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  1. Leave him alone. Clearly, Mom and Dad just gave him his 1st taste of alcohol. Special occasion and all.
  2. He knows enough to differentiate between a P5 independent - that would be Notre Dame - and a G5 independent, which would be all the others. Including BYU. Sounds like you dont.
  3. So, just your eyes are racist... And so if he is right of commie, would that make him a centrist?
  4. Im not the one with the bug up his ass. You are. 2nd time I've had to use that line today. And my Michael Jordan gear, made in Bangladesh, is a little snug these days. But thanks for asking.
  5. Yeah, there were actually a couple vaccines created for SARS, but they never were taken to the last phase of clinical trials because SARS up and vanished. So they sat in a freezer.
  6. You might want to check the labels on that Trump branded clothing. Business as usual....
  7. Hunter Biden to be named US Ambassador to The Ukraine...
  8. Because douchebag should be a completely separate category...
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