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  1. Such a disingenuous move by the PAC 12. Basically just a hit job to hurt BYU in the rankings and prop up Oregon, which is why the PAC leaked it. The game has to be played @ Washington. The game is not guaranteed (they will probably have to play Utah per the PAC rules), and they are not paying BYU for the trip. No self respecting program is accepting those terms.
  2. How many did Obama take out? Doubt you were worried then. Doubt you would have been worried if Obama took out the Iranian general. The double standard is staggering.
  3. Were we talking about the whole entire Trump presidency? Don't think so. Care to give an example of why we should be worried Trump is going to bomb Iran? The example should be from the real world and not what you imagine is going through Trump's head. There are plenty of things to rip Trump on. Getting our boys killed or killing the boys of other countries is not one of them.
  4. There are numberless posts on this board about things people are afraid Trump might do, especially around military conflict, and none of them have happened. You all are afraid of the caricature of Trump you have created in your heads. How many posts about war with Iran, war with China, war with North Korea, war with Russia, war with Cuba, war with Venezuela, war war war. Talk about Chicken Little. The reality is he has avoided wars and armed conflicts and brought troops home. It is probably more likely that Grandpa will be an interventionist than Trump. It will probably be ok if Grandpa
  5. Taxation without representation? Sounds familiar.
  6. I used to just make the call last as long as possible without giving them anything...all while working. I decided that was bad. I still engage for a few minutes, but then ask them if their parents know what they do for a living and tell them I think they are better than this. Maybe it will change a life.
  7. If they can prove it, then they need to do it and stop with the nonsense. If they are right it is the biggest political story in the history of the country. Looks like grandstanding to me.
  8. Same thing in Utah. I think masks help decrease the spread. The problem is that the incredible over indexing on mask messaging has made them seem more effective than they are. You can't live a normal life if you are just willing to wear a mask. Masks won't defeat COVID.
  9. Getting a nice solid push from this guy: https://nypost.com/2020/11/17/cuomo-blames-drug-companies-trump-for-speedy-covid-19-vaccines/
  10. Not sure about Virginia, but it could give them a certain percentage of evangelicals, depending on how much affinity they have with the school.
  11. The article says the damns were built for the sole purpose of generating power....so he has a point, even if it is a small one.
  12. From what I read, there are houses along at least one of them. It will definitely be different when the reservoirs empty. It may be the right thing to do and I have no horse in the race. The linked article made it seem like there is only upside to this. There are also several cons...depending on who you are. The people who live in and around the area were asked about it on a non-binding ballot measure. They voted to keep the damns.
  13. I read the article linked, but it seemed too one-sided given this has taken so many years to make happen so I Googled it. There are lots of interested parties. It would suck to have bought land and built a house on the shores of one of these man-made lakes and watch your lake front dream home turn into a mud front home. I have been contemplating buying a lake front property at some point. I will definitely prefer property on natural lakes after reading about this. For those saying this has nothing to do with tree huggers, guess again. They aren't alone, but they are definitely involv
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