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  1. fine. +++++ed up - insecure - neuotic - emotional
  2. Hell of a 3rd qtr comeback by the Mavs, but the hole was too deep.
  3. A press conference. Not giving the daily briefing. Not standard practice.
  4. So, today, 6 hours north in Arlington... Dad goes to pick up her daughter at elementary school on her last day. He's packing on school grounds - not allowed even with a CCL. Gun goes off, shoots himself in the leg. School goes into lockdown. So now he has a bum leg, a hospital bill, a charge of illegal possession, and a permanent ban from all Arlington school properties.
  5. Mayor Don McLaughlin is a Republican. He has been on Fox News before talking about Title 42. https://www.statesman.com/story/news/2022/05/25/who-uvalde-mayor-don-mclaughlin/9929781002/
  6. Judging by the clips played, the vocal reaction was mixed.
  7. Life is too short to worry about other people's paychecks. Our CEO makes a few bucks, too, but after 50 years in charge and building a global company from scratch, I figure he's entitled to a little more compensation than I get.
  8. Meanwhile, the wife of Prince Harry slipped into town, paid her respects and started passing out food at the blood drive.
  9. Yeah...all 3 of those guys (Abbott, ORourke, Patrick) have been overtly political. No reason for Abbott, in his Im the Gov jacket, to be giving the briefings other than for the facetime.
  10. Texas does. Department of Public Safety is essentially the state police.
  11. And with that in mind, Mitch McConnell just 'suggested' to John Cornyn that he start talking to some Democrats about seeing if they can find some common ground on the subject. Love him or hate him, he knows how to read the room.
  12. One thing I think needs to be pointed out when talking about the response. Uvalde is a small, isolated town. They have a small police force - 28 officers. It has a slightly below average rate of violent crime. These guys deal with mostly property crime and traffic crap. Now, I think its safe to say that most cops, even highly trained ones, would be caught off-guard by an incident of such magnitude, but this is almost unfathomable for a place 2 steps up from Mayberry. Then factor in the idea that most cops in such a scenario dont have to worry about jumping into such a mess that involves THEIR OWN KIDS - that is one ONLY school for 2nd thru 4th in town. They're human, just like the rest of us. Might be prudent to keep that in mind while we jump to excoriate them. There's a reason DPS (state police) and the Border Patrol jumped in, something that probably wouldnt have happened 80 miles away in San Antonio. Just a thought.
  13. Not a new concept. Pretty simple, really - best way to keep them home is to incentivize them to stay home. How to put that into practice is the tricky part.
  14. https://www.wfaa.com/article/entertainment/jimmy-kimmel-powerful-monologue-uvalde-elementary-school-shootin/287-c92bf684-bcf3-49e8-9ba8-770006d2bc2c
  15. FWIW...they didnt cut away until the monologue (done w/o the studio audience) until it was almost over. And didnt return until they were halfway thru the 1st interview. Having said that, that it was intentional was my 1st thought, especially as the commercial break reached 10 minutes.
  16. One way. You said one way. And it was 2 weeks ago.
  17. That last sentence may be one of the more bizarre statements I have ever encountered.
  18. That's an easy one to answer. Because most people aren't mind readers and don't know your intent. Or your mental state. Many years ago, when I was a teenaged RSF, my late father spent several weeks in the hospital being treated for depression. When he got out, he could no longer legally own a gun (not that he wanted one). Infringing on his 2A rights, amirite? Or protecting himself and potential harm, however small that risk was. One of those things better background checks should uncover. And, in the vast majority of people, the defensive/collectible/fun guns aren't the concern anyways.
  19. The deer in Texas are a nasty bunch, pal....
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