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  1. This is a good point. Twitter is only correct when supporting conspiracy theories about “the elites” and for rock-solid health information during a pandemic.
  2. Yup. I doubt we’ll have to wait for more than a few days for this.
  3. This is some seriously crazy shit, even by Trump-era standards.
  4. You know, he could have been more succinct.
  5. Haha. Yeah. It was a bit much for an 8th grader.
  6. Didn't see a thread on this yet, but just awful news. He's one of the great authors in my lifetime. Read Satanic Verses when I was in middle school, because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Loved his modern take on Don Quixote, "Quichotte," that came out just a few years ago. I pray he comes out of this OK.
  7. They should be heartened to know that my mom's husband watches Fox News on a loop, at least until he jumps into the truck and tunes to Mark Levin.
  8. My favorite part of the nonsense of the last six years is the part where the crazies need the FBI to be filled with a bunch of liberals to keep their conspiracy theories going. My mom's husband is a former FBI agent. I've met his friends from the FBI. Pinkos they are not. I don't know if the seizure of these documents was worth it or not. Just don't know enough yet. But you don't have to be pro-police to know how ridiculous you guys sound in the defense of this guy. He's corrupt. he's always been corrupt. Wake up. Trump is good at two things: covering his tracks so only the people underneath him go to jail, and convincing rubes that he is a reformer against corruption and has their best interests in mind.
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