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  1. Was it? You put it to a vote, and moderates have to put their position on the record. No guarantees that it goes you way, as McCain proved in the ACA repeal effort. As it was, he killed the nomination, won the election, got his guy, and gets a bonus pick. He got everything he wanted and more, and has suffered no consequences to date. I’d say it worked out pretty well for him.
  2. See. I like Hillary in that role. Smart, but half as smart as she thought. Vying for power against each other behind the scenes, while outwardly friendly, all in the cutthroat days of the end of this Republic. It's not perfect, but I think it works.
  3. People are not traveling in nearly the same numbers. Restaurants are hurting. Both the travel and restaurant industries have lost a significant number of their older customers, who have more time and money to spend on such things. They are at most risk so they're staying home in larger numbers. Those industries have also lost a good number of their middle-age customers, too. Parents will still go to their kids games, because for parents, it's worth it. And life will go on. People figure it out. But I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that the world will look a little diff
  4. Ha! Would that make Obama Cicero? Or maybe two complete sentences he's Cicero, then? Either way, you call a guy a dementia-addled fool for more than a year, you better hope a dementia-addled fool shows up for the debates.
  5. No. Here in the real world, the strategy is that he needs to raise Biden's expectations. You political geniuses have set the bar so low for Biden that if he can just speak a single coherent sentence he's going to seem like Cicero.
  6. Most polls, including this one and this one, say Democrats are more likely to get the vaccine than Republicans, which undercuts your point a bit. But underplaying the severity of the illness for months and promising vaccines by election day does undermine trust. Which may be why one of those polls I linked said that 36% of Republicans say they will immediately take it, compared to 58% of Democrats. All that said, it is +++++ing weird that vaccines are breaking down on such dramatic partisan lines, too.
  7. Nobody is locked in their houses. People are choosing not to travel and go to restaurants on their own. This is where long-term behavior may change.
  8. I've dealt with more influencers than I care to admit. I don't think you're quite full of shit enough to build a real following. Sorry buddy.
  9. But then they'd live in Florida and probably get eaten by a giant python or a real-life zombie hopped up on bath salts. Seems pretty risky.
  10. You know, that wasn't a vote killer back then.
  11. That's the only wise play. They can't look like they are laying down for Republicans, of course. But they can't win this battle either. Scream from the rooftops that this is hypocrisy. But at the end of the day, get it off the table to give yourself a chance to win in November.
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