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    God Himself can't do that.
  2. He can still run even if convicted. Lyndon LaRouche and Eugene Debs both ran for President from prison.
  3. A millionaire on Medicaid, huh.
  4. Disappointing. You had something going there.
  5. UNT wins the NIT...and loses their coach.
  6. Congrats for correctly spelling, if not correctly using, gentrified and archaic.
  7. At the University of Houston, they're taught that 2 or 3 = 18.
  8. No, its not. And 'the media' doesnt pay tourney credits. The NCAA does. In addition to below, the NCAA plays up to 3000 for family members to travel to the Final 4 for travel and lodging costs. NCAA tournament travel plans often must be completed in as little as 48 hours. The NCAA pays for flights for up to 75 people for schools in the NCAA tournament that need to travel more than 350 miles to a game. The NCAA pays for up to 100 people for teams playing in the Final Four.
  9. Cal does. Their baseball team has been in Texas for OOC games, so has their football team.
  10. Being Biased, I'm going to say neither. During the 2010 season, the MWC champion won the Rose Bowl and finished 2nd in the nation.
  11. Personally, mine was Jolt cola. Fortunately, my dorm room was near the bathroom...
  12. So you voted more than twice? Quite the admission.
  13. Newsmax quietly folded, and returned to DTV with no (apparent) carriage fee. https://www.forbes.com/sites/derekbaine/2023/03/28/one-of-donald-trumps-favorite-tv-channels-newsmax-gets-directv-carriage-again/?sh=49fda366c97e
  14. And other than FAU - which is leaving the conference - few will notice. And judging by the dozens of people in the crowd at the Orleans last night, few will even see it.
  15. He's a Hall of Famer? Talk about a low bar.
  16. He's got a point. After all, Ben (among others) is good at playing the victim and blaming it on everybody else...
  17. Just as an aside, just found out that Cynthia Peak, the substitute teacher killed, was an '83 TCU grad.
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