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  1. El Salvador did a good job of uglying up the game. Score aside, it really wasnt that close of a game. Canada is hurting right now, too. Mexico really struggled to beat a 10 man Jamaica. Had to come from behind.
  2. I like my gin cotton-free...
  3. No one is asking you to wear your low IQ ID...
  4. No...there's only one way to do things. #sarcasmalert
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-26/buyer-of-nfl-s-broncos-could-write-off-3-billion-sportico-says#:~:text=Whoever buys the NFL's Denver,%243 billion%2C according to Sportico. Under Internal Revenue Service rules, the new owner will be allowed to deduct intangible assets, which can amount to more than 90% of a sports team’s value, the online news site said in a report Wednesday. Sportico valued the Broncos at $3.8 billion in September. The write-off could reduce the team’s income tax burden by as much as $240 million annually for each of the next 15 years
  6. You need to work on your sarcasm. Your problem, not mine....
  7. So as long as you are just repeating a racial epithet, it's ok. Interesting....
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