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  1. Wtf. I wish I wouldn't have done that...
  2. I've had very positive interactions with the DEA during my career. All the agents I've ever dealt with have been super helpful and friendly. I worked with them in Hawaii to get 2 "candy" doctors' licenses lost. These type of prescribers are what lead to most addiction problems in patients. There are definitely lots of problems with the DEA though that have been addressed in this thread.
  3. I see parallels with their "safe and effective" powerplant at chernobyl...
  4. Had to cancel trips to Puerto Vallarta and Ghana this summer, and most likely canceling a trip to the Philippines next spring. Saving for a house purchase next year too. Otherwise, we still enjoying going out a lot and exploring Denver now with masks and social distancing so not saving anymore money than I'm used.
  5. Thanks! Ya, he's just trying to get reactions out of people, I don't think anyone on this board takes him seriously anymore.
  6. I have my PharmD, doctor of pharmacy. I've weighed on this quite a bit when Covid19 first emerged, I read as much medical literature, at the beginning, as I could to stay on top of the ever-changing dynamic data. However, no one really cares what the evidence says unless it fits their political narrative. So it's pretty discouraging trying to provide up to date clinical evidence and recommendations to people who will never even contemplate the fact that they are wrong.
  7. I find it really weird how Trump supporters are pushing such an unproven therapy like hydroxychloroquine but not other unproven therapies like azithromycinand remdesivir, and not acknowledging more proven therapies like dexamethasone immediately after the president made a unscientific claim. Oh wait, nevermind, I don't find that weird at all.
  8. It is a safe effective immunomodulator used mostly for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can cause heart arrythmias so patients need to be monitored regularly for heart rhythm changes. The data is pretty clear that there is no benefit in it for prophylaxis or treatment in Covid19 novel coronovirus, however, if a patient is near death's door, there really isn't any harm in trying any therapy.
  9. There's definitely crazies on both sides. I've been given stinkeye both when being the only one wearing a mask in a coffee shop in Grand Junction, and for not wearing a mask while walking by myself in a Denver Walmart parking lot. Everyone thinks they know what's "right" in their own mind ...
  10. Here's his source if he needs it.. https://www.openbible.info/topics/fear_of_the_lord
  11. Heh, do we really want to get into hydroxychloroquine again? The dumbass president turned therapeutics into politics and now we have to deal with ppl like bluevoodoo. But I think he's mostly just trolling for attention and reactions.
  12. I can get on the train of helping kids today pay off student loans. It's rediculous how expensive school has gotten today. Just in my experience and my profession, kids today are graduating with an avg of 150k-200k+ in student loans and in many cases are making a lot less than me. I graduated with 30k and partied my ass of in school. I paid off my student loans easily but it doesn't make me feel like kids today don't deserve some forgiveness.