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  1. The death penalty solves no problems. It doesn't deter crime. It doesn't save money. And it might actually do more harm than good. Not just because of the much-too-high-risk of executing someone who is innocent, or because it might violate the 8th Amendment (I know that SCOTUS says it does not), but because it perpetuates a cycle of violence.
  2. Come on man. We can do better than make that same old tired argument. Just because you are against the ACA doesn't mean you want people to die. You and I mostly agree on policy, but state-sanctioned murder and health insurance systems are wholly different issues.
  3. Who is the judge of what is indisputable and undeniable guilt, though?
  4. Nevada vs SJSU

    Yeah, they said something. Clearly not a big deal, but scared me for a second
  5. Nevada vs SJSU

    Stephen’s shooting hand being looked at is not welcome.
  6. Nevada vs SJSU

    Pack is playing like a team that doesn’t respect its opponent.
  7. Got nothing to suggest it’s Obama’s fault? +++++ it! Make it up! Lol. God I love this board!
  8. Am I reading this right? You're blaming Obama for not acting on a problem before anyone knew it was a problem?
  9. They've all done nothing for years. I suspect that will continue to be standard operating procedure.
  10. So this just went across my twitter...........

    New York ranks as one of the safest cities, I believe.
  11. Founders weren't drinking Grog. That was for the peasants. Incidentally, I know this thread is TIC. But the alcohol industry is one of the most highly regulated. Not sure it really supports your arguments. But I sure do like talking booze!
  12. I would if I could, but I've been drinking all morning!
  13. Sheeet. You know how much rum those +++++ers drank? And that rum was a lot more like today's 151 than not. The founders were some drunken bastards.
  14. Listed to this last night on Fresh Air, too. Such an interesting life.
  15. If Obama proposed the same thing the right would be dancing around with tea bags on their heads and screaming “tyranny!” The messenger matters more than the message. Such is the age we live in. I applaud any real effort to stem these shootings, but like you, assume they will mostly be feel-good measures that won’t make much of a difference in the end. The fact is, most gun control measures, fixes to the mental health system, good guys with guns, etc., won’t be an answer. They’ll most likely only help on the margins (which is still better than nothing!). This is an issue that is cultural, and that is much harder to fix than a few tepid law changes in Washington. I will say, it’s encouraging that these discussions are at least taking place.
  16. Somebody at ABC Lost Their Job Over This

    Not sure exactly what happened in this case, but these kinds of mistakes are certainly not anything new. Copy editors type in fillers all the time in cutlines under photos, in headlines, or in subheads. Every once in a while that copy editor forgets to go back to it and make the necessary changes, and something ridiculous gets through. Most of the time when it happens it looks like this: But in the worst cases, it looks like this:
  17. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    Why do you have to get so personal? You hurt my feelings.
  18. Fergie

    I watched White live and thought “Oh, somebody is going to make an issue about that.” Lol. People are crazy.
  19. Stay current on the

    Seems to be going great in here. Carry on.
  20. Trump Fatigue

    That isn’t what I’m talking about either. Vietnam was a specific issue. It’s not cynical to resent or despise a politician over a specific policy that you vehemently disagree with. That position is evidence-based. But Vietnam, Watergate and more have certainly helped breed cynicism, And understandably so. But cynicism can be exploited because it’s not based on evidence. It’s an assumption. It’s how one turns to a corrupt conman to clean up “ The Swamp” without ever making him define what that means exactly.