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  1. I think he was referring to the small percentage of payers who don't have insurance.
  2. Only have moderna right now, but they are $155 ea without insurance.
  3. Oh they'll make money alright. My phone has been ringing off the hook the last couple weeks with ppl asking if we have the new COVID vaccine in yet. As for MY time? It's gonna be rough.
  4. We just received the new COVID vaccine today. Gonna be fun...
  5. Oh I see what you did there. Lol. I lived in Hilo for 6 months, but there wasn't much to do there. Kona side has a lot more going on. One of the "musts" imo is if they can experience diving/snorkeling with the manta rays at night.
  6. Well Hawaii is a decent sized state with 6 islands to visit (8 if ur lucky or no ppl). Any island or area is particular? Most of the previous threads were specific to Maui.
  7. Decided to borrow the Oris for the day and it's driving me nuts. It's lost 9 seconds in like 6 hours. Told her she needs to get it serviced soon while it's still on warranty. The Tudor barely gains a second or two a day.
  8. Oh wow. I didn't even know that. I assumed they used the same Swatch quartz movement that was used in the MoonSwatch.
  9. I've never used one, but they seem really cool. Love the way they look too. I might be "borrowing" her watch more often in the future
  10. Finally found the green strap for the Miss's Oris Bronze Cotton Candy. She's been looking for it for years and Oris wasn't able to provide the accessory until recently. Gonna surprise her for her bday
  11. Ya in all actuality, if nuclear war occurs we are all +++++ed.
  12. I agree with this. However, I'm very anti-victim and anti-nostalgia. It's ok to remember as a major part of history, but dangerous of it doesn't allow you to grow and look to the future.
  13. Mustang didn't start this site. When I first joined it was a byu fan that never posted. He just owned the site then he sold it to mustang who sold it to the current owner. I have no idea if the byu guy was the original owner or not.
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