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  1. And his description of TCU ignores the fact that Disney and Fox both had input in the B12 process (the parties were in negotiations on a new TV deal at the time), and signed off on the addition of TCU. TCU may not be the biggest fish in the pond, but it nonetheless brought value that a decade plus of winning brings with it. It's why TCU was invited and not, say, SMU, which is in the same TV market.
  2. Oklahoma State to the Big 10. That's a good one... And the Pac 12's opportunity to raid the Big 12 died in 2012.
  3. Free agents coming off the veteran minimum are a little difficult to deal....
  4. Because Jackson's a better coach than he is a front office man.
  5. And apparently the trade will consummated on July 6th, which will cost the Lakers about 4 million in cap space. The will make adding a front line free agent (Leonard, Walker, Butler, etc) much more difficult, if not impossible.
  6. The NBA does not allow the trading of consecutive #1 picks, so the other #1s wont be in '20 and '21. Plus, some reports have the Pels getting swapping rights of #1s in other years as well. And LeBron isnt getting any younger. So the Lakers better hope they can attract free agents better than they have the past several years. That will determine the true value of the deal.
  7. What's more fascinating is that even though the trade market for Davis was the Lakers and nobody else (Davis' agent took Boston out of play, and the Knicks didnt have the trade assets), and that everybody knew Davis wanted to leave, the Pelicans still managed to get top dollar for him. Pelinka may be out of his depth.
  8. For that to happen, several things need to occur. 1) They cant announce the deal until july 30. Probably not a problem, since waiting helps the Pels, too. 2) AD would have to renounce his 4 million trade kicker. Maybe. 3) The Lakers renounce everybody they can. Again, probably not an issue. 4) Kawhi would have to take slightly less than max, since even with 1 thru 3, the Lakers cant clear enough for a full max deal. Almost, but not quite. Probably wont make a difference. Unless... 5) Kawhi actually would want to play there. The Clips have room for 2 max slots, Toronto can offer more, and the last couple yrs have shown the Laker mystique, while strong, is not invulnerable anymore. Its gonna be a fascinating summer.
  9. Weight has little to do with track performance? Ever seen a fat Olympic runner? Yawn.
  10. Seems likely the CSU/Tulsa game will be the opener and streamed. Given that last year's Okie State/UM game was on BTN, there's a decent chance the rematch will be on the Plus as well, since the new Tier 3 deal starts this fall for the Cowboys. Just a guess.
  11. This DFW resident begs to differ. There were, maybe, 10k BYU fans for the TCU/BYU game at the Death Star, and there was never more than 5k for games in FW. BYU had more for their game vs OU in Arlington, but Memphis aint OU...and it aint TCU, for that matter.
  12. None of the 8 Nazarene colleges in the US has more than 3,000 undergrads. Then there's this. The eight liberal arts colleges have divided the country into "educational regions" and have formed a gentlemen's agreement to not actively recruit outside their educational region. Growth is not on their agenda.