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  1. I'm so relieved. This thing is just about over...
  2. I don’t think I could pick her out a crowd if she was standing next to me, which is something for a press secretary
  3. And in the latest exercise in how would everybody react had Obama done it...
  4. Ha. Dunning-Kruger. Exactly. And right on cue ... It's his aggressive obliviousness that makes it impossible to hold back.
  5. For once, you're right. You will remain stupid no matter what we say.
  6. Convert has a way of dumbing down everything. No poster on this board has a greater chasm between knowledge and certainty.
  7. You are so phucking dumb it hurts.
  8. Of course! But not by my hand. I like to keep with the liberal ethos by expressing concern while secretly enjoying the show from the sidelines.
  9. I’m trying to save you from yourself.
  10. I’ve done it plenty. Trust me. I liked Frozen the first time. The next 90 times? Not as much. Me, after hearing that Frozen 2 was going to be a thing... Alas, with a daughter who is soon to turn 9, I haven’t been sucked into Frozen 2.
  11. Screw the economy. This needs to end to save Happy’s sanity.
  12. This debate proves to me that home confinement is getting to people.
  13. I don’t know. That he’s not a man of good works. I may have inferred the wrong thing from what you said, but there is no poster I respect more than him.