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  1. I know businesses, successful ones, that still use green monochrome monitors.
  2. Maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once...
  3. Stadium privately financed.
  4. A most of those WAC schools are a long ways from being IA-ready.
  5. Or you are an idiot who didnt bother to read anything.
  6. Interesting to hear a North Texas fan bag on Texas State's academics. A pot/kettle situation.
  7. I could find 1800 HS students (and their parents) right now who would disagree with you...
  8. DePaul is a bigger school with more support and a bigger presence in the market. Loyola's recent success is just that - recent. Based on your logic, UNLV should be tossed and replaced by NDSU. But it doesnt work that way.
  9. Really wasnt that close, IMO. It would be nice to come out of the locker room charged up, rather than needed a rather horrific goal in the 1st minute to light a fire under them. But after that it was pretty one sided. And there is something to be said for Berhalter's lineup changes - it was a gamble that failed against Panama, but CR had little left at the end, and it was because they stuck to roughly the same lineup for 3 games in 7 days.
  10. Texas has a common registry for vaccines. https://www.dshs.texas.gov/immunize/immtrac/default.shtm
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