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  1. Why do people purposely go out of their way to look for ways to be offended and upset? Goes both ways.
  2. True, I could see how that could be. Wouldn't have bothered but this thread got me motivated. Didn't stop though, it was a drive by shot
  3. Got a shitty pic driving by this am. Lady was outside so had to be quick. Definitely the definition of white trash:
  4. One of my girlfriend's parents' neighbors has that same flag flying in their yard...
  5. Definitely going to make plans to see at game in Monterrey during the World Cup. The next time I am in North America will be in Mexico.
  6. If I'm drinking non-alcoholic, I go the hop water route too
  7. I think I remember seeing a YouTuber who makes squirrel mazes also busting an India scam center, so it definitely doesn't seem too difficult.
  8. I guess it's more the reminiscing people do and dwelling on the past, depressed in their current state instead of looking to improving their lives and their future. That's what I'm against. Even this thread refers to individuals talking about how things were better in the 60s.
  9. I think there are ppl meant to have kids and ppl who are not. If the opposite occurs, their life can be miserable and without satisfaction.
  10. Disagree with you there, but it's probably due to who we surround ourselves with. The miss wants kids less than me and is a full on adventurer. She's gotten me to take so many amazing risks and visit so many amazing countries. All our friends are similar: adventurers without kids. Our friends that do have kids have a great deal of envy towards us and in some cases animosity that caused friendships to dissipate a bit. Nostalgia is a bad word to me and maybe that's why I have zero regrets. I mostly only look forward to the next event or adventure life has to offer. Zero concern of what we leave behind and definitely don't want to be tied down to a family.
  11. Headed to T or C to soak in some hot springs.
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