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  1. UTEP’s backup is REALLY not good at quarterbacking.
  2. I recommend that we keep throwing to Cooks.
  3. It’s good UTEP is terrible.
  4. First post? I have 12k posts
  5. Solano is not good at quarterbacking
  6. I think I’m beginning to hate football.
  7. Lol. You mean like this? Now you, on the other hand, are here just to be a dick. So humility isn’t really your thing either, is it? You’re just a finger-wagging dipshit with the charm of a pit viper and the self-awareness of a concrete slab.
  8. Our oline is definitely a work in progress, but calm down about not winning a game. Weber State’s D front is really good for an FCS team. And they gave SDSU fits, too. That said, we’re probably a 6- or 7-win team at best. Which is pretty much status quo for the program.
  9. I hope so. He’s athletic and really smart. He’s come a long way since converting from DE.
  10. Impressive. So happy for Malik. Great to see a good dude succeed.
  11. NVGiant


    Now Facebook is Facebook for old people. Twitter is where human decency goes to die.
  12. Exactly this. I hate that Solano got hurt, and I think he’d have started against Purdue. But I think Strong or Henry we’re going to be the guy sooner rather than later.