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  1. I was thinking he needs to work for one of those dying news sites. He's great at the click-bait titles...
  2. Oh my bad. You can tell I'm kinda sensitive and frustrated with the situation. I get so many entitled patients a day who I've never seen, never came to us before demanding their stimulants. It gets tiring sometimes.
  3. Or you can establish a proper patient-provider-pharmacy relationship. I'm not putting my license on the line and potentially shorting my established patients (who I have a repertoire with) their medication due to the shortage because of a random customer who randomly saw a telehealth nurse practitioner one time. Either way, no concern to me if you wanna go in the "eastern European" route. As long as I'm not involved.
  4. Exceptions were made during the pandemic due to patients not going to see their providers physically, but it got crazy abused like the article mentions. Now a days it's okay to see your provider through telehealth for therapy, but in order to have a proper patient-provider relationships the MD needs to be able to perform their physical assessment of you every so often.
  5. Interesting stuff. Didn't know about the manufacturer warehouse shortage. But a lot that is true. I've denied 3 stimulant Rxs just today due to only telehealth patient-provider relationships.
  6. I'm leaving this country so I'm going to happily watch your next election with a big bowl of popcorn
  7. I thought I read it's not a remake but a sequel
  8. Walmart stock is 3-1 splitting on Feb 23rd
  9. One of my friends went to Texas tech and supposedly a big Cowboys fan, however it's so annoying how hard he's jumped on the chiefs bandwagon lately due to mahomes because his "real team" sucks.
  10. I agree with @SharkTanked. There is no reason to celebrate any of this. This country is so broken that many just accept it happens and root for the heros instead addressing what is causing it in the first place. And if you decide to be the "good guy with a gun", be careful. This happened in Denver a couple years ago 15 mins from where I live. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/11/08/olde-town-arvada-shooting-johnny-hurley/
  11. Just watched the Marvels too. It was fun, but ya, I agree it can be frustrating keeping up with all the new characters now. Also, it seems to be getting much more starwarsy with all these planets and alien races. I kinda miss the more Earth grounded movies like iron man.
  12. That's awesome! Congratulations to her! Yeah, my girlfriend loves the watch, she gets way more attention and compliments from her co-workers and patients than I do with my subjectively "higher end" watches. Awesome thing is she lets me wear hers every now and then too. It definitely is a great piece.
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