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  1. I love when folks on the left think their #$%& doesn't stink. Hannity is a partisan...no question. As is most of the night time line up at Fox. Surely you must realize that MSNBC is the left's version of Fox? MSNBC's night time line up is just as partisan. The only difference between you and your family member is the network and message you like.
  2. If I was a UK citizen and pro Brexit, the attempted meddling in UK politics by Brussels would only galvanize my position.
  3. I sold equities last year to pay off my house, even though the return on equities was much higher than the interest rate on my mortgage. The country's fiscal disaster is not going to happen tomorrow, but it will happen. I am concerned about my retirement accounts, just not in the way you are saying. There is one pot of money sitting out there that politicians will be tempted to raid once the debt payments get untenable. That pot is all of our retirement accounts. I don't think I am full on wearing a tin foil hat when I think those bastards are capable of trying to "nationalize" retirement in the name of social justice.
  4. The bill will come due. The debt payment already puts stress on the budget. What has somewhat saved us is that the FRB has kept interest rates low the past 20 or so years. When interests rates move up and we start refinancing existing debt at higher rates, the budget is going to feel the pain. By some miracle, we have had economic expansion and low interest rates the past 8 years without significant inflation. The sad thing is we have enjoyed economic expansion and we did not try to balance the budget while the pie was growing. With a few exceptions, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have shown any interest. I can't think of anyone besides Rand Paul that actually does more than just say they want to balance the budget. No one wants to be the Grinch. They all want to be Santa Claus.
  5. I don't dispute any of those things, but you can't tell kids and their parents that racism is the #1 problem holding them back today if they won't listen in class, won't do homework, and could give a rip about getting educated. If that culture at home does not change, regardless of how long they were oppressed, the kids will stay in the ghetto, never own a home, and never have a chance of passing any material amount of wealth. We can successfully lecture white people about the history of oppression, racism, privilege, micro-aggression and the rest of it, but it won't change the fate of those kids if the culture in those communities does not change.
  6. I am good with an environmental study for a nuclear power plant, but not an endless stream of them.
  7. No. It will be interesting to see if the clowns on your team will let them go forward. Like I said, planning them means nothing if they never actually get built because of endless protests, law suits, and environmental studies.
  8. I won't claim to be a sociology expert (I'll leave that to Orange). I can mostly only comment based on my own observations and experiences. I am very concerned that telling black Americans that racism (today or historical) is the the number one thing holding them back does a huge disservice to them. I work for a company headquartered in California that is in the top 20 globally for market cap. I opened an analyst role with HR last Friday and by Tuesday morning I had nearly 40 resumes. I have hired for 4 roles this year (varying levels) with the same type of response. By the time we get to final interviews, most roles have at least 150 applicants. I probably personally reviewed at least 500 resumes this year and phone screened 40 or more. As far as I could tell, no black applicants made it to the phone screening. No blacks made it to the final interview round. My company is very actively trying to increase diversity (which has a very narrow definition of women, black, or hispanic) and I work very closely with HR for sourcing and screening. The problem is not racism, but having a qualified applicant pool. FYI, all of my hires this year checked one of the company's diversity boxes. I also occasionally tutor math in inner city middle schools in Salt Lake City. I rarely have a white youth. Nearly all of them are hispanic or poly. I don't think this happens because the white kids are smarter or have fewer learning disabilities. I talk with the teachers, and I am certain they care about all the students. The biggest difference is the home life of these kids and the culture around what it takes to be successful. I nearly beg these kids to spend even 30 minutes doing homework so they can get some muscle memory for math. I see them the next Tuesday and they have done nothing. I understand their home life is not conducive and that the parents may be working around the clock, but if you tell these kids and their parents that the reason they won't succeed is because people like me are racist (not saying you accused me, but in general), all you are doing is giving them an excuse to not try. Most of the kids I tutor just don't care. I think this partly explains why kids that immigrate from Africa don't run into the same roadblocks that native born kids run into. The problem at this point is not ancestral slavery or historical racism. It seems to be the culture at home. Orange can come and scream that they are in this spot because of slavery and racism, but I don't think that is what is keeping them there today. Going all the way back to the 80s, Mr. T (a widely recognized sociologist!) would tell black kids they should stop asking for a break if they were not educated to actually take advantage. Throwing money at the problem without also forcing those communities to take some responsibility is just throwing the money away.
  9. I don't believe they have a 0% chance of a meltdown, but we are talking about saving the species. The risk is worth it! You can link "plans" for nuclear power plants. It is real when they come on line, which has not happened in the past 40 years.
  10. But if you believe the message...that humans are causing all of this...then why are we not pursuing a strategy of all options? If I believed with 100% certainty that humans were causing a mass extinction, then I would not care so much if the solutions aligned with my political sensitivities. There would be several new nuclear power plants under construction right now. But they aren't. The solutions are all about the lefts pet policies of wealth transfer and 0% growth for the Birkenstocks and granola crowd.
  11. So, if you believe that, then what is the problem with keeping the EC? If you just go with the popular vote, then the election will decided by just a few metro areas.
  12. Is this the same Mormon church whose president will be speaking this weekend at the NAACP's annual convention?
  13. So I will check the YES box for you that the only diversity that matters is skin color. Thank you for the confirmation. If we look alike, we think alike. Got it.
  14. I say we don't know for sure. That does not mean I think we just pollute away. This is not the 1960s. Much of the low hanging fruit has been addressed. The cost of getting the next billion pounds of pollutants out of the air is far, far, far more expensive than getting the first billion pounds. We need to be thoughtful and not follow the lead of someone who was mixing Cosmopolitans this time last year.