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  1. That cheer you heard coming from NYC was the Knicks announcing owner James Dolan tested positive...
  2. everybody talks to everybody. This is not news, old or otherwise.
  3. The idea that somebody watches him is even funnier....
  4. State legislatures control funding. The exact same move got Baylor (good Lord, theres a lot of BU grads in the Texas Legislature) and Tech into the B12. There's never been a realignment move that screwed over a fellow state school. But there's been a couple of political moves that helped save a program (Va Tech also springs to mind). Again, people like to ignore how many moving parts realignment has. But thats whats boards are for, i suppose.
  5. You caught me in mid edit..... That California number would still only add about half a percent. And that's just job loss - several large outfits are trying to hire large numbers for the short term. It balances out....somewhat.
  6. The March Unemployment rate is released on April 3. Tomorrow is just the weekly jobless claims release.
  7. Guess people are paying attention to Sweden and The Netherlands....
  8. There is one reason, and one reason only, why they wont be cancelled. And that's the estimated 12 to 28 billion Japan has already spent getting ready for the Games, And the billions in revenue already collected. All current issues related to re-scheduling are workable.
  9. My wife is actually changing jobs in this midst of all this. She's a social worker, and she's moving from the transplant program at a big hospital in Dallas to the children's hospital in Dallas, where she'll be working with CF patients. Crazy timing, but 3 weeks ago (when she took the gig) is a long time ago now. She starts Monday.
  10. No, they wont. But the politicians might. And KU and UT have the same issue. This is why realignment arguments are always such a waste. People never bother to look at reasons why it wont/shouldnt/cant. Only the reasons why it will/should/can.
  11. He died. And what he left is paltry compared to Phil Knight. Their revenue is middle of the pack in the B12. Half what OU makes. Never were a heavyweight, never will be.
  12. Okie State. A heavyweight. Thats funny....
  13. That didnt happen then. A&M was part of the proposed P16 with UT. A&M's hissy fit occurred 2 years later.