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  1. Some nice fact manipulation there. Odom was there 4 seasons. Conveiniently dropping his worst season.
  2. Kinda silly question. Substitute just about anybody for FSU and the answer is the almost always the same.
  3. More than a blip, since its the committee that chooses the G5 team. As for Ohio State, I dont think theyre that worried. Fair chance they are in even if they do lose. Same if LSU had lost.
  4. Besides...he hasnt actually been hired yet. Presser is tomorrow...just as the bowls are announced.
  5. Considered. Not a rule. 2 years ago the CFP champs did not win their own division.
  6. Coming into the season a 5 seed would be considered a mild disappointment.
  7. A lot wrong here, too much to deal with at one time on my phone, but Ill just stick with 14 + 4 does not equal 16 and stop there.
  8. You got that backwards.
  9. Its not that hard to imagine.
  10. Meanwhile,Wisky seems intent on not folliowing the script this year.
  11. Maybe he's ambitious enough to want to coach at the highest levels. Cant fault a guy for that. And you can be fairly sure the salaries arent remotely similar. Despite that 'game changing' AAC tv deal.
  12. You didnt think Memphis was a tourney team? Seriously?
  13. As much as I hate Baylor, they are where they are this year because of their defense, not their offense. That and fate smiling upon them on several occasions. But Baylor is probably headed to the Sugar, and Wisky to the Rose. Memphis is probably going to get Alabama. Good luck with that.