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  1. C'mon man...the Chinese are our friends.
  2. I wish Trump would come out in favor of higher taxes, single payer health insurance, and open borders....
  3. This is something that has been apparent from the beginning. I wonder how many people that insist on keeping everyone home so that they are more safe have also done something to lose weight to also improve their safety? It is easy to demand sacrifice of others, but in the meantime, pass me the Mac 'n Cheese and the cake. I was not terribly over weight, but I definitely needed a better cardio regimen. Since April, I have slowly lost 20 pounds and improved my health generally. I suggest others do the same. You never know when you might end up with this thing.
  4. It will give a lot of fodder to the Trump campaign. It won't matter to the Retros or Akkulas of the world, but for swing voters, low information voters, and undecided....who knows how it could affect them? It will certainly get spun by the Trump campaign and a lot of pro Trump advertisements as Biden dodging the debates because he is....take your pick....weak, senile, slow, old, frail, scared, etc.
  5. I think it is highly unlikely Trump wins re-election at this point. I think there will be two interesting things to watch and see how it impacts the poll numbers: 1) what happens with Covid numbers 2) Biden running to the left instead of the center. Overall, I think Trump has stuck his foot in his mouth just too many times (and there are still 4 months left to go!).
  6. Nancy's latest Covid relief bill has $25 billion for the post office, but that was the Democrats, so it did not even register for you. Surprising really, since you are a self proclaimed non-partisan.
  7. Plus, someone owns the asset we are going to magically wipe off the books. There are two sides to this ledger and someone gets hurt, decreasing their participation in the economy.
  8. Nice straw man for a lot of arguments I wasn't making. Hope you feel better getting all that off your chest.
  9. Or it is the absolute right time so states just don't default to closing everything down across the board. Even with a second wave, it can't be like March and April again.
  10. Well, believe what you like. $350 billion for the payroll protection program. $2.7 trillion for unemployment programs. Plus $3 trillion in loans directly from the Fed to help keep airlines, hospitality, etc. afloat. I get that there was some fraud and waste. That is what happens when D.C. spends $6 trillion dollars in 3 to 4 months. This is not chump change that is being spent. It can't go on and on.
  11. $2.7T went to unemployment and the like. Lots of people were getting more money on the program than when they were working. How much do we spend on this? When is it ok for someone to at least check to see if this things has any brakes?