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  1. Stealthlobo

    The Best Men Can Be

    If you say so. I was just adding my $0.02. Sorry I didn't explain my point well enough earlier: 1. Ad has good overall message 2. Ad is nothing special 3. Men offended by message have fragile masculinity. Hopefully that helps!
  2. Stealthlobo

    The Best Men Can Be

    I agree, my original post wasnt saying they will change. Just it's an ad with a good overall message and that the "dumb shits", as you put it, getting offended are insecure about their masculinity.
  3. Stealthlobo

    The Best Men Can Be

    Eh, I though they were trying to jump on the changing times with sexual harassment and bullying issues surfacing in news lately and MAYBE shine the light on a group of people who aren't adapting with the way things are changing.
  4. Stealthlobo

    The Best Men Can Be

    I do not. I think that's why the main story isn't the ad itself, which is not bad but nothing special, but the amount of people that are offended by it.
  5. Stealthlobo

    Whisk(e)y Infinity Bottle

    I need to check that out. Do you need to be a member to purchase etoh? I used to always get lagavulin 16 at Costco for around $50, now the liquor store right by me sells it for $130 and I can't find it for under $90. Don't want to spend that much.
  6. Stealthlobo

    The Best Men Can Be

    I see an ad with a good message about treating women with respect and stop bullying. Nothing really mind blowing, but a good overall message. The people that are getting offended by this though... Is your masculinity really that fragile?
  7. Stealthlobo

    Video Games thread

    So I just read that Nvidia cards will supporting free sync monitors. If that's so you could save a lot of money on higher end monitors. Maybe something to look into https://www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-brings-g-sync-support-to-freesync-monitors/
  8. Stealthlobo

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    Great to see the lobos play this way again!
  9. Stealthlobo

    Video Games thread

    In general monitors have much better input lag to decrease "ghosting" and have higher refresh rates for higher frames per second display and smoother, prettier play than tvs. PC's have much more "power" than consoles as well, with high end graphics cards and cpu they can actually process the high fps and resolution that the monitor will display. The problem with PC gaming and why it's so much more expensive is that your overall display will be the lowest common denominator of your parts. So you have to have top of the line monitor, CPU, graphics card, ram, etc to even get top performance. For example if all your PCs performance can get you to 120 fps on 4k resolution, but you only have a 60 hz HD monitor, you are wasting your performance. Sorry, kinda a ramble, but hopefully you get the gist.
  10. Stealthlobo

    Video Games thread

    Ya, that Asus rog I think is considered the best on the market. I ended going with a Dell s2716dg. It's a tn vs IPS, but still looks great with a few tweaked settings.
  11. Stealthlobo

    Video Games thread

    You're gonna spend a little more, but if you can find an affordable one with g-sync it really improves tearing.
  12. Stealthlobo

    War on Drugs

    In the healthcare field I feel like the direction has definitely changed. Before it was encouraged to try and catch a drug seeker and bust them. Now the focus seems more on recognizing an addict and doing what we can to help you them with their disease.
  13. Stealthlobo

    Famous Alumni from your High School

    Had drinks with Aaron Paul and the guy who played badger at a bar. Also met and took a shot with the crippled son at a random party, but never met Bryan Cranston unfortunately.
  14. Stealthlobo

    Famous Alumni from your High School

    Ah, La Cueva grad. I went to Pius, Wikipedia shows: Mike Mullane, NASA astronaut Dennis Jett, former U.S. Ambassador to Peru[citation needed] John Cameron Mitchell, class of 1981, actor and filmmaker (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Shortbus, Rabbit Hole). Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Actor best known for role in (Modern Family)[5] Mike Judge, Director, best known as the creator and star of the popular animated television series Beavis and Butt-Head (1993–1997, 2011), King of the Hill (1997–2010), and The Goode Family(2009). Cisco McSorley, Democratic member of the New Mexico Senate, representing the 16th District since 1997. Tim Keller, former New Mexico State Auditor and current Mayor of Albuquerque[6] Patrick D. Gallagher, physicist, former director of the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and current chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh
  15. Stealthlobo

    Name the best movie death or kill

    As I kid I loved Carl weather's death in predator