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  1. Well, I’ve often found we’re not usually that far off. ... I’ll clear my schedule for the reply!
  2. It’s going to look great with the car seat in back going 35 in the fast lane!
  3. My agency is putting together the brand book for it. It is cool as shit.
  4. I think you are right to claim the win. I blame my long-yet-hasty response on the weighty IPAs I enjoyed last evening. I'm ashamed.
  5. Is the defund the police argument at odds with arguing that we need a more effective government? and nobody said wanting to limit government spending and power is the same as we don’t want any pandemic response. He wasn’t even arguing against small government. He’s saying that our shit response is because we go about those things in a haphazard way by confusing small government with efficiency. They are not the same thing. Honestly, I have no idea how you would argue against that. Edit:And weeks arguing something? Me? No chance. I usually stop arguing any point one the booze wears off.
  6. This is a glimpse into Bend’s future, unfortunately. And it’s going to happen right when schools are about to start.
  7. That is the most extreme example for sure, but few masks has been prevalent in most places in my experience.
  8. It's really hard for me to explain. I went into a Safeway -- one of the busiest Safeways in the country — just before Gov. Brown mandated masks. It was typically slammed. And I would say at most 10 to 15 percent were wearing masks.
  9. I think there is a lot of that, and it could be the most significant driver. I think there is a good helping of denial, too. But a whole lot of carelessness. In Central Oregon, where I live, we have been getting inundated with travelers. Bumper to bumper traffic heading into town every weekend and the occupancy rates of many of our hotels and resorts are actually up from last year, with many running at 99% since the end of May. And until the governor mandated wearing masks, you’d rarely see one being worn in public unless it was a place like Costco that had a mask policy in place. Here, it’s not really a political thing, though like everywhere there is some of that. Just people fleeing to the supposed open spaces of Central Oregon and not putting any thought to it (because apparently you can’t catch Covid or infect others on vacation). Come to Bend on a Saturday this summer and you’d think nothing was happening at all. Weirdly, our numbers have remained relatively low, albeit beginning to move up significantly. I have to assume that actually encourages travel. But our hospital is close to capacity because of visitors getting sick while here, and those don’t count in our county tally, apparently.
  10. I don’t know man. I can’t even bring myself to watch, just as I can’t bear to watch protestors getting mowed down by cars, incidents you mentioned before. I know that no matter what the cause of it is, it is senseless. I don’t blame the anti-gun people for reacting the way they do. They see these things happen every day, and know that outrage or not, nothing will change. There isn’t anything to do. Another tragedy to weave into the fabric of our violent story — another nonsensical tragedy to harden our points of view. I don’t mean to sound dismissive. I just know that by the time this outrage settles, they’ll be more to be outraged about.
  11. Which brings us to what Zakaria was saying. That the absolutist ideal of small government has really just given us an ineffective government.
  12. This is a fine, albeit cynical, theory, but isn’t really a theoretical discussion. He’s arguing that mindlessly cutting bureaucracy for the sake of small government isn’t any better approach than expanding government mindlessly. Just as an example, cutting auditors out of the IRS maybe costs the government more money than it saves. Obviously, he’s applying this specifically to Covid. I don’t know how one can argue that a government can’t help with that problem when us and Sweden are pretty much alone in the free world in having governments that haven’t really been effective in managing this so far. A public health crisis is literally why we have to have an effective government, and he’s saying we clearly don’t because we’ve hollowed many of the mechanisms that make government work. It’s a compelling argument. (Also frankly, I’m tired of hearing Americans pretend that somehow we love freedom more, and that’s the difference. There are lots of free countries, and we are lagging all of them. We’re just dumber and more selfish. But that’s another topic.) Back to your theory, what is a complex problem? is managing a public health crisis complex? Building a space program? Building an atomic bomb? Pushing back fascism? Creating a financial system from nothing that would turn a largely agrarian outpost into the richest civilization in human history?
  13. We're a violent culture by nature and a sick culture (both literally and figuratively) by current circumstance and we have ticking time bombs everywhere. I don't know how important this particular murder is in the grand scheme of things. I don't even really want to watch it to find out. I just know it's just another day in America. ... The kids are not alright.