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  1. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    Sorry, but I feel like this is crazy. Until Bobo shows me that he can win important, close games, I am going with the 7-6,6-7 group. Who do you think we lose to? I can't predict a win over CU, BSU, Arkansas, Florida. I think we'll likely lose all four of those and then will probably drop AFA (as usual) and the bowl game. That's my thinking. Believe me, if your prediction comes true I will be ecstatic.
  2. eSports at MWC Tournament

    Hearthstone is an eSport and doesn't rely on reaction time at all. It's turn based.
  3. eSports at MWC Tournament

    If you're playing it at a high enough level to get a sponsorship/scholarship, you're probably not eating Doritos and Cheezwiz while playing. Some of these people are really impressive. If it was games that you actually cared about, you would like it too.
  4. RAMS to get new DC.

    Man, if we got Charlie Kelly that would allow for so many IASIP memes! Wildcard b*tches! Also, would be a good hire!
  5. College Basketball Imperialism Map

    Arkansas owns the portion that was CSU now. They don't own the Liberty/ASU/Wolf area.
  6. College Basketball Imperialism Map

    Correct. Once you get beaten, you have to beat another team with land. The cool thing about the Basketball map is that at the end of the year it's all one color (since the conference winners all go to the tourney). No so for football.
  7. So they're the Last Chance U of the Northwest?
  8. College Basketball Imperialism Map

    Here is the original map for anyone curious (closest D1 team to each county).
  9. Has anyone seen this yet? It was created by /u/jloose128 on reddit. The premise is that every county was assigned to the team that was closest to it. When a team is beaten, all of their land is taken by the team that defeated them. The MWC currently has a pretty good amount of land. Nevada, BSU, SDSU, and CSU all have a good amount (CSU got all of ours by beating previously unbeaten CU). The MWC is in the top 5 conferences by Population (4), Number of counties (5), and number of territories (5). Nevada itself is in the top 10 in number of counties (8). It's pretty cool. This is updated daily. reddit post here for more stats
  10. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    Big week for CSU, but we have not played well on the road yet. At Arkansas and at Oregon are tough matchups. If we can squeak out one win I'll be happy.

    Did they just graduate a bunch of players from last year? Weren't they the ones that got snubbed out of the tournament?
  12. Michael Gallup is a Biletnikoff Award Finalist

    This is great to hear! Pretty crazy that both Higgins and Gallup have been finalists. I hope he wins it!
  13. Don't you dare talk down such storied rivalries as this week: UNM @ SDSU Wyoming @ SJSU BYU @ Hawaii USU @ AFA CSU vs. BYE
  14. I will take anything but the Potato Bowl or a bowl against a MWC opponent. Knowing Thompson we might get both of those! CSU vs. USU in Idaho!