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  1. And they have been. Just not for St Johns.
  2. San Antonio is out. Austin saw to that. MLS has wanted in on St Louis for years. They want Detroit, too, but their present stadium plan isnt a favorite of the leagiue. Las Vegas hasnt even applied, so they arent even in play. All they've done is talk to Garber. No stadium plan, no ownership group, nothing.
  3. Never mind that a) Sacramento has never been mentioned except here as a bowl possibility, b) the idea that the Pac 12 would play a bowl there is laughable, c) playing a bowl in a 22k stadium screams small-time, and finally d) Las Vegas has already been replaced by a much more attractive site than Sacramento. The more relevant take is that the MLS announcement puts SD back into play for the last remaining MLS expansion team(Sac and StL are done deals), although currently Phoenix and Detroit are a lot farther along towards snagging that spot. https://watchstadium.com/news/college-football-bowl-game-changes-to-begin-in-2020-03-05-2019/ The new Los Angeles Bowl at Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood ParkThe new LA bowl will feature the Pac-12 against the Mountain West. This is basically the old Las Vegas Bowl matchup with the bowl getting the first selection from the Mountain West against a Pac-12 team. The Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park opens in 2020 and will also host the 2023 College Football Playoff title game. This bowl is huge for the Mountain West, especially after its 19-year tie-in with the Las Vegas Bowl ends after this season.
  4. Cluess turns them down. Publically. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26551429/iona-cluess-latest-turn-st-johns "I would like to start by thanking everyone for all their support," Cluess said in a statement released to ESPN on Thursday morning. "I am truly blessed to have so many people say so many nice things. I am however taking my name out of consideration for the St. John's job.
  5. It wouldnt cost them nothing. And they HAVE to make those conference trips ( 3 of which are a short drive from Moraga). Being fiscally responsible is 'lame' and 'being a pussy'. Fascinating outlook.
  6. Porter Moser turns down a 8 yr/17-18 million deal from St Johns to stay at Loyola. For now. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/loyola-chicago-coach-porter-moser-says-he-is-staying-508688201.html I assumed that last year. I was wrong - Didnt happen. the exact same 4 schools sat out 2019 as in 2018. So the 4 schools that it will be in '20 is a guess.
  7. The teams sitting out hasnt been announced yet (usually in May/June). And Kentucky is one of 4 SEC schools that has never sat out, and I wouldnt expect them to start now. They are always the marquee matchup - the one time they didnt play a Top 10 team, it was #20 Baylor at the DeathStar in Arlington, Tx.
  8. Coaches never get contacted. They have agents for that. That's how the game is played. Plausible deniability. Both Dixon and TCU claim they never talked to UCLA, either. Moser makes less than a million. Chicago Tribune figures it'll take 1.5 to get him to stay. Loyola aint rolling in cash. Tough call. Plenty of schools closer to home could be looking for new coaches if Moser wants to roll the dice and wait it out.
  9. The NYC papers and WFAN are reporting it. If they money-whip him, it might be hard to turn down. But Moser is all Midwest, and he'd be starting over in NYC, at a school that has a bad track record with coaches since Looie. Meanwhile, the coach at Iona, a City guy, was thought to be 'the guy', but has a 2 to 3 million buyout.
  10. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26538172/ucla-paid-buyout-left Last week, UCLA hired Mick Cronin after whiffing on Tennessee's Rick Barnes. But what if UCLA had promised to pay Barnes' $5 million buyout? "I think I would've been the coach at UCLA," Barnes told reporters in Knoxville on Tuesday. "I've said that to people before. I really felt at that time that's what would happen." In one of the most transparent and honest news conferences ever held by a coach who'd just rejected an enticing offer from another school, Barnes admitted he tussled with his final decision to stay in Knoxville, largely due to financial matters. As part of his return, Barnes has agreed to a new deal with Tennessee that will pay him $4 million per year before increasing to a $6 million annual sum by the end of the contract, sources told ESPN's Chris Low last week.
  11. Where adidas has seen double digit growth for 3 years, and taking market share from Nike.
  12. No. Fox and ESPN are the rights holders. P12N gets the leftovers. P12N can and does negotiate with both in order to get a couple higher games but its still Tier 3. The other conference nets do the same thing. ESPN could theoretically cannibalize their own deal by throwing money at the Pac 12 to get the right to shift games from the schedule below over to ESPN+. Hard to see either ESPN or P12 doing that. The Pac-12 has a pair of rightsholders: ESPN and FOX Sports Media Group. Contracts with both entities start with the 2012-13 athletic year and end after the 2023-24 athletic year. ESPN Rights Notes At least two games on ABC, with one game required to air in primetime on the east coast Up to twenty games on ESPN Networks (ESPN, ESPN2 & ESPNU) Of the twenty games on ESPN Networks, up to four games on Thursday nights & up to four games on Friday night. Up to four of the twenty games can air on ESPNU Most ESPN/ESPN2 Saturday games will air at 10pm or 10:30pm ET FSMG Rights Notes A minimum of eight games on FOX A maximum of fourteen games on FS1 At least four games on FOX will air in primetime. Overall, the conference works with both ESPN and FOX to place at least four games on Thursdays and another four games on Fridays, including the day after Thanksgiving. FOX and ESPN will alternate airing the Pac-12 Championship Game. In even-numbered seasons, FOX will air the game. ESPN has the rights in odd-numbered years. The conference has also created the Pac-12 Networks, a mix of six regional networks and a national network feed, to air all other games. A school may not appear more than nine times combined in the ESPN and FOX packages. This is to allow the Pac-12 Networks to air at least one game from every school, assuming a school plays at least one home non-conference game.
  13. As I said, you could possibly see some basketball. ESPN is the primary rights holder for basketball, so seeing them shift some of those games to the Plus is plausible. It'll be the other sports where they show up - soccer, volleyball, softball, etc - where OU and UT will show up most. Wont happen as long as P12N exists. That is their Tier 3.
  14. Tier 3 games are determined before the season. The scenario you describe would never happen in football, where each school has only 1 t3 game. Baylor's tier 3 will be someone along the lines of Incarnate Word. Basketball, perhaps, but still unlikely.
  15. ESPN is pretty much requiring a presence on + for all their deals now. As for the Big 12, this deal only occuring now because of the Disney/Fox deal. Disney is taking advantage of the interim before they sell the RSNs to strip some content away. So, from a personal standpoint, TCU was getting soccer, volleyball and baseball games televised in addition to the annual September body bag game, and the bulk of their non conference basketball games. Bet those sports are where you will see OU and UT show up. Itll be a net positive because the original deal called for small cash in exchange for other non-monetary considerations. Get a few more bucks with this.