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  1. McGee might not be a great player, but I am sure Caroline would take a 13-year NBA career (which it will by the end of Javale’s current contract).
  2. Yeah, but have you seen a really strong fat guy lean against other strong fat guys?
  3. Not to get too political, but this is the old policy under the Obama administration that was quickly rescinded by Trump. Bringing it back is the right call. I bet you can count on one hand the number of athletes that this will affect each year, but it's still good policy.
  4. I can't think of any college team that has sustained success while sharing an NFL Stadium, other than Miami. And even then, Miami's best years as a program were when they played in the Orange Bowl and the Dolphins played at Joe Robbie. Since Miami moved back into a stadium-sharing arrangement, they've been shit. Of course, UNLV as a program can't be much worse. Historically, they are one of the weakest programs in Division I so the bar for success is pretty low.
  5. You'd hate yourself too if you were a UNLV hoops fan.
  6. Brown is a huge loss because we can’t replace him. He’s out of position as a 5, but he’s a helluva lot better than KJ Hymes at this point. Drew is a good player, but he’s limited. I really think Jalen Harris will be good. Bottom line is we have a good backcourt. Unless we land a last-minute recruit that alters the dynamic, we’ll be a poor man’s version of the Sweet 16 team with no useful true 4 or 5 and Harris as the only consistent scoring threat. It’s not the end of the world, and Alford should be able to mold the 2020-21 team into something that fits him. But we’re going to take some lumps this year, I think.
  7. Nothing to blame. Kid made a choice that he thought was best for him.
  8. He should be a stretch 4. That’s the position Muss sold him on, playing next to Porter.
  9. To be fair, NAU has fallen so far from the Howland days that nobody would notice if the Jacks got the death penalty.
  10. I disagree with that. I think he would have averaged in the neighborhood of 15 or so next year for us. I just wasn't sure how he was going to defend. Not sure what he'll do at Arizona.
  11. Who cares about the 3 points and 10 minutes last year? Jordan Brown was among our two best options to replace the 66 points and 195 minutes per game we lose heading into next year. Actually, correction. Now the 69 points and 205 minutes we lost. My guess is that this pushes us from league contender to fifth or sixth place team next year.
  12. That's shitty man. That kid didn't do anything wrong, other than trust Muss.
  13. My favorite related note: There were more future NFL players in that game than the Auburn-Oregon NC game that was played a month later.