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  1. I don't think Canadian Military Engineers are eligible for political office in the US.
  2. With the current scheduling format that would mean shipping 2 Canadian teams to an already far flung Central Div - increasing travel costs for 5 of the 6 other teams (ex Winnipeg) - so Colo/Utah/LV can play each other 1 additional time each. And SLC is farther away from LV than Phx is. But it is closer to Denver, which is already in the Central with Phx/SLC.
  3. Guessing he doesnt quite get that a) this isnt a lawsuit and b) nobody knew about it 7 years ago.
  4. It went down because they issued an additional 21.5 million shares.
  5. I'm one additional generation removed from the same locales.
  6. Is there a Castle Law in this hypothetical place?
  7. That'll be news to the TV networks. And Santa Clara is a different MSA, same CSA. The Bay Area is one market. https://www2.census.gov/geo/maps/econ/ec2012/csa/EC2012_330M200US488M.pdf
  8. This might be the lamest military attack since Don Quixote attacked that windmill...
  9. She specifically mentioned her 96 yo mother, and water skiing.
  10. RSF

    OJ Died

    David Zucker, director of The Naked Gun movies, posted a picture of Simpson on his Instagram, with the caption, "His acting was a lot like his murdering: He got away with it, but no one believed him."
  11. RSF

    OJ Died

    They did picture-in-picture.
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