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  1. I’d like to not think about 2020 for at least another year.
  2. NVGiant

    What an embarrassment

    Remember the salute with a coffee cup in hand?
  3. NVGiant

    What an embarrassment

    If it was Obama, he’d have made it.
  4. NVGiant

    Jeff Flake for POTUS

    They’d be reminded ... over ... and over ... and over again.
  5. I think this is true, especially for some in a handful of states in the upper Midwest. I also think Obama wasn’t lying to them. Those good -paying manufacturing jobs aren’t returning in great numbers in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania despite the roaring economy. I think the midterm results in those states we’re talking about hints at that.
  6. NVGiant

    These next 45 days

    The topic of this thread was the next 45 days. The house doesn't have say in confirmations. So I guess I was just not getting your line of thinking.
  7. NVGiant

    Jordan Caroline

    We played Kansas three years in a row from 2003-2005 and beat them twice. It helps when Reno can offer a major program a blue-chip recruit, which is what spurred the 2-for-1 with the Jayhawks.
  8. NVGiant

    These next 45 days

    Why is there a rush for this?
  9. NVGiant

    So is Nancy Pelosi a shoo-in for Speaker?

    Way way way left of Clinton? Not really. Despite the right's demagoguery of Pelosi, she is right of Sanders and left of Bubba. For instance, she got lambasted by the unions for supporting the original NAFTA, if you recall. He may have campaigned on campaign finance in 2000, but considering he followed through on the promise despite losing the nomination, I don't see how you can say he just did for the campaign. I can tell you that The Turtle hasn't exactly been a champion of campaign finance.
  10. NVGiant

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    Here it is. This is going to be the thread. I can feel it. God bless you all!
  11. They don't care. Judges. Or something.
  12. NVGiant

    Anybody have a medical background here?

    @NMpackalum is a doctor, isn’t he?
  13. NVGiant

    So is Nancy Pelosi a shoo-in for Speaker?

    McCain-Feingold was passed in 2002. Again, though, you seem to be defining a moderate based solely on a narrow set of policy stances. That’s fair and obviously policy is is a big part of it, but I don’t think that’s the whole game. The fact that McCain bombed on Republicans from time to time, as you put it, is why he was a moderate. If McConnell is a moderate then you’re defining every establishment politician as a moderate. Which I would never do. This could come down to semantics, but to me there are many degrees between a centrist and an extremist. McCain wasn’t a centrist, but I don’t know many on the right or left who would put McConnell, and perhaps to a lesser extent Ryan, on the same ideological plane. But I will grant you that the gap is narrower than sanders and someone like Schumer, but I view Sanders as fairly extreme left (by somewhat mainstream standards anyway). The gap would be closer to Bubba v. Pelosi, IMO. Policy they’re similar, but definitely Pelosi is further left.
  14. God almighty, this is a stupid +++++ing thread.