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  1. Except they wont be playing 12 games. Both B10 and P12 are playing 10. ACC is probably next. Only the SEC might try to play more than 10. And you'll hear a lot more angst about which P5 champ gets left out of the CFP than you will about any G5 team.
  2. Lol...when was the last time Bama played a road non conference game? That would be 2011. Penn State. A little ole pandemic wont change that. But there have been discussions for weeks already about a replacement for USC against Alabama in the Advocare Classic in Arlington. And its a Big 12 team.
  3. The Sydney Swans were originally in Melbourne, and the Brisbane Lions were a merger of the Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy (Melbourne) Lions.
  4. Not with both networks involved, and with all schools knowing whats going on. Nobodys going to sign a new GOR until they know the grass isnt greener elsewhere. And by the time the P12 has a deal to vote on, the B12 will already be in negotiations. There will be no secrets amongst the parties. Everybody talks to everybody. If I'm (fill in the blank), and I know the P12 is getting x dollars, you can be damn sure im in Bob Bowlsby's ear trying to find out what numbers they are discussing and are they interested in us. Its good business.
  5. The distribution difference between P12 and B12 is 5 million per school per year. With the B12 deal being done just a year later. Going first or second wont make much difference. And both conferences will be getting a raise. The question will be does the gap grow, shrink or remain the same. That will be apparent to everybody fairly quickly. Having said that, chances of realignment this time around is slim. The networks actually prefer things right now.
  6. That will be difficult with 14/15 teams. 2 groups of 6 and 2 or 3 leftovers? A division round robin (6 games) and 4 crossovers, with ND counting as a crossover, makes for more sense and a lot easier to execute.
  7. There's a North/South split generally. The Red River being the dividing line. Texas is the 500 lb gorilla, but OU clocks in at 400 or so. With big issues needing 8 of 10 votes to pass, both schools wield significant influence. That split is why Houston got little traction in the expansion dance - the northern schools didnt want another school in the Lone Star State(among other reasons).
  8. I am Irish, Catholic, AND from Chicago. Hate ND.
  9. The cap hit from Mahomes contract doesnt get huge (for a top 5 QB) until 2023 in year 4. Not coincidently, 2023 is the year the new TV deals will start. Year Mahomes cap hit 2020 $5.347 million 2021 $24.807 million 2022 $31.45 million 2023 $42.45 million 2024 $39.95 million 2025 $41.95 million 2026 $41.95 million 2027 $59.95 million 2028 $44.45 million 2029 $44.95 million 2030 $50.45 million 2031 $52.45 million
  10. I asked you to point out the writers in B12 country that have BYU/ND to the Big 12 articles. You won't - or can't. Didn't think it was that difficult a question....
  11. So, you have nothing. that's all you had to say.
  12. Would you care to point out which ones? The only 'BYU and ND to the Big 12' I see here in B12 country is a single spare opinion piece by a UT blogger in what's left of Sports Illustrated. And a not very bright one at that, since ND really doesnt need the help.
  13. God...we need sports back....now...