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  1. I’m saying up until the moment the deputy decided to not enter the school, he would’ve been considered a good guy with a gun
  2. Huh? Pretty sure until that moment you didn’t know who he was,
  3. I bet up until this very moment he was thought of as a good guy.
  4. That’d be good, too. But the world is filled with cowards. Often, they are not revealed until a situation like this.
  5. Guess we need even more good guys with a gun.
  6. Let’s get another 30-pager on this. Seems productive.
  7. Correct. After Columbine, most LE agencies changed to tactics in this situation to immediately confront.
  8. It hasn't been a AAA baseball stadium in years. It was completely renovated for the Timbers and is currently being expanded. It's a really neat stadium for both football and soccer. Or it would be a cool venue for football, if there was ever anyone there.
  9. Providence Park is really cool. But Portland State is a commuter school with no fan base. It has nothing to do with Oregon and Oregon State.
  10. I live in Oregon. Nobody cares about Portland State. It would be like adding another SJSU, only in a smaller market.
  11. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Scary. It's everywhere.
  12. Instead of arming teachers what about

    This has been the fourth threat at a Bend high school ... this week. The other three were deemed non-credible. This one was the real deal, it appears.
  13. Instead of arming teachers what about

    This happened yesterday where I live: http://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/6031320-151/teen-arrested-for-credible-threat-to-shoot-students. This is the high school my daughter will attend, and the school one of my closest friend's two kids go to. This ended well, we think. But this shit is at every school in America, I bet. We have a culture problem. And it will take generations to fix.