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  1. He took the UNLV job, so it won't be the first time!
  2. Welp, this has been fun. The best Nevada play so far has been one where a guy did everything wrong until his miracle interception … out of bounds. The runner-up was the underthrown deep ball that clanked off the receiver’s hands. Other than that it’s been pretty terrible.
  3. I’m beginning to think we’re not very good this year.
  4. You know, a simple thank you for sending UCSB so many good players over the years would suffice.
  5. Welp, I like what I see enough that I am trying to talk my wife into spending her birthday in Eugene.
  6. Not convinced yet they have enough talent, but the effort is definitely there so far. Refreshing after last year.
  7. i think the biggest reason is because Nevada and Arizona both allow mail-in votes postmarked on Election Day. Takes some time to get them and process them. Oregon does this, too, but most don’t pay attention because it’s a solidly blue state.
  8. Regardless of Grassley, the notion that the chocolate chip cookie was something that needed to be invented humors me.
  9. I hope not. Is it too much to ask to wish for two reasonably strong candidates? It'd be nice to feel like a loss just meant a deviation from your preferred political philosophy rather than some sort of threat.
  10. I don't know why I love the idea that the chocolate chip cook was invented and that old people came before it, but I do.
  11. Funny thing about America. We usually find a way to right the ship. My hope is that this election is a wake-up call for both parties.
  12. Yeah. Fair point. Probably doesn't quite fit in the same category as the other three, which is why he has the best shot, I assume. That whole family hates him thing had to have hurt.
  13. People who don't believe in elections. People who run on grievance. Culture warriors. Bad candidates like Mastriano or Blake Masters. That type of candidate can win in favorable districts/states, but they seem to have struggled in more closely split areas. The four senate races that seemed most up for grabs — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona — the Republicans ran bad candidates in all four. They may eventually win one of those four or maybe lose all four, but they should have at least won Georgia and Arizona, and probably all four, considering the political environment. But quality of candidate still matters.
  14. Incidentally, I don’t think this was a vote for the status quo. It seems a rejection of the crazies.
  15. @CPslogradwill sooner buy good beer than Trump willingly step aside. That dragon will have to be slayed by his own party to finish him.
  16. Twitter is a cess pool, but it’s pretty fantastic on election night.
  17. It should be no surprise that candidates who run independent of the agendas of the national parties tend to outperform polling.
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