them are Americans) to Americans (many different religions including Muslim). It feels you were purposely trying to say Muslims can't truly be American.
  9. I had no idea, thanks for educating me!
  10. Bugatti is french, but I definitely agree. German sports cars are the way to go.
  11. You should make a variant of the "come on, do something" meme with Trump and his Twitter account.
  12. That's pretty incredible for "production" vehicle. Speaking of new automotive achievements, you see the premiere this morning of the new electric, tesla-competing, Porsche Taycan? I definitely want one...
  13. Unsure yet. My dad got for me when I was in Albuquerque, told me it's usually ~$120, bit Costco has it for $78, but right now it's $35 off so he bought it. I'm in the process of moving and working 8 open to close shifts in a row, so I'll probably try it in a week or so.
  14. Just found this scotch on sale for $43 at Costco. Anyone tried it before?
  15. My gf ate guinea pig while she was down there. She said it's quite good. She also said it was a little weird seeing them run around and playing before they cooked and ate them though.