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  1. Top story in the local news. Adelsons buying a majority stake, but Cuban will retain operational control.
  2. Because you consider starting pissing contests time well spent.
  3. A drop in the bucket to the money being poured in by the big wallets. It isn't the end zone denizens paying Arch Manning 7 figures. It's the folks in the suites. But whatever gives you the most angst...
  4. Eric McAlister's transfer is being delayed because he hurt his shoulder lifting the bag of money TCU allegedly left for him...
  5. The people funding NIL aint living paycheck to paycheck.
  6. Except the AAC and MWC.... OTOH...that just indicates that NDSU would bring the value of a new MWC deal down.
  7. Teams do it because its increasingly hard to get home OOC games. As evidenced by NDSU's home schedule - Mt Marty, Wisconsin-Stout, Oak Hills Christian College.
  8. Just bought a 55 inch Roku 4k TV for $300.
  9. Wrong conference - the AAC deal has another decade to go.
  10. Dont know about how long the partials are but, yeah, 12 years.
  11. All the new schools are getting partial shares and that combined with the exit fees meant the original schools didnt have to take a hair cut financially.
  12. They did fall off...they have 9 teams ranked 100 or below. More than any other conference. Tulane and SMU are reaping the benefits of playing really shitty conference schedules. https://masseyratings.com/ranks?s=cf
  13. Because nobody in the B10 West has an offense to speak of. Nobody could even average 25 PPG.
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