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  1. And her 1st job will be to hire a new baseball coach. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/2022/06/24/nevada-baseball-coach-tj-bruce-tcu-associate-head-coach/7728467001/
  2. No, but I know the definition of a woman is an adult female.
  3. Never heard of an unborn woman before....
  4. Incarnate Word backs out of WAC move, staying in Southland. https://uiwcardinals.com/news/2022/6/24/general-uiw-recommits-to-growing-southland-conference.aspx
  5. Ironic that a Jew would be anti-abortion, given the Jewish faith's stance on the subject.
  6. Lol....no.... Now ask if people thinks he's Stunner....
  7. Gonzaga managed to make to the championship game twice in 6 years while being unprepared.
  8. Except for the teleprompter part, yeah....regularly.
  9. RSF


    Fansville? The Dr Pepper commercials with the generic 'State'?
  10. Most private schools already have some sort of accreditation. Unaccredited schools tend not to last very long.
  11. RSF


    I love this...because its going to drive fans nuts....
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