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  1. Good thing for that 20 game league schedule, two more lower level losses would brutal.
  2. Of course he had more talent, that not breaking news. Mike Daum is not walking thru that door.
  3. It’s been like that with FOX for me for years, it drives me crazy.
  4. I think I’m around $60. I do have the dvr also, can’t remember if they charged extra for that or not.
  5. I have Hulu live and get CBSSN , all the ESPN channels, FS1 and FS2, SEC NETWORK,ACC NETWORK, pretty much all the channels I need for sports except for PAC 12 NETWORK.
  6. Should of had one years ago imo. I also hope for a Final Four there soon.
  7. I really like all the coaches in your “up and comers” section and Brian Dutcher, not a fan of Alford.
  8. I might feel differently about it if they didn’t already get a extra $1.8 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. wyo 1

    New Rule

    I think you should get 5 years of eligibility starting after high school graduation. If you want to go on a mission,great, you have 3years left.
  10. UCSB vs. WYOMING is on AT&T sports, the old ROOT SPORTS channel 683 on Directv
  11. What? You're crazy saying Clavell doesn't crack top 5. Oh wait, my bad, I thought you said arrests .
  12. The pre sales I'm talking about are what UW has pre sold, not the bowl itself.
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