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  1. Just because you keep saying it doesn’t mean it’s true. Maybe if the baggies would be honest about the situation, the games would have been played. If there was no issue, the league would have called it a forfeit like UNM, but that’s not the case and you want to keep crying about it. Get over it.
  2. Lol, if you only knew. BTW, remember when Boise dodged SJSU in football only to get their ass beat by them later? Good times.
  3. They’re all a bunch of “cowards” I guess.
  4. SDSU -13.5 sounds go to me, so that probably means Fresno keeps within 10. Basically, I have no idea.lol
  5. Pokes cover and for the other game, wish they both would lose. Should be a good game in Boise tonight.
  6. The games will be played in Colorado Springs. As for the “bunch of cowards” , BYU LITE missed a game on Saturday because of contact tracing inside the program, and 3 days later all is good? That’s why the games weren’t played, I’m sure you’re going to tell me a whole different story but whatever. When teams around the league don’t think they’re being straight up with them, this is what happens. No disciplinary action taken.
  7. I think conference’s have until the end of February to decide how the automatic bid is used, regular season or tournament champ.
  8. There was a couple big crashes in this one, had one early in the race and the at the end. Pretty amazing to see cars crash at almost 200 mph and everyone walks away.
  9. Oh, so now Rice thinks it’s okay to travel for them to have fans but not to Vegas for the tournament? He’s such a little bitch. He needs that MW Tournament more than ever to get his team in now.
  10. I wish you guys could of kept him, he would have gotten UNLV back to where they belong I think.
  11. Come on aggies, cover your mouth's and wash your hands you filthy bastards.
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