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  1. It’s a government contractor, which does open it up to scrutiny even as a private company. I don’t know how this case will fall, but it will be interesting. The judiciary has been snipping away at freedom of the press for a while now, so Fox could be in trouble.
  2. Indeed. Freedom to be irresponsible. God bless America! Incidentally, if it’s a private citizen, news organizations have far less leeway.
  3. They could be held responsible if Dominion can convince a jury that they knowingly did so. But it’s still a high bar. In public figure cases, which offer the most protections for news organizations, you essentially have to prove malice. Ignorance or incompetence can be a defense.
  4. For the most part, yes. But they could be responsible for damages in this case. Not because Fox is spreading fascist garbage, but because they directly injured Dominion. We’ll see. It’s a tough hill to climb. They do not have to broadcast “the truth” though.
  5. That's a good analogy. I think I told you about the four yahoos running for school board here, too. Critical race theory was their main issue, even though nothing like it is currently taught in our school district. Lord knows what they had planned had they not gotten trounced in all four races. (And how could we know, since they refused to talk to local press or participate in any candidate forums?)
  6. Hey @halfmanhalfbronco. Looks like the Idaho Lt. Gov. is no fan of the first amendment, either. https://www.idahostatesman.com/opinion/from-the-opinion-editor/article252002283.html. Meanwhile here in Oregon, even fellow Republicans want to expel this asshole from the state house: https://www.opb.org/article/2021/06/07/oregon-mike-nearman-expulsion-special-committee/. Good times.
  7. If you hang a sign at a Marlins game, and no one is there to see it, does it actually say anything?
  8. Well, the coke at Gorman is definitely better.
  9. Clark should have beat them in hoops a couple of years ago, too.
  10. It was never going to happen. That's like saying if Ted Bundy didn't murder anyone he'd have been a helluva good date.
  11. Cool story. Did your friend go to public school in 1993? Anyway, public schools in Vegas are shit, and only getting worse. But Gorman is shit, too. I loved going to school with them in college. They’d help the bell curve and could afford the best weed.
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