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  1. The other reason this is so stupid is that it really does not increase revenue for the government over the long haul....stocks eventually get sold. It will probably decrease the take from capital gains taxes from the market. Like most dopey Democrats, Warren probably thinks the economic pie is fixed. You can implement some stupid tax that makes you popular with the ignorant and everyone will just keep doing exactly what they were doing before in the same amounts.
  2. I have to wonder if if you have ever actually bought equities and held them. You will force people to hold cash in reserve to pay your stupid tax or you will force them to sell before they want to in order to generate cash for your stupid tax. Will folks be able to get a tax credit on unrealized losses? Will it just be on the net of unrealized gains/losses? What if you are down one year, get the credit, then the stock goes up the next year? Only a Democrat would put us on some sort of tax roller coaster. What nightmare. I am fairly certain she knows this is unworkable. It is just more evidence that her strategy is extreme class warfare and that she will say anything to get elected. Medicare for everyone (including illegals) anyone? Don't worry, your taxes won't go up. If a Republican said things this stupid the press would run them out of town.
  3. I think this post reveals a whole lot about your partisanship. Star chamber anyone?
  4. Perhaps. The company I work for has its own PAC. Nearly 100% of the political lobbying is around limiting and influencing legislation impacting regulatory activity. My guess is it looks very similar across big tech, banking, financial services, health care, and most other large industry verticals. Corporate taxes are an issue, but not nearly as big an issue as regulations that keep the company from growing its top line or limit long-term growth.
  5. You probably are not having bad luck. Many of the best performance components don't last as long. It is not a quality issue, but a conscious choice to increase performance. With the exception of a Range Rover Sport (Tata has real quality and fit & finish issues), I have owned German cars for the past 25 years (Audi, Porsche, BMW). Maintenance is part of owning one. If you want the maintenance of a Honda or Toyota, then buy a Honda or Toyota. If you want to look forward to getting behind the wheel (and can afford it), get a German performance sedan. I like BMW, Audi, and Porsche. I currently have a 2018 Porsche Panamera (awesome car). I can't bring myself to buy Mercedes. They drive nice, but they are kind of the Buick of German cars.
  6. Hmmm...I suppose. I think most lobbying by corporations is around legislation and regulation though...
  7. I am not connecting the dots on that. What is the thinking behind the idea?
  8. I have not idea who this guy is and I am not defending his parenting. But, it sounds like he is involved in this kid's life. If he had 5 baby mommas around the country and never saw the kids, no one would care.
  9. This a thousand times over. 6 years ago, all anyone talked about was how Millennials were going to change the entire world. They have some pointed differences, but the data is coming in. They are just like every other generation in how their lives change with age. They buy cars, they get married, they have kids, they buy homes in the suburbs, and they get more conservative.
  10. I kind of like the way the Canadians do it. You can raise money from most anyone you want, but you have to stop at $28 million. You then have about a month to spend it.
  11. There are very few that fit you're characterization. Most of them (posters here) are just pushing back on the 24/7 criticism of every little thing he says or does. I have a newsflash for you. Not everything he says or does is crazy or illegal, yet everything he says or does is spun as if it were. Defending things you like about him that are spun as horrible does not mean you condone every tweet he tweets. I think most conservatives here would prefer someone else were president. I did not caucus for Trump in the 2016 primaries. I think I speak for most conservatives on this board though when I say that if the choice is between Trump and Warren or Trump and Sanders....the choice is going to be easy.
  12. Go ahead and feel superior all you like. Trump won't win because people like him. He won't win because people are racists. Trump won't win because people believe everything he says. Trump will win because you and the rest of the left wing of the Democrat party are going to nominate a true socialist. You are going to vastly over play your hand. Of course, CA, OR, WA, NY, IL, and a couple others will still go Democrat, but the rest of the country will want nothing to do with Warren or Sanders.
  13. Who are all these people that defend Trump and his more ridiculous statements? Who are all these people that support Trump no matter what? People at Trump rallies? Most Republicans are very restrained in how they support him. Look at the impeachment thread on this forum. It is basically 137 pages of you all agreeing with each other about how terrible Trump is and buying every article that Retro posts. When he wins re-election, which I am 90% certain he will, Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves. He won't be re-elected because Republicans think he is Mother Teresa. He is going to win because the Democrat nominee will be soooo far to the left that the choice will be easy. Trump > crazy socialists.
  14. The debt is an issue that is not going away. We could fix it by slowing spending growth....don't even have to cut it (at least the way normal people view things). Just get rid of the base line accounting the government uses to increase budgets every year.
  15. Lower interest rates make it easier for companies (and consumers) to make investments. If the interest rate is lower, then it makes it that much easier to get the rate of return you are looking for on whatever you are looking to do. Not only does it make it easier, it also makes investments possible that never would be possible with higher rates. Too much investment can create competition for resources which leads to inflation. If inflation begins to tick up, then it is usually a good idea to increase rates, and slow things down. Inflation has mostly been a non-issue for the last 15 years or so, so there has been little incentive to increase rates. Increasing rates just so you have a bigger lever to pull when the business cycle turns (and it will eventually), will likely hasten the down turn you are concerned about mitigating. The current Federal Funds rate is right around 2%. That is really low and it has been in that range since the early 2000s. It stayed low from before the credit crisis caused the recession, through the recession, and after. I remember when mortgage rates went below 7% in the 1990s. It was a huge deal. Historically, anything below 7% was considered good. It has been a very long time since we have seen mortgage rates anywhere near 7%.