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  1. Those 2 statements seem to be in opposition somehow...
  2. Capacity is just part if it. Ignoring the palaces being built in LA and LV, even the stadium in Minneapolis cost 1 billion. Its the suites, the clubs, all the bells and whistles that go with it. Cant see expanding a 250 mill stadium to meet those needs. Best they stick to the Aztecs, and maybe try to attract an MLS team.
  3. The 2010 was probably more talented individually in the 1st 22, but the 2014 was deeper and faster. But as talented as the 2010 defense was, Im not sure they could have handled Boykin and company.
  4. Dont hold your breath. Patterson likes the 1 P5, 1 SMU, 1 bodybag non conference scheduling formula. And there's plenty of local replacements if the SMU game were ever to go away (which is unlikely).
  5. Proposed Pre Season football drinking game. Everytime someone who will be working at Home Depot in September has his name mentioned, take a shot.
  6. If they think an expansion to 55k gets it done for an NFL return, I know this Nigerian prince who will finance it...
  7. Actually, its directly related to what you said, and directly refutes it. And it was the exact same number of years, genius. But you keep digging that hole. Its entertaining. Dont know why you're congratulating me, though. We only had 115 wins and a Rose Bowl victory. in that time.
  8. RSF

    Well, duh

    One man's opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.
  9. RSF

    365 Days

    Doubt there was a guarantee, because there didnt need to be one. Every new stadium in the last 2 decades that has wanted one has gotten a Super Bowl, and that includes outdoors at the Meadowlands. The question will be does Las Vegas get into the regular rotation. Right now, you basically have 5 regular sites - Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Houston, and Phoenix. Atlanta, LA, Santa Clara and LV are all candidates to be added. North Texas probably thought they were a lock, but then Jerrah and Company screwed it up so they get to wait. LA probably has the best chance because it was a frequently host before, and because part of KroenkeLand includes NFL office and production facilities.
  10. And then he took that next step from trash talking to complete asshole...
  11. By 2009, UCF had won 80 games and zero bowl games. By 2009, Boise State had won 134 games and won 2 Fiesta Bowls.
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    Well...at least he's in the Top 15 in RBIs and OBP (Barely) now. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.