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  1. In the first few weeks, nearly all of the folks who died from Covid in Utah had life expectancies under 12 months. I have no idea how that held up since then.
  2. There is hardly a consensus about Covid. Yes, government is in lock step, but that is how government operates. There are many, many credible voices on Covid that don't agree with the CDC on everything.
  3. Coulter was clear from the beginning that she supported Trump because he supported a stronger stance on immigration. When it became clear he was not going to come through, she jumped off the band wagon fairly early. This is not some new opinion of hers.
  4. Mug already mansplained it to you but you just want to believe what you want to believe. You are using CONFIRMED cases as your denominator. It does not include anyone who had it, with or without symptoms, and did not get tested.
  5. I don't think we should manage this as if the whole country lives in Manhattan. Metro areas that rely heavily on mass transit and live on top of each other might have to come up with another solution.
  6. They should. The CDC said this week that Covid does not spread very effectively from surfaces. People screaming for the shutdowns to continue are going to be more and more in the minority. Cases may go up. Deaths may go up. But people need to go on with their lives. If hospitalizations start to cause a problem, then make some changes.
  7. I am glad I moved to Utah. I lived in Pleasanton, CA in Alameda county, just by there.
  8. It is demonstrably not a 5.9% death rate. It is a fraction of that.
  9. I feel for the folks still under the lock downs. I am not as concerned about it now because my state, Utah, is nearly completely open, but with some social distancing rules. We have been open since May 1st and there have been no spikes. For now, the numbers have trended down. Most other states that have opened have also seen their numbers trend down. I know that is not the result some were hoping for. There are some that are so invested in Covid = Plague (or maybe they are just invested in obey) that they seem upset or disappointed when the numbers don't spike. At some point, you have to let more than just one science discipline (epidemiology) inform decisions.
  10. SUDS, that is the whole point of this. It is the story. Whataboutism would be if Trump's FBI has concerns about part of the Biden transition team, and instead of telling the Biden team, they investigate and don't warn Biden there might be a problem. And additionally do all they can to make sure the investigation goes on after Obama leaves office. If all of that happens, or even part of it, and then I say "well, Obama did it".....that would be whataboutism. However, this has never happened before that we now about, so there can't be any whataboutism. It is outrageous, and if you take a more cynical read of what happened, your take could be that Obama tried to sabotage the transition of power. Its kind of a big deal.
  11. That is not whataboutism, that is what happened. We are talking about the Flynn case. Maybe you just don't understand what whataboutism means?
  12. The italicized passage is new. It reveals that Flynn was speaking to Kislyak “frequently,” a comment which is consistent with Sally Yates’ concernabout the “back and forth” between Kislyak in which Flynn was making “specific asks.” Some of those specific asks Yates described in her Mueller interview remain redacted (as are the transcripts of Flynn’s calls with Kislyak themselves). In DOJ’s motion to dismiss Flynn’s prosecution, they argue that Flynn’s calls were routine calls made to “build relationships.” But the motion addresses only a subset of calls, not (for example) the face-to-face meeting with Kislyak on December 1, or calls Flynn made during the election (his 302 mentions one he made in January 2016, at a time he claimed not to be working with Trump, but there are reports there were more). Most importantly, the filing doesn’t address a key reason why the FBI had reason to investigate Mike Flynn: the frequency of his calls to Kislyak were “unusual.” In an effort to gaslight Trump supporters, then, the Trump Administration just showed that DOJ’s motion to dismiss falsely treated as normal communications that were not. Which, given that the Trump Administration just produced evidence that proves DOJ’s motion to dismiss made a false claim, provides Sullivan all the more reason to demand all the transcripts between Flynn and Kislyak. So, instead of letting the Trump team know they had a concern, they decided to investigate Flynn and not say a word.
  13. I am no futurist. Maybe it will be as the folks in your industry are worried about, but I think it is a little early to make the call that we will all be like the fat kids in the spaceship from WALL-E in 20 years.
  14. Maybe all this automation will put folks out of work. I am certain people living 100 years ago could not fathom the jobs humans do today. Why is everyone so certain there won't be new fields of work opened up to humans.
  15. It will be such an improvement when we are literally dependent on the government for everything. I can hardly wait for my government provided paradise on Earth.