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  1. Bold prediction: I think he ends up being an all-conference player. Maybe not first team, but somewhere on the list.
  2. Yep. Rough night for him. Completely overwhelmed defensively tonight. Most nights he is a positive, but not tonight.
  3. I love the way we played in the first half against SDSU, and most of the game tonight. If Hymes can play like he did tonight, blocking shots and doing just enough offensively to be a threat, that could be real difference maker.
  4. Exactly. He’s not a bad player. Just limited and a bit overmatched in this one.
  5. To be fair, Nevada’s guards are really good.
  6. This is not a Meeks game. Soft 6-9 shooters who can’t blockout are a problem against an aggressive team like UNLV
  7. It’s a nice place, and has made a ton of progress in the last 15 years. Ultimately both cities have their pros and cons. ... Like one has a world-class university and a recently successful basketball program, and the other is Vegas.
  8. I'm from Vegas, went to school in Reno, and lived in both for stretches after college. I consider both home. I live in Oregon now, but if and when I return to Nevada I will choose Reno, because I love to ski, the outdoors, like the smaller-city vibe of Reno that is more reminiscent of the Vegas I grew up in, love what has happened in the midtown area, and like the cooler climate. And the two cities are VERY different.
  9. CBS Sports dictates longer TV timeouts than every other network, including ESPN. It's a big reason why its games always run long.
  10. If TJ is smart, he'll take the first P5 program that comes calling. It's either that or wait to be spit out from the revolving door, just like every other coach not named Lon Kruger. Maybe this little winning streak will be enough for him.
  11. Then we’re in agreement. I’m glad he’s in Reno, too.
  12. To be fair, after he hit the 4 in a row he became a 26.8% shooter.