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    OT - Gauging Fantasy Football Interest

    I hadn't officially signed up, but am going to back out. Am now in 4 other $50 leagues plus one or two more with smaller buy ins. Really don't want to be at $300 for leagues. Thanks though.

    OT - Gauging Fantasy Football Interest

    I would do a $50 buy in. Would prefer $25 since I'm already playing in several $50 leagues, but could make it work.

    2018 FIFA World Cup Challenge

    Group A Russia over Saudi Arabia Uruguay over Egypt Russia ties Egypt Uruguay over Saudi Arabia Uruguay over Russia Saudi Arabia ties Egypt Group B Iran over Morocco Spain over Portugal Portugal over Morocco Spain over Iran Spain over Morocco Portugal over Iran Group C France over Australia Denmark over Peru Denmark over Australia France ties Peru Peru over Australia France over Denmark Group D Argentina over Iceland Croatia over Nigeria Argentina over Croatia Iceland ties Nigeria Argentina over Nigeria Iceland over Croatia Group E Costa Rica over Serbia Switzerland over Brazil Brazil ties Costa Rica Switzerland over Serbia Brazil over Serbia Switzerland over Costa Rica Group F Germany over Mexico Sweden ties South Korea Mexico over South Korea Germany over Sweden Germany over South Korea Mexico ties Sweden Group G Belgium over Panama England ties Tunisia Belgium over Tunisia England over Panama Tunisia over Panama Belgium over England Group H Colombia over Japan Poland over Senegal Senagal over Japan Colombia over Poland Poland over Japan Colombia over Senegal Round of 16 Portugal over Uruguay France over Iceland Mexico over Switzerland Belgium over Poland Spain over Russia Argentina over Denmark Germany over Brazil Colombia over Tunisia Round of 8 Portugal over France Mexico over Belgium Argentina over Spain Germany over Colombia Semifinals Portugal over Mexico Argentina over Germany Consolation Germany over Mexico Final Argentina over Portugal 2-1

    2018 FIFA World Cup Challenge

    Do you want who we think wins each match, or just the top 2 in each group?

    2018 World Cup

    I'm in.

    Will the MWC add men's soccer for Gonzaga?

    No. CUSA is one of the better soccer conferences. Why would we leave that for the sorry programs that would make up the MWC?
  7. Hate to go against a fellow Lobo, but Bauer has added so much more to the board over the years.

    Fire Dave Rice

    I'm more familiar with SDSU beating us here than UNLV. That bunch you have with that coach is not winning here.

    Fire Dave Rice

    They are not winning in The Pit. Maybe in Vegas, but not here.

    Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    Wow. I'm so sorry to hear that Troy. Coastie was indeed one of my favorite posters on this board. He will be missed and you and your family are in my thoughts.