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  1. A lot of posts deserve facepalms. This one included.
  2. The MWC was a good but top heavy conference. We were never going to get a BCS auto slot. We didn't have the numbers needed in the necessary metrics. The BCS disclosed Thursday it has three ways to measure conference strength. They are the ranking of the highest-ranked team from a conference in the final BCS standings, the final regular-season computer rankings of all the teams in a conference and the number of teams from a conference in the top 25 in the final BCS standings.
  3. But back to the original point.... 1) Nobody seems to be picking up on this rumor, other than message boards/bloggers. 2) There is no increased TV value. ACC (44.8 per school) and Big 12 (44.2) make roughly the same amount. 3) Big 12 works with ESPN, too. 4) ACC aint exactly stable right now. and finally....... 5) Nobody with a toupee that bad can be trusted.
  4. ESPN is 100% owner of the ACC Network. A network they really didnt want to create, which is why they dragged their heels for several years. So they have little incentive in that regard. ESPN's focus is the SEC. BTW...none of the other 4 corners are bound by the Big 12 GOR because they haven't officially joined yet. Their 'Commencement Date' is July 1st. Utah just has a different 'Commencement Date', being August 2.
  5. Even if true, the one intractable issue is that both sides want the same plots of land (most notably Jerusalem). And unlike most deals which require some compromise, neither side is really that willing to do that. Remember, there WAS an attempted 2 state solution - the UN Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947. And it immediately resulted in the '48 War. And all the subsequent conflicts.
  6. It is when you consider most of that top 25 is not trying to get into a power conference (they're already there). What Beaver-Poke said was 100% correct. And most do translate into more money because most schools service the debt on these facilities with pledged private donations.
  7. Is that Sam Adams' Arab cousin?
  8. Who gives a shit about those dweebs...
  9. That would be a big step down from 5 days a week.
  10. No. Credits belong to the conference. NCAA pays them to the conference. Its part of the conference's collective revenue. If the conference goes, so do the credits.
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