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  1. This is the scariest thing to me that I've seen so far. As a healthy adult, I don't want them to be permanently damaged.
  2. I agree this seems optimistic, but I think maybe 6 weeks? End of April-ish?
  3. Yeah, us too. I think it would have been helpful for our young team, but what can you do?
  4. HylianHero


    I hope so too. I think if we had beaten Wyo we would have been in one for sure. Now, I'm not certain, but we probably should still make the CBI
  5. Right? In every scenario imaginable I'd rather only have to play 3 games. Let's face it, for most of our teams, it won't matter if we lose to SDSU in the semis or finals. We still have to beat them and USU to make it in.
  6. It was kind of a neutral site game. It was still in Tulsa, just not on their home floor. I'm hoping CSU comes out with a fire after losing against USU and not playing well against Wyoming. We need this one.
  7. Let's go RAMS! Keep that strong streak going.
  8. The only reason it got to that point was the phantom OPI,
  9. What about the bullshit OPI that they tried to end the game earlier on?
  10. +++++ing go Boise State next week. That was horseshit. Craig Thompson, those refs, and the Mountain West can go +++++ themselves.
  11. No, just a state where truck repair is the most important subject.
  12. I'm happy CSU has some (hopefully) easy wins out of the gate with a new coach and a lot of new players. Also, since Martin is out for the first 5 games, that's a big loss in those 5.