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  1. The Matrix, one of the top-grossing movie franchises ever, is obscure?
  2. Clearly, Utah is a different story. But I also assume you knew that before you moved there?
  3. You surviving that theocracy there in Southern California? I abhor the politics of the religious right. It is the prime reason I have long found the national Republican Party so repugnant. But my guess is that in SoCal, nobody is forcing religion down your throat, any more than some turd in Alabama complaining about the war on Christmas is a victim of the secular left. The culture of victim hood of the religious right and the secular left may be the one thing the two have in common.
  4. God meant for man to use humor to hide his insecurities and guilt. I’m certain of it.
  5. That’s interesting. Did he have alcoholism in his family, or just a strictly clean-living guy?
  6. I was baptized Catholic. Did the requisite catechism, etc. more or less left the church in my teenage years into well into my 20s as I struggled with questions of my own faith. eventually returned to the church. It’s rarely a straight line from birth to death with anyone’s faith, even if they remain within the confines of the same church. So yeah, it is a two-dimensional caricature of religious people that 90% are only in their faiths because they were force fed them as children. But people love them some stereotypes.
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