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  1. Photoshop with AI technology is going to be ridiculous. Won't be able to tell what's real or "photoshopped" anymore with minimal skills/effort:
  2. My main issue with Christianity is in my experience they are very quick to condemn and disrespect other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, and especially Islam which many I know put it right up there with satanism. Of course this is not all Christians, but when you see it in your everyday personal life often, it's easy to get turned off.
  3. Oh forsure. Even this article is saying it helping us narrow down options that scientist have already hypothesized, not come up with new options or ideas. AI will probably become self aware and destroy us before it solves our mysteries, but it's interesting to ponder.
  4. Reason I'm interested, is we still dont understand a lot of medicinal chemistry. A lot of chemical structures theoretically should have certain effects but clinically do something different or nothing at all. IE, lysergic acid (LSD) works mostly on 5-HT2a (type of serotonin receptor) but when we stimulate the receptor directly the same effects aren't produced. Same with chemical differences of ephedrine, methamphetamine, and methylenedioxy methamphetamine (ecstacy). Almost identical chemical structures with profound differences we don't completely understand. It would be really interesting if AI can teach us more in this field.
  5. This actually looks promising. Usually your updates are bad news, and I don't look forward to your updates, heh. I'm anningnon moving a good chunk from high risk to minimal risk for the next year and trying to time it correctly.
  6. That is fascinating. I'd love to read about the manufacturing and medicinal chemistry of these discovered chemicals.
  7. Don't do it... Ignorance is bliss. Accidentally got upgraded to first classs 5 years ago from Tokyo to Bangkok and now that's all I can fly. Did a 4 hour trip back and fort a couple weeks ago on southwest and it's torture to me now.
  8. Just got back a week ago from Belize. Spent time in San Pedro, placencia, and San Ignacio. Have fun!
  9. Sweet, I hope I love the fit. I'm now reading there have been more than usual issues with GS's new hi-beat movement watches, so that makes me cautious of the white birch.
  10. I'm hoping so. My skyflake is 41mm and is fine, but I'm reading the GMT is a "chunkier" 41mm (as opposed to a Omega speedmaster which is a slimmer 42mm).
  11. So I think dress watches are just not for me. Gonna trade in my sky flake for a white birch or mistflake. Prefer the GMT, but not sure if it's too big. Going to try them on together in the next week or so.
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