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  1. We toasted to Brotzman's health. At our tailgate on the golf course before the Rose Bowl.
  2. It wasnt 2 to 1. That you eclipsed us is nice, considering how much bigger of a school it is. You were 3x bigger than us at the time. You SHOULD have had more people. But we sold our allotment and then some, which is good enough to impress people. Wisconsin eclipsed us, too, but we did OK with 35K, considering we only have about 90,000 living alumni. Which impressed a LOT of people.
  3. For personal reasons, this particular story makes me laugh.
  4. At the end of our MWC run we were averaging 40k. And that was with 0 visitor support...even SMU only sends token support across to FW. Meanwhile, our games at SMU are virtual home games. We have been doing what needs to be done for 20 years. If we are left without a chair, I get it. We are a small school. And the remaining 8, if we stay together, wont be a 'Power' conference anymore. But we will be right below them.
  5. Biles drops out of the Vault and Uneven Bars finals.
  6. Just to add to this...TCUs attendance was about 44k. That would make ticket sales about 16 mil. Dont know what contributions are but our annual revenue is over 100m, which makes those contributions fairly significant.
  7. Im from Chicago. One of the largest sources of students at TCU. With California the largest outside of Texas. Our Cali base doubled after the Rose Bowl.
  8. Enough to impress the Fiesta, Peach and Rose Bowl with our attendance. Enough to get invites to 2 different Power conferences...with the blessing of ESPN and Fox. Enough to pay for a new stadium and basketball arena without public funding or student fees. Enough to leave San Diego State in the dust. You?
  9. I can explain it you, but I cant help you understand. Clearly.
  10. When you have any success, get back to us. When you can average more than 40k consistently, get back to us. When anybody cares enough to put you on in prime time, get back to us.
  11. Bitterness can be so entertaining...
  12. The Euros and Copa America didnt have to run 2 major competitions back to back. Thats why we split our squad. If the Nations League finals hadnt delayed to June, you would have seen the A team in the Gold Cup. It actually works to our benefit. It allowed more guys to get intl experience. Which will be important with the compacted WCQ schedule.
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