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  1. Lol...Incredible Universe died because it was a bad concept. The 1st of many mistakes from the folks at Tandy/RadioShack.
  2. RSF

    Price of gas

    Not that difficult to understand. Eventually the so-called 'renewables' will take over. Or even some form of energy we dont know about yet. It is a historical inevitability. The 1st oil well was less than 2 centuries ago. The 1st gas powered car was 134 years ago. Technology is always moving forward. It's people, some faction of them anyways, who tend to stop.
  3. Everybody who's been to the International Space Station...
  4. RSF

    Price of gas

    I think you underestimate him. But I'm going to assume he's trolling because playing with his mask has gotten old. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article249089530.html (before the refineries shut down in the South) The cost of crude oil has played a major role in the increase. AAA said growing crude prices will continue to cause higher prices at the pump in February. “For nearly a year, motorists have been saving 53 cents a gallon, on average, when filling up their gas tanks. That extra pocket change is quickly going to dwindle thanks to rising cr
  5. Proving that people are stupid, since the big pizza chains go out of their way to point out that 'Hey - that delivery fee aint a tip'.
  6. What a lot of people dont seem to understand or not notice is that Amazon sells a LOT of stuff from 3rd party retailers (8 million of them). It allows a lot of smaller retailers to expand their base, get into eCommerce in a reasonable way, and evolve their business. Will it always be that way? Who knows.
  7. Covid may have just sped up the process. Brick and mortal retail needs to evolve, and Fry's didnt. Being much smaller than the competiton didnt help. I'm just now hearing about these theme stores...unless the theme of the store here in Arlington was 'utilitarian warehouse'.
  8. Bad news for you, then. Interest on the debt is about 10% of the incoming revenue. Way too big as it is, but a LOOONG way from half.
  9. I havent worn a tie to work in about 30 years. And I have all my hair.
  10. I shot a man in Reno. You know...just to watch him die.
  11. Compound leg fracture and shattered ankle. Stretch of road said to be accident prone.
  12. No, that's not why. The tax tables change every year. At every tax rate the income range changes. So, no we wouldnt still be paying 30% on 20K. When we they cut or raise taxes they're changing the rates. https://taxfoundation.org/irs-releases-2015-tax-brackets/ https://taxfoundation.org/2016-tax-brackets/ https://taxfoundation.org/2017-tax-brackets/
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