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  1. Anecdotal, but I've had my 911 for over 10 years and have only been to the shop once for something other than an oil change. My Japanese vehicles were in the shop every other week and seemed and there is a reason American cars never hold their value.
  2. Huh? Porsche destroys Ferrari is almost every supercar performance metric plus they don't fall apart after a few laps. Lamborghinis engines and drivetrains are German designed. Bugattis as well. And American quality or performance doesn't come close.
  3. Is there any reason to talk anything else?
  4. Well vehicle wise, definitely: German >>>Japanese> American
  5. it happens all the time. Physicians are in impossible situations when it comes to HIPAA...
  6. Unfortunately, Isn't that a symptom of living is this country? That's what makes traveling so desirable
  7. Last year they tried to pass a law to allow public camping for homeless here in Denver. Luckily it was shot down with overwhelming numbers I live downtown and it would have been a nightmare. Parks would have been a lot more dangerous. Like others have stated, just giving homeless the ability to create these drug ridden camps is not the answer, it definitely starts with mental health and addiction support.
  8. Are there really ppl on this country who think socialism is a good idea? Are there really ppl in this country who think Trump is a good president? What is wrong with the Loud Minority on both sides?
  9. I've never played it (don't own a PS4 or Xbox), but stoked to try it out finally!
  10. Do it! Play it on hero mode for a good challenge. No random hearts or fairies.
  11. I'm playing the remake of Link's Awakening right now. Played the original a little as a kid on Gameboy when I borrowed it from a friend but don't remember it much. So far pretty fun!
  12. I've only been to 1 and that the grand canyon when I was too young to remember... Guess I have to start exploring this country a bit more.