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  1. I’m not saying that, and perhaps I jumped in without knowing the context of what I was responding to. Social conservatives by definition hold a narrower view on what is mainstream. … I had a longer explanation of what I meant, but then I deleted it because I don’t really care that much.
  2. Papi’s postseason exploits should be a big part of his story. It’s also a big reason why Schilling should be in.
  3. Yep. I mean, Ortiz is a HoFer, but no way is he a HoFer if Bonds and Clemens are not.
  4. Sounds like every major professional and collegiate sports league in North America.
  5. Costas doesn't get a vote. It's baseball writers association only. And if he did... https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/bob-costas-tells-cbs-sports-radio-hed-vote-for-bonds-clemens/amp/
  6. It’ll happen. I wonder what a team like the 85 Cardinals, with their speed and contact skills, would do in this environment.
  7. Or like Ty Cobb, be inducted into the hall of fame long after anyone remembers what a terrible human being you were.
  8. There is some truth to this, too. The writers that have votes, especially some of the old-timers, can be ridiculous. The funny thing is Papi is as big a dick, or worse, as Bonds or Clemens. But Papi is a better self-promoter. Fraud that he is.
  9. Yep. Strikeouts are through the roof. More than 40,000 in each of the last few years. That's almost double than what you saw in the 80s (though there are more teams now, the point remains). Every other assumption you make is true. Home runs, walks, strikeouts are all way up. Steals are way, way down. Sabermetrics dominate the game (unfortunately, IMO).
  10. Brandon Belt led the Giants with 30. They were an unusually structured team though. An outlier by most any era's standard. But what you say is mostly true. Pete Alonso hit 50-something homers in 2019, and a ton of guys are hitting in the 40s. Sal Perez hit 48 this year, which is 20 more than he had ever hit before. But nobody is coming close to the heights reached by Bonds, much less McGwire and Sosa. There has to be some sort of correlation with steroids, but I can't say I can offer a definitive answer. I can also say that one reason is that no one in baseball today is quite like Bonds. You c
  11. I don't think anyone can reasonably question that steroids help. Recovery is a big part of that. Not just during the season but in offseason workout regimens. But the unspoken part of the steroids era was the increased velocity of pitchers juicing. They threw harder in the juiced era than ever before, and higher velocity matched with good contact made the ball go farther. Simple physics. Funny thing is instead of juice, pitchers are now using technology-aided training to improve movement efficiency with the sole purpose of generating more velocity. The result is pitchers throw harder on a
  12. There are a few guys like that. Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris are two recent examples that come to mind. Then there is Harold Baines, who got in through the veterans committee. Baines was rewarded for a good (not great), long career, and given extra credit for potential that was never fully realized because of injuries. His inclusion bugs me. Interestingly, both Bonds and Clemens would have been easily inducted into the hall of fame had they died in an offseason plane crash, as Roberto Clemente did, rather than start using PEDs in the years that they allegedly started using. The fact
  13. Yes, but there is a difference between arguing as a family and arguing as enemies. It’s a fine line between a robust marketplace of ideas and out and out sectarianism. I fear we’re inching dangerously close to that line.
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