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  1. We’ll see. Better choice than Bob Geren. The rumor of him being in the mix made me lose sleep
  2. Definitely still a work in progress, but seeing Jalen and Nisre play well makes me hopeful
  3. Please never stop being you UNLV fan!
  4. Oh, I most certainly do! And my very favorite time to MWC board is in the early part of the first season of a new UNLV hire.
  5. As soon as a coach appeared ready to pull that off, he'd be interviewing for his next job in a power conference.
  6. Not sure how much better we'll get. We've pretty much lost the resource game in football, and are probably too far behind to ever catch up. That will forever limit our ceiling. But I do think he has done a good job.
  7. Not always, but he did it a lot. He gave Rolo a bit more authority To call plays than his predecessor.
  8. You’re right. Look at this clown who hit just 23.7% of his 3-point attempts over an even larger sample size: https://www.mercurynews.com/2017/03/14/steph-curry-discusses-his-shooting-slump-i-never-really-use-that-word/ I mean, who gave that guy the green light?!
  9. This changes the narrative on the season for Nevada