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  1. I see this getting as bad as those entitled shoppers who bring their dogs everywhere for a "medical condition" and then they proceed to piss and shit in the carts.
  2. Colorado didn't ease restrictions that early. Yesterday was the first time in months I was able to have a beer on an outdoor patio at a brewery.
  3. Well then you're doing it right. I just see so many wearing 1 pair of gloves per day, shopping, touching their phones, etc. Thinking they are being safer.
  4. Unfortunately gloves have zero effectiveness unless they are changed out with every interaction/possible contamination which would be be like every 30 seconds. Its better just to wash your hands often .
  5. It is a perspective: subjective opinion, not clinical data. But they do have a valid point. Most of us wear them to make others feel more comfortable and to take away the anxiety by providing the "just in case" safety.
  6. Just cooked these bad boys the other day. It's not feasible to get them often, but I highly recommend trying them out for a special event or something:
  7. It's quite fascinating, psychologically, seeing family, friends, even some on this board, go from heavy conservatives to Trump worshippers. Not really caring as much on their previous core conservative values to blindly defending anything trump does. It is actually pretty scary/impressive how he has been able to get so many ppl to do that...
  8. I agree with his personal assessment. The data is all over the place, but most is showing the virus to be pretty damn contagious, so there is no real way to stop the spread only to slow it down. The lockdowns did what they needed to. They stopped the healthcare system from being overrun. Anecdotal, but my patient load got nuts for a awhile, but it's relaxed a ton recently. My gf in the ER has had similar experiences. If the numbers start jumping again, then maybe tighten some lockdowns in those higher risk counties. But I feel we did the correct thing at the beginning to prevent NY/Italy/Wuhan all over the country and we can now slowly open to address other areas of the population's health and wellness.