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  1. Fox is preparing to offer 2 billion a year - thats double the current deal - to reup their deal. And Disney wants to get ABC back in the mix. The bean counters and mgt are doing ok.
  2. ESPN is planning to move at least 8 such events to Orlando. Here are the ESPN events expected to move to Orlando: Champions Classic: Duke, Michigan State, Kansas, Kentucky Charleston Classic: Charleston, Florida State, Houston, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Seton Hall, Tennessee, VCU Myrtle Beach Invitational: Charlotte, Dayton, Loyola Chicago, Missouri, Nebraska, Furman, Pitt, Utah State NIT Season Tip-Off: Arizona, Cincinnati, St. John's, Texas Tech Wooden Legacy: Georgetown, Kansas, UCLA, Virginia Orla
  3. 2018. It was going to be Wall money (20 billion) for DACA.
  4. Hmmm...wonder why UT reaches so far west....
  5. The new Senate doesnt get seated until 1/3. So there's 2 months of a lame duck session. Now, its possible you could have a couple more Senators go 'not during a lame duck' and gum up the works. But that's mere speculation.
  6. Wish that were true. I really do. There was once a time, and it wasnt all that long ago, when Evangelicals held that life began at birth, and actually criticized the Catholic Church's pro-life stance as 'not Biblical'. https://rewire.news/religion-dispatches/2019/09/27/when-the-biblical-view-for-evangelicals-was-that-life-begins-at-birth/
  7. Whats the basis for the Anti-abortionists? Life begins at conception.
  8. Dont believe I was doing that. There always is a path to compromise. Always. But the reason why we dont, well, I stated that already.
  9. Thought what I said was pretty straightforward. I am always willing to discuss common ground. That's how problems are solved. But people like me are not the problem. Its those that see the world in black/white, either/or terms that do the complicating.
  10. I dont have a beard...or a Confederate flag. No comment on the beer belly....
  11. The trouble with that concept - and its not the only amendment with that problem - is if you ask 100 different people their interpretation of it, you are liable to get 50 different answers. Even a 'texualist' such as Antonin Scalia did not see the 2nd Amendment as absolute. The bottom line on RvW is getting people to agree on a very simple, yet very complex, concept - when does life begin.
  12. It's not a question of knowing how. It's a question of being able to. There are 254 counties in Texas. Not all of them have offices to handle such ID requests. And being stupid is not a legally disqualifying factor in voting. We have plenty of election results to prove that.
  13. There have been some - although even Pelosi is publically against it - who suggested that the coming budget/continuing resolution imbroglio could be used as a bargaining chip in the SCOTUS nomination. She was less equivocal when the "I" word came up.
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