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  1. The recommendations make sense if everyone would behave the same with higher taxes. Of course, they won't. Riskier investments that are made today, won't be made under higher taxes. You will take capital out of the hands of the most efficient allocators and put it in the hands of the least efficient allocators (government). Inefficient allocation of capital slows down the number of transactions in the economy, which is the driver of income and new wealth. You can tax/confiscate all of the wealth of Bill Gates and others like him and you won't help anyone. You will just hamstring the next generation. The rise of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and all of the thousands of jobs they create is a sign things are healthy. Profitable, productive, and innovative companies float all boats, not higher and higher taxes.
  2. Regardless of the arguments, that was just really funny.
  3. It is not dishonest. The only reason for abortion is to end a pregnancy. The only way to end a pregnancy is to kill the child. The only reason for gun rights is not to have innocent men, women, and children slain at schools, malls, and dance clubs.
  4. I actually agree with you. When I hit submit, I realized it, but I knew I would not have time to edit, so I let it go. I should have said that the only intent of abortion laws is do kill unborn children.
  5. This is a bit dishonest. The intent of progressives IS to murder children in the womb. Conservatives don't want guns so that kids get shot in schools.
  6. I don't know why Republicans do these things to themselves. Just stick with no abortions with exceptions for rape, incest, and health of the mother (although health of the mother has to be defined). However, the Alabama law and the hoped for SCOTUS case is a direct result of the laws passed in NY and VA allowing abortion up to the point of birth. The Alabama law is cruel, but so are the NY and VA laws.
  7. I finally know who cuts Beto's hair. I guess that seals my vote.
  8. I always suspected some of you were just making stuff up.
  9. This is not behind them, more like riding in the backseat. It will all come out again in the primaries. If Northam somehow survives the primary, then the general election is going to be really interesting. The go-to Democratic tactic of calling the Republican a racist will be off the table.
  10. There are two things I spend way too much money on....cars and ties.
  11. This issue cuts both ways. Don't you think there were plenty of moderate Democrats horrified by the abortion laws passed in New York and other states?
  12. Where did I say the left's "...#$%& doesn't stink?" The frequency & intensity of the Trump rhetoric outlined above put him in a different league than BHO malfeasance. You keep going with the whole "my politician is more (insert adjective here) than your politician. It just makes you look like a partisan hack.
  13. I don't have an issue with the USPS. I like having the ability to post a letter or package for cheap and have them reliably delivered. There are many countries that can't boast that. At least it is an enumerated power in the Constitution, unlike most of the crazy stuff that happens under the general welfare clause.
  14. I am not going to investigate to come up with an example for every one, but this is just off the top of my head from Obama. It is not that I think Trump is a good guy, but you seem to think your team's #$%& doesn't stink.
  15. What are sub-reddits? A couple of you mentioned them.