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  1. Boise State @ Nevada

    Great game. Two tourney teams going toe to toe. Can’t wait until Part Deux.
  2. Boise State @ Nevada

    Is it the team not shooting 12%?
  3. RealRPI Predictions

    No doubt about that.
  4. RealRPI Predictions

    I don’t think so. I think it’s a good resume so far. The USF loss hurts, but everything else is good.
  5. RealRPI Predictions

    Well, Nevada should’ve beat TT on the road a couple days earlier, losing in OT. Considering how well the Red Raiders have played since, I’d say they can compete with most.
  6. Government Shutdown 2018

    Yep. If there is a truism in American politics it's that nobody likes it when their money is +++++ed with.
  7. Government Shutdown 2018

    People will believe what they want to believe:
  8. Government Shutdown 2018

    My guess the most likely and immediate effect will be taxes. The IRS will send home more than half of its workforce, I read today, just as they are trying to implement the changes from the tax bill. In addition, filing opens next week. I would assume a shutdown will greatly slow down that process.
  9. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    It looks like they moved in 2010
  10. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    It appears the abuse started while living in a farmhouse in a rural area outside Fort Worth, Texas. Let's move on.
  11. Fox News DOES have a conservative bias. MSNBC DOES have a liberal bias. But when you put the New York Times on equal footing as Fox News you devalue all of journalism. This is when every fact can be debated.
  12. Yes, I know the statistics. And only 28 percent identify as Democrat. More than half identify as independents. These numbers shift depending on the poll and the year, and the poll you read, which is from 2014, was a low point for those who identify Republican. But I don't deny that reporters, like every human being, have a political bias. Definitely, there are more left-leaners than right-leaners, and that has long been the case. What you won't see in those polls, though, is how many of those journalists that self-describe as Dems or Republicans are political journalists. Are they including somebody like me in those polls, who was a journalist for a long time but never a political reporter (and for good reason!)? I know more reporters than anyone on this board, probably combined, and I can tell that the mentality of good journalists is far different than most people imagine. Political reporters in particular tend to be a different breed and generally non-idealogical. If he or she is a good reporter, they would bring down their own mother if it's a good story. This is never a popular statement on here, but political bias is a bigger problem with readers. If there is a criticism I have of journalistic bias, especially in recent years, it is that they have an increasing bias toward sensationalism and superficialism. This has been amplified exponentially with the rise of cable news. And unfortunately, Trump and his Twitter account make for great copy, which is why the news is so dominated by him and seems so petty and ridiculous. OK. Now I am done with this thread.
  13. Cons have scapegoated “the media” for decades. And they do it indiscriminately, even when they don’t have the first clue of how it operates. But eveybody here has heard me go on and on about it over the years, and I’ve convinced no one. So I’ll end my involvement in this thread here.
  14. This is rather meaningless. “The media” doesn’t act as one. So who in the media is acting childish and petty? All of them?