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  1. Which has nothing to do with competitive balance. Yeah, losing the kings of mediocrity Missouri and a&m really hurt. Nebraska and Colorado both left a year before LHN ever hit the air. A&M left because they were tired of being UT's little brother (which they still are). BTW...A&M was offered by UT to share in the network. Turned it down.
  2. Competitive balance in the Big 12 is just fine. Texas aint scared nobody in a long time.
  3. Well, lets be fair. He didnt completely lie. It WAS a SBJ article....
  4. Not really. Some of us have accounts, too. I was kinda waiting to see who would try to use this first. #FakeNews #Cheers Boise State has "hinted at everything from a lawsuit" to the school "possibly considering leaving" the Mountain West Conference should their extra money from a separate TV rights negotiation for their home football games go away, according to B.J. Rains of the IDAHO PRESS-TRIBUNE. Earlier this month, the MWC finalized new media agreements with CBS Sports and Fox that will pay the conference $270M over six years. When Boise State agreed to rejoin the MWC in '12, the league agreed to let the school have their home football games sold as a separate package to TV networks. But MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson said, "As we move forward, that is the anticipation, that everybody’s membership agreements would get more germane and equal, if you will." However, Rains noted the term sheet Boise State signed with the MWC when they returned to the league "begs to differ" with Thompson's anticipation, as the agreement "shows no expiration date." The conference in a statement indicated that Boise State was not "crazy about ending a longstanding relation with ESPN for Fox, but admitted the new deal was ‘better.'" Rains noted the school now "appears to have two options." It "could sue the Mountain West over the issue and try to keep the extra money beyond this TV deal," or it "could look to leave the Mountain West and join another conference" such as the AAC (IDAHO PRESS-TRIBUNE, 1/18).
  5. No I do not think that Craig Thompson is aware that you are a troll...
  6. The revenue split was never brought up. Thats why this pissing match is so stupid. All Thompson said was future deals would not be negotiated separately.
  7. Dont really care who wins this game, but i hope the entire Packer roster gets food poisoning during their pre game meal.
  8. They dont have chili. Chili does not have beans.
  9. Pac 12 is not ESPN. And nowhere in that article are actual costs - upfront or ongoing - mentioned. Here's an actual cost. The ACC schools are spending 9 figures up front. Probably more than the AAC will need to spend for ESPN+, but even allowing for that there are significant costs involved. And thats upfront. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://amp.awfulannouncing.com/league-networks/acc-schools-120-million-acc-network-launch.html&ved=2ahUKEwi9j-evso7nAhUKKKwKHXzFBicQFjAAegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw1Sf4rjdfgo_tmYNKq0wrbN&ampcf=1
  10. U Portland was founded and operated by the same religious order as Notre Dame.
  11. Yup. The city of Arlington physically owns the DeathStar, er, AT&T Stadium, but Jerry Jones controls operations. Pays the bills and generates the revenue. Not an uncommon arrangement.
  12. This makes the counterpoint better than any other argument....