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  1. Bitterness is such an ugly emotion....
  2. Actually it can mean 3 things. Positive, negative....and doesnt mean a damn thing. For UNLV, its door #3.
  3. More stupid stuff.... The process should be interesting but word around the NCAA ad the BIG 12 is they would like to expand for the upcoming season. I know for a fact BYU is all ears here. As this unfolds we need to pay close attention to how many teams they decide on as that will drive EVERYTHING in the process though BYU is a lock no matter what per BIG 12 sources. Baylor and TCU are in BYU’s pockets as well as fellow religious schools who refuse Sunday play. It's impossible to expand for the upcoming season. And TCU and Baylor play on Sunday regu
  4. Pulled it out of his ass. Boise didnt even make it to the round of 12 candidates. Neither did Navy, San Diego State or Northern Illinois. His only source is some guy he describes as a 'major Big 12 reporter'. One from Big 12 hotbed Cincinnati who does an AAC podcast.
  5. Supplies are so tight in West Virginia they stopped burning couches and are just burning ottomans after victories...
  6. Your choice. And we will defend to the death your right to be an idiot. Ok...maybe not death....
  7. Better to stay quiet and have people think you are an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  8. The former tackle for the Jaguars?
  9. Wish that were true. If it were, the Hawks would have a couple more Cups. The NHL hard cap ensures that doesnt happen.
  10. Yeah...but it would be worth less...
  11. I dont know what everybody else is doing, but I was picking on cats. Because cats are evil.
  12. I'm a landlord, and sure as shit there's only one thing I'm seeking at the beginning of the month....
  13. Guess the chickens is comin' home to roost....
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