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  1. The pac already has conference hoops tournament and they will have their football conference championship, pac already has Vegas, they don’t need to drag UNLV along for that.
  2. UNLV a heavyweight? Come on man. I get why the PAC 12 would want to add Las Vegas with the great city, new Raiders stadium, easy to get to etc., the only draw back would be having to take UNLV. Commuter school with not very good basketball and a football program that can’t beat their meat.
  3. Are you sure? https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/photo-boise-states-equipment-truck-hits-cow/
  4. One of the best places in foco is a restaurant owned by a Wyoming grad.
  5. I agree with this, but I really don’t believe losing Williams is going to be that big of a deal. I know he was FOY but the last month of season, I think he was the 3rd best freshman on our team behind DuSell and Ike. He can score get his own shot, but when things aren’t going just right for him, he pouted a lot and that’s why Linder set him down quite a bit late in the year. I’m real excited to see what Dut brings and the progress I hear Ike is making this off season.
  6. Come on man, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to UNLV off season thread.
  7. How many guys returning from last year’s squad?
  8. Wyoming has been horrible for a while now, I can admit that. You and Robbie must really be pissed that Wyoming been to the tournament more recently than the mighty rubels.
  9. 80-69 March 6th. I forgot when it comes to UNLV, it’s 1990 or nothing.
  10. Can’t beat Wyoming on the court, maybe you can win this battle.
  11. If you’re good enough, they’ll find you anywhere.
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