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  1. Heh, and my GF just bought me a 5 night trip to an all inclusive resort in Cozumel... Guess it's good to at least be aware and cautious.
  2. Alcohol is one of the few drugs with a "J" curve when it comes to mortality. Small amount decrease it (down part of j), but then as you drink more, death rate goes up
  3. Iowa Moms Take Action to Secure Kids Classrooms

    I have no idea how this would even be possible. How are they going to train my 60 yr old mother who is a 2nd grade teacher how to carry and use a firearm. And if she and others refuse do they automatically lose their jobs? Who is going to pay to train every single teacher? Do they hire less certified teachers who know how to use firearms and fire the better teachers who refuse to do the training and carry them?
  4. That seems really low to me. I get 292 hours of paid vacation a year in a retail setting. It's the main reason why I'm staying and not changing to clinical. We love going on our 6-8 week trips once a year and I can't see myself starting over at a new company with just a week or two of vacation .
  5. Sometimes I get tired of my job like we all do but threads like this help keep things in prospective. 60+ hours a week for some of you?? Damn, I work to live not live to work. Anything about 36 hours a week is a lot for me.
  6. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    From the Pats, LV. Go Eagles!
  7. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    Came to Vegas to meet some friends who know people who got is into some big private Superbowl party at the Paris. Super excited!
  8. Sounds very familiar to a lot of schizophrenic pts I deal with...
  9. How the "Poor" and the "Rich" Spend Their $

    I think is should be a required class in highschool and college about basic savings and investigating, good debt, bad debt, etc. When I first graduated I went out buying Louis xiii for my friends and bought a Porsche. Luckily for me my sister's boyfriend started working for an investment firm and I ended up using his boss as my financial advisor. A lot of people don't realize because they've never been taught how important it is to start investing young, they just see all these "things" they can now buy without realizing long term consequences.
  10. White Supremecists and Police

    Now this "swatting" incident in Kansas. Another innocent man dead due to a trigger happy police
  11. I’m Learning a Good but Unhealthy Lesson

    There is no such thing as adult onset autism.
  12. Audiobooks

    I started with audiobooks about a year ago and my road rage had dropped exponentially. Great distraction for easy commutes.
  13. Audiobooks

    Ya... I didn't really do much research beforehand. I just read he was a popular author and son grabbed a random audiobook out of the library. The while lore was confusing, but the characters were great! Makes me definitely want to start the series now
  14. I deal with the DEA often to help get candy doctors to lose their license. Help me often with explaining the law to stubborn prescribers. And the FDA greatly helps with providing clinical data that can be interpreted to show therapies that are BS or have benefit in certain clinical populations.