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  1. What a game for the Rams. Sloppy, but they still won it. Really like the direction of the program and this team in general. I feel like other than SDSU, the Rams can probably beat anybody on a given night if they play well. Free throws are still an issue, but I like the defense that I've been seeing. Really liking Niko Medved if they continue to improve.
  2. It's so strange to see Freshman and Sophomores after the years of Eustachy. Also, we don't have 6 guys sitting out due to transfers anymore. I agree with Swoll that the inconsistency of transfers made it hard to be a CSU fan. We would be really good for a year or two (Omogbo and Clavell) and then not great for a few years.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't mind keeping Jancek. The defense really started to click at the end of the year (4th quarter collapses not withstanding. They were gassed from the offense not doing anything all game).
  4. He said this on an earlier thread too. There is no way Bobo is CSU's Rocky Long. Are you kidding me? He took us to 3 bowl games at 7-5 his first three years, with mostly McElwain recruits and upper-classmen QBs. He had 5 years and was still making game management errors in the last weeks he was here. I would love Bobo as an OC, but he is not a HC currently. Surprised anyone is suggesting we will regret firing a coach who went 3-9 and 4-8 in his 4th and 5th years at a school. That's when you should be humming along and not floundering.
  5. The guy on the other thread said we just fired our "Rocky Long" and wanted to see who our "Mike Locksley" hire would be. Maybe it will actually be him.
  6. There is definitely talent on our roster. Excited to see what a new coach can do. Last year and this year their talent was not at their win level.
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bobo was a good guy, but didn't like him as a coach. Happy that we get to see a new start!
  8. In his postgame comments: "I thought we did a good job punting it" LOL. The only good thing you can say.
  9. Fair, I'm sure its recency bias, but I've never felt as bad about this program as I do now. I went to school during the late Sonny and early Fairchild 3-9s
  10. I'd take Fairchild over Bobo.
  11. We are a laughing stock.
  12. I thought so too, but when he was getting up/onto the cart it looked like he was limping pretty badly.