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  1. All they can do is ask for schematic of the panels then rubber stamp it. Edit: it could be a state-by-state thing.
  2. HOA's legally not allow to prevent solar panels.
  3. Cost me 500.00 to have my panels put back on.
  4. The over/under on who long it takes for Griner to sign an endorsement deal with a vaping company is set at 30 days.
  5. Nah...y'all will hold onto it for the forseeable future.
  6. Released this morning. 1-for-1 swap.
  7. The side benefit that we discovered is that the panels help act as an insulator, cutting down on the heat in our attic and the rest of the house. We run our A/C in the most brutally hot months less as a result.
  8. Didnt realize I had to identify the former coach of Louisville, especially since he just left earlier in the week. That and Purdue doesnt have a replacement yet. Whatever.
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