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  1. Haven't heard of it, I'll start following it too. Thanks.
  2. Nice. I'm kinda iffy on UFO, it's that one YouTubers game, and I'm afraid it's just all bs hype. But maybe he's onto something....
  3. Throwing some into the video games now. Bought some more SAND, also a little MANA, ILV, ATLAS, and UFO.
  4. You guys actually had me googling "Laramie Subway"...
  5. We went for the reefs, which were damn beautiful (also never seen so many eels and lionfish before). But at the nice resorts you pay rediculous costs for simple things. Ie. Shitty breakfast was $46 a person, 1 dive was $180 a person, a beer at dinner was $12. However, we like to get out a bit more so we found a local guy who would make breakfast at his house (100x better than the resort breakfast) and bring it to us on a local beach (also charged us $3 for same beer), and found a local dive master who charged only $60 a dive.
  6. It was awesome, thanks. Got some dives in and got to see one of the most beautiful islands I've ever seen. It is super expensive there, however, so we'll probably go elsewhere in the future, but I'm so glad we got to see it.
  7. I'm hoping with the globalization of ppl traveling and interacting that it will follow the same pattern as influenza but to a much quicker degree. The virus "wants" to live. So the variants that kill off or seclude it's host due to severity of symptoms, won't be able to replicate and spread as easily. Omicron has reached a state where it's able to infect, replicate, and spread by doing this and has become by far the most prevalent variant.
  8. That is true. It's just ironic how we were more "protected" traveling than we would have been staying at home, but the travelers are more scrutinized in most countries. Don't get me wrong, I understand why. I just find it a little humorous.
  9. Not sure how true it is exactly, but we were talking to some people from the UK during our trip last week and they told us that they are no longer even requiring proof of negative covid test anymore to enter. That the government has accepted it as a common infection now that will happen either way.
  10. The CDC is being overly cautious as expected. If they undershoot with recommendations and are wrong, they look really bad. Locally, my gf and I have not known one VACCINATED pt with high morbidity from covid. Most patients have symptoms similar to the common cold, less than your average influenza experience.
  11. When drugs first lose their patent and go generic, only 1 manufacturer (usually a subsidiary of the brand name company) is given the ok to produce the generic drug. As more time goes by, more companies are able to produce it, increasing competition and decreasing the price of the generic drug.
  12. That happened to me once before I was certified but at like 3 feet and I freaked out a bit. Resurfacing from 120 ft could easily kill you.
  13. You ran out of air 120 ft down?? Holy +++++ that's nuts! Glad you had a good dive buddy =)
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