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  1. NVGiant

    Guilty until proven innocent

    “It doesn’t matter if it is true”?
  2. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    None of the accepted requests seem beyond the pale. If we’re going to do this though, Judge should probably be compelled to testify under oath, too. He’s allegedly the only other person in the room, and the only third party who could corroborate testimony of either Kavanaugh or Ford. Do you know if there will be any witness called to testify?
  3. NVGiant

    One of the most savage political ads I've ever seen

    Lol. My wife and I actually knew Paul Gosar years ago when he was just a dentist in Flagstaff and we lived there. He was actually a pretty nice guy ... albeit a little nutty.
  4. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Nah. Anyone would want the best lawyer they could get for this. But let's not fool ourselves. She is being used for political purposes ... there is no doubt about that. She is being used as a pawn, and I am sure she knows that, too. But that doesn't mean she's lying. To your other point, Kavanaugh can't not testify because that would be the end of his nomination. On the other hand, it is entirely reasonable for the accuser, who wanted to remain anonymous, to be reluctant to testify on such a public stage. Anita Hill was not treated well, and I doubt this woman will be either. None of it speaks to the truthfulness of the accusations, of course. This could be a contrived left-wing plot devised by this woman, but I haven't seen much compelling evidence to suggest that this is the woman's motivation, at least not yet.
  5. NVGiant


    Ha! It is funny. I see a lot of that with parents. Heck, even my wife has a little bit of that in her, though not to that extreme. I offer a counterbalance, to be sure. I just wasn't raised that way. I had a single mom, and she couldn't be a helicopter parent even if she wanted, which she didn't. I'm grateful every day for that, too.
  6. He was also got caught by the Washington Post during the Roy Moore circus, was proven to have heavily edited the NPR "sting," removing the repeated attempts by the NPR executives to say that donations to NPR would not influence editorial decisions, and so many, many more. Dude is a fraud, and it is always a shock to see his work attributed: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/11/james-okeefe/546911/
  7. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    You're right. Her accusation against Kavanaugh would never have happened if it was say Merrick Garland instead of Kavanaugh. I mean, sure that's probably because she never met an Obama nominee. But I concede your point. That much I think we can be certain of. So I guess you have me there. I don't presume to know why she did or didn't do anything. Could be that she didn't want to deal with it until she saw Kavanaugh nominated for such a high-profile lifetime position. Maybe she's part of a George Soros-funded Deep State conspiracy.
  8. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Turns out her lawyer is truly an expert in this stuff: https://www.washingtonian.com/2018/06/14/meet-debra-katz-dc-leading-metoo-lawyer/.
  9. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    I don't know what this woman is claiming as far as her politics. I do know that if I was going to hire a lawyer for such a thing I would want one that had tons of experience dealing with Congress and public records. So, you know, maybe it's not such a surprise. Also, I just found out that if you a hire a lawyer who has defended a murderer it does not necessarily make you a murderer. Edit: Even more, it appears her lawyer has litigated many sexual harassment and sexual abuse cases, and held a Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship at Georgetown University Law Center. Seems like a good choice if I was in the accuser's shoes.
  10. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    I must confess. I have puked from drinking. In high school and college. My god. I'm one step away from providing false testimony to Congress.
  11. NVGiant

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Also, Brett Kavanaugh has deep ties to Ken Starr and the Republican party.
  12. Yes, they were. But you know, people want to believe what they want to believe.
  13. NVGiant


    When I was a kid I used to walk to school in the snow, barefoot, uphill both ways. And we liked it!
  14. Yes. Clearly. Also because you want to live in a world where The Departed was never made.
  15. Typical fascist response. I 100% expected it.