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  1. NVGiant

    Gear Report/Lunch Review

    We have a couple here. I typically hate chains, especially in pizza, but it's a pretty good solution to the dilemma of ordering pizza with kids.
  2. NVGiant

    Nevada Back To #7

    Yeah, I agree. He's not as good defensively as Porter, but I really think offensively the ball moves better when he is in. And his court awareness has improved enough that Jazz might actually survive when they are on the court together.
  3. NVGiant

    Nevada Back To #7

    That ‘06 team was a pretty experienced team, too, with tons of tourney experience.
  4. NVGiant

    Nevada Back To #7

    It's a funny thing. Muss has argued that all those 3s open up driving lanes, which is true. But those driving lines get narrower and narrower as more defenses tempt them to take more and more 3s. The bottom line is they need to hit more or they need to take less. That's the beauty of basketball: All the strategies in the world and it all often comes down to make more shots.
  5. NVGiant

    There’s now a Trump specific forum

    See how well that work @mugtang? +++++, I click on those threads a ton less than you clowns do and have never started one. It isn't that hard.
  6. NVGiant

    The New Democratic Party

    That is an oversimplification of the motivation of many Catholics. There are many Catholics who are both pro-life, applied to their personal life, and pro-choice politically. Anyone who has tried to get me to talk about abortion on here knows how difficult it can be for a Catholic to articulate the position. But I digress. By this logic, you've basically branded anyone in any party who doesn't agree with 100 percent of the platform as a hypocrite. No wonder the tents are shrinking.
  7. NVGiant

    There’s now a Trump specific forum

    Perfect. Now Trump supporters can be happy never having to face the follies of the Cheetoh, and the hardcore anti-Trumpers can yell at themselves. Maybe we can create a board where we only have to talk to people we agree with and points of views that don't annoy us. Problem solved!
  8. If those were black kids, the outrage would be overwhelming.
  9. NVGiant

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    Amazing what happens when you start going to the rim. You get fouled. You get dunks.
  10. NVGiant

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    I’m about to change my spring break plans.
  11. NVGiant

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    1-13 from 3. Let’s keep chucking those up. At least we’re 3-8 from the FT line.
  12. NVGiant

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    I think the DP is appropriate for this.
  13. NVGiant

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    We have some real issues, and I’m not sure Muss’ stubbornness isn’t one of them. The only time the offense wasn’t putrid was when Brown was in the game. So might as well put in Thurmond, who hasn’t done anything in a month.
  14. NVGiant

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    Same shit, different game