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  1. Stealthlobo

    OT - Taurus SHO

    No, the 2017+ Porsche is engineered better and is actually quicker with less horsepower. And the new hybrid turbo s is unstoppable right now in the sedan category.
  2. Stealthlobo

    OT - Taurus SHO

    Might as well go full Panamera Turbo
  3. Stealthlobo

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    You're completely correct. I read this wrong initially.
  4. Stealthlobo

    OT - Taurus SHO

    I have to agree with Sandiegoian, never really likes Taurus's styling. I've driven AWD cars most of my life and feel there are nicer options out there depending on price range. Had a buddy with sho in HS too (older model obviously) and I had an AWD 3000gt turbo, had fun racing each other but it never was really close.
  5. Stealthlobo

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    I've had that beer before, very taste. I'm partial to Maui brew cos coconut Porter just because I used to live a few blocks away, but I'll definitely be hitting up Lost Compass as well. Thanks!
  6. Stealthlobo

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    Excellent! Never can go wrong with SD brews. Ballist Point isn't there this year unfortunately
  7. Stealthlobo

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    It's there! Thanks, I'll definitely be checking their DIPA out
  8. Stealthlobo

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    Good morning! Going to my first GABF this year! In the past many posters on this board have given me great advice of breweries and beers to try from their regions when I visited. I already plan on my "goto's" from Albuquerque and Hawaii: La Cumbre, Marble, Bosque, and Maui Brew co. I was wondering what local breweries from the MWC footprint that may be at the festival people are recommending today! Thanks for the info!
  9. Stealthlobo

    Investing In Valuable Vintage Vehicles

    It very well could happen but the prices have been stagnant lately. I almost bought a 360 Modena back in 2010 for around 80k, but the maintenance was too high. And even if they did you would have to maintain the vehicle without driving it much (what's the fun in that??) And I feel there are better ways to turn 70k into 200k in 20 years.
  10. Stealthlobo

    Investing In Valuable Vintage Vehicles

    Many, if not all, of the Porsche GT vehicles are worth more money the moment they are driven off the lot and continue to increase in value pretty steadily. Then again, they start off at a huge price tag, but takes money to make money.
  11. Just a personal story, nothing to do with statistics, but when I first graduated from school I started making decent money and bought a nice sports car. I have only been pulled over one time in that vehicle (which I still own and drive regularly) since I bought it in 2008 and it was when my buddy from Kenya was riding with me. After seeing the lights and being pulled over the officer said he just wanted to check to make sure my car wasn't stolen. We were just cruising and weren't in a rush everywhere and naive younger me was just thinking that was nice of him to make sure, protecting my new car. Obviously looking back on it now, the situation seems a bit racially motivated. And like I've said, I've never been pulled over since. The anecdote doesn't mean much in the large picture, but definitely makes me think.
  12. My girlfriend and I were actually talking about this earlier. We agreed that in our fields (healthcare) it isn't what it was 10 or 20 years ago and seems a lot more acceptable.
  13. Stealthlobo

    Favorite movies!

    There was a thread a few years back about our favorite movies. It helped me see and experience cinemas I hadn't in the past. And after movie pass has come I see movies at a much higher rate now. But even with all that I don't believe my top five have changed one bit. Unfortunately I can't find the old thread but if anyone else has something to add... 1. Requiem for a Dream 2. The Prestige 3. Snatch 4. Inception 5. Trainspotting Bonus 6. Se7en
  14. Stealthlobo


    Would VW ever buy assets? I know they are making a huge push with electric vehicles. They bought a ton of batteries a bit ago and Porsche's mission E is coming out soon.
  15. Stealthlobo

    Millennial Night

    I remember the beer thread a few years ago and everyone was posting picks of IPAs. I think it just got too popular and now it's not cool anymore or something, the way a lot of trends go. In my fridge right now: