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  1. Nah. That’s what they say in the press conference. They all want to win, but most aren’t dumb. In the context of this conversation, an experienced, successful coach would avoid a historic losing program if given a choice. That’s the kind of work left for coaches looking for an opportunity.
  2. But the beer prices are unbelievable. Still, I love going to the park. And I've enjoyed the two games I've been to this year.
  3. The history of losing is the deterrent. I don't know why they always fail but I do know every coach for 40 years has failed, unless you count Harvey Hyde. Who, you know, bent a rule here and there. Coaches notice that sort of thing. Unlike in basketball, UNLV football has no brand. No tradition. No culture of winning. The facilities are great now, but most schools have great facilities (my alma mater a notable exception). Not every coach is willing to take on that challenge of trying to turn around a program that isn't just bad, but historically one of the worst FBS programs. In fact, mos
  4. I watched the first episode last year to see what all the fuss was about. Never went back to it. Seemed inferior to founding father rap battles with loose interpretations of historical facts.
  5. Is it weird that we’re excited for murders now because an increase might give political advantage to one party in the upcoming midterms?
  6. I guess that’s what needs to happen then. Find a recently fired coach with a brilliant offensive mind and a radioactive reputation looking to rehab his career. And even then, if given the choice Leach still would’ve gone to Washington State because they can pay more and it’s a better job. This isn’t basketball. Every school in non-power conferences is at a huge disadvantage, and UNLV has forever struggled to compete even amongst its peers. It’s been a coaching graveyard since forever. I think if they find that coach, it’s because they made a real shrewd hire of someone cocky enough and yo
  7. Oh, I've been around enough coaches to know that Coach Z sees what happened with Coach W, X, and Y and says, you know, I may have a better chance to win elsewhere.
  8. It's not the attendance that makes me think Vegas is a bad baseball market. It's the regional TV deal, which is more important than any other major pro sport, that would have me concerned. Not only is Vegas a tiny primary TV market, its secondary TV markets are nonexistent.
  9. I don't follow UNLV's coaching decisions that closely, but I will fully accept your criticisms as truth. I know here Arroyo was not highly regarded by Ducks fans, so there is a history. But you have to ask yourself just why UNLV is forced to overpay for a guy that may have been fired from Oregon. Could be inept leadership. Could be that up-and-coming coaches are at least wary of UNLV's history as a coaching graveyard. Or some combination. I think it will take a special coach to reverse 40 years of losing, even with good facilities.
  10. I think it's easier said than done. Facilities are great, but any coach with options has to UNLV's history and at least wonders if it's even possible to win there. Until something changes, I don't think it's seen as a good job. And finding a real difference maker that can reverse decades of history is hard under any circumstances.
  11. How the NBA has managed to miss the boat on Vegas is beyond me. It would have been an absolute home run years ago. But I think Vegas will be a terrible baseball market.
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