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  1. UNM up 29-0 after one. I'll take that.
  2. Was wondering why UNLV was favored by so much. Lol
  3. And I actually agree. It would be fun to those two, and be in the same division with NMSU, UTEP, CSU, Air Force, Wyoming and Utah St/Boise St. Granted, it would start out heavily favored to the west, but still...
  4. I would so take NMSU over Hawaii. Worth it to have all their sports in the MWC.
  5. Would have been well over 30 for the Aggies, especially if it is the season opener. I think the last high school games are over by 4. Lobo fan is just apathetic at this point.
  6. Still don't get the add. There isn't much market penetration for that university. Would have been better with someone else. Oh well...
  7. Ugh. Was hoping for a lot more from UNM fans. Guess this is what happens when you truly suck balls for 6 years in a row. Miss those 35K+ days.
  8. Hate to go against a fellow Lobo, but Bauer has added so much more to the board over the years.
  9. Teams like that tend to give us problems. I expect a lot of four guard lineups tomorrow.
  10. Except for last year. We hung around the very top most of the season.
  11. I'm more familiar with SDSU beating us here than UNLV. That bunch you have with that coach is not winning here.
  12. They are not winning in The Pit. Maybe in Vegas, but not here.
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