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  1. Syracuse would be a disaster. We might score 40 points against them.
  2. I’m starting to think Utah State could be in some trouble if they lose tonight
  3. Well, there are some redeeming qualities. And if between Des Moines, Tulsa, Hartford, and Columbus, Jacksonville is a clear winner.
  4. And I always try not to overreact. But I think it’s panic time.
  5. I hate to be doom and gloom, but I think we’re headed for a quick exit.
  6. Really? I think Jacksonville is a dump.
  7. True. But neither is exactly easy to get to. Tulsa, Columbus, Jacksonville, Hartford, and Des Moines all pretty much suck. Columbia, SC is kinda cool, but a bitch to get to from the West
  8. We’ll be a 6 or 7 and get sent to someplace horrible. Des Moines in March anyone?
  9. It's like a repeat of the '07 team. Huge expectations. Tough losses down the stretch including a semifinal exit in conference tourney. We get shipped to New Orleans where Memphis is waiting in the second round. Also, if anyone needs six all-session tickets to the San Jose site, let me know. By Sunday afternoon they should be a pretty good deal!
  10. Luckily Muss hates timeouts